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Mad Catz launches Tritton ARK 100 USB wired 7.1 PC gaming headset


Are you a PC gamer? If yes, you should really get yourself a gaming headset. When playing multiplayer games online, a big part of the experience is trash-talking opponents. Not to mention, for those of you that live with other people, a headset can prevent arguments over late-night gaming marathons that keep folks awake. It is common courtesy to game with a headset or headphones.

Back in October of 2016, Mad Catz launched the Tritton ARK 100 stereo gaming headset for consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Today, the company begins shipping the PC variant to retailers. This model can connect using USB for a special 7.1 surround mode. If you prefer to use 3.5mm, do not worry --  it has that connectivity too, but only for stereo.

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Microsoft issues some Windows security patches in February after all

Happy PC user

Patch Tuesday occurs on the second Tuesday of every month, and is when Microsoft releases security patches for all supported versions of Windows.

However, due to a "last minute issue," Microsoft was unable to push out the patches for February, and made the decision to delay them until next month, a move that understandably didn’t go down all that well with customers, and even led to Google publishing details of an unpatched Windows bug.

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ForkLift 3.0 released for macOS, unveils complete redesign and rebuild


Binary Nights has released ForkLift 3.0 for macOS. The dual-pane file manager and file transfer client has been two years (and six months of beta testing) in the making, and has been completely rewritten from the ground up in Swift.

The app is designed to be used as an alternative to Finder for specific operations -- it’s not a direct Finder replacement (although can be set as the default file viewer); instead, open the app from the Applications menu to open its main window.

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Security must be a priority in smart offices

smartphones office desk team meeting break

Businesses all over the globe are faced with a tough challenge: to make their "smart offices" as secure and safe as possible. This is according to a new report by Samsung, which says that by 2021, there will be 7.3 billion connected IoT devices.

Each device also represents a security challenge, so it will be "critical" to secure each and every one. Samsung says businesses have up to three years to secure themselves, otherwise they’re risking being left behind as the market moves forward.

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Healthcare organizations boost spending on cyber security

medical records

Faced with increased requirements to digitize their records, healthcare organizations around the world are boosting their cyber security budgets according to a new report.

The study from Thales e-Security finds 81 percent of US healthcare organizations and 76 percent of those globally will increase information security spending in 2017.

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Security breaches cost Yahoo dearly as Verizon reveals amended terms of acquisition


Yahoo's frankly terrible track record with security just cost the company $350 million. Having originally offered to buy the company for $4.83 billion, Verizon has now revealed that it is dropping its offer to $4.48 billion.

The announcement from Verizon comes just days after it was rumored that the company was thinking of lowering its offer by $250 million in the wake of security breaches suffered by Yahoo. The two companies have also agreed to share "certain legal and regulatory liabilities arising from certain data breaches."

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TransferWise's Facebook Messenger bot lets you transfer money internationally

TransferWise Facebook Messenger bot

Top messaging services have evolved past their basic role, as the major players in this market look to differentiate their offerings from the rest of the crowd. Facebook, for instance, added a bot platform to Messenger last year to make it more relevant to businesses and consumers.

Through bots, businesses provide better customer service while consumers can more easily get in touch with service providers. The platform has quickly gained traction, with the latest addition to the fold being international money transfer service TransferWise.

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The top three barriers to digital transformation

Digital transformation

To stay competitive in an increasingly digital world, companies are looking to transform their digital environment to improve collaboration and maintain their edge.

But a new study by Intralinks and the Cloud Security Alliance reveals that digital transformation strategies are being hindered by three main barriers.

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Sapho integrates its app platform with IBM Domino

Phone gears

There's increasing demand from companies to build apps that integrate with their existing enterprise systems.

Specialist in consumer-like micro apps Sapho is announcing new integration with the IBM Domino social business platform, that will simplify developer access to information and workflows used by employees.

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Apple appeals against $14 billion European tax bill with 14-point legal plea


Last year Apple was hit with $14 billion tax bill after the European Commission decided the company had enjoyed "illegal tax benefits" in Ireland. Apple said that it would appeal against the ruling which Tim Cook described as "maddening", but Europe is showing increased interest in cracking down on technology companies taking advantage of tax loopholes.

The appeal has now been placed, and Apple is asking the appeal court to either partly overturn the Commission's ruling and pay its legal fees, or completely overturn the ruling. The fact that Apple is setting forth two possible outcomes would indicate that it feels a full annulment of the original ruling is unlikely, but it has submitted a 14-point appeal.

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Microsoft confirms another 2017 update after Windows 10 Creators Update


If you're not a Windows Insider, it has been a little while since your copy of Windows 10 received a major update -- but that is about to change. 2017 will see the release of not one, but two major updates to the operating system.

Windows 10 Creators Update is due to arrive in the spring, and at Microsoft Ignite in Australia, the company confirmed that a second major update is on the way later in the year. We don’t know a great deal about this update, but it's likely to incorporate Project NEON design elements.

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Map Puzzle is a versatile Google and Bing map downloader


Map Puzzle is a portable freeware map downloader for Windows. This isn’t just another Google and Bing app. It can also grab data from Arcgis, MapQuest, OSM, ToolServer, various government and specialist sites, and with many variations: satellite images, regular maps (with or without labels), transport maps, artistic maps and more.

Download and launch the single tiny executable (<500KB) and you’re presented with a cluttered mass of boxes, buttons and lists. It looks intimidating, but don’t be put off -- basic operations are very simple.

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Europe leads in business collaboration

Team meeting collaboration business

The way people do business will drastically change in the next three to five years, and Europeans are leading the way. This is according to a new report by Samsung, which investigates key trends impacting the workplace culture.

This new business model we’re all about to embrace Samsung dubs the Open Economy. Basically, it revolves around high levels of collaboration between companies, contractors and partners, while retaining industry-standard security levels. The report calls upon WIPO’s Global Innovation Index, which claims European countries occupy eight out of the top ten slots.

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Europe still has concerns about privacy in Windows 10

Windows 10 finger

Privacy fears abound with Windows 10, with individuals and privacy groups continually questioning the company's motives in gathering user data. The threat of a court case in Switzerland resulted in Microsoft making changes to Windows -- in addition to the privacy changes it had already made.

But for European privacy watchdogs, the latest batch of changes are still not enough. The Article 29 Working Party voices concern about the settings that are in place by default, the lack of control users are given over data collection, and a general lack of transparency.

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WhatsApp updates statuses with Snapchat-inspired functionality

WhatsApp Status large

Messaging apps are not just about chatting these days. Every player that counts wants to bring something extra to the table to keep users hooked and attract new ones in the process. WhatsApp is no different, as it is now rolling out an updated status feature that lets users share more than just basic messages.

"We are excited to announce that, coinciding with WhatsApp's eight birthday on February 24, we are reinventing the status feature", says WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum. The update gives users the option to also share photos and videos.

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