Digital transformation: The biggest concerns

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An Appian/YouGov survey analyzed 400 business executives, from companies with more than a billion dollars in revenue, about their digital business transformation plans, and the results are just in.

According to the survey, 14 percent have fully migrated to all intended areas. Another 48 percent managed to migrate partially, but not everything.

Besides looking at the process of digital transformation, the survey also tried to understand the biggest concerns and fears executives have, and there are four main concerns: data security (62 percent), performance of new technology (55 percent), customer experience (48 percent), and technology infrastructure flexibility (42 percent).

The survey also says that more than two-thirds (69 percent) believe custom applications are essential to digital transformation, but they too come with problems, including the ever-evolving business requirements (38 percent), integration across various data sources (37 percent), as well as long development cycles (35 percent).

Looking at what business executives hope to improve this year, ongoing software maintenance (37 percent), software glitches and bugs (31 percent), as well as too many apps and data silos (28 percent), were the top priorities.

The biggest technology investment drivers are data management (43 percent), collaboration on an enterprise level (33 percent), and custom software (31 percent).

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