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What is the most popular Windows Phone?

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The Windows Phone landscape has evolved at a slow pace in the past three years, and the list of the ten most popular smartphones running the tiled operating system is proof of that. Since July 2013 Lumia 520 has held the top spot in the charts, taking Lumia 920's crown just a few months after being introduced. But, fast forward to today and we finally have a new king.

Before you get too excited and think that we finally have some major changes at the top you should know that Windows Phones appeal mainly to folks who shop in the low-end segment of the market. As such, the smartphone that follows Lumia 520 at the top of the pack is also an entry-level handset.

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Lack of data is a roadblock to account-based marketing

marketing compass

The idea of account-based marketing (ABM), treating B2B customers as individual marketing targets, has been around for a while. Technology has made it more practical approach in recent years, but a new survey reveals there are still factors holding back its use.

Business insights specialist Avention has carried out a survey of 100 B2B sales and marketing practitioners about their use of ABM techniques and strategies. While more than 90 percent of those surveyed believe ABM is relevant to their businesses, respondents say that their number one roadblock to starting an ABM program is lack of access to the right data and the ability to use it.

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How to boost your free Microsoft OneDrive storage back up to 15GB

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Last year, Microsoft announced plans to drop the free OneDrive storage amount from 15GB down to 5GB, and also discontinue the 15GB camera roll bonus.

Earlier this week we learned that the software giant will be putting this plan into action from July, which means if you’re currently using more than 5GB of storage you will either have to remove some files to get under the new limit, or upgrade to a paid plan. But hold on a minute. Before you do either, there is a third option which you can use to keep your free storage at 15GB.

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Boys aspire to work in IT, girls find it boring

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The Internet organization Nominet, best known for running the .uk infrastructure, has compiled new research on the dream jobs of today’s students that shows how male students have begun to aspire for careers in technology while female students find the field less interesting.

The top three dream jobs of young boys all pertain to the tech industry, with computer game developers being number one, app developers being number two and website developers being number three. Twenty-four point eight percent of school aged boys would like to develop computer games while 17.2 percent envision themselves developing apps and 15.1 percent hoping to build websites. A sportsman is the fourth most popular dream job for boys at 14.6 percent followed by entrepreneur at 13.4 percent.

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Microsoft takes just 7 hours to patch colossal Office 365 vulnerability that exposed companies' data


Companies are often criticized for the length of time it takes them to patch security problems found in software. But this week Microsoft exceled itself, taking just 7 hours to patch a serious security hole in Office 365 that made it possible to gain unrestricted access to businesses' cloud accounts.

A problem with the SAML authentication system meant that it was possible to gain access to just about any Office 365 account, including accessing connected services like Outlook, OneDrive and Skype for Business. More than this, the exploit allowed an attacker to infiltrate companies and organizations such as Verizon, Georgia State University and British Airways who use Office 365. The researchers who unearthed the issue have praised Microsoft for dealing with it so quickly.

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Facebook's mobile ads boosting revenue


Facebook has put other tech giants to shame by comfortably beating analyst expectations in the last quarter, with revenues over 50 percent up thanks to surging mobile advertising sales.

As mobile web browsing continues to grow throughout the world, advertisers are realizing that taking a mobile-first approach has the potential to be extremely lucrative. Facebook has looked to capitalize on this by improving its mobile app and expanding its live video solution, both of which have attracted advertisers.

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Facebook transparency report shows increase in government data requests, most with gagging orders


Facebook has published its latest Global Government Requests Report covering the second half of 2015. The transparency report reveals that there has been as 13 percent increase in the number of government requests for data, but it also shows that Facebook is still not able to be as transparent as it might want.

For the first time the social network is able to report about the number of data requests that have a non-disclosure order attached to them. More than half of the requests -- 60 percent, in fact -- have gagging orders that prevent Facebook from notifying users about requests for their data.

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Hacker creates reality TV with users' webcams


The webcam debuted long ago and has become integrated into many computer systems. People use it for any number of things, and products like Skype utilize this functionality. But the innovation has a darker side. It turns out this little add-on can be hacked, allowing the perpetrator to view the user.

A hacker in Russia took this to a higher level by not only accessing people's cameras, but broadcasting the video online, right on YouTube.

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85 percent of people won't pay ransoms to recover data


As we've seen in recent reports, ransomware is an increasingly big problem. But how much do people know about it and methods to protect themselves?

Security researchers at ESET surveyed over 3,000 people across the US and Canada to gauge their understanding of ransomware and unearthed some interesting findings.

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Best Windows apps this week


One-hundred and seventy-eight in a series. Welcome to this week's overview of the best apps and games released for Windows 8.x and Windows 10 in the past seven days.

This week saw the unveiling of the official Facebook app for Windows 10 (now available to anyone), and Messenger, Facebook's chat and messaging service.

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Log file reads, writes, creates and deletes with SoftPerfect File Access Monitor


Australian developer SoftPerfect has released SoftPerfect File Access Monitor, a smart tool which logs all file create, read, write and delete actions on a PC.

If you don’t need every detail then filters enable recording only particular actions, by specified processes, on defined file masks and in your chosen paths.

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Waze vulnerability allows hackers to track you

Woman looking through magnifying glass

Users of Google’s navigation app Waze seem to be at risk of being followed, as a vulnerability in the app could allow hackers to stalk the users of the app in real-time, a group of researchers from the University of California has found.

The researchers reverse-engineered Waze’s server code and discovered that thousands of "ghost drivers" could be created on Waze’s systems, which can monitor the real drivers around them. Hackers could even create virtual traffic jams, an exploit to track Waze users in real-time.

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Microsoft pulls another boner -- blocks Chrome and Google from Cortana on Windows 10


Holy cow, Microsoft makes it really hard to recommend its products lately. Windows 10 was a great way to wash the disgusting Windows 8 taste from consumers' mouths -- initially, at least. Unfortunately, the discovered privacy issues frightened many folks, causing them to delay upgrading.

The latest build has a wonderfully refreshed Start Menu, making me think that the company was back on track. Nope; I was wrong. Today, Microsoft announces an anti-competitive bombshell -- it is blocking all third party browsers and search engines from Cortana. Prefer using Chrome and Google? Tough luck. Firefox and Yahoo? Sorry. Microsoft just can't stop pulling boners, it seems.

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Developers have a new Windows 10 Anniversary Update SDK Preview to play with


With the new big update to Windows 10 just around the corner, Microsoft is pulling out all the stops to make sure that developers have access to the tools they need to take advantage of the new features. Windows 10 Anniversary Update is due for release in July and ahead of the big day Microsoft has released a new SDK.

Having open-sourced the Xamarin iOS, Android and Mac SDKs, the launch of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update SDK Preview gives developers a chance to make sure their code works ahead of the update rollout. It is compatible with Build 14332 (and newer) of Windows 10 Insider Preview and includes an important selection of bug fixes.

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Quality control and pet monkeys: My search for a decent laptop continues

laptop ape

What the hell is going on with quality control these days? It seems like every new PC I buy or test has something wrong with it right out of the box. Whether it’s a strange hardware failure, a bizarro software glitch, or something less easily definable, the new machine will undoubtedly go belly up in some fashion within the first six months.

Take Dell’s Inspiron 13, for example. In my quest to find a replacement for my HP Envy x2 (abandoned by Microsoft/Intel/HP) and, later, my Surface 3 (destroyed in an incident involving a moving vehicle, alcohol, and an undomesticated pet monkey), I took one of the company’s 7000 series 2-in-1s home for a weekend of testing and evaluation.

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