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Verizon acquires Yahoo for $4.83 billion


After speculation and rumors, the deal has been done. Verizon has stumped up $4.83 billion in cash for Yahoo's operating business, including search, advertising and content.

The acquisition adds an extra one billion monthly active users to Verizon's customer base, and the deal comes just over a year after the company acquired AOL. Verizon's CEO says the company is in a 'highly competitive position' and the deal will 'help accelerate our revenue stream in digital advertising'.

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Launch programs, websites, or type text with Clavier+


Clavier+ is a simple macro manager which enables launching programs, opening websites or inserting text with your chosen hotkey. The program has been around for years, but still works well on even the very latest PCs.

Installation is quick and easy, no real surprise as the entire program folder used only 1.24MB of our hard drive (and 1.13MB of that was the uninstaller).

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Ford adds SYNC 3 with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to its entire 2017 range


All of Ford's 2017 SUVs, light trucks, cars and electric vehicles will be kitted out with SYNC 3. The addition of Ford's voice-activated communications and entertainment system means that every single vehicle from its 2017 will feature support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto -- in the US, at least.

SYNC 3 allows for the use of iPhones and Android smartphones to get direction, make calls, listen to music and make use of third party apps while driving. Ford promises that a "platform-focused approach to SYNC 3 means a fast rollout across all vehicles".

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One in ten UK computer science graduates don't have a job

Sad girl Windows 10 laptop

According to the latest figures compiled by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), computer science graduates are still at the top of the UK’s higher education unemployment rankings.

During the academic year of 2014/2015, 10 percent of computer science graduates were unable to find a job six months after graduation. This figure is even higher than the 7.7 percent for students, who studied Mass Communications and documentation, Physical sciences, or Engineering and technology, that had difficulty finding work after graduation.

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Take full control of your default browser with Browser Chooser

BrowserChooser.200.175 - Copy

Set up a new PC and one of the first things you’ll do is install and choose a default browser, which then handles all your website-viewing needs. This mostly works fine, but you might want to open some links in different browsers: intranet in IE, YouTube in Chrome to use an extension you’ve found, your bank in a secure browser, whatever it might be.

Browser Chooser 2 is an open-source tool which helps you control the browser that’s launched in any given situation.

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Forget the beta... Prisma arrives on Android


Like Pokémon Go, Prisma has taken the app world by storm in recent weeks. Previously only available for iOS users, the photo app that creates works of art from your snaps has finally made its way to Android.

Just a few days ago there was talk of a beta program that keen users could take part in, but now we've jumped straight to the full release. If you're (somehow) unfamiliar with the app, it uses machine learning to transform your photos into the style of any one of a number of famous artists and styles.

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Prior to Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft slashes Surface Pro 4 and Xbox One prices


The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is on the horizon, and many fans of Microsoft's desktop operating system are excited. It's not hard to see why -- this is the best version of Windows ever, and its about to get better at no extra charge.

Prior to the much-anticipated update, however, Microsoft is slashing prices on two of its most popular Windows 10 devices -- the Surface Pro 4 and Xbox One. While not all models are getting the discount, budget hunters should be excited.

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Will Wikileaks shatter the unity of the Democratic party on the eve of the convention?


We've just wrapped up one convention and I'll leave you to decide what you thought of it, but, leanings aside, it can be assumed that unity wasn't really involved. Now the Democrats are set to descend on Philadelphia next week, an event that was expected to be much more pleasant. That may not be the case.

The case in question involves a dump of some 20,000 emails by Wikileaks. Only several seem relevant to the current situation, but those involve Democratic National Chair Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, and seem to indicate a clear intent to be rid of candidate Bernie Sanders. We say "seem" because it's hard to say and we aren't here to point fingers.

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Malicious computers are spying on Dark Web users on Tor


For people concerned with their privacy the Dark Web and Tor seem like natural bedfellows. Not for the first time, concerns are currently raised that Tor may not be anywhere near as anonymous as users might like to think, with researchers saying they have discovered dozens of computers engaged in surveillance of the Dark Web.

Computer scientists from Northeastern University used honeypot addresses to identify over 110 malicious machines storing identifying information about users accessing .onion addresses via Tor. At the moment it is not clear whether data gathered by the computers has been used to identify individuals, but the possibility exists.

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Windows 10 telemetry will be used to drive enterprise upgrades with Upgrade Analytics


Rightly or wrongly, telemetry in Windows 10 has been roundly and soundly criticized. But while the feature may be a privacy concern for some, Microsoft says that it is using the data gathered to provide advice to would-be Windows 10 users about driver and application readiness.

This is something that is aimed at enterprise users for whom Microsoft recognizes that certain apps are mission-critical for businesses. This is why the company has launched Upgrade Analytics to "provide customers with insights which allow them to [...] mitigate potential problems".

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Judge wants Yahoo to reveal how it recovered deleted emails


Helping out with a drug trafficking case, Yahoo was able to recover emails that had previously been deleted. Now a judge wants to know how this was possible.

Yahoo's only policies state that email cannot be recovered once they have been deleted, and defense lawyers for Russell Knaggs -- who planned to move cocaine from South America -- want to know how the company was able to produce deleted email in this case.

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Cyanogen ditches a fifth of its staff and switches focus from OS to apps


Cyanogen Inc -- the cheeky little upstart behind Android-based CyanogenMod -- is reportedly laying off 20 percent of its workforce. The company is a fairly small operation with just 136 employees, but the lay-offs are significant as they are mostly from the OS side of things.

It seems that the open source Android-inspired operating system has failed to generate quite as much interest as hoped, although it does have a very dedicated cult following. It is not clear quite what the future holds for CyanogenMod, but things are not looking good at the moment.

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Microsoft patches Windows 10 Anniversary Update Preview Build 14393

Windows-10 key

It’s generally considered that the newly released Windows 10 Build 14393 is the Anniversary Update as Microsoft not only hasn’t rolled out any new builds since that one arrived on Monday (and they were coming thick and fast previously), but it’s just released a patch for that build.

The cumulative update for PC and Mobile mops up some more problems, and bumps the OS preview up to 14393.3.

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The online tools used by terrorists should come as no surprise


Terrorism has been front and center lately thanks to high profile attacks around the world and the scare tactics being used in the current US election. But how do these people communicate? What is the tool of choice for today's Jihadist – well the ones that don't fire bullets or blow up.

Communications and internet are essential to any modern group. Flashpoint Security took a look into what programs are most prevalent, and results are largely unsurprising.

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Google wants devs to reduce the size of app updates


For many mobile users, it's important to keep an eye on data usage to ensure tariff limits are not exceeded. A major contributor to gobbling up monthly bandwidth allowances is the updating of apps, and Google is taking steps to reduce the size of APK updates.

In a post on the Android Developers Blog, Google speaks directly to developers, pointing out the various steps they can take to optimize the size of updates. The company also calls for greater transparency so users know the size of updates before committing to a download.

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