Samsung Debuts 8GB Mobile NAND Flash Chip

Samsung has begun shipping samples of a new 8GB NAND flash chip, which could be integrated into phones to eliminate the need for a separate memory slot. This would allow for smaller devices, the company says.

Called moviNAND, the technology consists of four 50-nanometer 16-Gigabit NAND flash memories along with integrated MultiMediaCard support for companies who still wish to add expandable memory.

At that size, the chip could hold some 2,000 songs, or enough GPS and point-of-interest data for the entire western world. It is also smaller than its 4GB predecessor, and processes data at speeds of up to 52 megabytes per second.

Power consumption specifications were not disclosed, although the company did say it was 10 to 20 percent less than current Flash NAND solutions.

Production of the chip will begin the second quarter of this year, although Samsung is currently shipping samples to interested manufacturers. The company is also betting heavily on the market for such chips, expecting it to grow to a $4 billion business within four years.

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