WinZip 16.5 gets Office-like ribbon, AMD speed boost

Stalwart of the file compression world WinZip has received a major upgrade that sees the introduction of a number of new features along with other enhancements and performance improvements. WinZip 16.5 has a strong focus on performance with a completely upgraded 64-bit engine as well as improved performance when used in conjunction with AMD processors.

Anyone with AMD Fusion processors and AMD Radeon GPUs will see the speed, but the overall performance of the app as a whole feels snappier. There is also a new look for the program, and the facelift helps to breathe new life into an archiving tool that many people have been using for a decade or more. The ribbon-style toolbar takes inspiration from the likes of Microsoft Office and gives a more streamlined feel while providing access to a huge range of features and options.

As well as the new interface and enhancements, there are also new options to enjoy. If you’ve already been using WinZip to take care of your backup procedure, there is now the ability to burn these backups directly to Blu-ray discs -- provided you are using the Pro version of the program. It’s not just backups that have benefited from a storage space boost; if you have created a large file that you want to share with others, you can do so using the ZipSend cloud service rather than trying to rely on email attachments.

The potential for improvement in WinZip is slowly reducing, but this particular release shows that there was still a little that could be done. It’s difficult to see just where the software is going to move forward from here aside from further improvements to performance, but this latest release show that there is still plenty of life left in the granddaddy of compression.

You can find out more and download a free trial of the app by paying a visit to the WinZip 16.5 review page.

Photo Credit: Arkady/Shutterstock

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