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User generated content is an important factor in getting consumers to trust online business. But not every enterprise has the time or the skills to build and manage a presence across multiple social media sites.

Customer profile management specialist Janrain has introduced a new product that allows users of any site to introduce and share social content.

Janrain User-generated Content (UGC) lets customers comment, share across social networks, chat, create original content, and see activity streams that automatically appear across a brand’s mobile and desktop experiences.

"Janrain UGC turns any site into a highly engaging social experience and gives consumers compelling reasons to share their social data with their favorite brands," says Larry Drebes, chief executive officer of Janrain. "When attention is the most valuable commodity, brands have to craft highly personal social experiences that people will want to share with their friends and return to again and again. Janrain is putting a suite of tools in the hands of digital marketers who want to build a lively interactive brand identity that draws people into a brand experience, gives them reasons to create accounts and relationships with these brands, and keeps them coming back".

Features include allowing visitors to publish comments on site content and monitor site activity filtered by individuals, social network friends or site wide. Companies can host real-time conversations for events like product launches, plus content from social media can be integrated into news feeds.

By allowing greater interaction with a site Janrain UGC helps improve customer engagement. The data collected can help marketers create personalized brand experiences which in turn gives visitors reasons to keep coming back and interacting with the site.

More information on what Janrain UGC can do is available on the company's website.

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