BitTorrent Sync arrives on the Kindle Fire platform

BitTorrent Sync entered the market with a clear plan to not be anything like other services, instead choosing to do things its own way and protect the end-user. This resulted in alpha and beta testing, with a slow roll-out, but slow and steady often wins the race. The service is widely available now, being updated, and encompassing more platforms.

While Android was already a part of the ecosystem, there are certain flavors of Google's OS that don't readily comply with the traditional. One of those, in fact perhaps the primary one, is Fire OS -- the operating system produced by Amazon for its popular line of tablets.

Now BitTorrent has taken this on as well -- "Today, we’re happy to add another update for our mobile users. If you've got a Kindle Fire, you can now Sync freely", the organization announces.

The draw here is a rather obvious one, given the times we live in. BitTorrent has taken into account the potential for snooping and data loss, and instead come up with a system that avoids these potential problems. It promises no servers and no surveillance -- the latter should probably be left open to debate, given the current climate.

Sync is free, unlimited and will run on multiple platforms to help users keep files up to date. Setup is fairly easy; I've been using it on PCs since the alpha version. We'll take a closer look at the Fire OS setup and use here in the near future, so stay tuned.

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