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Cloud migration is more difficult than cloud adoption

cloud migrate

Adopting the cloud is one thing, but migrating to it is a much harder task according to a new report.

The study by cloud company Virtustream and research firm Forrester reveals that moving to the cloud is often an application-by-application process, and only 32 percent of those surveyed rely on a single cloud vendor for migration, signaling a preference for multi-cloud.

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New tool offers developers cross-platform cloud access

Cloud developer tablet

As businesses turn to the cloud they often find themselves adopting multiple different platforms to solve specific problems.

This creates a problem for developers who need to deal with multiple tools and systems. Developer services start-up Manifold is aiming to ease this issue with the launch of a new cross-platform tool.

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AWS will charge EC2 customers by the second

Amazon AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) will soon be raising its prices to better compete against its rivals Microsoft and Google in the public cloud market.

The company announced on Monday that as of October 2, it will begin charging customers by the second to use its EC2 virtual slices in its data centers. This is a big change in AWS' pricing model, as it has charged by the hour since its release in 2006.

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DigitalOcean launches developer-friendly object storage

cloud storage finger keyboard globe

Businesses are dealing with larger quantities of data than ever before, and this means an increase in the scale and complexity of storage required.

Developer cloud company DigitalOcean is launching a new storage product called Spaces which provides a scalable and cost-effective way to address complex storage needs within a developer-friendly and easy-to-use UI.

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Microsoft adds Confidential Compute to Azure cloud platform

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has revealed a major new addition to its Azure cloud platform, aimed at keeping user data safe.

The feature, called Confidential Compute, will make sure the data is being encrypted even when it’s being computed on in-memory. So far, it’s been encrypted while stored or while in transit on a network.

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Majority of enterprise cloud services still not ready for GDPR


With the EU's General Data Protection Regulation set to come into force in May next year, companies are rushing to ensure that their systems will comply with its rules.

Yet a new report from cloud security company Netskope finds that almost three-quarters of cloud services still lack key capabilities needed to ensure compliance with the GDPR regulations.

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Warning: Google may delete your Android backups without warning


You never fully appreciate the value of a backup until you need it. When you consider how much we all use our phones these days, our handsets contain a wealth of data -- and it make sense to back it up.

If you're using an Android smartphone, you can use an automated backup feature to safeguard the data from your phone by backing it up to Google Drive. With your data stashed in the cloud, you might think all is well -- but Google could delete your backups without giving you any warning.

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11 exercises to ensure your enterprise is 'cloud fit'

Strong cloud muscle

A cloud environment is like the human body. It can be viewed in different "states"and is a continuously evolving and adapting entity that requires constant vigilance in order to ensure it’s operating at its optimal state. That optimal state can be achieved through fitness, and when it comes to the cloud, getting fit is one of the best ways to eliminate vulnerabilities and threats that could cause damage. We're not necessarily talking about the equivalent of benching 500 pounds or running a marathon. Rather, there are some basic, but critical, steps that an enterprise can and should take in order to be fit and prepared to keep data safe from bad actors.

It's impossible to know where the next attack on your cloud will originate, but you should have a solid awareness of the different components of your cloud stack and how to manage them. In the context of the structure of your cloud, it helps to break them down according to the parts of the cloud that, by design, allow access, process data, and/or perform any type of collaboration, communication, and transaction.

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Public cloud security is a concern for most IT pros in UK

cloud_encryption lock security

An overwhelming majority of the UK’s IT professionals (90 percent) have their worries when it comes to securing the public cloud, according to a new study.

Research by Bitdefender found that 90 per cent of British professionals had concerns around the security of public cloud. A fifth (20 per cent) also said that their business doesn’t have security measures set up for sensitive data outside the company infrastructure.

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IBM and Vodafone team up to help businesses move VMware workloads to the cloud

Cloud computing

Businesses looking for a quicker and easier way to move VMware workloads to the cloud will soon be able to benefit from a new deal between IBM and Vodafone.

At the VMworld Europe event in Barcelona today, the two companies revealed  the launch of a service that they claim will help tackle one of the biggest issues affecting IT departments that use VMware services.

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VMware focuses on cloud at VMworld Europe 2017


VMware has revealed its view of the future of computing, pushing a cloud-focused view of hyper-connected enterprises.

Speaking at the company’s VMworld Europe 2017 event in Barcelona this week, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger unveiled a number of new releases and updates to the company’s offerings as it looks to keep up with the rapidly-changing technology industry.

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Google announces Dedicated Interconnect for enterprise users


Google has revealed a new way for enterprise users to connect to its cloud platform.

Dedicated Interconnect revolves around a few useful perks. Onboarding is easy through manageable, high-bandwidth and secure network, reducing the cost for enterprises and offering increased security by avoiding public internet routing.

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Container use in the cloud continues to grow


A new report reveals the continuing popularity of container systems in the cloud, with AWS Docker adoption up by six percentage points over last year and AWS Lambda almost doubling.

The 'State of Modern Applications in the Cloud' report from analytics platform Sumo Logic shows that businesses of all sizes are transforming at an unprecedented pace in order to compete in the digital era. However, they are often being hampered by legacy technologies and inefficient siloed processes and tools that are ill-equipped to handle today's volume of data.

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Enterprise cloud environments become more fragmented


Half of organizations are using more than one cloud, with nearly one in ten using five or more according to new research.

The survey conducted by IOD Cloud Technologies Research in partnership with cloud operations specialist Cloudify shows hybrid cloud is the dominant model.

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What you need to consider before moving VMware instances to the cloud


At this year’s VMworld event, VMware announced that it is now possible for customers to run their virtualized infrastructure on Amazon Web Services. Following the growth of public cloud as a deployment option over the past few years, teams with large VMware implementations have looked at how to move their internal clouds to public environments in order to reduce costs.

However, there are a lot of options available for enterprise IT teams to consider, from simpler moves to the cloud through to full-scale infrastructure change. Alongside the new option of VMware Cloud on AWS, companies have many choices to consider, including migration to the native AWS platform, to Microsoft Azure or running in a hybrid environment based on specific needs. So what is the right approach for you, and what are the implications of any decision?

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