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Instantly block internet access with NetDisabler


Freeware developer Sordum has unveiled NetDisabler, a freeware Windows application which can disable and restore internet access on demand.

The program stands out immediately for its use of three web-blocking techniques: disabling the network adapter, blocking via DNS or using the Windows Firewall.

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To celebrate the Oscars, YouTube ranks 'Best Picture' nominated movie trailers by views


The Oscars are this Sunday, and I have seen a grand total of zero of the films nominated for Best Picture. Isn't that a shame? This is because of a few factors -- the theater is too expensive nowadays, and I simply haven't had the time. Not to mention, none of this year's nominated films particularly interest me. Oh well.

To celebrate the much-anticipated award show, the folks over at Google have created a leaderboard for the nine Oscar "Best Picture" nominated movie trailers. The search giant explains that the rankings are comprised of views "including both studio channels and popular aggregators." The ranking is not at all surprising, with the overall most-watched film trailer getting a lot of hype lately.

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Americans at risk of identity theft as they file their tax returns

identity theft

As we move into the tax return season a new study reveals that attitudes to identity theft and a pattern of poor practices are leaving much of the public vulnerable.

Data security and ID theft protection company CyberScout has carried out its second annual Tax Season Risk Report and finds 58 percent of Americans are not worried about tax fraud in spite of federal reports of 787,000 confirmed identity theft returns in 2016, totaling more than $4 billion in potential fraud.

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CloudBees platform helps enterprises speed up software deployment

Software development

In order to address businesses' continuing dependence on software, development teams are turning to continuous delivery and automated software pipelines to speed up deployment.

To address these needs CloudBees is launching Jenkins Enterprise to help companies accelerate their software delivery and meet the rapidly growing volume of software development.

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Changing business models will create 'ultra freelancers'

laptop woman

With the significant and imminent changes in the way we do business a new type of freelancers will emerge, according to Samsung. Called "ultra-freelancers", this type of workers will "connect deeply within multiple organizations simultaneously, working with multiple corporate data sets but fiercely protective of the privacy of their own data."

These ultra-freelancers will be mostly Millennials, a cohort that is taking full advantage of the new technologies and the open economy.

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New container platform speeds up Docker deployment

Container software box

Containerization has seen a big increase in popularity in recent years, but companies are keen to ensure they're able to deploy containers quickly and keep control of the costs.

Container infrastructure specialist Diamanti is launching a new purpose-built appliance for containerized applications, allowing businesses to deploy Docker containers quickly with guaranteed service levels and at a lower cost than traditional data center infrastructure.

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Differential sync will speed up OneDrive from Q2 2017


It has been some time since Microsoft mentioned that differential sync would be coming to OneDrive, and the company's latest roadmap shows that it is due to arrive some time in the second quarter of this year.

The feature will help to save time and bandwidth by only synchronizing parts of a file that have been updated. It's something that users of Microsoft's cloud storage service have been requesting for a long time now, and years of asking will soon come to an end.

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Manners maketh the smartphone user

Texting during meal

The smartphone has revolutionzed the way we communicate and access information, but what about the effect it's had on our wider society?

New research from business technology company Pitney Bowes looks at the tricky topic of smartphone e-etiquette -- and no, that doesn't mean sticking out your little finger as you use your phone.

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How to find (and copy) your Windows product key


There are all sorts of reasons why you might need to locate your Windows product key. Perhaps you’re thinking of upgrading from Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10 (doing so is still free, despite what Microsoft has said), or you might want to perform a clean install.

In the past, tracking down the key usually involved finding your installation media, but the more modern approach is to simply pull it directly from your Windows installation.

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Windows 10 Virtual Desktop Enhancer: a first look


Windows 10 finally brought virtual desktops to the PC with its Task View feature, but although the system is easy to use, it’s a little underpowered.

Windows 10 Virtual Desktop Enhancer is an open-source portable application which extends Task View with some small but welcome extras.

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Paid-for Google Site Search to be phased out and replaced by free, ad-supported version


Emails to customers reveal that Google plans to kill off Google Site Search this spring. While customers who have paid for the service will continue to have access to it, no new licenses or renewals will be sold after 1 April, 2017.

As reported by Fortune, customers will be migrated to Google's ad-supported Custom Search Engine once their license or search limit expire. The move illustrates Google's on-going and growing reliance on advertising income, and it's something that is unlikely to be well-received by web users who are already sick of being inundated with ads.

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Tech Deals: Get a new Dell XPS Core i7 desktop for just $600, and enjoy the best savings of the year on XPS laptops

presidents day

Why pay full price for a new laptop, desktop, or PS4 bundle, when you can get one for a fraction of the cost?

Courtesy of our partners at TechBargains we have yet another selection of fantastic deals, with huge savings to tempt you. Offers include fantastic savings on new Dell laptop and desktop PCs, HDTVs, electronics and components, and much more.

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HTTPS now protects half of all web traffic


Websites that implement HTTPS reap a lot of benefits. Not only do they protect their users by preventing third parties from snooping on web traffic, and safeguard against content hijacking and cookie stealing, but they also enjoy a better ranking in Google as the search giant uses HTTPS as a signal in its search algorithms.

Few privacy-minded people would be happy about logging in, or entering credit card details, on a site which doesn’t afford the proper protection that HTTPS brings.

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What's next for containers, unikernels, and coding

Future Man Looking

Everyone talks about containers. It became so huge that we think Docker has existed for a long time. The fact is that it has only started. We can observe that by the amount of changes we are seeing. Docker from two years ago is very different than Docker today. Products in its ecosystem are appearing every day and many are disappearing just as quickly. If there is a space we should turn our attention to, that’s containers.

At the same time, we have already switched our focus to other areas. Containers, by themselves, are the old story. We know what they are, we did our proof of concept (PoC), and we adopted them. The real question is what should we focus on now? What will this year bring?

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Microsoft unveils Skype Lite, an Android app for India that's light on data usage


Microsoft has thrown a lot at Skype in recent years, and the latest move sees the company releasing a completely new version of the Android app designed for use on slower internet connections -- specifically in India.

Described variously as being "our fastest and smallest app to date" and "built in India, for users in India", the focus with Skype Lite is on speed and efficiency. The new version of Skype uses less data and battery power, but still delivers the Skype experience that users have come to rely on.

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