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Ashampoo WinOptimizer 14 adds auto browser cleanup, Win10 privacy tools


Ashampoo has shipped Ashampoo WinOptimizer 14 ($49.99), the latest release of its comprehensive PC maintenance suite. The new release can now automatically delete session-related traces of browsers and other applications, once they’ve closed.

A full-strength "Win10 Privacy Control" module gives easy access to more than 40 Windows 10 telemetry-related settings, and allows you to choose the most secure or the default options with a click.

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Ultimate Ears unveils colorful UE ROLL 2 Bluetooth speaker -- ready for summer fun!

JPG 300 dpi (RGB)-UE Roll Spring Refresh Reef CAN 16 - 215_front Flat

Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen nowadays. Quite frankly, there are so many on the market, that it is almost impossible to impress me with one. With that said, last year, Ultimate Ears did exactly that with the UE ROLL. That speaker was diminutive, durable, and most importantly, sounded insanely good.

Today, Ultimate Ears announces the sequel to its popular offering, the UE ROLL 2. Amazingly, the speaker retains the same $99 price as its predecessor, while also improving on it. The still-round speaker looks to be another winner.

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Hackers going after Middle East banks

Faceless cyber criminal hacker

Researchers at the US cybersecurity company FireEye have discovered that hackers have begun to probe the defenses of banks in the Middle East by targeting bank employees with malware-infected emails to collect information about bank networks and user accounts.

The company started an investigation into the cyberattack in February in which hackers were able to steal $81 million from Bangladesh’s central bank. FireEye found no apparent connection between that attack and the similar attacks against banks in Vietnam and Ecuador. Currently in all three cases the hackers responsible for the attacks are unknown.

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Plugable UD-CA1 USB Type-C universal 4K charging docking station now available


If you purchased Apple's newest MacBook, congratulations -- you own a really cool svelte machine. While a bit under-powered, for some people -- depending on their needs -- it is a solid, albeit expensive, choice. Unfortunately, while its USB Type-C port is quite modern, it is the only port on the machine (other than a 3.5mm audio jack). This is problematic, as you cannot charge the laptop while utilizing USB accessories.

The way around this limitation, however, are USB hubs which also pass-through power. Today, Plugable announces a new product that takes this concept a step further. Its new UD-CA1 is a USB Type-C universal charging docking station, capable of outputting 4K video. It is a full-fledged single-cable docking solution for not only Apple's MacBook, but Windows and Linux machines with USB Type-C too -- including Chrome OS. When combined with a display, keyboard, and mouse, the Plugable UD-CA1 will turn the laptop into a powerful desktop workstation.

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Google reveals nationalities of students in open source-focused Summer of Code 2016


Every summer, many students get excited for some well-deserved time off from studies; well, if their region practices such a vacation, that is. In some cultures, school is year-round. While this is unfortunate from the standpoint of socializing and having fun, it arguably keeps the students on track for great success.

For students that are particularly motivated and education-focused, Google hosts its legendary Summer of Code. This program pairs future developers with open source projects. Not only do these young folks learn, but they get to contribute to the projects as well. Today, the search giant shares the nationalities of the students participating in Summer of Code 2016. For the first time ever, Albania has a representative -- woo-hoo! This may surprise you, but the USA is not the most-represented nation. The top country, however, may shock you -- or not.

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Microsoft embraces Raspberry Pi makers with Windows 10 IoT Core Network 3D Printer app


When you think of the Raspberry Pi and other SoC-style boards, one word likely comes to mind -- Linux. Yeah, Linus Torvalds' adaptable kernel does scale well to these diminutive computers, but don't forget about trusty ol' Microsoft. Its Windows 10 IoT operating system can also work some magic on the Pi and others. While lesser known and used in this space, this special version of Windows certainly has a future.

Now, Microsoft is focusing on "makers" with a new app for Windows 10 IoT. You see, the app will run on a board such as the Raspberry Pi, enabling networked 3D printing. Essentially, it is turning your board into a 3D printer server -- very cool! Believe it or not, many popular such printers are already compatible. So what are you waiting for? Will you give it a go?

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UK workers spend 2.5 business days away from the office

student coffee cafe laptop woman

In today’s modern world working a traditional nine-to-five job is impractical and no longer necessary, according to a new report from TeamViewer.

The company commissioned the report titled "The End of Nine-to-Five", which found that 72 percent of UK office workers believe that traditional office life is no longer relevant with almost two thirds (62 percent) of those surveyed currently working remotely at least one day a week. Even more surprisingly, UK workers on average spend 2.5 days or half of their working week away from their offices.

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Bibliovore is a stylish eBook reading app for Windows


Windows 10 has native support for PDF, but if ePub is your preferred reading format then you’ll still need to find a third-party viewer. Bibliovore is a good-looking eBook reader and manager app for Windows 8.1 and later.

The app imports individual ePub and PDF files, and can also scan and open the contents of a folder tree.

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Microsoft tweaks hardware requirements for Windows 10 Anniversary Update


Ahead of the biggest update yet for Windows 10, Microsoft has published details of the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Before you panic and start to worry that your current Windows 10 computer won't be able to run the update, the aim is actually to get the operating system on more devices.

The hardware requirement changes are aimed at developers, and open up both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile to a wider range of screen sizes. The changes mean that Windows 10 Mobile can be run on devices with larger screens than before, while the desktop version of the operating system can be installed on smaller-screened devices. 32-bit devices with 1GB, however are being edged out.

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7 things to consider before adopting Docker


Docker has been hailed as a cycle-shrinking, cost-reducing panacea by DevOps, though ROI is far from proven with this nascent technology. So do companies have more than just hype or guesswork to go on?

Whilst businesses continue to embrace containerization, uncertainties, and misconceptions about Docker linger, not least of which is that it always reduces costs and saves time. Here are the pros and cons of Docker, and what companies need to think more about before casting their vote of confidence and investing in this space.

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Tronsmart CC1T charger brings Quick Charge 3.0 in your car [Review]

Tronsmart CC1T

Quick Charge is a wonderful technology that enables your smartphone or tablet to top up its battery at a much faster rate -- up to 400 percent faster, for its latest iteration. But, to enjoy the benefits that Quick Charge has to offer, you will have to use a compatible charger. One may be provided in the box, but if that is not the case there are some very nice wall chargers that are great for the job.

But if you need to charge your smartphone or tablet while driving you will have to pick up a dedicated car charger. I've been testing Tronsmart's CC1T car charger, which is one of the more-basic options with Quick Charge 3.0 support in the company's lineup, and you can read my impressions of it below.

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The Pilot earpiece translates foreign languages in real time

the pilot

Having a conversation with someone who doesn’t speak the same language as you can be difficult and often embarrassing. You may be able to bridge the gap with some rephrasing and lots of mime, but it will likely take a lot of time to communicate even the simplest of sentences.

Enter the Pilot from Waverly Labs. These smart earbuds allow real-time translations in French, Spanish, Italian, and English, with more languages to follow.

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Adobe starts a new war on software piracy


Adobe software is among the most expensive out there, so it should come as little surprise that the likes of Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat are among the most commonly pirated titles. In a bid to clamp down on piracy, the company has launched a new initiative that seeks out "non-genuine software" and issues warnings to people.

At the moment it appears as though the checks are restricted to the US and Adobe seems to be checking Acrobat X licenses. But while the scope is limited right now, it's hard to imagine that the Software Integrity Service checks won't be rolled out on a wider scale and include more Adobe products.

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Hackers using bot armies for financial gain


A new security report by digital identity company ThreatMetrix says hackers are using a large army made out of "automated cyber robots", or bots, for financial gain.

Their Q1 2016 report, entitled Q1 Cybercrime Report, says there have been 311 million bot attacks detected and stopped in this year’s first quarter.

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Edward Snowden warns about the dangers of using Google Allo


When Google announced the launch of two new messaging apps, the world wondered why. Duo is focused on video calling, while Allo is a more traditional messaging tool, albeit one with a Google assistant built in.

But while the world shrugged, Edward Snowden issued a stark warning. He says that Allo should be avoided, pointing out that the lack of end-to-end encryption makes it "dangerous".

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