Google brings AdMob to Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 developers looking to increase their app revenues through the use of ads can now take advantage of Google's AdMob, as the search giant just released the first official build that is compatible with Microsoft's latest smartphone operating system.


The new AdMob SDK (Software Development Kit) arrives close to one year after Microsoft released the OS. It is currently available in beta trim, and allows developers to tap into the search giant's popular mobile advertising network, but without the same perks that Android and iOS developers receive.

The AdMob SDK for Windows Phone 8 sports the following functionality:

  • Create an AdMob banner view from code
  • Embed an AdMob banner directly in an XAML file
  • Show full-screen interstitial ads
  • Register for ad events such as succeeding or failing to receive an ad

Now here is what Windows Phone 8 developers do not get, but Android and iOS ones do:

  • Ad Network Mediation
  • Support for DoubleClick for Publishers
  • Search Ads for Mobile Apps support
  • MRAID support

Interested Windows Phone 8 developers can download the beta AdMob SDK from the Google Developers Downloads site.

Credit: Vectorlib-com/Shutterstock

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