Windows 10 still has problems with the Start menu and search even after the KB4522355 update

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The Start menu is at the heart of Windows 10, so any problems with it have serious repercussions. Included in Microsoft's recent batch of bug-riddled updates, however, there have been two --  KB4515384 and KB4524147 -- which have broken the Start menu in various ways.

Last week Microsoft released KB4522355 proclaiming that it fixed issues with both the Start menu and search. Only it didn't fix problems for everyone. Start menu problems remain, and some users are still unable to use the search facility.


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Microsoft is yet to acknowledge that there are still problems following the installation of KB4522355, but Bleeping Computer reports that users have got in touch to say they are still experiencing issues. One said: "For me, update did not fix anything. Still non-functional: Start Menu. Search. Settings. Right click on task bar icons. Sound drivers. Network. Action center. I even had tried to roll back the previous update to find a stable build, and everything stayed broken".

This runs counter to Microsoft's claim that the update:

Addresses an issue that causes the Start menu, the Cortana Search bar, Tray icons, or Microsoft Edge to stop responding in certain scenarios after installing a monthly update.

If there were just a few complaints, the problems could be written off a user error, or a random anomaly, but there are many people complaining. And in the light of Microsoft spate of problematic, broken, buggy updates, it doesn't look good.

Over on Reddit, user sac5180 writes:

Can confirm Start Menu still broke on 1 of my computers at work still after this update. [sic]

It would be fair to cut Microsoft a little slack and acknowledge that problems will crop up from time to time, and the huge number of variables that exist in hardware and software configurations makes it difficult for the company to test every possible scenario. But the number of problematic updates released for Windows in recent months has been astonishingly high.

All is not well at Microsoft, and it is users that are suffering as a result.

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