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Enterprises struggle with providing secure hybrid access

Secure cloud

As businesses move towards hybrid IT environments they increasingly face threats, gaps and investment challenges to keep their systems secure.

The study from secure access specialist Pulse Secure surveyed enterprises with 1000+ employees in the US, UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland and finds that while they are taking advantage of cloud computing, all enterprises have on-going data center dependencies.

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Providing guardrails for developers to innovate while staying secure in the cloud

resistance to cloud

Enterprise cloud adoption has largely been driven by developers eager to take advantage of its agility. These developers are often moving very quickly and are under pressure to bring new products to market that provide competitive advantages. The speed of development combined with a lack of cloud security expertise often results in engineers and developers bypassing certain security and compliance policies. The result is a chaotic, "Wild, Wild West" cloud environment.

Alongside innovative apps and services, a common byproduct of this "free for all" mentality is data breaches, thanks to misconfigurations and other security glitches. This article shares advice on how organizations can empower their developers and engineers by providing a safe framework within which to operate, so they can stay agile and innovative, without inadvertently compromising security.

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46 percent of organizations consider taking personal data out of the cloud

Secure cloud

A new study finds that 46 percent of organizations which store customer personally identifiable information (PII) in the cloud are considering moving it back on premises due to data security concerns.

The research from information security software company Netwrix also shows that of the 50 percent of organizations that store customer data in the cloud, 39 percent had security incidents in the past year and more than 50 percent of those couldn’t diagnose the problem.

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Is latency the cloud's Achilles heel? [Q&A]

Cloud maze complexity

The cloud is arguably the most transformative enterprise technology in the past two decades. Yet, as powerful as it is, it faces a huge latency problem -- and the big public cloud providers know it.

Their data centers can't be everywhere and close to every end-user, so the big distances created result in unavoidable latency.

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Uncovering the everyday frustrations of cybersecurity professionals

Head in hands

Anyone who has worked in IT knows that it can be a frustrating experience at times. A new survey carried out by network security provider Lastline at RSAC 2019 set out to discover security professionals' attitudes and frustrations towards their jobs.

These come from a number of places, including resources, management and other workers. We all know that there's a skills shortage in security, but funding is often an issue too.

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Companies continue to struggle with privileged access management

Admin login

Privileged accounts can be a headache for organizations so you'd expect managing them to be a high priority for security teams. However, a new report from Thycotic reveals that 85 percent fail to achieve even basic privileged security hygiene.

In addition 55 percent have no idea how many privileged accounts they have or where they’re located, while over 50 percent of their privileged accounts never expire or get deprovisioned.

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Microsoft's core platform isn't software, it's trust

For the first time in a half-decade, I watched a Microsoft Build keynote this morning. Time gives fresh perspective, looking at where the company was compared to where it is today. Listening to CEO Satya Nadella and other Softies, I repeatedly found myself reminded of Isaac Asimov's three laws or Robotics and how they might realistically be applied in the 21st Century. The rules, whether wise or not, set to ensure that humans could safely interact with complex, thinking machines. In Asimov's science fiction stories, the laws were core components of the automaton's brain—baked in, so to speak, and thus inviolable. They were there by design; foundationally.

Behind all product design, there are principles. During the Steve Jobs era, simplicity was among Apple's main design ethics. As today's developer conference keynote reminds, Microsoft embraces something broader—design ethics that harken back to the company's founding objectives and others that share similar purpose as the robotic laws. On the latter point, Nadella repeatedly spoke about "trust" and "collective responsibility". These are fundamental principles of design, particularly as Artificial Intelligence usage expands and more corporate developers depend on cloud computing platforms like Azure.

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IBM uses technology to help hurricane-hit communities


To mark the start of US National Hurricane Preparedness Week this week, The Weather Company, an IBM Business, is releasing not just its 2019 hurricane forecast, but also analytic data that looks at how weather affects preparedness, emotion and consumer habits.

In addition, through its Code and Response deployment initiative which aims to put open source technologies to use for social good, IBM is taking action to help save the lives of people in communities that are vulnerable to natural disasters.

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Digital transformation is putting government data at risk

digital transformation

The push towards digital transformation in the US government is putting sensitive data at risk, according to a new report from data protection specialist Thales.

Almost all (98 percent) of respondents from federal agencies report that they are using sensitive data within digital transformation technology environments. Yet, less than a third of respondents are using data encryption within these environments.

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New Arcserve release helps protect hybrid environments

Cloud data security

With the launch of its latest Unified Data Protection (UDP) product, backup specialist Arcserve is aiming to remove the multiple points of failure typically introduced into IT environments through a piecemeal, 'do-it-yourself' approach to data backup and disaster recovery.

Using an image-based technology, the new Arcserve UDP extends proven backup and DR technologies to protect every type of workload, including Nutanix AHV and Microsoft Office 365.

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What is fueling container and multicloud adoption? [Q&A]

cloud containers

Containers and cloud native applications are transforming how quickly and reliably organizations can bring ideas to market, while also providing the key building blocks for multicloud strategies.

But for all the speed, agility, and elasticity these technologies promise, they also create a complexity tipping point. Across industries, IT staff looking to deliver on the benefits of container and multicloud strategies -- without being overwhelmed by complexity -- are increasingly turning towards workload automation.

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Personal details of 80 million US households exposed on unsecured Microsoft cloud server

Pink cloud and padlock

Security researchers have discovered an unprotected database stored on a Microsoft cloud server. The 24GB database includes personal information about 80 million households across the US.

The researchers from vpnMentor were working on a web mapping project when they made the discovery. They say that as the database they found left out in the open relates to American households which include multiple residents, the data breach could potentially affect hundreds of millions of people.

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Microsoft, Dell and VMware become partners in the cloud

Microsoft sign

Microsoft has announced that it is extending its partnership with Dell in a move that will enable Microsoft Azure customers to take advantage of VMware virtualization in the cloud.

The company is also bringing VMware into the Microsoft 365 ecosystem to extend the capabilities of its Windows Virtual Desktop too. It will also bring new management and security options to Microsoft Intune.

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3 document management takeaways from Google Cloud Next 2019

In early April, more than 30,000 attendees gathered in San Francisco at Google Cloud Next to hear a variety of new announcements and innovations as told through product reveals, break-out sessions and keynote speakers. Included in the long list of what’s to come were several key features that will substantially impact document management on G Suite.

I’ve narrowed down that information into the following three main takeaways regarding document management and business processes: 

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More than half of companies have sensitive files open to all employees

Folders magnified

The latest data risk report from security company Varonis reveals that 53 percent of companies have at least 1,000 sensitive files open to all employees, putting them at risk of data breaches.

Keeping old sensitive data that risks fines under HIPAA, GDPR and the upcoming CCPA is a problem too. The report finds over half of data is stale and 87 percent of companies have over 1,000 stale sensitive files, with 71 percent having over 5,000 stale sensitive files.

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