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In the race to win business chat, there's a big boy collision coming

Google will pay Apple $9 billion this year to remain the default search engine in the iPhone’s Safari browser, according to one Goldman Sachs analyst. That’s a hefty expense for Google, but will Apple end up paying the price when it comes to business messaging?

According to Goldman Sachs analyst Rod Hall, Apple charges Google based on the number of searches iPhone users perform using Safari or Siri.

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What is the common stumbling block when adopting Agile methodologies?


I often speak with IT decision makers who want advice on what tool to buy to make their shop more "DevOps." My advice to them is not to buy anything.

DevOps isn’t something you triumphantly stick a flag in or acquire through tooling purchase or corporate acquisition. DevOps is the active intersection of frequent value delivery, frequent team communication, and frequent gap reduction between paying customers and the dev team.

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Look out for the cyber threats hiding in your backups

Spending on security technology continues to soar. Nevertheless, data breaches and cyberattacks continue to make headlines at an incredible rate, with no relief in sight. The Online Trust Alliance reported that attacks in 2017 came from a myriad of vectors, such as phishing and ransomware, and that the number of attacks doubled to nearly 160,000 incidents per year over 2016. What’s worse, estimates for the number of unreported attacks exceed 350,000 annually.

While enterprises typically dominate the headlines, organizations of all sizes are affected by cyber incidents. A recent Ponemon study showed that two-thirds of small and mid-sized businesses reported that threats evaded their intrusion detection systems, and more than half of the companies said they were attacked by ransomware more than twice during the last year. There is no dispute that the number of vulnerable endpoints and the complexity of threats will continue to increase, and limited IT budgets and overstretched staff will remain an industry-wide problem. It’s clear that companies need to adopt new approaches to stay ahead of cyberattacks.

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Parallels releases Toolbox 3 for Mac and Windows

Improving your system productivity is essential for getting work done more swiftly. With this in mind, many of us turn to all-in-one maintenance tools so we can optimise our computer, clean junk and fully remove installed applications. It’s just easier to own one tool to perform all your key tasks.

Parallels recently launched Toolbox for Mac which offered a number of system tools from a handy drop-down menu. Frankly, when the first Toolbox was released, it offered little more than what was already available in macOS. You could quickly take a screengrab, record your screen, create an archive and more.

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How your digital footprint can impact both your online reputation and your real life


In the early days of the internet, it was possible to maintain an online presence that was completely separate from your real life. You could be one person on an online message board and another person at your day job or with your family. These days, that kind of distinction is a lot more difficult to achieve.

Your social media identity is inherently linked to your in-person identity, and even anonymous message boards attract users ready to share information about who they really are. The days of online anonymity are in the rearview.

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Bridging the IT skills gap: How to start today

By the numbers, the IT skills gap seems easy to understand. According to Gartner, two-thirds of organizations aren’t addressing the IT skills gap how they should be. It is estimated that by 2019, IT tech specialists will fall by more than 5 percent, and by 2021, 40 percent of IT employees will be more involved with a business role than purely IT. These are major numbers.

But it’s not just about a lack of people. Companies and individual employees alike are being constantly bombarded by the ever-increasing pace of technological development, making the task of playing catch-up a constant challenge for IT professionals at any level. In a 2017 survey by CompTIA, there was near consensus among respondents about the IT skills gap, with two top concerns: 1) Too many workers lack advanced skills, and 2) segments of workers are falling behind.

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That's classified: Government can continue its data protection leadership

We are living in the data age. Organizations are grappling with a seemingly unending barrage of data and are challenged by how best to use it, store it and secure it. Yet data breaches and leaks continue to happen, despite security regulations becoming stricter in an attempt to help control it.

With that in mind, it’s easy to see why data protection remains a top concern for all organizations. This is especially true for government agencies, which handle some of the most sensitive information in the country. Take the Census Bureau, for example -- public concerns about the security of census data is one of the Bureau’s top issues as it prepares for the 2020 census. Lawmakers have warned that if there were a breach of census data, it could permanently damage public trust and affect the capability of this country to gather essential data in the future.

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Four steps to make your business intelligence teams more relevant

The world of analytics is changing. Self-Service Analytical tools like Tableau, Qlik, and Power BI are enabling business users to perform reporting and analytics on their own with little to no support from the IT organization. This trend has evolved due to several factors including:

1)  Organizations are flooded with data and IT organizations are not able to keep up
2)  Easier to use Business Intelligence tools make it more efficient for business users to directly create their reports rather than go through IT for a project
3)  IT organizations analytical projects can take several months when a business needs this information in weeks

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Are APIs becoming the keys to customer experience?

Intelligent APIs

In recent years, APIs have encouraged the emergence of new services by facilitating collaboration between applications and databases of one or more companies. Beyond catalyzing innovation, APIs have also revolutionized the customer-company relationship, allowing it to provide an accurate and detailed picture of the consumer at a time when a quality customer experience now counts as much as the price or capabilities of the product.

Over the years, customer relationship channels have multiplied with consumers who can interact with their brands through stores, voice, email, mobile applications, the web or chatbots. The multiple points of interaction used by customers have made its journey more complex, forcing companies to consider data from these many channels to deliver the most seamless customer experience possible. To do this, they must synchronize data from one channel to another and cross-reference data related to its history with the brand. This is where APIs come into play. These interfaces allow data processing to refine customer knowledge and deliver a personalized experience.

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Why endpoint management is critical to your enterprise security strategy

Endpoint protection

Endpoints make the enterprise run, whether they are laptops or desktops running macOS, Windows or Linux; smartphones or tablets running iOS or Android; virtual machines or IoT devices. They’re found driving business on local networks, in remote offices and in the hands of traveling users.

However, endpoints also make the enterprise vulnerable. They are a favorite target of criminals who launch cyberattacks via ransomware, spyware, phishing and other malicious software. Over the past year alone, critical endpoint vulnerabilities have been discovered in popular OSs and applications and then exploited by WannaCry, Meltdown, Spectre, Petya, Fireball, Bad Rabbit and other harmful code. The challenge facing enterprises, then, is how to minimize the vulnerability of their endpoints and simultaneously maximize their value. While endpoint management is already a widely adopted IT practice, now is the time for IT teams to expand their efforts to include endpoint security. As we’ll see below, combining endpoint management and security can solve some of your most pressing issues.

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How automation will impact education

There has been a lot of hype around how new technologies like automation will impact our way of life. Some live in fear that their jobs will be lost to humanoid robots, while others excitedly welcome bots like Amazon Alexa into their home. The impact of 'robots' -- itself an ill-defined category -- is widely discussed and hotly contested.

In the business world, most industries have much to gain from automation and robotics, but what this looks like in practice is a far cry from the wider speculation.

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IT and the rise of connected cars

Volkswagen recently revealed that it is exploring using an innovative form of distributed-ledger (i.e., blockchain) technology called the IOTA "Tangle" to deliver software updates to its autonomous cars.  The technology may be available to customers as early as Spring 2019. It’s just the latest in a seemingly unending stream of news about connected cars, a broad term that encompasses everything from cars with built-in GPS systems to fully autonomous, AI-driven semi trucks in the emergent IoT space.

While the topics of conversation are spanning everything from legislation to programming ethics, not enough air-time has been devoted to discussing exactly how the arrival of this new technology will change the charter for the IT teams who will be tasked with supporting the future of transportation.

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Advanced SystemCare 12 includes a new privacy shield

Should you keep your system optimized or simply allow Windows to keep your computer in-check? A few years ago, data would build, junk would collate and it was relatively easy to cause a blue screen of death or even stop Windows from booting at all, requiring a system restore.

These days Windows 10 is far better engineered and will do a good job keeping your system maintained. With this in mind, system maintenance suites are turning their hand to security, adding features to enable you to keep yourself safe and secure whilst you browse the internet (although your security software should be more than capable…).

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TeamViewer 14 Preview is here with new augmented reality Pilot mode

We handle support for novice computer users and you’ll be surprised how many of these customers do not understand the basics of computing. Sell them security software and many can’t install the new suite as they’ve never fully removed the previous one. So frustrating.

The easiest solution is to employ TeamViewer and remotely advise the user via their computer, that than either over the phone or by email. It’s quicker to perform a task yourself than guide someone, which has made the software a godsend for any remote support facility.

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Cybersecurity commandments: An insight into trivial things causing big problems

Server room

There are no trifles when it comes to security. The best thing you can expect is the "judgment day" to be delayed until problems reach critical mass. Although these issues appear to be constantly changing on the outside, they are all based on invariable principles -- the "sins" of computer networks that are comparable to those of humans.

Let’s follow the Bible’s lead and compile them all into one list.

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