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Get AOMEI Backupper Professional free for a year

Backup key

Next Tuesday is World Backup Day and to mark the event AOMEI is offering a 12 month free subscription to its Backupper Professional product. The offer is available from now until April 2nd.

With more people working at home on their own machines due to the Coronavirus, security and protection of data is more important than ever.

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New decentralized cloud storage service set to take on AWS

cloud network

Cloud storage company Storj Labs is launching a new decentralized service aimed at storing data more efficiently and providing additional revenue-generating opportunities for storage node operators.

Called Tardigrade -- in case you were wondering a tardigrade is an eight-legged water dwelling micro animal (or if you've watched 'Star Trek: Discovery' a sort of massive space-travelling flea) -- it offers cloud object storage that's S3 compatible, high performing, easily implemented, exceptionally durable, and with high availability.

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How AI can save companies millions on cloud spend


The cloud has revolutionized making it easy to build, launch, and scale a service. That's driven a wave of spending on the major cloud providers, as made evident by the latest earnings reports from Microsoft (Azure), Amazon (AWS), and Google (Google Cloud). Microsoft just reported 62 percent QoQ growth for Azure, AWS brought in nearly $10 billion for Amazon in Q4 2019, and Google reported cloud earnings for the first time in January.

Companies of all sizes are clearly investing billions on the cloud and there doesn't seem to be a ceiling. Gartner predicts that by 2022 overall cloud spend will reach more than $330 billion, and that number grows every year. But at the same time, current estimates reveal that billions of this spend is the result of needless and wasted outlay. A recent survey of companies that spend at least $5 million on the cloud annually found that a vast majority (69 percent) regularly overspend on their cloud budget by 25 percent or more.

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CIOs believe the pace of digital transformation will increase in 2020

digital transformation

A new survey of over 300 enterprise chief information officers (CIOs) shows that more than 90 percent expect the pace of digital transformation to increase in 2020.

The report from Flexera shows that customer experience is the top driver of digital transformation efforts with 69 percent rating it very important, but only 36 percent considering themselves very mature in this area.

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New structured data service allows faster access for applications

Digital data

As enterprises make more use of widely-available analytics engines such as Presto, Apache Spark SQL or Apache Hive, they often run into inefficient data formats and face performance challenges as a result.

Open source cloud data software company Alluxio is launching a new Structured Data Service (SDS) that will allow developers and data scientists to benefit from a more simplified data platform that enables connections to different catalogs for access to structured data, with less copies and pipelines and more compute-optimized data.

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Almost a third of businesses lose up to $1 million a year to integration issues

cloud data cable

A new study reveals 30 percent of businesses estimate they lose between $100,000 and $1 million per year as a result of integration-related issues such as data errors, technology impediments, or SLA violations.

The report from cloud platform Cleo shows 10 percent claim to lose $1 million or more on an annual basis from such causes. As for productivity costs, nearly half (46 percent) say it takes them a month or longer to onboard a new trading partner, causing slowdowns in their business.

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Why data quality is essential to cloud migration [Q&A]


Migrating to the cloud is an increasingly popular option for businesses, but to be successful the data involved needs to be in good shape.

We spoke to Kevin Kline, principal program manager at SentryOne, to find out why the quality of data is so essential to successful migration and what businesses need to do to ensure their migration succeeds.

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What will infrastructure and data centers look like by 2025?

2025 predictions

What do IT executives think the world is going to look like in five year’s time? To find out INAP presented several five-year predictions to 500 IT leaders and infrastructure managers to collect and analyze their opinions.

Among the findings are that 81 percent agree that AI and machine learning will mean most common data center and network tasks will be completely automated.

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Malwarebytes launches enhanced business cloud platform

cloud padlock

Malwarebytes is today launching a new set of enhanced enterprise features for its business cloud platform, Malwarebytes Nebula.

The platform offers cloud delivery and management across the entire Malwarebytes’ product portfolio including Incidence Response, Endpoint Protection, and Endpoint Detection and Response. Native capabilities include guided UI, threat reporting, and simple API integrations, which enable security teams to overcome gaps in team experience and bandwidth.

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The challenge of obtaining visibility into cloud security

Data cloud lock

Digital criminals are increasingly pivoting to the network after initially attacking an endpoint or publicly accessible cloud. Indeed, a network foothold enables attackers to move laterally to more valuable cloud workloads. They can then steal their target organization’s sensitive information and monetize it in whatever way they deem fit.

Many of us are fighting back against the threat of lateral movement by augmenting our visibility over the network. However, we’re constantly running into challenges in the cloud. When using AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) or Azure Virtual Networks (VNets) to detect threats in network traffic, for instance, we’re missing packets’ application-level context. We thus can’t detect the malicious activity that hides within them. In this post, we will discuss why achieving visibility into the cloud continues to pose a challenge. We’ll then explore how we can gain the requisite level of visibility in the cloud.

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Cisco launches new cloud-native security platform

cloud lock

As businesses move into the cloud and expand their use of IoT devices, protecting their systems becomes much more complex.

To address this problem Cisco is launching a new integrated cloud-native security platform, Cisco SecureX, aimed at improving visibility, identifying unknown threats, and automating workflows to strengthen customers’ security across network, endpoint, cloud, and applications.

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Cloud misconfigurations expose over 33 billion records in two years

cloud misconfiguration

There's a growing trend towards data breaches caused by cloud misconfigurations, leading to 33.4 billion records being exposed in breaches in 2018 and 2019, amounting to nearly $5 trillion in costs to enterprises globally, according to a new report.

The study from cloud security and compliance specialist DivvyCloud finds the number of records exposed by misconfigurations rose by 80 percent from 2018 to 2019 and this trend is expected to persist.

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New automation service gives companies control over hybrid cloud security

Cloud data security

Enterprises are moving more of their workloads to the cloud in order to enhance their agility and responsiveness. But in the rush to develop new applications security can sometimes take a back seat.

Today Tufin is launching SecureCloud, a security policy automation service for enterprises that need to gain visibility and control over the security posture of their cloud-native and hybrid cloud environments.

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New website creation platform delivers advanced capabilities for web professionals

Wix Editor X template

Since its launch in 2007, cloud-based platform Wix has established itself as a favorite of people who want to build their own websites.

Now though the company is branching out with the launch of Editor X, a new platform aimed at designers, web professionals and agencies. It offers advanced design and layout capabilities. With tools such as a wide, flexible canvas allowing the use of modern CSS technologies with precise drag and drop, so web creators can control the exact position of each element -- regardless of the screen size of the device.

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Google may have shared your videos with strangers


If you used Google Takeout to download an archive of your Google Photos content, there's a chance that someone else may have ended up with your videos.

The company has admitted that for a few days in November last year, "some videos in Google Photos were exported to unrelated users' archives". This means that not only could your videos have ended up on a stranger's computer, but also that you may have received random videos belonging to someone else.

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