How to download any version of Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (and Office)

If you want to download an ISO file of the latest version of Windows 10, the process is very straightforward -- just use Microsoft’s Media Creation tool to generate the image file for you.

But what if you want an older version of Windows 10? The October 2018 Update, say (hey, some people have it). Or what if you want a copy of Windows 7 or 8.1? There are a couple of ways to get the file you need, but we'll show you one of the simplest.


What you need to do is download and run the Microsoft Windows and Office ISO Download Tool from This program downloads original Windows and Office ISO disk images directly from Microsoft.

Use the tabs on the right to choose if you want to download Windows, Office, or Other, and then select the version you want.

Choose Windows 10, for example, and you’ll have the option to download any version of the OS, going right the way back to July 2015. You can then choose the edition you require -- Home/Pro, Education, Home Pro N, and so on.

Once selected, click Confirm, then select the edition, and the product language, and specify if you want the 32 or 64-bit download. The process will start.

There is one downside to this tool and that’s a large video advertising window opens when you run it, and you have to wait a while before you can close this. You can simply hide it however.

We should make it clear that this isn’t a tool for piracy -- you will still need a key (or digital entitlement) to activate Windows or Office.

Photo credit: Roman Samborskyi/ Shutterstock

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