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Microsoft says it will stop spamming Android users with Office ads in the notification tray

Office 365

It feels like we complain about Microsoft a lot here. We do; in recent months there has been a lot to get upset about. There has been a lot of negativity surrounding Windows 10, so let's have a change of subject. Now Microsoft is spamming the Android notification tray with ads for Office.

The notification tray in Android serves a very specific purpose. There's a clue in the name -- and it's nothing to do with advertising. Android user Thom Holwerda was upset this week when Microsoft Office for Android starting to spam him with ads for apps he already had installed. There are many questions here, one of which is why is Microsoft ignoring Google's guidelines and using the notification tray to display ads?

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China complains about forced upgrades to Windows 10


To say that Windows 10 has been controversial for Microsoft would be something of an understatement. The most recent cause for complaint has been a deceptive upgrade popup, described by many as a "nasty trick", which fooled users into installing the upgrade.

The company has since said that it will change the behavior of the upgrade notification, but this is not enough to silence hundreds of thousands of users in China. Microsoft stands accused of abusing its market position to force unwanted upgrades on people.

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Windows 7 and 8.1 users turning off critical updates to avoid Windows 10 'malware'

Windows 10 malware

When Windows 10 was first offered to users of Windows 7 and 8.1 it was via a pleasant upgrade tool that allowed users to 'reserve' their copy of the new OS. However, as time has gone by, Microsoft has employed more and more insidious methods to get people to upgrade, including tricking them into doing so.

The sneaky behavior has gotten so bad, that growing numbers of users of the older operating systems have taken to disabling critical updates in order to completely avoid Windows 10.

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Acer adds two netbooks, a business laptop, and a 4K display to its Windows 10 PC portfolio


As we approach the summer, back to school shopping becomes a focus for many parents and students. True, there is plenty of time to buy a laptop for the next school session, but it is never too early to begin your research. Now is the time when manufacturers begin unveiling their upcoming machines.

Today, Acer announces three new laptops, with two of them being detachable variants. Quite frankly, those two are probably better categorized as netbooks. In addition, the company announces a beautiful new 4K display, perfect for both computing and media consumption. This 32-inch monitor could be a wise choice for dorm rooms.

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Debunking seven fundamental cyber-security myths

Myths newspaper paper

If we look at the world of cyber security through the eyes of the media, it’s a pretty frightening view. We hear story after story of security breaches hitting major companies and the next data leaks that follows affecting thousands of people. It’s enough to fill any business with trepidation.

With cyber security such a big talking point, we tend to see a lot of information floating around -- some of which is not in the least bit true. If a company wants to enhance its IT security it is imperative to be able to separate facts from fiction.

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The need for change in combating ransomware and other threats [Q&A]

skull death security malware hack threat

The security landscape is one that is constantly changing and old-style signature-based detection systems are struggling to keep up.

But what are the main threats today and how can companies and individuals combat them? We spoke to Tomer Weingarten CEO of next-generation security specialist SentinelOne about ransomware and what the LinkedIn hack means for the future of password security.

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Samsung unveils Batman-themed Galaxy S7 edge Injustice Edition

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Injustice Edition phone

If you're a Batman fan and like the Galaxy S7 edge then you're in for a treat. In celebration of the third anniversary of the Injustice: Gods Among Us game, Samsung has teamed up with Warner Bros. to release a Batman-themed, limited-run version of its latest Android flagship phablet.

Known as the Injustice Edition, it features a black Galaxy S7 edge with a gold Batman logo on the back and matching accents and a number of attractive extras which include a black Gear VR headset and what appears to be a gold-plated batarang.

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Five most common myths about web security

Internet Explorer 11 gains HTTP Strict Transport Security in Windows 7 and 8.1

Almost 3 terabytes of data stolen in the Panama Gate scandal will shortly become searchable online. Mossack Fonseca, the breached legal firm behind one of the largest data leaks in the history, had numerous high-risk vulnerabilities in its front-end web applications, including its Client Information Portal. Actually, few hacking groups would spend money on expensive zero-days and complicated APTs, when the information can be easily stolen via insecure web applications. Moreover, even if your corporate website doesn’t contain a single byte of sensitive data, it’s still a perfect foothold to get into your corporate network.

Today many people, including cybersecurity professionals, underestimate the importance of web application security, focusing their attention rather on APT detection, enterprise immune systems and other activities applicable when it’s already "too late" to react to prevent the breach. A common-sense approach suggests that before installing expensive anti-burglar equipment and alarm in a house, the owner should first close the doors and the windows and probably build a fence around, otherwise you’re throwing money down the drain. Let’s have a look at five most common myths that exist today about web application security, leading to sensational data breaches, huge financial loses and CISO dismissals:

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Financial services believe blockchain is the biggest innovation since the Internet


Blockchain is the most important innovation since the creation of the internet, almost two thirds (60 percent) of global financial services retailers with some knowledge of the technology said.

That’s a bold claim.

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Best Windows apps this week


One-hundred and eighty-two in a series. Welcome to this week's overview of the best apps, games and extensions released for Windows 8.x and Windows 10 in the past seven days.

The Ready, Set, Summer sale has started. Brian has all the details for you, but if you are in a hurry, simply click on the following link to check out what is discounted. The sale includes Windows apps and games, movies, and music offers.

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Facebook introduces new cookies policy and allows users to opt out of tailored ads on non-Facebook sites


When you hit Facebook today, you may well notice a new Cookies Policy warning at the top of the page. It states: "To help personalize content, tailor and measure ads, and provide a safer experience, we use cookies. By clicking or navigating the site, you agree to allow our collection of information on and off Facebook through cookies. Learn more, including about available controls: Cookies Policy". But what is it all about?

Facebook hasn’t made a great deal of fuss about it, but the social network has introduced not only a new cookies policy, but also made changes to ads. It is now possible to opt out of seeing tailored ads on non-Facebook sites. Facebook says it is all part of creating "a better online advertising experience for everyone".

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Listary 5.0 is a massive update


The powerful search tool/ launcher Listary has hit version 5.0 with a huge list of major new features. You can now use Listary to run searches on your favorite websites, with the results opening in a new browser page.

A smarter launcher is able to launch Windows 8/ 10 apps, and run desktop applications as an administrator, even when Listary is launched normally.

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Control of usage and costs is biggest challenge to public cloud

cloud costs

A new survey by cloud analytics company Cloud Cruiser and Dimensional Research shows that the top challenge with public cloud consumption is the ability to proactively manage usage and costs across the business.

The survey among almost 200 professionals who attended the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Global Summit in April also reveals that nearly one third of organizations are doing nothing to track, manage and allocate cloud consumption costs.

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Windows 10's new Limited Periodic Scanning mode will keep your PC extra safe from malware -- here's how to use it


While there’s a lot of negativity surrounding Windows 10 at the moment, thanks mostly to Microsoft’s shady upgrade tactics, it is actually a very good operating system.

The upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update, out at the end of July, improves the OS significantly, introducing a wealth of new features, and one of the latest inclusions to be made available for Windows Insiders to try is Limited Periodic Scanning. This sets Windows Defender to scan your PC at intervals, even if you have another anti-virus program installed.

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You could be held liable for cases of bank fraud if your online security isn’t up to scratch


If you need another reason to pay attention to online security, new measures under consideration by banks could sharpen your focus. At the moment, banks in the UK frequently shoulder the cost of online fraud when customers fall victim. But all this could be set to change.

The plans being looked at by banks, GCHQ and the UK government could see people who haven’t taken care of their own online security being excluded from receiving compensation if their account is hacked.

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