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The seven IoT devices that could be putting your business at risk

Risk dial

We've already seen concerns about the threats Internet of Things gadgets may pose in the home, with hackable Barbie dolls and snooping Smart TVs. Not to mention that the latest Dyn DDoS attack was carried out using unsecured IoT devices.

IoT devices are starting to become commonplace in businesses too so the potential for problems can only grow. Security company ForeScout, along with leading ethical hacker Samy Kamkar, has been investigating the risks these devices pose.

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What you need to know about BYOD

BYOD bring your own device

With the rise of smartphone technology, BYOD -- or bring your own device -- certainly cannot be ignored by businesses. Whether they endorse the policy of using personal devices for workplace tasks or not, employees will use the best tools, or those they are most familiar with, to complete tasks, which frequently means using their own smartphone.

Of course, this extends far beyond simply taking work calls. Smartphones in the workplace are now being used to access corporate applications and perhaps more importantly, the data that they contain. Disregarding the mobility benefits of BYOD, this raises a number of security risks that businesses must consider.

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IT executives are out of step with their teams

Employee guilty laptop boss

A new report finds that there's a disconnect between IT executives and their staff on critical issues, including control over SaaS applications.

The report from cloud specialist BetterCloud shows that non-executive IT staff, when compared to IT executives, are 29 percent more likely to say their team lacks complete control over their SaaS applications and 56 percent more likely to feel like their IT team lacks complete visibility into them.

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Xiaomi's new Mi Max is a huge smartphone with near bezel-less design

Xiaomi Mi Max front back

Xiaomi today unveiled a new high-end smartphone, featuring a massive, "edgeless" display and cutting-edge internals. It is called the Mi Max and although it is labeled as a concept, likely due to its futuristic design, it will be available on the market, with prices starting at around $515 (CNY3,499).

With a Xiaomi smartphone, especially a high-end one, the focus is always on specs, more specifically ticking all the right boxes while keeping the price in check. The Mi Max is a bit different in the sense that Xiaomi has gone a bit further, offering some things that we do not normally see from other manufacturers.

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New tool offers SWIFT network protection through deception

Shadows street

Attacks on the inter-bank SWIFT system have been making the headlines this year, proving lucrative for the hackers and worrying for the industry.

Help is on the way though as Cyber security company TrapX is launching a deception-based security solution, DeceptionGrid, specifically designed protect SWIFT.

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Thycotic launches free tool to expose endpoint threats

Hidden threat

We're seeing attacks on endpoint systems becoming more common and increasingly clever. Yet for administrators knowing what's happening on their endpoints presents a challenge.

Privileged account management specialist Thycotic is launching a new, free Endpoint Application Discovery Tool to automatically discover and reports on applications installed on Windows endpoints.

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Grim London is an interactive guide to the very worst of the city's past

Grim London title

London is a fantastic city, with a long, and fascinating history. While you may be aware of many of the famous people who called the city their home in the distant past, there are thousands more infamous characters whose misdeeds you likely haven’t heard of. People like The Witch of Wapping, The Blackout Killer, and 'Lord Minimus'.

Created in time for Halloween, digital creative agency Impero has put together an interactive horror map of London, chronicling the city’s creepy past. What may appear to be a normal house to a passing tourist, might well have been built on a plague pit, or once been a baby farmer’s residence.

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Entire Game of Thrones season 7 plot leaks to Reddit


The internet has posed a serious problem for movie and television studios for many years now. Usually it is pirated copies of movies and shows that are cause for concern, but for the likes of the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, it's the dreaded spoiler that needs to be tamed.

Spoilers tend to be a problem on Facebook and other social media the night after a big show has aired, as those yet to watch the show don’t want to have the plot ruined. In the case of season 7 of Game of Thrones however -- not due to air until the middle of next year -- the problem is that the entire plot has leaked to Reddit.

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Rowhammer memory attack can root Android phones in seconds


Smartphones from LG, Samsung and Motorola are all vulnerable to an attack that makes it possible to gain root access in a matter of seconds. Known as Rowhammer, the attack works using a bit flipping technique that exploits a vulnerability in the design of RAM chips.

Because the attack takes advantage of a physical aspect of design, it is going to be difficult to quickly devise a fix. In the meantime, millions of smartphones are at risk of compromise in what could be as large an issue as the recently-discovered Dirty COW bug -- and there's an app you can use to check if you are at risk.

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Opera 41 slashes start times, improves newsreader feature


Opera Software has released Opera 41 for Windows, Mac and Linux, making reduced start times its major priority. The headline new feature is accompanied by a number of other performance improvements.

Opera 41 also includes a majorly revamped personalized newsreader, containing a wide list of tweaks and enhancements to give users some extra features to play with on top of the under-the-hood updates.

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AT&T wants to buy Time Warner for $85 billion


In one of the biggest media acquisitions of all time, AT&T wants to buy Time Warner, in what is an $85 billion deal. This will enable the carrier to expand beyond being a telecommunications company and allow it to offer the media company's wealth of content to its customers, as it is currently the parent company of CNN, TNT, HBO and Warner Bros.

AT&T will pay $107.50 per share of Time Warner's stock, which is a large premium compared to what the stock was trading for the previous week. Overall, the deal is valued at $109 billion, when the media company's debt is taken into account.

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How to disable new tab article suggestions in Chrome 54 for Android


If you've updated Chrome on your Android smartphone to version 54, you may have noticed an annoyance. When you open a new tab, Google has now decided to spam users with "article suggestions". These -- you will be pleased to hear -- can be banished.

There's more than one reason that you might want to get rid of these suggestions, not least of which is that the feature involves Google keeping an eye on the sites you visit to come up with the suggestions. But the feature also replaces the far more useful bookmarks, and this is going to be enough to tip many users over the edge. Here's how to disable article suggestions.

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Say, what's going on at Intel Capital Global Summit 2016?


San Diego, Calif. As a general rule I never connect to public WiFi networks, which is fine except when attending an event at a hotel ballroom where T-Mobile cellular is like an apparition dancing around a Halloween grave. So as Wendell Brooks, CEO of Intel Capital, begins his speech, I sit typing narrative offline rather than tweeting live. There’s irony, I suppose, reporting old style, about investments in new innovations.

Welcome to the trials and travails of the Intel Capital Global Summit, which kicks off today and goes through October 26. Looking at the lineup, I expect to hear about newfangled tech that would make news reporting so much easier if available—although 4G cellular data would be good enough for today.

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HyperX releases 'ALLOY FPS' Cherry MX Blue mechanical LED backlit gaming keyboard

HyperX Alloy FPS_With Accessories

PC gaming is a big business nowadays, and that extends beyond GPUs and the actual video games themselves. People that enjoy gaming will invest in accessories too, such as mice, headsets, and keyboards.

Today, a beautiful gaming keyboard hits stores. Dubbed "ALLOY FPS", it is the first-ever gaming keyboard from famed gaming accessory-maker HyperX (a Kingston company). Featuring Cherry MX Blue switches and a beautiful design, it is sure to be very popular with hardcore gamers.

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Businesses find IoT devices hard to secure

Keyboard unlock open lock button pin

Internet of things (IoT) is expected to make an enormous impact on pretty much every industry in the upcoming months and years, but it seems as organizations don’t really know how to secure their devices. This is according to a new report by ForeScout Technologies, which surveyed 201 senior IT decision makers in the UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

First, the report says the threat surface is going to increase dramatically. An average business will operate 7,000 IoT devices in the next 18 months, which is "far more" than what the average company is used to securing and defending. Second, almost two thirds (65 percent) have "quite", "little", or "no" confidence in identifying and controlling their IoT devices. And third, the biggest challenge seems to be having IT functions working together.

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