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Record or stream games, videos, your desktop and more with OBS Studio


OBS Studio (formerly OBS Multiplatform) is a powerful open-source streaming and recording package, crammed with high-end features, yet also with something to offer almost every level of user.

There’s support for a wide range of sources, including media files, audio input (microphone) and output (whatever’s playing through your speakers), application windows, your desktop, games, webcams and more.

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Google creates a new virtual reality experience: "A Walk Through Dementia"


The experiences of others can be difficult to understand -- do you see green in the same way as me? But things are even harder -- and more important -- to grasp in the world of medicine. Just what is it like to have dementia, for example? It's much more than just memory loss and confusion.

Understanding what the world is like for someone with the condition can help others to learn how they can help sufferers more effectively, and Google has created a new virtual reality experience with this precise aim in mind. "A Walk Through Dementia" is a Google Cardboard-compatible experience, although any VR headset will do the job, it can also be viewed on YouTube.

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Lenovo ZUK Z2: Promising smartphone, with a few caveats [Review]

Lenovo ZUK Z2

Lenovo is already a well-established brand in Western Europe thanks to its personal computer brand which counts the legendary ThinkPad range and German manufacturer, Medion, amongst its ranks. It also absorbed storage vendor Iomega, IBM’s Intel-based server business and NEC personal computer range.

The company has acquired phone manufacturer Motorola, inheriting yet another iconic brand whose name still carries a lot of value for a mainstream audience. But the latest move of the Chinese company, which is also the biggest PC vendor in the world, has been surprising.

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Actiance seeks to scoop up HP Autonomy customers

lifebuoy life preserver

HP Enterprise's announcement earlier this month that it was spinning off its 'non-core' software business, including the Autonomy big data solution to Micro Focus, has left many customers worried about the future.

Archiving, analytics and compliance specialist Actiance is hoping to attract these users with the launch of an Autonomy Safe Landing Program, letting users easily transition to its Alcatraz archiving product.

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Fuze case adds a headphone jack to your iPhone 7

Fuze case adds a headphone jack to the iPhone 7

Much has been said about Apple's decision to drop the headphone jack in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, but one thing is clear: there are many folks out there who would like to get it back. Some more than others, going as far as drilling a hole in their new smartphone -- and damaging it in the process -- to be able to plug their old headphones in.

Apple has, of course, provided a dongle which lets you use standard headphones, but a new case offers a more elegant solution. It's called Fuze and it comes with a 3.5mm jack built in, so you can forget about carrying an adaptor or buying new headphones.

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Spotify enters the market in Japan


Streaming services proliferate the music market these days, making CDs seem very much a thing of the past. One of the more popular options available to customers is Spotify, which sometimes seems to have pretty much taken over. The company would like to keep expanding its global footprint and is taking another step towards that.

Now the company is launching its latest destination, Japan. Spotify announces that at the moment it is invitation-only however, it will be available across major platforms including mobile, tablet, desktop and PlayStation.

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Microsoft dismisses Saleforce's claims of an anticompetitive LinkedIn purchase


It has been a few months since Microsoft announced plans to buy LinkedIn for $26.2 billion, and it seems that losing bidder Saleforce is still nursing a bloody nose. Saleforce CEO Marc Benioff is complaining that there are antitrust concerns and is calling on regulators to block the purchase.

Having lost a bidding war with Microsoft -- despite offering more money -- Salesforce now appears hell-bent on messing things up for the company. Salesforce's chief legal officer, Burke Norton, has also voiced concerns that Microsoft could block access to user data to rivals. Microsoft says that this is nonsense, stressing that the deal has almost reached its conclusion.

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Compress and decompress EXE’s with Free UPX


UPX is a popular open source tool which can pack Windows EXE and other executable formats to reduce their size.

The process typically compresses files more than zipping, but otherwise has no apparent effect on the file. Run a packed EXE and it quickly decompresses and launches the original image, with no sign that anything unusual has happened.

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The iPhone 7 has worse battery life than HTC 10, Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5


Consumer group Which? has conducted a series of battery life tests on the latest smartphones, and the news is not good for the iPhone 7. Pitted against the Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC 10 and LG G5, Apple's latest handset came in last place... and by some distance.

In terms of call time, the Samsung Galaxy S7 lasted for more than twice as long as the iPhone 7, while the HTC 10 had two and a half times the longevity. Things were not quite as bad for the iPhone 7 in internet usage tests... but it was still found bringing up the rear.

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Google Maps gains a bunch of voice commands for hands-free navigation


Google Maps on an Android phone is a great way to get from A to B without getting lost, but if you need to check details of your route or want to make a change to settings, you'll need to pull over to do so. Or at least that used to be the case. Google has just added a load of voice commands to the app.

Of course, having to pull over is an inconvenience, and trying to fiddle with your phone while driving is dangerous. With this in mind, the addition of a series of voice commands triggered by saying 'OK Google', is not entirely surprising, but it is also very welcome.

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Best Windows apps this week


Two-hundred in a series. Welcome to this week's overview of the best apps, games and extensions released for Windows 10 on Windows Store in the past seven days.

No app of the week this time but the new Microsoft Edge extension Turn off the Lights almost made it.

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UK IT contractor rates up nearly 10 percent

Arrow and money staircase increase rise cash

In the last 12 months, the average IT contractor day rates have jumped 9.11 percent, and have hit £431, according to a new report by Experis. The Tech Cities Job Watch Survey says the UK’s Gig economy is picking up pace, with an almost double year-on-year growth in permanent salaries, up by 4.61 percent.

The "freelance dream", which includes higher pay and flexible hours is becoming a reality for a larger number of people, as now 15 percent of the UK workforce works solo. There is now more demand for solo workers, than there is for permanent workers -- 2.23 percent against 1.95 percent.

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How to find all of Google's hidden games


Easter eggs -- secret extras hidden in software and on websites -- are not quite as prevalent as they used to be, but there are still plenty to be found out there. Google is one company that continues to hide little gems in its products, and many of them are games.

From Google Search and Android, to Maps and Google Earth, there are numerous little pick-up-and-play games that are perfect for killing a few minutes at work. So, grab yourself a coffee, have your fingers poised over Alt-Tab in case the boss appears, and get ready to play!

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Sony PlayStation VR official unboxing video


Virtual reality is sure to be wildly popular -- eventually. Currently, it is a bit too expensive. Not to mention, there is still a lot of uncertainty about which platform to purchase. On the PC, VR content is not always cross-compatible, making a decision between, say, the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift difficult.

For now, a console-based virtual reality solution could make more sense. Sony's PlayStation VR will hit stores next month, and many PS4 owners are chomping at the bit to get it. Today, Sony releases an official unboxing video for the device.

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SCOSCHE unveils rugged BoomBottle H20+ waterproof Bluetooth speaker for active lifestyles


There are so many Bluetooth speakers on the market nowadays, that consumers have their work cut out for them when shopping. Not only do you have to choose a brand, but features and quality too. It can be very confusing.

Today, SCOSCHE unveils a speaker that should meet the needs of many. The BoomBottle H20+ is IP67 waterproof rated, meaning you can take it in a pool -- it even floats! Mountain-bikers and other bicyclists should appreciate the cylindrical design, as it can fit in most water bottle mounts/cages. While it is obviously designed for those with active lifestyles, it can be enjoyed by anyone looking for a solidly built wireless speaker.

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