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Do you know how your employees are accessing content within your business? Enterprise file sharing specialist Egnyte has analyzed all of the unstructured data from its customers, no matter what device, storage, or apps they use, to discover the latest trends.

Having looked at this data over the last 12 months, they uncovered some interesting facts about the diversity of employee interactions with their company content.

Findings include that only 15 percent of users utilized both desktop and mobile apps to access content. This suggests that employees are highly specialized, using mobile or desktop according to their roles in the company. Workers in the field likely to only use apps on their mobile devices (24 percent), whereas office-based employees are likely to only use apps on desktop (61 percent).

What is perhaps more surprising is that 63 percent of users utilized two or more operating systems (Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.) when accessing content. This indicates a willingness and ability to work with a variety of tools and devices and that employees need to have choices for how they get their work done and what tools they can use.

Google Chrome dominates the business sector with a whopping 60 percent of activities done via the browser. Internet Explorer trails at only 20 percent and Safari unloved at only five percent. However, 40 percent of employees actually use two or more browsers when accessing their content.

You can find out more about the results on the Egnyte blog and there's a summary in infographic form below.


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