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New solution uses the cloud to simplify identity management

identity verification

Digital identity platform ForgeRock is launching an Identity Platform-as-a-Service solution to help developers embed modern identity capabilities into their apps.

ForgeRock Identity Cloud provides a full suite of capabilities for identity requirements in any business environment utilizing the same APIs and SDKs as the ForgeRock Identity Platform, so customers can use ForgeRock in any deployment model, on premises, hybrid cloud, public cloud, or as-a-service.

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Microsoft updates cloud contracts after EU privacy complaints

Microsoft cloud in hands

Microsoft has announced changes to its Online Services Terms for commercial cloud customers after an EU investigation raise concerns about existing policies' compliance with European regulation.

The company bills the changes as the introduction of "more privacy transparency" in the wake of a probe into potential violations of GDPR relating to telemetry data collected from Office 365 users. Microsoft says the new contractual terms will be offered to customers globally, not just within Europe.

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Database containing details of nearly half a million gamers exposed in security lapse

Magic: The Gathering

Wizards of the Coast -- publisher of, among other titles, Magic: The Gathering -- has confirmed a security incident that exposed information relating to 452,634 players.

The company left a backup database containing gamer information in a public Amazon Web Services storage bucket where it was accessible from early September. Specifically, the database was used to house data relating to the game's online portal, Magic: The Gathering Arena.

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Amazon fights Microsoft's JEDI contract win in court over bias claims

Amazon parcels

When Microsoft was awarded the controversial $10 billion JEDI contract by the US Department of Defense, many people voiced surprise -- including rival bidder Amazon.

Now Jeff Bezos' company is heading to court, claiming that the process of choosing who to assign the contract to was biased. But these claims have been denied, with the Department of Defense saying there was no outside influence involved in the decision.

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Almost three quarters of enterprises are bringing applications back on premises

resistance to cloud

Applications are migrating away from the public cloud and back to on-premise infrastructures, with 73 percent of respondents to a new study reporting that they are moving some applications off the public cloud and back on premises.

The report from enterprise cloud computing company Nutanix shows 22 percent of those users are moving five or more applications back in house.

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Strategy errors mean cloud migrations are failing

Cloud fail

More than a third of US businesses say they've failed to realize notable benefits from cloud computing, largely because they haven't integrated their adoption plan as a core part of a broader business transformation strategy.

This is according to a new Cloud Success Barometer study by Unisys Corporation which looked at the impact and importance of cloud by surveying 1,000 senior IT and business leaders in 13 countries.

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New cloud integrations help streamline big data use

cloud data cable

As users and enterprises demand more added capacity, particularly for their data-driven workloads, they are increasingly moving towards all cloud or hybrid cloud environments.

This needs cloud data orchestration to accelerate and synchronize data across different environments, and as a result users are turning to cloud data analytic services like Amazon's EMR and Google Cloud's Dataproc that reduce hardware spend, eliminate the need to overbuy capacity, and provide business agility.

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Dropbox Transfer exits beta and lets you share files of up to 100GB


If you need to send large -- and we mean LARGE -- files to someone, your options are a little limited. However, thanks to Dropbox Transfer, you now have a new possibility to explore.

Previously available in beta, Dropbox Transfer is now available to everyone. It's a cloud-based tool that lets you share files of up to 100GB in size with others, and even if you have used the beta version, there are now new features to explore.

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Unisys launches new cloud-based biometric identity service


With increasing awareness of fraud and identity theft businesses are under pressure to secure their systems and many are turning to solutions like biometrics to do so.

To bring biometric identity-proofing and authentication capabilities within reach of both large and small enterprises, Unisys is launching an SaaS version of its biometric identity management software.

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Trustwave launches advanced threat detection for Azure

web threats

As increasing numbers of businesses shift to cloud and multi-cloud environments, securing systems becomes a much more complex task.

For Microsoft Azure users Trustwave is launching new services to bolster threat monitoring, detection and response natively on the platform.

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How automation can contribute to cloud security [Q&A]

Secure cloud

Attacks on cloud systems often take advantage of misconfigurations, something which can easily go undetected.

Can today's security operations teams use automation and leverage advanced analytics to adapt to the current, cloud-based threat landscape and maintain organizational safety?

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Microsoft awarded Pentagon's controversial JEDI contract

Microsoft glass building logo

Microsoft has beaten Amazon to win the controversial $10 billion Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) cloud contract from the US Department of Defense.

A year ago, Microsoft employees were trying to discourage the company from bidding for the contract over concerns that the technology is develops could "be used for waging war". The DoD confirmation that the "contract will address critical and urgent unmet warfighter requirements for modern cloud infrastructure" will do nothing to calm these fears.

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New ERP solution aims at smaller businesses


Enterprise resource planning software is something that's usually been the preserve of large organizations. But the benefits of efficiently managing company financials, inventory, sales, and customer relationships that it can offer apply to all businesses.

Priority Software has recognized this and is launching a starter ERP package aimed at small and medium organizations.

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Microsoft buys cloud migration tool Mover to simplify switching to OneDrive

Mover and Microsoft

With a seemingly endless array of cloud storage services to choose from, you may well find that you want to switch allegiances at some point. Jumping from one service to another can be a pain, but with its purchase of Mover, Microsoft has just made it much easier to make the move to OneDrive.

Details of the deal have not been revealed, but Microsoft is keen for people to use the service to migrate from one several supported cloud providers to either OneDrive or SharePoint.

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Microsoft launches two new open source projects for developers -- OAM and Dapr

Microsoft building logo

Continuing its embracing of open source, Microsoft has today announced two new open source projects. The first is Open Application Model (OAM), a new standard for developing and operating applications on Kubernetes and other platforms

The second project is Dapr (Distributed Application Runtime), designed to make it easier to build microservice applications. Microsoft says that both OAM and Dapr "help developers remove barriers when building applications for cloud and edge".

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