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UK votes to leave the EU, but Google searches show people don’t understand Brexit


It was a vote that was down to the wire much of the way, but the result of the UK referendum on membership of the European Union took many -- including bookies -- by surprise. 48.1 percent of voters indicated a preference to remain, while 51.9 percent said they wanted to go it alone. The fallout has been dramatic.

Prime Minister David Cameron is stepping down, a second referendum on Scottish independence is now on the cards, and the financial markets have been in turmoil all day. But one of the more interesting side effects of the 'leave' vote is that Google search data reveals that voters don’t know what is meant by Brexit (that horrific portmanteau signifying a British Exit), or what the full ramifications will be.

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Germany says -- yet again -- that adblocking is legal


Countless numbers of web users are completely in love with adblocking, but there are those who have tried to have it deemed illegal. Adblock Plus has been in court over this before, and today a German court has ruled, once again, that its operations are entirely legal.

Publishing house Axel Springer sued Adblock Plus, saying that no company should be able to interfere with the display of ads. Axel Springer lost its case last year, but decided to appeal. Using a recent law to attack Adblock Plus' Acceptable Ads program, Axel Springer tried to get the adblocker banned. This failed, but Adblock Plus has been forced to offer free whitelisting to the publisher.

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Customers penalize businesses with a bad mobile experience


Think mobile experience isn’t important to the success of your business? Think again. A massive 85 percent of people are unlikely to do business with a company following a bad mobile experience, according to the results of a new study from LogMeIn and research firm Vanson Bourne.

The study also revealed that businesses are currently falling short in delivering satisfying mobile experiences for their customers, with the number of respondents happy with their last mobile engagement with a business dropping from 59 percent in 2015 to 52 percent in 2016.

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Do you own an HP or Compaq PC? It could be a fire hazard -- find out if it is recalled here


HP makes great computers -- I wouldn't hesitate for a moment in recommending the brand to friends or family looking for a new PC. With that said, no manufacturer is infallible; defects and recalls can happen to them all.

Today, a new recall for both HP and Compaq computers is announced by the US Government. Unfortunately, it is a pretty nasty one, as these laptops are deemed both fire and burn hazards. Real property has actually been damaged by the flawed machines. Luckily, by replacing the battery, the risk can be removed. If you own an HP or Compaq laptop, keep reading to see if you are affected.

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UK tech industry reacts to Brexit

Union flag keyboard

As the UK awoke this morning -- at least those parts of it that hadn't been glued to the poll results through the early hours -- to find that it had voted to leave the European Union, there was plenty of reaction.

While the pound fell and the stockmarket shuddered, technology companies have been quick to add their take on the news.

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Windows 10 has 30 percent of the market and is catching up on Windows 7 -- according to Microsoft


NetMarketShare is set to release its monthly desktop operating system usage share figures for June in one week’s time, and given how aggressively Microsoft has been pushing Windows 10 in the run up to the launch of the Anniversary Update, and the end of the free promotion period, it should make for interesting reading.

Microsoft has just updated its own Windows market share figures, covering April 2016, and as you might expect they show Windows 10 making big gains. Huge gains, in fact.

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What is the most popular Surface tablet?


While we know how much revenue the Surface line generates, as Microsoft posts these figures in quarterly earnings reports, the same cannot be said about unit sales. The software giant prefers to keep these numbers under wraps, leaving us in the dark with regards to which one of its Windows-powered tablets is most popular.

However, a new report by cross-promotion network AdDuplex shares some light on the matter, giving us a usage share breakdown for the six most popular Surface devices, including the most expensive and controversial of the bunch, the Surface Book.

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Tech giants promise to diversify their workforce

Pledge promise man suit business

Intel, SAP, Lyft, Spotify and VMware are just some of the 30 Silicon Valley based companies that have signed a "Tech Inclusion Pledge" as a promise that they will promote diversity in their workplaces going forward.

Two years ago, the civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson pointed out the lack of diversity in the tech companies operating out of Silicon Valley. He went so far as to press a number of companies to release their data regarding the number of African Americans, Hispanics and women employed at their organizations.

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Apple is leaving the iOS 10 kernel unencrypted... to increase security


Each new version of iOS is eagerly awaited, and at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) Apple unveiled a preview of iOS 10. Much has been made of the new features, but developers probing the operating system are making a surprising discovery. The kernel of iOS 10 is unencrypted.

In the current climate of security-awareness, this might seem like something of an unusual decision. But Apple says that the change has been made to improve performance, and it could even help to increase security.

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Think twice before accepting LinkedIn invitations from strangers


Have you ever wondered if someone on LinkedIn is not really who they say they are? I’m not being paranoid here, this is a legitimate question.

If your answer is "No", you’re not alone. A vast majority of people never wonder if there are fake accounts requesting to connect on the professional social network, and almost a quarter accept requests from people they don’t really know.

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Best Windows apps this week


One-hundred and eighty-six in a series. Welcome to this week's overview of the best apps, games and extensions released for Windows 8.x and Windows 10 in the past seven days.

Microsoft pushed out a Windows Store update this week that displays a prompt during the installation of large apps and games so you can choose the install location. The feature will be part of this Summer's Anniversary update.

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ExtraBits is a time-saving Explorer extension


ExtraBits is an Explorer extension which adds some time-saving commands to the file and folder right-click menu. The program is free for non-commercial use, but has a notable limitation: it only works on up to 100 files or folders in a single operation.

ExtraBits doesn’t make any obvious changes during installation, but if you select and right-click multiple files or folders you’ll find a new ExtraBit menu with several options.

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37 percent of Americans would prefer better automation at work to a better sex life

couple in bed with phones

Whether it says more about their work lives or home lives is unclear, but it seems that more than 1 in 3 working Americans would prefer having a better way to automate all their routine work tasks, such as booking meetings, than have a better sex life. What's also interesting is that 44 percent of those were women and 30 percent were men.

This is among the findings of a survey by automation specialist carried out in conjunction with Wakefield Research. It also finds that Americans are willing to give up some personal information in exchange for a more automated life.

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Dropbox update introduces document scanning on Android, iOS

Dropbox Google LG Nexus 5 Android app MacBook Apple headphones table

Dropbox has just announced a host of new features that will hopefully help the service retain its current users and possibly attract some new users as well.

The company has added many new features to its cloud storage software, but the most notable is the ability to use a mobile device’s camera to scan documents. Receipts, articles, whiteboard drawings and other text found in the real world can be captured with the app and then saved to Dropbox as a digital copy.

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Google releases virtual reality LGBTQ 360 YouTube experience called #prideforeveryone


Regardless of your feeling towards the LGBTQ community, it is undeniable that all people deserve to be treated with respect. Carrying hate in your heart can have devastating consequences, potentially leading to people getting hurt, or worse. Sadly, prejudice can be passed from parents to children, as young ones are like sponges to their parents' actions. In other words, it is up to us to break the cycle of hatred and bigotry.

Today, Google announces that it is contributing to combating hate, with #prideforeveryone. This initiative is a virtual reality LGBTQ pride video experience, highlighting love, understanding, and inclusion.

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