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Why identity management needs to be brought up to date for the cloud [Q&A]

Cloud data security

Historically identity and access management has been built around an on-premises model. But with more systems now residing in the cloud the old way of doing things isn't working.

To find out more about why the cloud needs a new approach to IAM we spoke to Britive CEO, Art Poghosyan, about the challenges it raises and how to address them.

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Attackers use Adobe Cloud to host phishing documents

Adobe Creative Cloud hosts popular apps including Photoshop and Acrobat, it also aids collaboration by allowing users to share documents.

Cybersecurity researchers at Avanan have discovered that hackers are now exploiting these file-sharing services as a phishing attack vector by sending legitimate emails through a trusted sender, bypassing ATP protection via Adobe’s SaaS offering.

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What can the IT industry expect this year? More of the same -- change

As the age-old saying goes: Change is the only constant in life. The same is particularly true for the IT industry. New technologies birth newer technologies and the cycle of exploration, innovation, and mastery continues on repeat. In my opinion, it’s one of the many perks of working in IT. Variety is the spice of life, to quote another cliche. 

The last two years have been, let’s just say, especially spicy -- with all sorts of unexpected challenges and advancements. The year ahead is sure to bring about more of the same. While hindsight may be 20/20 when it comes to 2020 (and 2021), the trick for IT professionals, and the organizations that employ them, will be trying to stay ahead of the ever-changing curve in 2022. 

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Flexibility, multi-clouds and the edge -- storage and data predictions for 2022

Thanks to the IoT and the collection of customer data online, businesses are accumulating more information than ever before.

This means that the need for storage isn't going to go away -- even though it may now be 'out of sight, out of mind' in the cloud. So, what do industry experts think is the future for storage and data as we head into 2022?

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Sustainability, multi-cloud and hybrid -- cloud predictions for 2022

Cloud is no longer the new technology on the block and has become firmly established as part of the IT mainstream. But that doesn't mean that it's standing still.

What can we expect to see from the cloud in 2022? (If you answered 'rain' go to the back of the class!) Industry experts gave us their views.

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Enterprises believe large cloud providers charge too much

Cloud money

The majority of businesses believe that large 'hyperscale cloud' providers are overcharging while also pursuing a narrative that their cloud offerings are low cost.

New research from cloud native provider Civo, based on responses from over 1,000 businesses, finds that 82 percent believe large public cloud providers like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure overcharge their customers.

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The cloud in 2022: How broader adoption and reliance will enable business success

The past 18 months have brought a stronger, widespread reliance on cloud services worldwide. Many organizations have shifted to the cloud permanently to support their remote workforces, and this shift has helped the technology become deeply embedded into everyday modern business operations.  

As we head into the new year and approach the two-year mark of the pandemic, businesses will become even more integrated with the cloud. No longer will the top question be -- "How do I migrate my business to the cloud?" or "Is the cloud the best option for me?" Instead, experienced and savvy organizations will ask, "How can I tailor the cloud to best meet and surpass my business goals?"

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Cybereason and Google Cloud launch AI-powered protection

cloud lock

Anything that's connected to the internet can be a possible attack route for hackers, but organizations are often forced to use multiple solutions for protection, adding complexity and risk.

Cybereason and Google Cloud are launching an AI-powered XDR (Extended Detection and Response) solution to enhance and simplify the ability to predict, detect, and respond to cyberattacks.

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Data integration: Why it's essential for every successful business

Laptop collecting data

Ninety percent of the world's data  was created in the past two years alone. Now, industry experts predict this volume of data will double in size every two years. To keep up with the rise in data volume, more companies are starting to transition from on-premises to cloud data storage.

Data integration is essential as businesses scale their operations, handle large amounts of data, and make their data more accessible. So, it's no surprise 81.7 percent of companies now have a mix of legacy and modern cloud technologies, highlighting the rapid transition to cloud data storage. Without effective integration, companies risk mismanaging their important data, leading to inaccurate reporting, tracking, and decision-making that could negatively impact their business.

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Linux Foundation to host Cloud Hypervisor project


The Linux Foundation has announced that it will host the Cloud Hypervisor project, aiming to deliver a Virtual Machine Monitor for modern cloud workloads.

Written in Rust, the project has a strong focus on security, features include CPU, memory and device hot plugging; support for running Windows and Linux guests; device offload with vhost-user; and a minimal and compact footprint.

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Moving to the cloud? Don't forget the mainframe


Over the past decade, cloud technology has become the IT infrastructure of choice for many organizations. When the COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to send workers home, cloud adoption accelerated, ensuring teams stayed connected and productive while working remotely. But in the rush to capitalize on the agile capabilities offered by cloud, larger enterprises should be wary of neglecting a critical piece of technology: the mainframe.

A majority of the world’s top banks, airlines, and retailers are estimated to rely on mainframes -- trusting them as a reliable and secure part of their IT infrastructure. Market appetite for future growth of the technology is strong: IBM recently reported 49 percent YOY growth in its mainframe division for Q1 2021.

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Why it's essential to find a cloud hosting partner who serves you and your clients' needs

With so many competing providers advertising themselves as the best, it's essential to know how to find a cloud hosting partner who effectively serves you and your clients' needs. It can be enough of a headache managing your cloud services, let alone managing those of your customers, especially if you're in the UK.

Many businesses look for the infrastructure and the resources to avoid going over budget, but the options can be limited, leaving many companies struggling to host alone.

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Google cloud hacks mostly used for illegal cryptomining


New data from AtlasVPN shows that 86 percent of hacked Google Cloud accounts are used for illegal cryptomining.

Besides cryptojacking, other uses of compromised accounts include conducting port scanning of other targets on the Internet, occurring 10 percent of the time after a Google Cloud compromise.

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Double or bust? Cost management versus cloud innovation

Holiday season is upon us, and predictions are that online sales will hit an all-time high of $206.88 billion in the run up to Christmas. The growth in online demand has meant e-commerce operators, banks and logistics companies are increasingly reliant on cloud strategies and investments to rapidly scale, and remain resilient and secure. In retail, the cloud market is predicted to expand over 18 percent CAGR by 2025 driven by omnichannel experiences while the cloud supply chain management market is set to grow at a CAGR of 13.81 percent.

While retail is a cloud leader, other industries are following suit, and as such, we’re starting to see the trends influencing adoption. The recent 2021 Cloud Adoption Survey, explores the state of the cloud, microservices, distributed application development, and other critical infrastructure and operations technologies.

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IT leaders want to move from mainframe to cloud

A new survey of 650 IT leaders around the world shows that while 96 percent consider their organization's mainframe applications as important or critical to business operations, 98 percent would consider migrating off the platform.

The preferred destination for these apps is the cloud, with 82 percent of respondents saying they would use public and/or hybrid cloud deployment models if they were to move their organization's applications off the mainframe.

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