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Pakistan bans BlackBerry services


Pakistan has decided to ban Blackberry’s Enterprise Services and its Internet and messaging service, the media reported on Monday.

Telecom operators in the country have been instructed by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to shut down Blackberry services by December.

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New management platform helps business move to the cloud


Deploying and managing systems in the cloud brings a new set of challenges for enterprises who need to integrate with their existing environments.

To help businesses model, deploy and manage one or many, new and existing applications across any physical, virtual or cloud environment. Cloud management specialist CliQr is announcing the launch of CloudCenter 4.0. This release sets new levels of flexibility, visibility and control, making it easy for companies to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud in critical enterprise environments.

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Google offers lots of free cloud storage to take on Amazon Web Services

Cloud storage

The launch of Cloud Storage Nearline brings Google firmly into the battle against Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and all the other cloud platforms currently available, but, unlike search, Google is way behind the competition.

To gain some early customers, Google is offering an enormous 100 petabytes (100 million gigabytes) of storage for free. To a single customer, that is enough to last a lifetime, but for a medium sized business it may last a few months.

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Cloud security myths busted


The benefits of cloud are vast and significant. Cloud enables rapid deployment, provisioning, and scaling of IT resources and data. It also shortens development time, reduces waste, and lowers costs. But despite increasing cloud adoption rates, some companies still do not rush to move its workloads and applications to the cloud due to some common myths and delusions that are more fluff than fact.

When organizations are considering moving to the cloud one of the first questions asked is, "Is it secure?" It’s a reasonable question, since there have been a lot of fears and doubts circulating across the industry around this point -- particularly with some high profile breaches in 2014. While security is always a priority when it comes to business, several of these concerns are much more bark than bite. So, let’s demystify those concerns and give peace of mind for organizations looking to move forward with a transition to the cloud.

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Enterprise cloud economy is booming

cloud money cash cloud hands

The market for enterprise technology products is booming with 72 percent of high-technology providers reporting growth in sales quote volumes according to a new report.

According to the SAAS Purchases Report from sales quoting software specialist SteelBrick this market is growing much faster than the overall US economy.

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Apple Q3 2015 by the numbers: $49.6B revenue, $1.85 EPS


After the closing bell today, Apple announced results for fiscal third quarter, which largely is congruent with calendar Q2 (End date, April 27). Broadly: $49.6 billion in sales, $10.7 billion net income, and $1.85 earnings per share. Year over year, revenue rose 33 percent and EPS by 45 percent. Apple guidance before the big reveal: Between $46 billion and $48 billion revenue. Wall Street consensus was $49.31 billion sales and $1.81 EPS. The Street's estimates ranged from $46.9 billion to $53.64 billion.

Gross margin reached 39.7 percent compared to 39.4 percent annually and 40.8 percent sequentially. Company guidance: 38.5 percent to 39.5 percent. Once again, international sales accounted for most of the quarter's sales: 64 percent, which is up from 59 percent the previous year but down from 69 percent three months earlier.

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Druva helps enterprises to protect and govern data

Data search

When a company's information was held all together in a single data center it was easy to keep control, to protect it and to ensure it didn't fall into the wrong hands.

But today with data in the cloud and on mobile devices locating, tracking, monitoring and preserving sensitive details is a much harder task.

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Cloud phone system integrates with Office 365

Cloud phone

One of the main reasons businesses move their systems to the cloud is to save money. Where business communications are concerned the savings can be significant but can lead to having yet another separate platform.

Now though business communications specialist RingCentral is announcing the integration of RingCentral Office with Microsoft Office 365. This blends RingCentral's cloud business phone system with Microsoft's cloud productivity work environment, giving joint customers a powerful solution.

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Tracking cloud use and costs is an essential part of the IT function

cloud costs

Businesses turn to the cloud in search of efficiency and cost savings, so being able to measure how successful a strategy is at these aims is important.

A survey by hybrid financial management provider Cloud Cruiser shows that 72 percent of respondents indicated that tracking cloud usage and costs is extremely or very important to their IT function.

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What did you buy for Prime Day?


Well, July 15th is behind us and Amazon's promise of deals bigger than Black Friday. If you were looking for Christmas in July, did you get it? I wasn't that impressed with the selection of Lightning Deals and exclusives, but perhaps you were. Or not. My purchase, and call me crazy (some commenter usually does): I plunked down $143.86 for two years of Kindle Unlimited, saving 40 percent off the $9.99 for each of 24 months. The bookstore will become my personal library of sorts. There are many books I would read and reference for my professional writing but not necessarily buy.

Briefly, Amazon offered the 32GB Nexus 6 for $399 and Echo for $129—that's $50 off. The smartphone sold out quick at that price but still remained available for $499 the rest of the day. The other device built up a waitlist before finally being closed out. The 6-inch Kindle sold for $49, discounted from $79, and was still available as Midnight approached here on the West Coast (where I live; BetaNews offices are Eastern Time).

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Jitterbit makes cloud applications more accessible with APIs

Tablet cloud sync

As businesses move towards cloud and hybrid environments, providing real-time access to digital assets from anywhere and on any device becomes more of a challenge.

Integration solutions company Jitterbit is launching a new Harmony Live! cloud platform that lets companies quickly design, orchestrate and manage real-time APIs. This allows the connection of thousands of B2B, consumer and mobile apps, as well as smart devices and the Internet of Things.

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Google Cloud Platform gains Windows Server support

Google Cloud Platform updated to run Windows applications in the cloud

For a long time, Google Cloud Platform has been a Linux-only affair. Now that has changed. Recognizing that many of its customers work in mixed platform environments, Google has added Windows Server support into the mix.

Specifically, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012 R2 are now supported, after seven months of beta support. During the beta period, Google made a number of Windows-specific tweaks to the Compute Engine virtualization stack.

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Microsoft introduces Azure Data Catalog and Power BI Desktop

Cloud storage

This week is a big one for Microsoft and its Azure cloud platform, with major updates coming through before its Worldwide Partner Conference. The updates introduce a raft of juicy new features, including Azure Data Catalog and Power BI Desktop.

Azure Data Catalog is actually available in public preview today, and Microsoft describes it as an enterprise metadata portal for the self-discovery of data sources.

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The pain of outages, for companies and customers

Be Right Back Service Down

I remember working on an IT helpdesk, responsible for managing technical and administrative issues for multiple large-scale sites. The particular network I worked on was especially large, with desktops, Exchange servers, etc., and the resources to potentially maintain the work flow of sites and keep our clients satisfied. The keyword here is 'potentially', as sites experienced network outages at a rate well beyond reasonable.

When receiving call after call and listening to every voice, no matter how stoic or exasperated, I quickly picked up on a common tone. I heard dissatisfaction, disappointment, a loss of trust and confidence. Not only was I realizing the failure of a system, but also the permanent damage to the reputation of the IT firm that I represented, its purpose to be keeping our clients working.

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Google Apps vs Office 365 in the workplace

Google Apps v Office 365

Google and Microsoft are the two big players in the cloud office suite market. But what do the customers of each look like and how are they implementing and using the software?

Cloud management specialist BetterCloud has released the results of a survey of 1,500 IT professionals looking at customers of both systems, the age and size of their companies, cost-savings for each, and when companies will achieve 100 percent cloud use.

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