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May is coming to a close, and as June beckons there are still countless software releases to keep track of. If you’ve had trouble keeping up with everything, this handy roundup is here to bring you up to speed.

This past week saw the release of WikidPad 2.1_01, a wiki-style text editor that can be used to capture thoughts and ideas -- stored locally or exported as an HTML file to upload to the web. If you need to store reminders of things you need to do and appointments you need to attend, PNotes 9.0.107 is a great sticky note tool that may be able to help you out. There’s also PNotes Portable 9 for anyone who likes the idea of running the same program from a USB drive. If pictures are more important to you than words, Juicebox 1.0.2 can be used to create a stunning gallery to show off your digital photos -- all in HTML5 glory.

The week was than usual on the browser update front, but there there were still important advancements for Chrome and Pale Moon. Google Chrome 20.0.1132.17 Beta hit the download servers as the browser’s march up the version numbering system continues, but there is little to report aside from a range of bug fixes -- if you want to keep your browser on a USB drive, look no further than Google Chrome Portable 20.0.1132.11 Beta. If you want an even more up to date version of Google’s browser, the Dev channel is for you and Google Chrome 21.0.1145.0 Dev and Google Chrome Portable 21.0.1145.0 Dev are the latest releases in this area.

The Firefox 12-based browser Pale Moon has also seen an important update this week which brings in smoother scrolling, better memory handling and improved stability. Various versions of the browser are available -- Pale Moon 12.1Pale Moon x64 12.1Pale Moon 12.1 Portable and Pale Moon x64 12.1 Portable.

O&O is a company that produces a large number of handy utilities and if you have a few of them installed, O&O LaunchPad 3.0.107 is a great way to access them all. The famous system cleanup tools CCleaner has received a couple of updates, CCleaner 3.19 and CCleaner Portable 3.19, which eliminates User Account Control warnings and adds support for new applications. While you’re looking at cleaning up and optimizing your computer, take a look at Defraggler 2.10413 and Defraggler Portable 2.10, both of which offer speed improvements of up to 30 percent on previous versions.

To help you to keep an eye on your hardware, Acronis Drive Monitor can be used to check the health of your hard drives, and ESET Rogue Applications Remover (32-bit) and ESET Rogue Applications Remover (64-bit) are valuable tools for looking after your system and protecting it from malicious software.

If you have a keen interested in privacy and security, Free Hide IP is a simple way to help stay anonymous online by masking your real IP address. Privacy concerns also exist offline, and Encryption Wizard 3.3.3 is an easy to use yet powerful utility that enables you to encrypt files on OSX, Windows and Linux machines, while Eraser 6.0.10 can be used to ensure that the files you delete cannot be recovered.

To help you to manage the files you do want to keep, Total Commander 8.0 FINAL is an advanced alternative to Windows Explorer that can handle local and remote files and has been updated to include an improved image viewer. If you want to store your important files online, Wuala “Wollishofen” build 401 enables you to do so securely, with the latest version adding customizable filters for synchronization and backup as well as numerous other bug fixes and improvements.

The final updates for this week’s roundup are for anyone looking to run virtual copies of operating systems -- VirtualBox 4.1.16 includes a range of minor fixes, and VirtualBox Extension Pack 4.1.16 adds even more options to an already powerful virtualization tool.

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That’s it for this week. We’ll be back in about seven days’ time with another roundup.

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