Two Out of Three Didn't Pay for Radiohead

A survey by research firm comScore indicates that nearly two out of every three downloaders of Radiohead's release In Rainbows did not pay for it, while the rest only forked over an average of $6 per download. The band released its album in October without digital rights management, and let fans decide how much they were willing to pay for the release, if at all. In total, some 1.2 million people visited the website set up for the album download between October 1 and 29, comScore said.

The study also showed a disparity in how much was paid for the album inside the US and overseas. Here in the US, about 40 percent chose to pay for the album, and the average selling price was $8.05. However, overseas 36 percent paid, and only were giving an average of $4.64 per download. Radiohead plans to release the album in CD format next year. The band had no comment on the study.


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