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How to unlock the updated version of File Explorer in Windows 11 right now

Windows 11 on convertible laptop

The Beta and Canary builds of Windows 11 have been used by Microsoft for some time to test out new features before they are given a full release. But in addition to the advertised changes and additions to new builds, there are also often hidden secrets.

A recent example is to be found in the latest release to the Beta channel. With a little trickery, Windows 11 build 22635.3640 has been found to include an updated version of File Explorer, complete with new visuals, a revamped Home page and more.

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Best Windows apps this week

Five-hundred-and-ninety-five in a series. Welcome to this week's overview of the best apps, games and extensions released for Windows 10 and 11 on the Microsoft Store and elsewhere in the past seven days.

Microsoft is working on a new Start menu feature called Companions. This adds a sidebar to Start that shows dynamic content such as widgets there.

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Microsoft PC Manager utility warns Windows 11 users switching from Bing that they need to 'repair' their PC

Windows 11 tiles

The Microsoft PC Manager app -- a free and official tweaking and optimization utility available from the Microsoft Store -- is the latest software from the company to offer up questionable and controversial advice.

We've already seen the appearance of ads (or recommendations as Microsoft prefers to call them) in Windows itself, Office and Edge. Now users of the Microsoft PC Manager who have changed Edge's search engine to something other than Bing are being told that this is something that needs to be repaired.

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Microsoft fixes VPN issues in Windows 11 with KB5037771 update, and brings ads to the Start menu

Windows 11 logo on a laptop

Microsoft has released its monthly patches for Windows 11 in the form of the KB5037771 update. There are lots of fixes in this release including for problems with domain controllers, VPNs, and SMB clients.

There are a number of security fixes, but also more controversial changes -- including ads in the Start menu (or app recommendations as Microsoft calls them). Other changes include improvements to Widgets and Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL2).

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Microsoft makes the Windows 11 Start Menu expandable with Start Menu Companions

Windows 11 Start Menu Companions

Microsoft has made a lot of controversial decisions when it comes to the Start menu in Windows 11, not least of which is the plan to introduce ads. In the latest beta build of Windows 11. However, there are some interesting changes afoot -- notably Start Menu Companions.

While not yet fully operational, Companions are essentially plugins or extensions for the Start menu. The display information -- such as weather or stock prices in a floating panel to the side of the Start menu, will blend the ideas of Live Tiles and Widgets into something new.

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Best Windows apps this week

Five-hundred-and-ninety-four in a series. Welcome to this week's overview of the best apps, games and extensions released for Windows 10 and 11 on the Microsoft Store and elsewhere in the past seven days.

Unactivated Windows 11 systems could soon prevent users from changing certain Microsoft Edge settings. Edge could show a "PC not activated" notification in Settings to users.

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Linux fan develops a fricking amazing tool to remove all ads from Windows 11


Windows 11 is far from perfect, and any complaints are usually met with disdain from the Linux community. The advice proffered by Linux users is to switch from Windows 11 to one of the nearly endless number of Linux distros that are available.

This is unhelpful advice because, in the most part, Windows users simply don’t want to use Linux. They chose Windows for specific reasons, and the fact it is not completely ideal is not really a good enough reason to simply abandon it. So it is lovely to see that one Linux fan has put their software development skills to good use and produced OFGB (Oh Frick Go Back), a utility that removes ads from Windows 11.

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Microsoft eases its foot off the accelerator for Copilot development in Windows 11

Microsoft and Copilot logos

The world has gone crazy for AI, and Microsoft has jumped feet-first into the technology. Copilot is just one of the company’s tools in this field, but not everyone is completely in love with this digital assistant.

For anyone who is of the opinion that things are moving too fast when it comes to Copilot, there is some good news. With the release of the latest beta build of Windows 11, Microsoft says that it is slowing down the rollout of new Copilot experiences.

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Best Windows apps this week

Five-hundred-and-ninety-three in a series. Welcome to this week's overview of the best apps, games and extensions released for Windows 10 and 11 on the Microsoft Store and elsewhere in the past seven days.

Microsoft reduced the size of Windows 10 updates to improve delivery performance. The same technique has been used on Windows 11 since the release of the operating system in 2021.

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Microsoft tells users 'if you want to fix 0x80070643 errors, you'll have to do it yourself'

Colorful rainbow Microsoft building logo

Updates released for Windows 10, Windows 11 and Windows Server back in January proved problematic for many users. There have been widespread reports of 0x80070643 errors, and Microsoft acknowledged the issue some time ago.

But for anyone holding out for a fix, there's some disappointing news. The company says that it will not be releasing a fix for the problem, but is instead expecting users to follow instructions to sort things out for themselves.

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Windows 11 is losing market share to Windows 10

Thumbs down for Windows 11 and thumbs up for Windows 10

In what will come as something of a disappointment to Microsoft, the latest figures from Statcounter shows that Windows 11 is becoming less popular.

While Windows 11’s market share is in decline, there is an almost mirrored increase in Windows 10’s market share. It appears that there remains a preference for the significantly older version of Windows.

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Microsoft may have broken your VPN with Windows updates

Microsoft building logo

If your VPN has stopped working in Windows 10 or Windows 11, you can take some comfort in the fact that you're not alone. The April update for the operating system, or the preview version, is causing VPN connection failures.

It is not clear quite how widespread the problem is, nor just how many VPN tools are affected. However, Microsoft is aware of the issue but is offering little in the way of help at the moment.

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Best Windows apps this week

Five-hundred-and-ninety-two in a series. Welcome to this week's overview of the best apps, games and extensions released for Windows 10 and 11 on the Microsoft Store and elsewhere in the past seven days.

Microsoft will advertise a selection of apps in the Windows 11 Start menu. The change landed in the latest optional update for Windows 11 and will roll out to all users as part of the May 2024 Patch Day.

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Start menu ads are rolling out to all Windows 11 users -- here's how to turn them off

Frustrated laptop users

Windows 11's Start menu will soon advertise applications in the recommended section.

Microsoft released a new optional preview update for Windows 11 this week that introduces the feature. The changes it includes will roll out to all Windows 11 devices as part of the May 2024 cumulative security update.

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From Windows XP to Windows 10 -- How Microsoft's end-of-life nag screens have changed

Microsoft has evolved its approach to warning users about the end of life (EOL) of its Windows operating systems over the years. The methods and techniques used, from Windows XP onwards, have varied, ranging from the polite to the downright aggressive (we're looking at you, Windows 7).

This journey, revealed in a new video, highlights how Microsoft's strategy has shifted to ensure users are aware of when their operating system will no longer receive support, emphasizing the importance of security and system updates and, in some cases, upgrading you against your will without warning (we're still looking at you, Windows 7).

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