Enterprises moving to hybrid cloud

Hybrid Cloud

Cloud computing seems to be a feature of successful businesses, but still a lot of workloads remain on premises, a new study by IBM suggests. More than 1,000 C-suite executives from 18 industries were interviewed, face-to-face, to come to this conclusion.

In 78 percent of cases, cloud initiatives are either "coordinated" or "fully integrated", which is a significant jump, compared to 34 percent we had in 2012. More successful the company is the higher the percentage too. On the other hand, 45 percent of workloads remain, and are expected to remain, on premises.

"Enterprises are moving to the cloud, especially hybrid cloud, faster than anyone expected to support their digital transformation, drive business model innovation and fuel growth", says Marie Wieck, IBM. "As clients continue to reap the benefits of integrating their on-premises infrastructure with the cloud, we see them increasing their investments in new workloads on public clouds. Successful clients have integrated plans to place workloads where they fit best, and IBM's hybrid cloud strategy provides this on-ramp for flexibility and growth".

The main reasons why business executives opt for cloud solutions seem to be lower cost of ownership (54 percent), innovation (42 percent), operational efficiencies improvement (42 percent), and customer expectations (40 percent). Organizations with successful cloud initiatives were found entering new markets (76 percent), creating new revenue sources (71 percent) and creating and supporting new business models (69 percent).

IBM’s full report, entitled Tailoring hybrid cloud: Designing the right mix for innovation, efficiency and growth. can be found at this link.

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