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Cyber attacks and regulations don't change businesses' digital transformation plans

Digital transformation

Businesses looking to digitally transform won’t be intimidated by cyber-attacks or data protection regulations, according to a new report by Advanced.

Based on a poll of more than 500 senior executives in UK organizations, Advanced says organizations are concerned, but won’t give up.

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Cloud-native workloads gain momentum


A new survey shows that 18 percent of organizations now have more than half of their workloads in cloud-native environments. In addition many are moving from on-premises and self-hosting toward shared environments, distributing workloads across multiple providers.

The study by cloud security and network software firm Cohesive Networks also finds 57 percent of respondents say that cloud-native workloads make up at least 20 percent of applications in Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

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Amazon and Microsoft lead IaaS market

IaaS Infrastructure as a Service

Market analyst Gartner has released a new magic quadrant that visualizes how cloud companies are currently sitting in the market. According to the report, Amazon and Microsoft are the sole leaders of the market, with the rest far, far behind.

Amazon Web Services is leading the charge. Microsoft is (sort of) trailing, but it is still considered a leader in the IaaS market.

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Dropbox plans to expand its network to improve speed and cut costs

Dropbox Google LG Nexus 5 Android app MacBook Apple headphones table

Following its decision to no longer use Amazon Web Services (AWS) last year, Dropbox just announced that it would be expanding its global network in an effort to cut costs and increase the syncing speed for its users.

The company intends to move to the edge of the network with the aim of providing services as close to its users as possible. Dropbox began this endeavor by expanding its network across 14 cities in seven countries on three continents.

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Legacy backup vs cloud data management


For a long, long time, backup and recovery had a reputation... and it wasn’t a positive one.

It was an extremely stilted and stagnant market, full of the same old companies selling the same old solutions... solutions which restricted users, making the management and protection of company and personal data a long, arduous task, dreaded by IT teams and individuals alike.

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Adobe Advertising Cloud TV to deliver highly targeted TV ads

Adobe TV

Since the dawn of time, watching TV has always been an exercise in patience and frustration. Just as you're beginning to enjoy the unfolding storyline in your favorite shows or movies, they are interrupted by a series of commercials that you most likely are not going to find useful or interesting.

That has been starting to change over the past few years as the entire advertising landscape has undergone massive paradigm shifts, but there's still a lot of work to be done in the prehistoric landscape that is traditional TV ad buying. Enter Adobe.

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Cloud security services will be a $5.9bn market in 2017

cloud_encryption lock security

Cloud-based security services saw a huge increase during the last 12 months,  according to the latest figures from Gartner.

In a new report, Gartner says cloud-based security services will reach $5.9 billion this year, representing a 21 percent growth compared to the year before.

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Box Drive makes it easier for enterprises to embrace the cloud

Cloud access

Moving your company’s files to the cloud could be about to get easier than ever, thanks to a new release from Box.

The online storage giant has revealed the launch of Box Drive, a new platform targeting enterprises that are looking for an easy way to embrace cloud computing for all employees.

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Cisco and IBM overhaul VersaStack to add VDI and hybrid cloud functionality


IBM and Cisco recently announced a new partnership that would see both companies work together to bolster their respective cyber security offerings.

Now the two companies have decided to overhaul their shared VersaStack to include new Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and hybrid cloud capabilities.

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Greatly enhanced Google Backup and Sync to (mostly) replace Drive


Later this month -- June 28 specifically -- Google is to launch a new tool: Backup and Sync. Aimed primarily at consumers, the tool is designed to backup files and photos, and make them accessible from any device.

Backup and Sync is described as "the latest version of Google Drive for Mac/PC, which is now integrated with the Google Photos desktop uploader," and for most users it will completely replace Drive. Corporate and enterprise users are advised to hold out until the release of Drive File Stream later in the year, but for everyone else, Backup and Sync opens up the possibility of automatically backing up entire hard drives.

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Windows Insiders can now try out OneDrive's Files On-Demand feature -- here's how

Files on demand thumb

Microsoft announced a new Files On-Demand feature for OneDrive at Build last month. This lets you access all of your files in the cloud without having to download them first.

The files you have stored in OneDrive can be viewed in File Explorer and interacted with just like every other file on your device. If you used OneDrive on Windows 8.1 previously, you’ll be familiar with idea as it’s essentially an improved version of the old placeholders feature.

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New platform helps integrate big data across the cloud

Big data cloud

As enterprises continue to move their data to the cloud, they often find themselves using multiple different services. But a multi-cloud approach brings problems when it comes to managing and integrating information.

To tackle this issue, cloud and big data integration company Talend is releasing a new version of its Talend Data Fabric integration platform that is optimized to manage multi-cloud, enterprise IT environments.

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Collaboration cloud services lead to a rise in data violations

Social cloud

Almost 10 percent of data loss prevention (DLP) violations come from collaboration services according to a new report.

The study from cloud security company Netskope shows that as cloud services like HipChat and Slack have increased in popularity enterprises need to put policies in place to protect the information that’s shared.

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Do you know where your cloud data is stored?

Cloud server IT

IT security heads may be drastically underestimating the size of their organization’s cloud presence, leading to potentially huge security risk, a leading expert has warned.

Speaking to ITProPortal at the recent InfoSecurity 2017 event in London, Darren Thomson, EMEA CTO at Symantec, said that it was "a massive, massive concern" that many CISOs and CIOs were unable to accurately say how big their company’s cloud presence was.

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Microsoft Azure now supports OpenBSD


Microsoft continues to embrace not only Linux but BSD too, as it just revealed that Azure has added support for OpenBSD. The latest move comes more than two years after the cloud platform officially started to support FreeBSD virtual machines.

The OpenBSD support in Azure comes as a result of a collaboration between Microsoft and network security vendor Esdenera, which also sees the release of an OpenBSD-based firewall in the Azure Marketplace.

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