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My favorite tech products of 2014 [Mihaita]

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I'm not easily impressed. Lots of tech products see the light of day each year, but only a few I consider to be truly great. And by that I mean technology that I want to have in my life, that brings value, and, last but not least, that makes me feel good. The subjective factor is just as important, I believe, when it comes to the things that I have to look at and interact with on a daily basis. That's just the way it is, and I'm fine with it.

Because of this, a pretty long list can get really, really short in no time. My colleagues have already shared their favorite tech products of 2014 with you, and now the time has come for me to do the same. It's BetaNews tradition, after all. So, without further ado, here they are.

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'Bring Your Own Internet of Things' coming to businesses in 2015

crystal ball

So what technological marvels can we expect to see next year?

We spoke to Mark O’Neill, VP of innovation at Axway, about his predictions for 2015, which include Bring Your Own Internet of Things, B2B in the cloud, and connected vehicles.

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2015 will be all about the cloud

2015 cloud

The Cloud world is evolving fast, furiously gaining greater momentum as we go into 2015 and leaving legacy/on premise systems light years behind. Cloud has the ability to transform the way organizations work, but with any change comes a time of adjustment and the process of cloud adoption comes with its own set of challenges.

Questions about expected service levels, support contracts and technical flexibility are just some of the issues keeping IT leaders awake at night. So, what solutions can we expect to see sprinting to the rescue in 2015? What are our predictions?

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Holiday 2014 gift guide for procrastinators


You lazy son of a bitch. It's Sunday, Christmas is Thursday, and you still haven't started shopping for gifts? Don't worry, we've got your ass covered with a quick, down-and-dirty gift bonanza. It's an eclectic mix because we have the attention spans of mice intoxicated by coffee and Krispy Kremes.

Lucky you. Many U.S. online shops grub for dollars by offering last-minute, free one-day shipping. Ha! There are some rewards waiting until Santa attaches reindeer to the sleigh. Read fast, because some of these are deals that won't last -- and when we say this grab bag is random, we mean it.

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Employees are the biggest security risk in the cloud


Staff members present the biggest security risk to a company, and the most likely weak point when it comes to data in the cloud.

According to the recent State of SMB Cybersecurity report from CloudEntr, which took in the opinions of 438 IT pros across 20+ different industries, 77 percent said that staff members are the weakest link in their security infrastructure, and a liability when it comes to cloud usage.

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How the way you work is going to change in 2015 [Q&A]

Satisfied Happy Businessman Relaxing Office

Enterprise computing is more and more centered around the user, but how will this trend affect the workplace and what changes will it make to productivity and the way systems are managed and delivered?

We spoke to Torsten Volk, VP of product management, cloud at business software specialist ASG Software Solutions to find out.

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Avast wants beta testers for its business security software

Beta test

Avast has long been a favorite with home PC users thanks to its free antivirus offering, and protects 175 million computers worldwide. It also launched a free mobile product in 2011 and now protects around 50 million smartphones too.

In 2015 it's looking to move into the business market and is seeking beta testers to help perfect its product before launch.

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Lack of IT skills is hindering cloud and BYOD deployment

Warning Sign Sky Cloud Cloudy

Utilizing the power of cloud technology and mobilizing the workforce are two key interests for most organizations, but several issues are currently affecting progress in the field.

In a survey conducted by NaviSite and Time Warner Cable on migration to the cloud and BYOD (bring your own device) support, several key points were brought up on the reasoning behind the slow progress.

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New performance testing tool brings added speed and flexibility

Software analyst testing

With increasing pressure to produce new apps to meet customer demand, testing is vital as problems can lead to the loss of customers and revenue.

Yet the test process can often prove a bottleneck as the tools involved are cumbersome and can struggle to cope with modern complex apps and sites.

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Knowledge-based marketing system delivers streamlined social interaction

Social media flags

Social marketing has become an increasingly popular option for companies, but delivering it often involves using a number of different tools to handle publishing, monitoring of campaigns and more.

To streamline the process brand and audience specialist Parllay has announced some new integrated, knowledge-based tools. Parllay Studio is a complete content marketing and trend Intelligence platform powered by a semantic knowledge engine.

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Android business users get a virtual desktop in the cloud


One of the key reasons why businesses migrate their systems to the cloud is to make them easier to access from anywhere.

But that can create complications where office systems are Windows based and mobile devices are running a different OS. Cloud services provider dinCloud has an answer in the form of webHVD, its HTML5-based virtual desktop.

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What tech changed your life in 2014?

Why Confused Question Mark Woman Wall

As the year comes to a close, I'd like to ask you something: What was the best tech purchase you made (or received as a gift)? What about it is so good?

December is a time of reflection and preparation for a new year and when blogs and news sites fill space with stories looking back on the past 12 months and making predictions for the year ahead. I avoid writing the latter type but have opined about some companies' successes and failures, typically Apple, Google, or Microsoft. But if you'll oblige me, I would like my 2014 reflection(s) to be about you -- to make you the star.

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Tamper resistant licensing protects applications from theft

Software key

Theft by hackers is a constant problem for software companies, so solutions that can prevent license abuse can help protect revenue.

In the past these have often been quite clunky, involving hardware dongles and such. The cloud era means that more sophistication is needed and Flexera Software has created a secure licensing technology with leading tamper resistance and detection.

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Jitterbit updates its cloud platform for greater integration

business handshake

One of the problems that larger businesses face is pulling together information from different sources in order to get an overview of the whole.

Integration specialist Jitterbit has upgraded its Harmony cloud platform to allow it to bring together digital processes spanning multiple applications, departments and partners in real time.

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Predictive intelligence boosts social and mobile marketing campaigns

Social marketing

Bombarding customers with irrelevant communications is not an effective way of getting across a marketing message and generating new sales.

The key is to understand the consumer and deliver the right message at the right time. Cloud marketing specialist AgilOne is making this easier for retailers with a new 'predictive intelligence' product.

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