Get 'Uncommon Accountability: A Radical New Approach to Greater Success and Fulfillment' ($25.00 value) FREE for a limited time

The implementation of true, organization-wide accountability has the potential to transform your firm’s -- and your personal -- performance. Unfortunately, the word "accountability" often has negative connotations, including blame, fear, and conflict. 

In Uncommon Accountability, best-selling authors and leadership strategists Brian Moran and Michael Lennington compellingly argue for a positive and affirming conception of accountability -- one that stands for personal ownership of one’s goals, actions, and progress. 

The authors show you how to harness the power of accountability, with all of its built-in potential to enable growth and learning, improve well-being, reduce stress, and drive results.


You’ll also learn to: 

  • Manage negative consequences by "holding others capable" and stop playing the blame game 
  • Shift your thinking to take real advantage of simple behavior changes that improve results and engagement 
  • Emphasize the power and importance of personal choice in every interaction 

Containing real-world case studies that show you how to apply the principles contained within to your own circumstances, Uncommon Accountability is the perfect tool to unlock the potential of your team members. 

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