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IT leaders want trusted advice on SASE

SASE Secure Access Service Edge

New research from IT decision making platform AVANT shows that 85 percent of IT decision makers are familiar with and know about SASE solutions, but only 35 percent are using SASE currently.

However, there is a desire for more expertise, with 76 percent of IT decision-makers wishing to consult a trusted advisor to inform them on SASE decision making.

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Sustainability drives choice of cloud providers as businesses seek to go green

Going green is driving technology choices, with 68 percent of IT leaders saying they take a cloud vendor's sustainability initiatives into consideration when deciding whether to do business with that vendor.

The latest research from CloudBolt Software used the Pulse platform to survey over 250 tech leaders globally and finds 79 percent of them say they are 'on the hook' to help their companies achieve specific sustainability goals.

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SIEM, SOAR and their role in improving cloud security [Q&A]

Cloud data security

It's increasingly common for enterprise systems to be in the cloud rather than in-house, but that throws up a whole range of new challenges when it comes to securing them.

We spoke to Dario Forte, vice president and general manager, security orchestration, at cloud management specialist Sumo Logic to find out more about what's involved in cloud security and how automation can help.

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If cloud technology is the need of the hour, then why do organizations resist adoption?

As we continue our journey through the extended new normal of the pandemic, it is crystal clear that to survive and thrive, companies will have to adapt to be able to respond to the ever-evolving needs of today’s digital consumers. It is not an exaggeration to say that today a successful business needs to be responsive, scalable, secure, and resilient. In this context, one of the most vital strategic decisions that can be made by most organizations is the accelerated shift of their legacy IT infrastructure to 'Cloud Technology'.

According to an IDC report, it is expected that by the end of 2021, approximately 80 percent of the enterprises will put a mechanism in place to shift to cloud-centric infrastructure and applications at a rate double or more of what it was before the pandemic. However, in this race of cloud adoption, many organizations do not have a clear picture of what they want and often underestimate the challenges involved in cloud migration. Lack of appropriate research, the correct approach and the right service provider leads to organizations ending up getting their hands burnt, leading them to put their plans on the backburner.

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Cloud adoption remains a top enterprise priority for 2021

Cloud growth arrow

According to a new report, in mid-sized to large enterprises 50 percent of the software applications being developed are cloud based and another 30 percent are expected to migrate to the cloud within the next two years.

83 percent of respondents state that cloud-based development and deployment is a top IT priority in 2021 for applications their company develops and deploys.

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Canonical launches new cloud service to aid Android app development


Creating the code for an Android app is only part of the job, you also need to consider mobile app management and mobile device virtualization as well as testing.

To help with this process Canonical is launching its Anbox Cloud Appliance on the AWS Marketplace from today. A small-scale version of Canonical's Anbox Cloud, developers can use it for rapid prototyping of Android-in-the-Cloud solutions.

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Adopting best practice approaches for hybrid working [Q&A]

home working

More and more businesses are moving to a hybrid work model. But while this approach can offer improved value along with the tools to drive the business forward, it can also present a number of challenges.

So what does it take to succeed with a hybrid approach? We spoke to Cisco Webex's Lorrissa Horton to find out.

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Microsoft announces general availability of Windows Server 2022

Gold Microsoft sign

It is a couple of weeks since Microsoft almost silently released Windows Server 2022, and now the company has officially announced that the operating system is generally available.

The release comes just over a month before the rollout of Windows 11 begins, and there is a strong focus on security. In particular, there is the addition of encrypted hypertext transfer protocol secure (HTTPS) and AES-256 encryption with support for server message block (SMB) protocol. The latest version of Windows Server also greatly increases hardware support.

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Digital forensics in modern cloud environments [Q&A]

Increasingly applications and infrastructure are moving to the cloud and containers. But although this offers convenience and cost savings it introduces challenges when security incidents occur.

We spoke to James Campbell, CEO and co-founder of Cado Security to find out about the importance of digital forensics when dealing with cloud system breaches.

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Move to the cloud opens opportunities for cybercriminals

The rapid shift of applications and infrastructure to the cloud creates gaps in security according to a new threat report from security platform Lacework.

This increases the opportunities for cybercriminals to steal data, take advantage of an organization's assets, and to gain illicit network access.

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New platform offers secure cloud data integration

Secure cloud

As enterprises continue to migrate data to the cloud they need to ensure that sensitive information is properly protected.

Automated data integration specialist Fivetran is launching a platform that offers a set of key security-related features, allowing companies to create a more secure modern data stack that meets internal and regulatory requirements.

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Microsoft Azure found to have the 'worst cloud vulnerability you can imagine' -- ChaosDB

Microsoft building logo

Security researchers have discovered a serious security vulnerability in Microsoft Azure that could given an attacker unfettered access to any and all of the databases stored on its Cosmos DB service.

Researchers from security firm Wiz found that it is not only possible but trivial to obtain the primary keys to databases. The vulnerability, dubbed ChoasDB, may have existed since the introduction of the Jupyter Notebook back in 2019, and it gives attackers the ability to access, edit and delete data or entire databases. Microsoft is unable to change primary keys itself, and has emailed customers to advise them to do so; but the company has been criticized for failing to contact sufficient numbers of users.

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SMEs make a rapid shift to hybrid working

According to new research 42 percent of SMEs have moved, or are planning to move, offices to facilitate hybrid working, with those downsizing reducing their office space requirements by an average of 38 percent.

The study from UK data center specialists ServerChoice shows that these office moves are causing SME business leaders to rethink their IT strategies and shift their server infrastructure away from on-premises to either co-location facilities or public/private cloud.

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Cado offers enterprises a free cloud security investigation


The rapid shift to cloud and remote working environments has raised security concerns for businesses and also meant hackers have increasingly turned their attention to cloud-native systems.

In response to this, digital forensics platform Cado Security is offering enterprises unlimited access to its Cado Response platform, including container and memory forensics, for 14-days, allowing them to carry out a free investigation.

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IT leaders struggle to support unstructured data in the cloud

rain cloud

The majority of organizations are managing more than 1PB of data and spending more than 30 percent of their IT budgets on data storage and protection, according to a new report into unstructured data from data management company Komprise.

Based on responses from 300 IT storage decision makers at companies in the US and UK, it finds 65.5 percent of organizations spend more than 30 percent of their IT budgets on data storage and management.

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