Anonymous tweets the REAL numbers of the Coronavirus, or so they claim

As you'll be more than aware, there’s a virus rampant in China and it has spread to other countries, including cases in the US. But there’s been a lot of FUD surrounding it and we honestly don’t know what the real numbers for cases and deaths are.

If Anonymous is to be believed then we may know a bit more. The group claims its numbers are backed up and verified.

In a tweet today it posted the following:

Our current data is more up to date than most websites or maps, all information is 100% backed up with sources.

Mainland China situation:

Jan 23| 830 cases

Jan 24| 1,287

Jan 25| 1,975

Jan 26 | 2,744

Jan 27| 4,515

Jan 28| 5,974

Jan 29| 7,711

Jan 30| 9,692

Jan 31| 11,791

Feb 1 | 14,380

Feb 2 | 17,238

Feb 3 | 19,701 cases

That's quite a bit more than China has been reporting. If this is true then we have a major epidemic, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the Spanish flu, or worse the plague. That may be going a bit far at this early juncture, so we’ll have to wait and see.

In the meantime try to stay healthy out there.

Image credit: SamaraHeisz5 / Shutterstock

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