Sony provides more leadership than Trump by delaying PlayStation 5 reveal

America is burning — literally — as people across the country protest the horrific murder of George Floyd. This man was unjustly and savagely killed by police officers, and many people in the USA are simply fed up with the racism, violence, and killings at the hands of law enforcement. Of course, it must be said, not all police offers are evil. In fact, the vast majority of cops are very good people, and society depends on them to maintain order. They are heroes.

With all of the protesting and tense feelings these days, it can be hard to focus on anything else. Many of us try to distract ourselves from the painful news (even if only temporarily) with TV, music, and other media, but ultimately, our focus should be on more important things, such as the protests and racial inequality. And so, Sony has decided to delay its planned June 4 PlayStation 5 reveal — the absolute correct decision.


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Sadly, this decision by Sony displays more leadership than Donald Trump has! Believe it or not, the president was apparently hiding from the protesters in an underground bunker rather than speaking to the American people to try and help diffuse the situation.

Meanwhile, Sony is demonstrating the correct way to behave. Showing respect to George Floyd and recognizing the historic significance of the protests are both more important than video games. There will be time for games later.

You can see Sony’s respectful tweets above. In comparison, below are some examples of what President Trump tweeted during the protests last night. Yeah... That is a stark difference — embarrassing, really.

While it is disappointing that we must wait longer to see the much-anticipated PlayStation 5 gameplay, this is clearly not the time for it. As of now, Sony has not announced the new date, as it probably is not even set yet.

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