Firewalla goes Purple to protect gigabit networks

Regular readers will recall that last year we reviewed the Firewalla, a little box that provides protection for your network.

We tested the Blue version that provides protection for networks up to 500Mbps in speed. Now the company is launching a new Purple version that works at gigabit speeds and has extra features too.

It has all of the features of the Blue including ad blocking family protection and remote VPN access. In addition it offers behavior analytics to detect abnormal behavior and trigger alerts with an option to block the activity. Geo-IP filtering is available too so you can block network traffic from entire countries, effectively stopping hackers from remotely attacking a business or home network.


You can protect the network by automatically placing new or unknown devices in a quarantine group. And there's network segmentation so you can divide a network into regions with dynamic and static policies/rules, it supports VLAN-based segmentation too.

It has an Advanced Smart Queue feature to prioritize the most important traffic, and a smart routing capability.

Firewalla Purple has two routable gigabit ethernet ports, 2GB of memory, 16GB of EMMC, a six Core ARM CPU and short-range Wi-Fi. It can be set up in router or bridge mode too.

The Purple is not due to ship until December but pre-orders are open from today via the Indiegogo site with prices from $259.

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