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Microsoft releases Windows HDR Calibration app to help configure your monitor in Windows 11

Windows HDR Calibration

If you have an HDR monitor connected to your Windows 11 PC, Microsoft has a new app to help you out.

The company has just released the Windows HDR Calibration app to simplify the process of optimizing an HDR display. It's an app that was announced a number of months ago, but it has only just seen the light of day.

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Windows 11 2022 Update is causing Remote Desktop problems

Man using Windows 11 laptop

If you have upgraded to Windows 11 2022 Update and found that you are having issues connecting to Remote Desktop, you will be pleased to hear that Microsoft is aware of the problems and is currently investigating.

There has been no official acknowledgement that Windows 11 22H2 is the cause of Remote Desktop issues, but a Microsoft employee has noted the issue and is interacting with affected users in the company's Community forums.

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Microsoft pushes new features to some Windows 11 2022 Update users, including Explorer tabs

Explorer tabs

When Microsoft started the rollout of Windows 11 2022 Update (Windows 11 22H2) recently, there was disappointment that some of the promised features -- such as tabs in Explorer -- were missing. Now the company is starting to push some additional features out to users who are running the Release Preview version of Windows 11.

So, what can you expect from this feature push? Tabs! File Explorer now has tabs, plus some other enhancements, and there's a new taskbar overflow menu. There's more too.

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Spotify is forcibly installing on Windows 10 and Windows 11 systems

Headphones on Spotify logo

If you have noticed the appearance of the Spotify app on your computer but you don't recall installing it, you are not alone. There are multiple reports -- or complaints, even -- from users of Windows 10 and Windows 11 that the app has installed itself without permission.

It is certainly not unknown for Microsoft to forcibly install apps on computers, but on previous occasions when apps have been foisted onto people, there has been some sort of announcement or notification. This has not happened this time around, so it is not quite clear what is going on. One thing is undeniable though: people are not happy.

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Microsoft is working on a new File Locksmith PowerToys utility to reveal which processes are using a file

File Locksmith PowerToys utility

Brace yourself for a new PowerToys utility. Microsoft's developers are busy working away on a new tool called File Locksmith which will be welcomed by anyone who has ever been greeted by a message informing them that a file cannot be deleted because it is being used.

File Locksmith will add a new entry to the context menu in Windows 11 -- "What's using this file?". The tool will then reveal which processes are using the file in question.

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Microsoft acknowledges printer issues blocking Window 11 2022 Update

Windows 11 logo on laptop screen

It may only be a little over a week since Microsoft released Windows 11 2022 Update, but the problems it is causing are coming thick and fast.

The most recent issue involves printer drivers, and it has caused the company to place a compatibility block on some people upgrading to the latest version of Windows 11. The good news is that there is a relatively simple workaround in the meantime.

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Best Windows apps this week

Five-hundred-and-ten in a series. Welcome to this week's overview of the best apps, games and extensions released for Windows 10 and 11 on the Microsoft Store and elsewhere in the past seven days.

The Windows 11 2022 Update has been out of a while and Microsoft confirmed several issues plaguing some users already. One of the issues affected gaming performance on Nvidia-powered systems. Nvidia released an updated driver that addresses these performance issues.

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Microsoft releases Windows 11 Build 25211 with Widget improvements

Windows 11 laptop

Slipping a day from its usual weekly release schedule, Microsoft has today released a new Insider build for those testers in the Dev Channel.

Build 25211 introduces some changes and improvements based on Insider feedback, as well as a new settings experience for Widgets.

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Stardock releases public beta of WindowBlinds 11 complete with full Windows 11 support

Stardock WindowBlinds 11

Many criticisms have been levelled at Windows 11, but one of the most frequently voiced is the complaint that Microsoft has reduced the personalization and customization options in the operating system. This is something that WindowBlinds aims to address.

Stardock has announced the latest version of its Windows skinning and customization app -- WindowBlinds 11 -- and has also released a public beta version for anyone to try out. The tool makes it possible to change the look and feel of the Windows 11 Start menu, taskbar and much more.

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Microsoft releases out-of-band KB5019311 update for Windows 11

Man using Windows 11 laptop

Microsoft has released a rare out-of-band update for Windows 11. Although the KB5019311 update does not include any security fixes, it was deemed important enough to release ahead of the next Patch Tuesday.

In addition to upgrading the Windows 11 servicing stack to build 22621.378, the KB5019311 update also addresses a problem affecting Windows 11 setup.

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Microsoft gives Windows 11 a new security feature to prevent you storing your passwords insecurely

Password keyhole

While software-based password managers are incredibly popular these days, it is still terrifyingly common to find that people store passwords on sticky notes attached to their monitor. A slightly more up to date means of recording passwords is to type them into a text document, and this is something Microsoft is seeking to discourage with the latest update to Windows 11.

With Window 11 2022 Update, the company added a new enhanced phishing protection feature of Microsoft Defender Smartscreen. This security feature can, among other things, issue a warning if it detects that you are entering one of your passwords into a document or, for that matter, a potentially insecure website. The feature is not enabled by default, so here's how to bolster your security.

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Microsoft Windows 11 setup race: 21H2 vs 22H2 -- which operating system installs fastest?

Microsoft has just started to roll out the Windows 11 2022 Update, which fixes a number of annoyances and adds some welcome new features to the fledgling operating system.

The update itself doesn’t take that long to install, but what about if you were installing Windows 11 entirely from scratch? Which version would be faster -- 21H2 or 22H2 (the development name for the 2022 Update)? There can only be one winner…

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NVDIA releases fix for poor gaming performance in Windows 11 2022 Update

Nvidia headquarters

There have not been too many reports of issues following the release of Windows 11 2022 Update, but this does not mean that Microsoft's first major update to Windows 11 is free from problems. Gamers, for instance, have reported poor game performance with NVIDIA GPUs after installing the update.

NVIDIA was quick to start investigating the problems, and has already come up with a solution. The fix involves the installation of a beta app.

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Whoopsie daisy! Microsoft accidentally released the Windows 11 KB5017383 update to WSUS

Microsoft building logo

When we write about updates for Windows, it tends to be for one of two reasons -- sharing news that a new update is available, or giving details of problems that have been found with the latest release. Now we have something a little different.

Microsoft has admitted that it made a mistake with the KB5017383 update for Windows 11, windows 10 and Windows Server a few days ago. It is, however, not necessary something that everyone would notice.

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Best Windows apps this week

Five-hundred-and-nine in a series. Welcome to this week's overview of the best apps, games and extensions released for Windows 10 and 11 on the Microsoft Store and elsewhere in the past seven days.

Microsoft released the first feature update for Windows 11 this week. The new version improves the usability of existing features, such as Snap Layouts or the Start Menu, and adds a number of new features to the system next to that.

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