Anvi AD Blocker Ultimate now free


Anvisoft has released Anvi AD Blocker Ultimate 3.2, the latest edition of its web adblocker, and announced that the product is now free.

It didn’t look that way when we installed the program, unfortunately, as a web page opened post-setup inviting us to buy it.

From what we can tell, however, this is just because the Anvi website hasn’t yet been updated. AD Blocker Ultimate 3.2 no longer has any licensing requirements, and the interface now includes a "Donate" button instead.

If you haven’t tried the program before, it works much like any other system-level ad blocker. Launch it and every site you access, in any browser, is scanned for ads, and anything spotted is blocked.

This worked well enough for us, but if you have problems there are various options to help. Real-time statistics keep you up-to-date on the number of objects blocked; logs may help to diagnose more tricky problems, or you can turn blocking off temporarily in just a few seconds.

Anvi AD Blocker Ultimate 3.2 doesn’t offer anything particularly new or different, then, but it performed reasonably well in our first tests, and if you don’t have anything similar -- or you’re an Anvisoft fan -- then it may be worth a look.

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