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New platform simplifies securing cloud workloads

cloud security

The cloud is a dynamic environment and the threats it faces are equally fluid, whether they're sophisticated cyber attacks or insider threats.

Cloud security company Lacework is launching a new tool called Polygraph that detects breaches, manages insider threats, delivers insights into workloads, and offers graphical investigation tools for public, private and hybrid cloud workloads.

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Malware backdoors still the biggest threat to enterprises


New data from cloud security specialist Netskope shows that companies are still struggling to prevent network breaches and protect themselves at all points of entry.

Backdoors made up the bulk of cloud malware detections, at 37.1 percent, down from 43.2 percent last quarter but still the biggest single threat.

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Enterprises replacing data centers with hybrid clouds

Data center

Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle, summed up on the concept of cloud computing very succinctly. "All it is, is a computer attached to a network." Ellison and Oracle have gone on to embrace both open source and cloud technologies including OpenStack, but the basic premise that it starts with a physical server and a network still holds true.

The server industry is going through massive change, driven in the main part by advances in open source software, networking and automation. The days of monolithic on-site server rooms filled with rack-space, and blinking lights and buzzing air-con, are gone. However, the alluring simplicity of this concept is not quite how it works in the real world.

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New edge platform delivers faster digital experiences


A great deal of today's data is generated by users at the edge of corporate networks. It therefore makes sense to process and serve this information closer to where it originates.

San Francisco-based Fastly is unveiling its new edge cloud platform, which allows popular businesses to deliver consistently secure, fast and personalized digital experiences as close to end users as possible.

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Over 70 percent of companies using AWS have serious security misconfigurations

Private cloud

A high percentage of companies using AWS cloud services have at least one critical security misconfiguration according to a new survey.

Cloud security company Threat Stack has analyzed more than 200 companies using AWS and found a number of well-documented security misconfigurations.

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8 things businesses can do to lower cyber attack risks

Cloud risk

Hardly a day goes by without some media coverage that is focused on cyber. Whether is it sensationalist headlines announcing the most recent cyber-attack that has left some unfortunate company red faced and bereft, the outcome of yet another survey generally conducted by an entity selling cyber related goods or services, or the announcement of new regulation and legislation. A front page headline of CITY AM screams CYBER CRIME WIPES £42BN OFF SHARES -- surely there cannot be a board director left who can deny awareness that cyber-crime poses a threat to his or her business.

Having engaged in the cyber debate for more than a decade, it seems we can at last all agree that the foundation stone is now well in place with widespread, if not universal, acceptance that cyber-crime and cyber risk are real and now an ever present challenge to businesses.

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Solving the puzzle of hybrid cloud [Q&A]

Cloud jigsaw

Many enterprises are moving towards hybrid cloud environments, but they face a challenge when it comes to working out how to control their cloud use effectively.

If they fail to do this and govern their cloud use properly, then any gains in agility they achieve will come with high costs and operational risks. We spoke to Andrew Hillier, CTO of Cirba, the company behind the SaaS hybrid capacity analytics software, to find out how enterprises can bridge the gap between cloud hype and reality.

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Cloud adoption and increasing threats drive enterprise encryption usage

Data Encryption

Enterprises are accelerating their use of encryption and the strategy is being driven by business units rather than IT teams.

This is among the findings of a study into encryption habits by cyber security company Thales, based on research carried out by the Ponemon Institute. It finds that 41 percent of enterprises now have an encryption strategy in place.

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Microsoft's free cloud migration assessment sells the idea of hybrid cloud to enterprises


For enterprises, datacenters are at the heart of operations. With Azure, Microsoft has a vested interest in encouraging enterprises to move these operations to the cloud, and it is with this in mind that the company has launched a cloud migration assessment tool.

The free tool has been designed to give enterprises a way to determine whether it would make sense -- and how much it would cost -- to move to a hybrid cloud solution.

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Public clouds not for core apps? Businesses challenging this preconception

Cloud server IT

With its greater performance, reliability, and scalability, it is little surprise that we’re seeing a boom in  the deployment of public cloud services. According to a recent survey by Gartner, companies consider public cloud to be both the most disruptive and most impactful issue facing them in 2017. In fact, IDC predicts that the worldwide public cloud services spending forecast will double to more than $141 billion by 2019.

For most organizations, this first venture into public cloud has been in deploying new applications to engage with their customers (systems of engagement). Now, having successfully used public cloud platforms for these new applications, a growing number of application development and delivery leaders want to bring the same benefits of fast delivery, high security, and cost flexibility to core business applications.

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New cloud platform enables cost-effective data engineering

data engineering

Businesses encounter a variety of challenges in building systems on and around Spark to meet the needs of data engineering.

Often engineers need to perform mission-critical data cleansing, transformations, and manipulations, to make business activities real-time dashboards or fraud detection possible. Mastering data engineering is therefore an essential step to automating systems and making data-driven decisions.

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The real cost of on-premises backups


The adoption of cloud IT services by small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) is increasing at an exponential rate. But despite the robust adoption rates and proven track record of cloud technology, many organizations of all sizes, including SMBs, are still relying on on-premises backup methods. By doing so they may very well be draining themselves of valuable resources, including financial resources.

This article discusses the specific ways in which these organizations that continue to rely on on-premises instead of cloud backups are costing themselves money. It discusses benefits of adopting the cloud backup model, and addresses common concerns and misconceptions IT and business professionals often mention as reasons for staying with on-premises backups instead of adopting the cloud.

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Software-defined sensor technology improves cloud visibility


While companies are keen to benefit from the agility and cost savings of using the cloud, there are still concerns about the ability to monitor and secure systems to an enterprise standard.

Ireland-based network analysis specialist Corvil is addressing this with the launch of a software-defined solution for packet-level instrumentation of virtual machines in public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures.

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CTERA delivers automated cloud backup for AWS users

Cloud backup

In the dash to move systems to the cloud many organizations neglect the need to safely backup their information.

Secure file services specialist CTERA Networks is addressing this problem for Amazon cloud users by making its Cloud Server Data Protection Platform available on the AWS Marketplace.

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New software helps companies control cloud spending

Cloud money

The speed at which companies have adopted cloud services has led in many cases to difficulties understanding and controlling the costs involved.

Enterprise cloud management company RightScale has a solution to this issue with a new stand-alone collaborative cloud cost management and optimization solution.

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