LinuxLive USB Creator 2.90 arrives

Linux liveThibaut Lauzière has announced the release of LinuxLive USB Creator 2.90, his one-stop distro download and Live USB key builder.

As usual, there’s support for the latest distributions: CentOS 7.0, Ubuntu 14.10, Debian Live 7.6.0, KNOPPIX 7.4.2 and more. The program now offers OpenMandrivaLX, CDLinux, even ReactOS if you’re interested, and Lauzière says there’s "improved support for 64-bit variants" for whatever you choose.

The new build is much better at handling USB key problems. It now retries format and boot sector write operations five times instead of one, with a 5 second delay, returning an error if the format still fails.

The program makes smarter choices when creating virtual machines, too, automatically setting the type of VM (perhaps one of the improvements in 64-bit support) and choosing the most appropriate storage controller.

Significant changes include autorun creation being turned off by default (click Options > Advanced > skip_autorun to turn it on). Old logs are now deleted after a month and several unmaintained or unpopular distros have been ditched (Meego; WifiWay; LiveHacking; Elive; Vyatta; Vortexbox; VectorLinux; Zenwalk; Zenix; SolusOS; PureOS; BlankOn).

LinuxLive USB Creator 2.90 also has plenty of smaller tweaks and bug fixes. The official blog post announcing the release has the full details if you need them, otherwise the download is available now.

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