Research shows... Oh, hey, look at that!

Millennials are more heavily distracted when watching video and as a result adverts need to work harder to get through to them. This is among the findings of research by YuMe, a digital brand advertising specialist, and IPG Media Lab.

Focusing on millennials (those born between the early 1980s and the turn of the century) the first phase of the study looked at the tablet video viewing experience compared to TV, PC and mobile. The second phase analyzed media consumption and multi-tasking habits in an attempt to understand which device is most effective at achieving brand recall within the demographic.

"This study really did exceed our expectations, as it not only proved the power of tablet video consumption, but it dove deeper to showcase actual habits and consumption of millennials," says Kara Manatt, Vice President of Consumer Research Strategy at IPG Media Lab.


Key findings are that millennials are more distracted when watching video, so ads have a harder time breaking through, however, when video ads do succeed they tend to have a more positive impact on the millennial generation. The results also reveal that smartphones are the most popular device for viewing videos amongst this age group and consequently when ads appear on smartphones they're more effective. Millennials are also more likely to multi-task with other connected devices. This represents, "...a clear opportunity to plan for duplication and exposure timing across devices for ad breakthrough," says Ed Haslam, SVP of Marketing at YuMe.

More about the study and its results will be presented in a webinar on November 22nd at 11:30am PT. You can register for this by visiting In the meantime you'll find an overview in infographic form below.

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