IT leaders look to switch from legacy systems to data warehouses

According to a new study more than 59 percent of data and technology leaders plan to switch their data warehousing solutions and 46 percent say a legacy system is motivating them to do so.

The research carried out by Propeller Insights for Ocient surveyed 500 people who are managing active data workloads of 150 terabytes or more. It finds 97 percent of respondents say the volume of data managed by their organization is set to grow fast or very fast over the next one to five years.

Among top concerns prompting change, maintaining security and compliance is a challenge when it comes to scaling data volumes and analytics to hyperscale workloads, an issue cited by 63 percent. While 49 percent of respondents say there is a lack of talent to analyze their data.


While 98 percent of respondents agree it's somewhat or very important to increase the amount of data analyzed by their organizations in the next one to three years, they are experiencing barriers to harnessing the full capacity of their data. The top three limiting factors are: the volume of data is growing too fast (62 percent total, 65 percent at C-level), a lack of talent to analyze the data (49 percent total, 47 percent C-level), and current solutions are not flexible enough (49 percent total, 34.8 percent C-level).

Respondents also see a strong relationship between implementing faster data analytics and growing the company's bottom line. 78 percent of respondents agree there is a definite relationship, rising to more than 85 percent at C-level.

"Data analysis is no longer a 'nice-to-have' for organizations. Hyperscale data intelligence has become a mission-critical component for modern enterprises and government agencies looking to drive more impact and grow their bottom line. With the rapid pace of growth, it's imperative for enterprises and government agencies to enhance their ability to ingest, store, and analyze fast-growing data sets in a way that is secure and cost effective," says Chris Gladwin, co-founder and CEO of Ocient. "The ability to migrate from legacy systems and buy or build new data analysis capabilities for rapidly growing workloads will enable enterprises and government organizations to drive new levels of agility and growth that were previously only imaginable."

The full report is available on the Ocient site.

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