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Adblock Plus and Flattr help sites earn money from donations even if visitors block ads


Adblock Plus has for some time tried to find a way to balance the needs of websites to display money-making ads, with the preferences of visitors who do not want to see such ads. After experimenting with its Acceptable Ads program whereby some discrete ads are allowed to slip through the net, Eyeo, the company responsible for Adblock Plus, is teaming up with Flattr to give sites another way to make money.

The scheme is called Flattr Plus, and it gives people the chance to pay a monthly subscription to access content on sites. It's a similar idea to an existing payment option run by Flattr, but the monthly subscription is used as an alternative to paying for access to individual articles.

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After the death of @MagicRecs, Twitter Connect makes it easier to find people to follow


It was a sad day on Twitter when one of most useful accounts, the @MagicRecs bot, was closed down. The experimental service had been firing account recommendations at users based on who they follow, but the experiment came to an end.

As something of a replacement, Twitter is introducing a Connect tab to its iOS and Android clients. The company says it will make it easier to find people to follow, and will come up with recommendations based on who you already follow, how you use Twitter, and what's proving popular with other people.

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Philips releases BDM4350UC Brilliance 43-inch 4K Ultra HD LCD display


When buying a computer monitor nowadays, there are many things to consider. While you might think the bigger the better, you would sort of be wrong. For a monstrous display, you also want a high resolution to go with it. A 43-inch monitor with 1080p, for example, would have blurry text and provide a poor overall experience.

Today, Philips releases its all-new Brilliance 43-inch Ultra HD LCD display to the USA market. This 4K monitor should prove wonderful for many things, such as gaming, photography, CAD, and general-use too. Best of all, the price tag is rather reasonable.

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Tech leaders are not satisfied with IT departments


The pace of change within IT has accelerated rapidly in recent years and, according to new research from IT resourcing firm Experis, many organizations now believe they have fallen behind the competition.

The report found that tech leaders believe their departments are a whole four years behind their most innovative competitors, whilst also believing that 29 percent of their teams need to be changed in order to drive digital transformation.

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Online payment fraud set to grow over the next four years


Fraud is nothing new on the internet. From phishing scams to ransomware, we've seen it all. However, the fastest growing part of this dark market seems to be online retail payment fraud. There's a lot of money to be made in this segment of the economy.

According to a new report, online retail fraud accounted for a whopping $10.7 billion in 2015, but, even worse, it's an up and coming thing. Juniper Research claims it could grow as high as $25.6 billion by the year 2020.

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Google Chrome now more popular than Internet Explorer, says NetMarketShare

Victory Winner Free

Google Chrome has just passed Internet Explorer to become the most popular desktop web browser, according to web analytics company NetMarketShare. Based on the latest figures, the former has 41.71 percent usage share as opposed to 41.33 percent for Microsoft's longstanding PC browser.

NetMarketShare is the last major web analytics company to crown Google Chrome as the most popular desktop web browser. Other players in this field have it pegged as the leader with an even more comfortable lead over Internet Explorer.

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Spanning launches backup for OneDrive business users

Cloud backup

Just because your data is stored in the cloud is no reason to stop backing it up. While cloud service providers are responsible for making your data available, they’re not responsible for managing and protecting customers' data from accidental or malicious behavior.

As a recent survey showed accidental deletion by users is a major source of data loss from the cloud. Now the company behind that survey, Spanning, is launching a solution for Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive for Business users.

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Upgrading to SharePoint 2016? Here are the things to consider


With SharePoint 2016’s general release on the horizon, many companies are contemplating what the path to migration will look like. But before making the switch, organizations should take into account what’s unique to SharePoint 2016 and how new features will affect business functions.

The most notable difference in SharePoint 2016 is that this release has been derived from SharePoint Online’s source code. While previous releases looked first to on-premises solutions to define what SharePoint’s cloud offerings looked like, SharePoint 2016 was built out of the cloud. In the years since launching SharePoint Online, Microsoft has learned quite a bit about operating and supporting SharePoint at a massive scale.

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New free solution helps developers create better mobile software faster

Mobile device apps

Developing mobile apps often involves common components. But it's all too easy for developers to either fall into the trap of reinventing the wheel, or using components sourced from elsewhere that have no guarantee of quality.

San Francisco-based WalkMe is launching a new, free, applet store which will provide programmers and developers with ready-made and easily integrated components. Its aim is to help programmers and app developers get their product to market earlier and to take it to the next level.

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How to build a low-cost classic video game emulation PC using the AMD AM1 platform


What can you do with 25 watts? Well, let's take a moment to think about it. Today, you can get LED light bulbs that put out about the same amount of light as a 60W or 70W bulb. You can get a pair of speakers that put out twice as much sound as a 25W speaker could only years ago. 25 watts can do a lot of things these days. As technology advances, and power requirements continue to shrink, more and more can be done with less. With smaller and smaller manufacturing techniques, power efficiency will continue to increase. What took hundreds of watts to achieve years ago, can now be done with a fraction of the power.

Today I am writing this story to shed some light on a processor that is rated at 25W -- AMD's Athlon 5350 APU. It's a full quad core CPU and a GPU all in one. It amazes me to think that's even possible. Remember when AMD stuck the first GPU onto a CPU die when it introduced Llano? To think it was only a few years back and now we have the same thing, but using so much less power. It is quite remarkable.

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How cloud analytics is impacting your business excellence


The idea of the cloud is finally starting to take off amongst the masses. No longer are consumers afraid of the security risks that could possibly lie within the cloud, for there are countless measures that can be taken, which actually make the cloud more secure than traditional systems. That being said, we can expect that a widespread adoption of cloud computing is just around the corner -- as it should be.

Backing up sensitive information to the cloud, data storage, cloud computing -- regardless of the use, the basic premise of the cloud remains the same: a system of virtualized network servers that combined create a centralized ecosystem which enables access to various resources and services, as well as data storage. At the heart of the cloud -- the ability to store, organize access and manage data in an effortless fashion.

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How to block ads in Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

no ads ad block

Microsoft Edge, the default web browser in Windows 10, has potential, but there’s still a long way to go until it can rival the likes of Firefox or Chrome.

Microsoft is working hard on improving the browser however, and recently introduced support for extensions, although there aren’t many to choose from at the moment. There are plans for an Adblock Plus extension in the future, but if you want to block ads in the browser now, there is a way of doing this.

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HP unveils latest Pavilion PC lineup


As the 2015/2016 school year starts coming to a close, students begin dreaming about summer vacation. Some parents, however, are already dreaming of something else -- the start of the next school term! As much as parents love their kids, having them home all summer can be a bit much, understandably.

While it is never too early to begin daydreaming about your kids returning to school, the same can be said about researching the next PC you will buy them. After all, you don't want to buy last year's model when the new ones are right around the corner. Today, HP unveils its all-new Pavilion lineup, perfect for 'Back to School' and beyond. If you are thinking about buying an affordable Windows 10 PC, the company's Pavilion portfolio offers amazing quality and value; you need to check them out.

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Microsoft PowerApps public preview available now


Microsoft has just made a public preview of its PowerApps service available, which will include support for its Flow data-sharing tool.

A limited preview of this new service -- aimed at allowing business users to create their own custom business applications -- was released by the company five months ago. Now Microsoft has decided it is time to launch a public preview of Power Apps which has been available from 29 April.

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Think Privacy CEO launches site to name publishers who illegally detect and circumvent adblockers


Adblockers are, have been, and will continue to be a matter of some controversy. While sites rely on ad income to stay afloat, users are understandably irked by a barrage of flashy commercials and are increasingly turning to adblocking. To fight back, some sites are using various methods to detect the presence of an adblocker and then bypassing it.

This, in turn, upsets people once again, and the CEO of privacy and security consortium Think Privacy, Alexander Hanff, has come up with a solution. To fight back he has set up a website that names and shames those sites that "use illegal methods to detect that you are using an adblocker".

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