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IBM announces price-competitive cold storage solutions


IBM is jumping on the cold storage bandwagon, offering a service and trying to take Amazon, Microsoft, and Google a piece of their pie. The company recently announced the launch of IBM Cloud Object Storage Cold Vault, which basically stores data that only needs to be accessed every once in a while.

There will also be a cold storage service with "pay as you use" model, called IBM Cloud Object Storage Flex, coming later this year.

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Amazon makes it cheaper to build and host Alexa skills


Thousands of Alexa developers can now build and host most Alexa skills for free using Amazon Web Services (AWS), thanks to a newly released Amazon program.

Previously, developers have had at their disposal the AWS Free Tier, offering a million AWS Lambda requests and a total of 750 hours of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) -- monthly, for free. However, exceeding these limits also meant monthly fees.

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UK cloud adoption rises five percent


The overall cloud adoption rate in the UK now stands at 88 percent, according to a new report by the Cloud Industry Forum. The report also states that there has been a five percent increase year-on-year, and an 83 percent increase since 2010, when the first stats were taken.

What’s also interesting in this report is that two thirds (67 percent) of users expect to increase their cloud service adoption over the coming year. A "vast majority," the report claims, will maintain a hybrid IT estate for some time.

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Businesses deploy sensitive data to new environments without adequate security

Cloud security

According to a new report, 93 percent of enterprises will use sensitive data in advanced technology environments (such as cloud, SaaS, big data, IoT and container) this year.

But 63 percent of those respondents also believe their organizations are deploying these technologies ahead of having appropriate data security solutions in place. These are the findings of the latest Data Threat Report from Thales e-Security and 451 Research.

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Lessons that founders must learn from the CloudPets breach


As a founder and innovator, you can't help but love the cloud. It's easy to use, it lets you get projects started quicker, and helps deploy them faster, too. But, as quickly as you can innovate and go to market with the cloud, you can also fail -- particularly if you don't pay attention to the small details and implement security from the get go.

I can only imagine what happened to the team at CloudPets, who recently suffered a major breach. This breach now has CEOs questioning what would happen if they were in the same boat.

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The buzzwords that will take 2017 by storm


The technology industry is full of jargon and buzzwords, which, if you’re not in the club, can often feel like a foreign language. When it comes to communicating new technologies and processes to other parts of the business, IT professionals need to be careful when translating these buzzwords into human-speak if they want to avoid a confused, blank look. It’s this confusion that results in a data breach, shadow IT activity, or missing out on investment in new IT equipment.

Whether it’s to educate yourself or others, we’ve de-coded the buzzwords. Now the next time someone asks you "what the blockchain you’re on about," rather than giving them SaaS, you can breakdown the meaning, benefit, and importance.

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Plex Cloud lets you access your media when your server is switched off


Plex has introduced a new feature that makes it possible to store media files in the cloud.

Plex Cloud has been in beta for some time, but it's now available to anyone with a Plex Pass subscription, and it works with Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.

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Check Point adds advanced security to the Google Cloud Platform

Private secure cloud

Businesses often have security concerns surrounding moving their data to the cloud. For users of the popular Google Cloud Platform, Check Point is offering additional security with the launch of a new product.

The release of vSEC for Google Cloud Platform delivers advanced security that is built for agile and scalable cloud environments.

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Microsoft Azure Blueprint helps public organizations move faster to the cloud

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft is looking to help public sector organizations cut on the time needed to get Microsoft Azure up and running. According to a new announcement it has made, it will now take organizations hours, instead of weeks, to get things rolling.

The company has revealed a blueprint that "reinforces its cloud security principles," and a UK official template for creating workloads in Azure and Service Bus Premium Messaging.

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Should enterprises dump legacy software?

Ball and Chain legacy tied down held back

It may be hard to believe, but many companies still rely on spreadsheets to manage their business. In fact, according to a survey, one in five businesses use them to communicate and track data internally. With big data, cloud and SaaS technologies at our fingertips (literally), why are companies still using them to get important work done?

A new TrackVia survey sheds some light on this phenomenon. It reveals that business and IT executives feel that current enterprise software is too expensive and inflexible, overly time-consuming, or excessively complicated to adopt. Due to this reality, employees have no other choice than to resort to emailing spreadsheets around to get their work done.

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Microsoft Azure Stack Technical Preview 3 is now available

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has announced an extension of Azure technologies on-premises, as well as a couple of Azure Stack updates. According to a blog post announcing the new features, the updates will enable organizations with hybrid cloud environments to have the same flexibility and innovation capability to match their business objectives and app design.

Organizations looking to create new apps, or re-work their current ones, on both cloud and on-premises environments, now have three unique hybrid cloud scenarios on offer.

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Digital transformation must be a priority in a cloud-first world

Digital transformation

As the UK enters an uncertain economic future, the issue of falling productivity is once again center stage. Since the 2008 financial crisis, studies measuring how much output is produced per hour or worker have been constant disappointments when compared to the country’s global counterparts. According to the latest reports from the Office of National Statistics, UK productivity rose by 0.4 percent between July and September 2016. However, this figure is still far below the 2.1 percent average being achieved before 2008.

In response, UK Prime Minister Theresa May has announced plans to launch a national industrial strategy aimed at creating a prosperous post-Brexit Britain through the development of STEM skills investments in science and innovation, and infrastructure upgrades across every sector and in every corner of the country. With this plan the UK government has sent a clear signal: organizations of every size and within every industry must prioritize digital transformation if they are to succeed in a cloud-first world.

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Informatica uses behavioral analytics to spot and protect high risk data


With increasing amounts of sensitive data stored in the cloud and accessed on mobile devices, protecting that information presents a major challenge.

Data management specialist Informatica is adding to its Secure@Source platform with behavioral analytics to detect high risk data and ensure it's properly protected.

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Database-as-a-service platform introduces encryption-at-rest

cloud_encryption lock security

While storing data in the cloud is undoubtedly convenient it also introduces risks and encryption is increasingly seen as a way of helping combat them.

Database-as-a-service company mLab is introducing encryption-at-rest as an opt-in data security measure for customers of its most popular plans, at no additional cost.

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Google integrates Keep into Docs and welcomes it to the G Suite fold


Google Keep may not be something that is used by a huge number of people, but that could be about to change. Google is finally doing something that should have happened from the start -- bringing Keep to G Suite to allow for integration with Docs.

The company has taken the decision to boost its notetaking app to a key member of its cloud app lineup.  Google says that as well as being a G Suite core service when used within a domain, Keep notes can also be accessed from within Google Docs.

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