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Businesses find IoT devices hard to secure

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Internet of things (IoT) is expected to make an enormous impact on pretty much every industry in the upcoming months and years, but it seems as organizations don’t really know how to secure their devices. This is according to a new report by ForeScout Technologies, which surveyed 201 senior IT decision makers in the UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

First, the report says the threat surface is going to increase dramatically. An average business will operate 7,000 IoT devices in the next 18 months, which is "far more" than what the average company is used to securing and defending. Second, almost two thirds (65 percent) have "quite", "little", or "no" confidence in identifying and controlling their IoT devices. And third, the biggest challenge seems to be having IT functions working together.

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Watch Microsoft's big Windows 10 event here, live, on Wednesday October 26

Windows 10 invite

Microsoft is hosting an event this Wednesday, October 26, in which it intends to reveal what’s next for Windows 10.

Titled "Imagine what you’ll do", the event is expected to reveal some new Windows hardware, although, from what we hear, not new versions of Surface or Surface Pro (although existing devices may get a processor bump). Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley says the software giant will reveal an all-in-one Surface PC codenamed "Cardinal" (which may or may not be called Surface Studio) and we expect to see new hardware from other partners too.

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Master & Dynamic MW60 wireless headphones [Review]

Master & Dynamic MW60

For Christmas 2015, I bought myself a new pair of Bluetooth headphones. After trying several sets, I settled on Master & Dynamic MW60, which were a fantastic choice then and are still my top recommendation nearly a year later. The wireless cans replaced my beloved Grado RS1e -- no small feat.

Read no further and buy the M&D cans, if wireless listening is priority -- and should be if using iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, which lack 3.5 mm jack. Authentic audio, spacious soundstage, and full fidelity (without over-punchy bass) make the MW60 the gold standard for Bluetooth cans.

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Here's when you can buy Apple Watch Nike+


Nike has long been a major player in all things sports. Its footwear and other apparel can often be found on the world's most popular athletes. True, the company pays those folks big bucks to wear the gear, but that does not detract from the fact that it is also quality stuff. Trust me, a comfortable pair of Nike sneakers is well worth the premium.

Nike and Apple have long been in business together -- even before the iPhone -- with Nike+iPod. The collaboration between these two strong brands makes a lot of sense. This Friday, the Apple Watch Nike+ will finally be available to consumers. Since Apple's wearable is so focused on fitness, this is likely the most cohesive and focused collaboration between the two companies.

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What you need to know about hybrid cloud

Hybrid Cloud

In terms of industry buzz and discussion, it is unlikely you’ll find a technological concept that’s more popular at the moment than cloud computing. Since it burst on to the scene a few years ago, cloud computing has proven its utility within a huge range of business and consumer markets.

With the flexibility, productivity and cost advantages being delivered by the cloud, it can truly claim to have had a profound impact on the way that we live our lives. However, although "cloud computing" is often spoken about in relatively generalized terminology, it is far from a homogeneous resource.

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Samsung reveals Galaxy Note series will live on -- new flagship will launch in 2017


After the whole Galaxy Note7 fiasco, some folks believed that Samsung would put an end to the Galaxy Note series. The electronics giant has lost a lot of money thanks to a single faulty device, not to mention that the damage this has caused to its reputation will be very hard -- if not impossible -- to repair, so such a decision would make some sense.

However, as it turns out, Samsung is not ready to throw in the towel just yet. The Galaxy Note series will live on, because the company just announced the introduction of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note8 in 2017. What's more, Galaxy Note7 customers will be able to take advantage of a special offer to upgrade to one of its upcoming flagships.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1" with S Pen Android tablet comes to USA


The tablet market has gotten a bit stale lately. While Apple keeps chugging along with its innovative "Pro" iPad devices, the Android community hasn't seen much in the way of quality offerings. Sadly, many tablets running Google's mobile operating system are low-quality with scant support -- OS updates are often non-existent.

If you do want a quality Android tablet, Samsung is still cranking them out, and today it announces a new such model for the US market. The 'Galaxy Tab A 10.1" with S Pen' -- yeah, that is actually the full name -- will be in stores later this week at a very affordable price.

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What you need to know about big data

Big data magnifier

Big data is another technology buzzword that can sometimes be difficult to pin down. Data, of course, has been around for a long time, long before computers invaded our homes, offices and pockets, so what exactly differentiates ordinary data from big data?

Broadly speaking, big data refers to datasets that can no longer be processed through traditional methods of analysis. This means that setting a minimum boundary for what constitutes big data is extremely difficult, as this value would likely change with each technological development. What is clear, however, is that big data is growing rapidly. The rise of digital technologies, particularly smartphones, has meant that the amount of information that we freely share, knowingly or not, is enormous.

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Enterprises struggle to manage cloud complexity

puzzle cloud

Businesses are looking to transform their IT services by moving to the cloud, but a new report reveals that they’re increasingly struggling to manage its complexity.

The study from cloud automation company Embotics and 451 Research surveyed 166 US-based enterprise IT organizations regarding their use of cloud infrastructure and the management and automation of the associated processes.

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Stop ransomware infecting your MBR with MBRFilter


Cisco’s Talos Group has released MBRFilter, a Windows disk filter which prevents malware overwriting a drive’s Master Boot Record (MBR).

This can stop some ransomware variants -- Petya, Satana -- from installing and taking full control of your PC. Installation is straightforward. Well, mostly. Download the 32 or 64-bit version as appropriate for your PC, unzip the file, right-click MBRFilter.inf and select Install. Reboot when you’re asked.

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Adding facial recognition to mobile helps reduce fraud

Biometric scan

Doing more of our day to day transactions online increases the risk of falling victim to some kind of fraud. Increasingly therefore companies are turning towards biometrics to ensure users are who they say they are.

Digital verification company Jumio is adding biometric facial recognition to its Netverify product to verify users on mobile devices.

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New Sway Democracy app wants to help you choose between Trump and Clinton


You've probably noticed that there's an election just around the corner. As Trump and Clinton battle it out there have been accusations that Russia is trying to interfere with the result, Julian Assange has been cut off from the internet to prevent him meddling, and Google has released a fact checker to help separate political fact from fiction.

There's no denying that this is one of the most important US elections ever, and the balance of power could be tipped by an important demographic -- millennials. With this in mind, a new app aims to help educate younger voters so no matter who they vote for, they are doing so in an informed way. Enter Sway Democracy.

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Lock down any PC with Simple Software Restriction Policy


Simple Software Restriction Policy (SSRP) is a free tool which gives complete control over the folders where software can be executed.

Program Files, System and other folders are allowed by default. But commonly-exploited locations like your desktop and temporary folders are blocked, instantly protecting you from a host of potential threats.

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Children are at risk from online predators as UK government fails to implement sexual grooming laws


The UK government has failed to implement promised laws that would help to protect vulnerable children from online predators in England and Wales. Back in 2014, the then-Prime Minister David Cameron said he would introduce a new criminal offense of sexual communication with a child, effectively ensnaring paedolphiles.

The law would help to reduce the problem of "grooming", the practice of luring in a child and gaining their trust with a view to later abusing that trust. Cameron's announcement more than 18 months ago was welcomed as it eliminated a legal loophole, but now children's charities are unhappy that laws that could prevent sex abuse have not been written onto the statute.

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Few UK banks offer two factor authentication

Two factor authentication

According to new research from the consumers' association Which?, a number of major UK banks have failed to protect their customers online by not adopting two-factor security, which greatly protects against online banking fraud.

The association tested the customer-side security of 11 banks, revealing that over half had failed to implement two-factor ID checks on customers when they logged into their accounts. Lloyds Banking Group, Lloyds, Halifax, Bank of Scotland, Santander and TSB were the banks which scored the lowest on the tests conducted by Which?.

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