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Microsoft now lets Windows 11 users set Windows Terminal as the default terminal application

Windows Terminal

Microsoft has just released Terminal Preview 1.12 and the company proudly proclaims that this release is "HUGE!".

As you would hope and, indeed, expect, the new version brings with it new features, not least of which is the ability to set it as the default terminal emulator. But this far from being the end of the story. There's also windows restoration, full transparency in Windows 11, and a host of fixes.

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Best Windows apps this week

Four-hundred-sixty-one in a series. Welcome to this week's overview of the best apps, games and extensions released for Windows 10 and 11 on the Microsoft Store and elsewhere in the past seven days.

Microsoft is testing the Windows 10 November 2021 Update, version 21H2, currently. The next feature update will be released to the stable channel soon. Windows 11 users who run the operating system on AMD powered devices can install an optional patch now to fix performance issues of the system.

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Take advantage of our special offers on Laplink PCmover and simplify migration to Windows 11

There is a lot of pleasure to be derived from buying a new computer, and this is particularly true when you invest in a machine with a brand new operating system. With Windows 11 having just been released, it's a great time to splash out on a new computer so you can use new hardware to take full advantage of everything Microsoft has crammed into the latest release.

But while exploring and using Windows 11 is great, there is the issue of setting up your new computer. This means installing all of the software you need, moving your files across from your old machine, and configuring all of the settings and personalizations you had put in place. Rather than doing all of this by hand, look no further than Laplink PCmover -- an incredible tool that will help you move everything you need to your new computer. And the great news is that you can save money with our special offers on the software.

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Windows 11 has a handy God Mode for power users

Windows 11 God Mode

Windows 11 is gradually making its way to more and more computers, giving an ever-growing userbase the chance to try out the latest features. But while Microsoft has used Windows 11 to introduce lots of changes and new options, it has also continued trend of moving away from some of the familiarity of Windows of old.

This includes a continuing move away from the Control Panel to the Settings app. This change is not to everyone's liking, but there is some good news. There is a special God Mode option that gives access to a huge number of Control Panel options in one place, giving power users the control they crave. Here's how to activate it.

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Microsoft releases Windows 11 Build 22483

Windows 11 laptop

Today, Windows Insiders in the Beta Channel have been given the chance to finally try out the promised Android apps feature on Windows 11.

Insiders in the Dev Channel also have a new Windows 11 flight to play around with -- Build 22483.

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Android apps are available to test on Windows 11 now! Here's how to get started

When Microsoft announced Windows 11 four months ago, one of the killer new features was the operating system’s ability to run Android apps. People were understandably upset when the OS arrived without this functionality, although we were promised it would surface soon.

Today the software giant is giving Windows Insiders in the Beta Channel the chance to try out the new feature, although there is a catch.

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Parallels Desktop 17.1 gains full support for virtualized Windows 11 and macOS Monterey

Parallels Desktop

Users of the vitualization tool Parallels Desktop have a major update to install that brings important changes on Windows and macOS alike.

There is now full support for running virtualized instance of Windows 11 thanks to a change in the way TPM is handled. Parallels Desktop 17.1 also supports macOS Monterey as the host OS, and improved the experience of running Monterey virtual machines on Apple M1 chips.

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Microsoft is using Update Stack Packages to make Windows 11 updates less disruptive

Windows 11 laptop on a pedestal

The Windows updates released by Microsoft have been hitting the headlines for very much the wrong reasons for the last year or so. A seemingly endless string of problematic updates for Windows 10 did not, sadly, come to an end with the release of Windows 11.

But now Microsoft is making an important change to Windows updates. While it will not necessarily help to improve their quality and reliability, it will at least go some way to make them easier to download and install. The new approach kicks off with Windows 11 build 22478 and the arrival of Update Stack Packages.

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Microsoft releases Windows 11 Build 22000.282 with a long list of fixes, including addressing performance issues with AMD Ryzen processors

As soon as Windows 11 hit general availability and started to be downloaded in ever increasing numbers we began seeing reports of problems with the new OS surfacing.

These included slowdowns on some AMD processors. Earlier this week, Microsoft rolled out the first update for Windows 11 designed to fix a known networking issue, and this had the effect of making AMD system performance "much worse".

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Best Windows apps this week

Four-hundred-sixty in a series. Welcome to this week's overview of the best apps, games and extensions released for Windows 10 and 11 on the Microsoft Store and elsewhere in the past seven days.

Microsoft released the first update for Windows 11 after the official release. Incompatible devices running Windows 11 received it just as compatible devices did.

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Microsoft releases Windows 11 Build 22478 with new Fluent-emoji

Microsoft rolled out the first update for Windows 11 earlier this week. Continuing the trend we saw with its Windows 10 patches, this one was designed to fix problems, but introduced new ones.

The company is hard at work on adding new features and improvements to its latest OS, and today releases Windows 11 Build 22478 to Insiders in the Dev Channel.

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Warning: Microsoft's first update for Windows 11 makes AMD system performance 'much worse'

Windows 11 magnifying glass

Among the problems with Windows 11 is a worrying issue with reduced performance on some AMD processors. Both AMD and Microsoft are busy working on fixes, but if you were hoping that the first update for Windows 11 was going to help, think again.

With the release of KB5006674, Microsoft has addressed a known networking issue with Windows 11, but has failed to do anything about poor AMD performance. But things are even worse than that. Reports and benchmarks suggest that performance on AMD systems has been even further reduced by this update.

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Despite the threats, Microsoft is delivering updates to Windows 11 on 'incompatible' hardware

Windows 11 on laptop

Much has been made of the system requirements for Windows 11, and after initially making it seem as though it would not be possible to install the operating system on hardware that did not make the grade, Microsoft relented and said that people could do so at their own risk.

The permission to proceed came with something of a threat, however -- a warning that a computer that did not meet the minimum requirements would not receive updates. But this seems to have been an empty threat. We've just seen the first update for Windows 11 roll out, and KB5006674 was indeed delivered to computers that do not meet the requirements set out by Microsoft. What gives?

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Hardware manufacturer recommends not upgrading to Windows 11 because of printer problems

Windows 11 laptop on a pedestal

There was a spate of printer problems affecting Windows over the last few months, and with the release of Windows 11 the situation does not seem to be improving. Microsoft has already acknowledged various issues with the latest version of the operating system, and now another problem has reared its head.

Some printer owners have found that that Windows 11 throws up an error message when they connect the peripheral via USB. While Microsoft is yet to say anything about the issue, there is advice from printer manufacturer Brother -- including avoiding Windows 11.

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IObit Advanced SystemCare 15 is here to clean and optimize Windows 11

There is a lot to think about when it comes to maintaining the performance of your computer -- so much so that it can become an all-consuming task. If you would rather spend your time using and enjoying your PC, you should delegate the job of optimization and cleanup to a third party. And this is precisely where IObit Advanced SystemCare 15 can help you out.

The latest version of this incredible free collection of utilities adds support for Windows 11, but this release is about more than just working with the latest version of Microsoft's operating system, There is an improved cleanup component that can tidy up after a larger number of applications than ever before. There is also smart AI that not only makes the software faster and more efficient than ever, but also means that it is incredibly easy to jump into and start using straight away.

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