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Tor Browser 6.0 arrives


The Tor Browser team has announced the first stable release of Tor Browser 6.0. This edition adds code-signing for OS X, which should allow Mac users to install Tor without any Gatekeeper hassles.

The core Firefox build has been updated to Firefox 45-ESR, and there are similar updates for OpenSSL, HTTPS-Everywhere, Torbutton and more.

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Hacker offers 427 million MySpace passwords for just $2,800

steal_password hacker

You know your website isn’t worth much when a database of 427 million stolen login credentials are being sold online for roughly $2,800 (£1,920).

Yep, that’s what happened to MySpace over the weekend. But Myspace not being worth much nowadays is not the news. Possibly the biggest login credentials theft, is.

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Calendar and Countdown: quick and easy task countdowns for Chrome


Calendar and Countdown is a free Chrome extension with some handy calendar and task management features. Click C&C’s address bar icon and a full year calendar appears, along with week numbers and links to view different years.

If you’ve some major event coming up, click that date and give it a text description and color code. The color code is visible on the calendar, and hovering your mouse over that date displays the text, as a reminder.

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CEO falls for email scam, loses $47 million

scam definition dictionary highlight

An airplane parts manufacturer has fired its CEO after the poor guy got scammed, costing the company €42 million ($47 million).

"In the supervisory board meeting, held on May 24, 2016, Mr. Walter Stephan (CEO) was revoked by the supervisory board as chairman of the management board of FACC AG with immediate effect for important reason. The supervisory board came to the conclusion, that Mr. Walter Stephan has severely violated his duties, in particular in relation to the 'Fake President Incident'. Mr. Robert Machtlinger was appointed as interim CEO of FACC AG".

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European Data Protection Supervisor says EU-US Privacy Shield needs 'significant improvements'

European Union EU flag gavel justice

The proposed data transfer deal between Europe and the US, destined to replace Safe Harbour, has been dismissed as "not robust enough". The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) says that the pact is in need of "significant improvements" if it is to be of any value in protecting European data stored in the US.

Safe Harbour has already been ruled invalid, and it had been hoped that the EU-US Privacy Shield would be finalized by June. While today's criticism does not mean the new pact is dead in the water, it does represent a serious stumbling block.

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How IT admins can support cloud adoption

businessman on cloud

Iron Man. Captain America. IT administrator. Yes, you read that correctly. As organizations make their shift to cloud computing technologies, including Microsoft Azure and Office 365, IT admins can be crucial -- but often overlooked -- assets.

These superheroes of the technology world can save their organization from technological chaos, stop compliance issues in their tracks, and spread their technical knowledge for the good of the organization. So how can admins prove their worth in the rise of the cloud?

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Grover Podcast is a smart podcast manager for Windows 10


You’re running Windows 10, enjoy browsing podcasts, but really don’t want to install the bulky iTunes? Grover Podcast is a free, easy-to-use Windows 10 app which covers all the podcast basics -- and more -- and just might have everything you need.

The app opens in a "My Podcasts" area, initially empty, but it doesn’t have to stay that way for long. In a click or two you can be entering feed URLs, or maybe importing an OPML file if you’re already managing podcasts elsewhere.

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Lazarus may be responsible for Bangladesh Central Bank hack

Exclusive: Widespread security flaw affects hundreds of UK news sites

The group that tried to steal a million dollars from the Vietnamese Tien Phong Bank, managed to steal $81 million from Bangladesh's Central Bank, and managed to steal $12 million from a bank in Ecuador, also attacked a bank in the Philippines.

However, it remains unclear if the group actually managed to steal any money from this bank or not. What we do know, though, is that all these attacks seem to be pointing at the same hacking group, known as Lazarus.

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KOPLAYER is an Android emulator for Windows


KOPLAYER is a free Android emulator which allows mobile gaming on your PC’s desktop. It’s a bulky 300MB download -- VirtualBox and an Android image, mostly -- but installs easily enough, and within a minute or two your virtual Android device appears.

KOPLAYER opens with a quick tutorial, explaining some of its basics. We would have liked more detail, but even this level of documentation is more than you get with some of the competition.

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Citrix to offer cloud services through Microsoft Azure

Cloud handshake collaboration

Citrix and Microsoft announced recently that they will be expanding their partnership. More precisely, Citrix will use Microsoft’s Azure as its cloud.

Besides Azure, they will also integrate Citrix XenMobile and NetScaler into Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite.

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Patriot unveils 2TB Ignite SATA SSD


One of the things keeping hard disk drives relevant is the price to gigabyte ratio. While an SSD offers great performance as an OS drive, their often small capacities can make them a poor choice for storage -- depending on needs, of course. While there are larger capacity SSD offerings, they are often too expensive for the average consumer to afford.

Today, Patriot announces a new addition to its SATA-based "Ignite" line of solid state drives. The new member of the family has a wonderfully large 2TB capacity, which could make SSD-based consumer storage a reality. Well, depending on pricing, that is.

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ASUS' new Transformer 3 hybrids target Microsoft Surface

ASUS Transformer 3 Pro T303_01

There is no shortage of Surface competitors these days, as more and more manufacturers realize that there is huge potential for growth in the hybrid device market. Even Apple has entered this space, launching the iPad Pro last year to quickly establish itself as the sales leader. Can ASUS, with its new Transformer 3 devices which it just unveiled at Computex, have something to say in this market?

ASUS seems to understand what makes hybrid devices -- or ultraportables -- so appealing. The Transformer 3 Pro -- the top of the line model in the line -- features powerful hardware in a shell similar to a large tablet. It also has a keyboard, that is included in the box, and a screen big enough for every day use. On paper, it might be a better laptop replacement than Microsoft's Surface Pro 4.

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Squeaky Mouse plays WAVs when you click mouse buttons


Squeaky Mouse is a quirky Windows application which plays custom WAV files when you click specific mouse buttons. This could be useful audio feedback for anyone who can’t clearly see the mouse, perhaps because they’re visually impaired, or they’re some distance away, perhaps watching an in-person software demonstration.

Or you could just use it to really, really, really annoy someone.

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ASUS' new ZenBook 3 is more powerful, lighter than Apple MacBook

ASUS ZenBook 3_UX390_Intel Core i7 processor and 1TB SSD

It may be among the best looking, smallest and lightest ultrabooks available today, but the MacBook hasn't quite taken consumers by storm. Fortunately, this means that there is room for competitors to make a splash, which is what ASUS is hoping to achieve with its new ZenBook 3.

The MacBook lacks the guts required for more demanding applications, but that looks to not be an issue for the ZenBook 3. The device will be available in a configuration featuring an Intel Core i7 processor, which should deliver a healthy performance boost over the Core m3 and Core m5 processors that the MacBook can be equipped with.

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Stop data leaks with GiliSoft USB Lock


Networks, Internet, USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, CD, DVD, Blu-ray -- modern PCs make it easy to exchange files with the outside world. Sounds great. Unless you’re running a business, perhaps managing several PCs, each packed with confidential files which you don’t want copied or shared without permission.

GiliSoft USB Lock ($39.95 right now for a lifetime license, $49.95 normally) provides a range of ways to lock down your PC, and limit unauthorized data leakage.

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