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How multi-cloud application delivery is impacting ecommerce providers as they prepare for major growth

Ecommerce continues to be one of the most fast-paced and competitive global industries, with industry-watchers estimating that online sales will constitute a fifth of all retail sales worldwide by the end of 2022. As vendors strive to capture their share of market growth, they need to offer exceptional customer experiences that build loyalty and repeat revenue. However, delivering omnichannel excellence puts considerable pressure on infrastructure as site traffic increases and consumer expectations rise.

At the same time, the sector is heavily targeted by cybercriminals seeking to disrupt, extort and damage online retail businesses. Consequently, striking a balance between operational efficiency, cost-control, security and customer satisfaction is a complex challenge.

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Enterprise asset management not keeping pace with pandemic changes

asset management

A new report from IT management specialist Flexera looks at how organizations have adapted their technology to meet the demands imposed by the pandemic.

It reveals information technology asset management (ITAM) trends relating to responsibilities and challenges introduced by the increased use of new IT environments such as software-as-a-service (SaaS), cloud and containers.

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Enterprises move to software-defined storage as data volumes increase

Storage puzzle

A new report from the Linux Foundation looks at enterprise use of data and storage relating to cloud services and workloads.

The 2021 Data and Storage Trends Report, produced by the SODA Foundation and Linux Foundation Research, shows rapidly growing data volumes and a shift in how they're being handled.

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Google Cloud and Cybereason team up to fight cyberattacks

Insider threat

As the IT landscape has evolved, securing hybrid and cloud environments has become a more complex and challenging process.

To improve Extended Detection and Response (XDR) across endpoints, networks, cloud and workspaces, operation-centric cyber attack protection specialist Cybereason, and Google Cloud have today announced a collaboration.

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Why businesses need to take vulnerability and risk management seriously [Q&A]

Risk dial

As businesses rely more on the cloud and virtual infrastructure, so the potential for both configuration errors and cyberattacks increases.

The pandemic has only made the problem worse and in many cases led to a loosening of security policy. What do organizations need to do to address the issue and protect their systems? We spoke to Tal Morgenstern, Vulcan Cyber CPO and co-founder, to find out.

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Majority of AWS accounts are vulnerable to ransomware

Ransomware skull

As more data moves to the cloud, platforms like AWS are becoming an increasingly attractive target for ransomware operators.

A new study by cloud infrastructure company Ermetic finds that 70 percent of environments studied had machines that were publicly exposed to the internet and were linked to identities whose permissions could be exploited to allow the machines to perform ransomware.

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Why managing your own IT could lead to costly downtime

If there’s one thing that all businesses can agree upon it’s that time equals money. It’s the reason why organizations large and small all over the globe are on the constant lookout for ways to boost productivity and performance -- all while maximizing resources and lowering costs.

This is especially true when it comes to your IT infrastructure. Not only is it (probably) the backbone that keeps your business running smoothly and competitively, but it is also a considerable investment in itself. Whenever it isn’t operating, businesses are quite simply hemorrhaging money.

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IT leaders want trusted advice on SASE

SASE Secure Access Service Edge

New research from IT decision making platform AVANT shows that 85 percent of IT decision makers are familiar with and know about SASE solutions, but only 35 percent are using SASE currently.

However, there is a desire for more expertise, with 76 percent of IT decision-makers wishing to consult a trusted advisor to inform them on SASE decision making.

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Sustainability drives choice of cloud providers as businesses seek to go green

Going green is driving technology choices, with 68 percent of IT leaders saying they take a cloud vendor's sustainability initiatives into consideration when deciding whether to do business with that vendor.

The latest research from CloudBolt Software used the Pulse platform to survey over 250 tech leaders globally and finds 79 percent of them say they are 'on the hook' to help their companies achieve specific sustainability goals.

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SIEM, SOAR and their role in improving cloud security [Q&A]

Cloud data security

It's increasingly common for enterprise systems to be in the cloud rather than in-house, but that throws up a whole range of new challenges when it comes to securing them.

We spoke to Dario Forte, vice president and general manager, security orchestration, at cloud management specialist Sumo Logic to find out more about what's involved in cloud security and how automation can help.

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If cloud technology is the need of the hour, then why do organizations resist adoption?

As we continue our journey through the extended new normal of the pandemic, it is crystal clear that to survive and thrive, companies will have to adapt to be able to respond to the ever-evolving needs of today’s digital consumers. It is not an exaggeration to say that today a successful business needs to be responsive, scalable, secure, and resilient. In this context, one of the most vital strategic decisions that can be made by most organizations is the accelerated shift of their legacy IT infrastructure to 'Cloud Technology'.

According to an IDC report, it is expected that by the end of 2021, approximately 80 percent of the enterprises will put a mechanism in place to shift to cloud-centric infrastructure and applications at a rate double or more of what it was before the pandemic. However, in this race of cloud adoption, many organizations do not have a clear picture of what they want and often underestimate the challenges involved in cloud migration. Lack of appropriate research, the correct approach and the right service provider leads to organizations ending up getting their hands burnt, leading them to put their plans on the backburner.

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Cloud adoption remains a top enterprise priority for 2021

Cloud growth arrow

According to a new report, in mid-sized to large enterprises 50 percent of the software applications being developed are cloud based and another 30 percent are expected to migrate to the cloud within the next two years.

83 percent of respondents state that cloud-based development and deployment is a top IT priority in 2021 for applications their company develops and deploys.

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Canonical launches new cloud service to aid Android app development


Creating the code for an Android app is only part of the job, you also need to consider mobile app management and mobile device virtualization as well as testing.

To help with this process Canonical is launching its Anbox Cloud Appliance on the AWS Marketplace from today. A small-scale version of Canonical's Anbox Cloud, developers can use it for rapid prototyping of Android-in-the-Cloud solutions.

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Adopting best practice approaches for hybrid working [Q&A]

home working

More and more businesses are moving to a hybrid work model. But while this approach can offer improved value along with the tools to drive the business forward, it can also present a number of challenges.

So what does it take to succeed with a hybrid approach? We spoke to Cisco Webex's Lorrissa Horton to find out.

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Microsoft announces general availability of Windows Server 2022

Gold Microsoft sign

It is a couple of weeks since Microsoft almost silently released Windows Server 2022, and now the company has officially announced that the operating system is generally available.

The release comes just over a month before the rollout of Windows 11 begins, and there is a strong focus on security. In particular, there is the addition of encrypted hypertext transfer protocol secure (HTTPS) and AES-256 encryption with support for server message block (SMB) protocol. The latest version of Windows Server also greatly increases hardware support.

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