Hacker offers 427 million MySpace passwords for just $2,800

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You know your website isn’t worth much when a database of 427 million stolen login credentials are being sold online for roughly $2,800 (£1,920).

Yep, that’s what happened to MySpace over the weekend. But Myspace not being worth much nowadays is not the news. Possibly the biggest login credentials theft, is.

Reports say that a hacker going by the name Peace is selling this huge database online, in the dark web marketplace called The Real Deal. He’s asking for six Bitcoin.

It is hard to say if the database is legitimate or not. It seems like the person behind this database is the same as the one who leaked 164 million LinkedIn accounts recently. Motherboard apparently tested a few and they turned out right. What a bummer.

If it really is a huge, valid database, that would mean this is the biggest credentials theft of all time. Apparently, this database is from an older and unreported data breach. MySpace did not want to comment on the issue.

The database also has more passwords than usernames, it was said, explaining that some usernames have multiple passwords tied to them, probably in case one doesn’t work. "homelesspa", "password1", and "abc1" are the most popular passwords on the list, with more than two million people using them.

In case you were wondering if your email has been compromised or not, head over to Have I Been Pwned?, and check for yourself.

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