Nexmo helps brands engage with consumers via chat


Companies are constantly on the lookout for new methods of interacting with their customer base but it can be hard to integrate these with existing systems.

Cloud communications firm Nexmo is launching a new API that allows a chat application to interact with a customer service platform.


The Nexmo Chat App API helps brands consolidate all chat messages into their existing communication platforms, eliminating the need to manually manage communications over individual chat applications. The Chat App API does this by automatically detecting and connecting brand messages with the appropriate chat application in real time.

It lets marketing, sales or customer support staff send one message and have it appear on all relevant chat applications at once. Nexmo also works directly with each chat application to ensure messages appear correctly on all platforms. In addition it informs brands which features are available on each chat application. Through Nexmo's carrier relations it knows the cultural restrictions in play on each network and can make them clear to brands.

"We live in an always-on world, where customers expect to be engaged anytime, anywhere and on their preferred channels," says Nexmo CEO and co-founder, Tony Jamous. "This means the bar for customer engagement has risen dramatically. At the same time, solutions that are put in place need to be scalable, near real time and cost efficient, and that’s where we see the tremendous opportunity for the Chat App API. Adding the Chat App API to our portfolio of industry-leading messaging and voice APIs transforms Nexmo from a company helping brands navigate the current landscape of mobile communications to a resource that brands can come to as customer communications dynamically changes shape".

The Nexmo Chat App API currently supports messaging on WeChat and Line. The company will be adding support for additional chat apps, service platforms and new features in the coming months. You can find out more and sign up for beta access on the Nexmo website.

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