Microsoft yanks Windows Phone 7 update for Samsung devices

The minor update to Windows Phone 7 that started rolling out on Monday has been problematic for Samsung devices running the OS, and Microsoft has stalled the update process.

The update, according to Michael Stroh in the Windows Phone Blog, was "designed to improve the software update process itself."


As soon as the update started rolling out, owners of the Samsung Omnia 7 and Samsung Focus began reporting issues with downloading and installing the new software. Some users reported that the update simply stalled partially through the process, while others reported successful installation that resulted in a "bricked" phone ("RESTORATION ERROR - Error Code C101002E".)

Microsoft said it has identified the issue, and has halted the update for Samsung phones. Microsoft and Samsung have not indicated how many phones have been "bricked" as a result of this, nor have they said how many users could be affected. Some have reported that this has been a catastrophic failure, but the reality is probably a little less grim.

As of Wednesday afternoon, there was no word when the update would return to availability for Samsung Windows Phone users.

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