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Acronis brings business data protection solutions to the cloud

Secure cloud

With the increased threat of data loss from security breaches or system failures, many enterprises are turning to cloud solutions to look after their information.

Backup specialist Acronis is keen to take a slice of this market with the launch of its Acronis Data Protection Platform. This is a cloud platform that seeks to transform the way data protection is delivered to end-user customers by service providers, resellers and distributors.

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New backup service protects data stored in cloud apps


You might think that by moving applications to the cloud your data is automatically protected and worrying about backups is a thing of the past.

But just storing and processing data in Office 365 or Salesforce doesn't guard against user errors like accidentally deleting files. To offer extra peace of mind, backup specialist KeepItSafe is launching a new Cloud2Cloud service to protect data in SaaS applications.

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New cloud solution makes video management easier for developers

Cloudinary screen grab

Thanks to the wide availability of fast connections, online video is no longer confined to the likes of YouTube but crops up on all kinds of websites.

This presents a challenge for the developers who need to maintain those sites but a new solution from online image management specialist Cloudinary is set to make life easier.

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Kyvos aims to change the big data analytics landscape

Big data

Big data can provide many benefits for businesses, but the complexities of dealing with systems like Hadoop can make it expensive and time consuming to roll out projects.

California-based Kyvos Insights is launching a new product specifically designed for big data that enables business users to easily and quickly derive powerful insights from their data for more informed decision-making, with no programming required.

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Network visibility solution harnesses the power of big data

Network switch

Thanks to the Internet of Things and the growth in the use of mobile devices, network traffic is growing faster than ever. But the tools used to manage and monitor that traffic haven’t kept pace.

Network visibility specialist Kentik (previously known as CloudHelix) is launching a SaaS platform to enable full visibility into networks of any size giving real-time, actionable insights into network traffic activity, DDoS attacks and peering efficiency.

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NETGEAR launches cloud management platform

NETGEAR Business Central Wireless Manager

It's not uncommon for businesses to have multiple access points, whether on a single site or in multiple locations. This can lead to challenges when it comes to managing access and ensuring software and security are up to date.

To make life simpler NETGEAR is launching a software as a service platform called Business Central designed to provide small to mid-sized organizations with an affordable way to establish and manage key IT networking services and network devices.

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Google introduces Cloud Source Repositories -- new GitHub rival

Google Cloud Source Repositories

Google closed its own project hosting site, named Google Code, earlier this year, in a move that allowed GitHub and Bitbucket to become the dominant platforms. The move away from project hosting only lasted a few months, with a new place called Cloud Source Repositories now available on the Google Cloud Platform.

Part of Google’s ever growing line of services on the cloud platform, Cloud Source Repositories allows users and teams to upload, build and deploy applications for the web and mobile.

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Box and IBM team up for cloud collaboration


IBM and Box have announced a global partnership that aims to transform work in the cloud by integrating existing products and services to develop new solutions for a range of industries and professions.

Box will combine its collaboration platform with IBM’s extensive portfolio of solutions in security, analytics, content management and social capabilities to partner in three key areas:

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How to avoid total disaster while moving applications to the cloud or a data center migration


Whether you’re the CIO of a large corporation or run your own enterprise, it’s imperative that you understand the benefits, as well as the inevitability, of data center migrations. Migrations advance business practices by creating greater tactical efficiencies, agility and by reducing costs. Because they provide such great opportunities, migration plans are often high on the list of strategic projects for CIOs, IT managers and other managers involved in corporate plans.

However, despite the hype, companies need to understand that data center migrations are among the riskiest and most complex undertakings an enterprise can pursue.

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Now that Apple Music pays, will Taylor Swift and independents play?

Taylor Swift

As my colleague Manish Singh reports overnight, Apple reversed course and now plans to compensate artists for the first three months of music streaming. It's time to ask: Were the whiners grandstanding or sincere? The question mainly is meant for Taylor Swift, whose Father's Day Tumblr post seems to have brought, eh, swift response to the—what I call—"play for no-pay" plan.

The company unveiled Apple Music during the World Wide Developer Conference on June 8. The streaming service will be free to subscribers for the first three months, with Apple initially choosing not to make royalty payments to artists. I condemned the ridiculous strategy last week. The company sits on a nearly $200 billion cash horde, and content creators are among its most loyal customers. Stiffing them makes no sense from several different perspectives, with good public relations being one and expressing thanks to artist customers being another.

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Apple Music shouldn't steal artist royalties


For a company that generates more profits than any other ($18 billion during fiscal first quarter 2015), sits on a cash horde of nearly $200 billion, and has the gall to charge $150 for a watchband, stinginess is an unbecoming trait. Scratch that. Greediness. Putting profits before people, particularly devoted customers, when corporate advertising is all about how they matter more, is simply stupid public relations. In business, perception is everything.

So Apple's reported decision to give away music for three months, without compensating artists, is cheapskates behavior that demands criticism -- particularly about a company claiming that music means so much. Speaking to developers last week, CEO Tim Cook: "We love music, and music is such an important part of our lives and our culture". Oh yeah? If it's so important, why diminish its value? To zero. "We've had a long relationship with music at Apple". For how much longer without artists' cooperation? You don't own the content, Mr. Cook.

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New analytics platform unlocks the value of unstructured information

Data analytics

Modern businesses invariably have access to lots of data, but deriving simple straightforward insights from that can be difficult, especially if it's stored across multiple applications or extracted from the web.

SaaS analytics provider FirstRain is unveiling a new analytics platform that lets enterprise customers deliver business-critical and actionable insights to departments, teams and individuals.

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Box now integrates with Office Online, following Dropbox's lead

Box for Office Online

Dropbox is no longer the only non-Microsoft cloud storage service that integrates with Office Online, as enterprise-focused rival Box now also makes this feature available to its customers, taking advantage of Office 365 -- Cloud Storage Partner Program. Box already integrates with Office mobile, allowing smartphone and tablet users to easily create and edit Excel, PowerPoint and Word documents that are stored on its servers.

It is a win-win for both companies. Box gets to give its customers easy access to one of the best online office suites around and become more attractive to potential customers, while Microsoft gains more Office Online, and potentially more Office 365, users in the process. Let's see what this integration brings to the table.

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Druva adds endpoint data protection for Office 365

Secure cloud

Increasingly mobile workforces have led to a loss of data control. Information on laptops and smart phones as well as within multiple cloud applications means increased risk of company data loss and the inability to track, hold or monitor data for regulatory compliance and legal obligations.

Data protection specialist Druva is announcing Microsoft Office 365 integration of its InSync product, offering a centralized conduit for enterprises to manage this dispersed data.

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Datto launches new solutions to protect data wherever it's stored

world globe hard drive backup

With distributed networks, virtual servers and the cloud, corporate data is increasingly stored in lots of different places, making backup and business continuity more of a challenge.

Following its acquisition of Backupify in December last year, backup and recovery specialist Datto is launching a range of new products and enhancements designed to protect data no matter where it resides -- across on-premise physical or virtual servers or in the cloud via SaaS applications.

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