Study: Vista to Create Jobs, Revenue

A Microsoft-sponsored study says that Windows Vista will generate some $70 billion in revenue and create up to 100,000 jobs in the first year of its release. The report also indicates that adoption of the next-generation OS is expected to be rapid and widespread.

Research firm IDC authored the study, and it follows a similar commissioned study from September that said Vista would create 50,000 jobs across six European countries in its first year. The new operating system was made available to business customers in November, and is scheduled for consumer availability on January 30.

Microsoft expects some 200,000 IT companies within the United States to produce, sell or distribute products and services in conjunction with Vista. Each dollar of Vista-related revenue would generate $18 for the IT industry at large.


These companies are also investing about $10 billion next year to prepare for the next generation operating system. However, IDC paints a rosy picture for these companies; for every dollar invested, the industry at large would get back $7, it said.

"It is exciting to see the level of investment partners are putting behind Windows Vista, because this investment will create opportunities for people, businesses and economies," Windows client general manager Brad Goldberg said. "Windows Vista illustrates the powerful economic impact Microsoft's innovation can have for our partners and the IT industry."

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