Apple is bringing more ads to the App Store this week

In the tech world, it Google that is most readily associated with ads, but it is far from alone. Apple is perhaps not quite as guilty of bombarding people with advertising as some companies, but starting October 25, the App Store will be used to display more ads than ever before.

Although Apple has not exactly shouted about the impending change -- one that is sure to irritate even the most devote fans of Apple -- details of what is happening have been shared in emails sent out to developers. As of Tuesday, the Today tab of the Apple Store will be home to adverts.

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In addition to the Today tab, ads will also be shown in a new "You Might Also Like" section on the listing for individual apps. The change to advertising in the App Store is one that is happening on a global scale, with the exception of China.

A page on the Apple site explains:

With a Today tab ad, your app can appear prominently on the front page of the App Store -- making it some of the first content users see when they begin their App Store visit. The prominence of this placement makes it a good option to drive awareness of your app, especially for new content launches, special events, and seasonal promotions. Note that Today tab ads aren't currently available on the App Store in mainland China.

The change is a significant one. While there has been advertising of a kind in the App Store, the Today tab has historically been used to house editorialized recommendations from the company. The new ads can be differentiated from other content by their blue backgrounds.

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