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Amazon is becoming the new Microsoft

My last column was about the recent tipping point signifying that cloud computing is guaranteed to replace personal computing over the next three years. This column is about the slugfest to determine what company’s public cloud is most likely to prevail. I reckon it is Amazon’s and I’ll go further to claim that Amazon will shortly be the new Microsoft.

What I mean by The New Microsoft is that Amazon is starting to act a lot like the old Microsoft of the 1990s. You remember -- the Bad Microsoft.

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New Kubernetes certification program helps deliver consistency in the cloud

Over the last three years open source container platform, Kubernetes has been adopted by a diverse community of providers including some of the biggest names in the cloud.

Now the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) is launching a Kubernetes Software Conformance Certification program, which ensures Certified Kubernetes products deliver consistency and portability.

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Companies will waste over $10 billion in cloud spending in the next year

Wasted cloud spend over the next year could top $10 billion according to cloud management company RightScale.

Complexity in pricing and billing is a key reason for wasted cloud spend. A typical cloud bill can contain millions of items that represent tens of thousands of different resource types and price points.

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84 percent of enterprises plan to move workloads to the cloud


The need for greater scalability and flexibility, and a desire to avoid capital expenditures are driving enterprises to move more of their workloads to the cloud.

A survey by hybrid cloud operations company OpsRamp of IT professionals in organizations with over 500 employees reveals that 84 percent are planning to move more work to the cloud in the next two years.

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90 percent of IT pros worry about public cloud security

cloud worry

New research commissioned by network testing, visibility, and security vendor Ixia reveals that more than 90 percent of respondents are concerned about data and application security in public clouds.

In addition nearly 60 percent report that public cloud environments make it more difficult to obtain visibility into data traffic.

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The myth of cloud insecurity

It’s not exactly clear when the term "cloud" was first used to describe shared pools for configurable IT resources.  However, it’s safe to say that it started creeping into our lexicon less than ten years ago.

Back then, the official definition of cloud was even less clear than it is today. Regardless of what the cloud actually was, this mysterious cloud entity was widely assumed to be unsafe.

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Public cloud and SaaS monitoring added to security operations platform

The use of SaaS applications and cloud infrastructure is becoming more widespread, but robust cyber security operations policies are often lacking for these environments.

The proliferation of these services has blurred the traditional security perimeter of the enterprise, creating a growing need to unify the security and operational policies of on-premises, SaaS and public cloud infrastructure to ensure visibility into systems and data.

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IBM launches container-driven private cloud platform

While public cloud adoption continues to grow, organizations, especially in regulated industries like finance and health care, are continuing to use private clouds to quickly launch and update applications.

To tap into this market IBM is launching a new Cloud Private software platform, designed to enable companies to create on-premises cloud capabilities similar to public clouds to accelerate app development.

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Why the cloud doesn't work for all businesses [Q&A]

Cloud risk

As more and more applications move to the cloud there's an increasing assumption that it's the right approach for everyone. Indeed we've seen recently that many cloud investments are being made out of fear of missing out. But this one size fits all approach isn't necessarily the right one, and can put companies in a difficult position.

We spoke to Michael Hiskey, Chief Strategy Officer from intelligent data management company Semarchy, to find out what businesses should consider before moving to the cloud and how they can avoid being forced down that route.

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Security worries delay migration to the cloud

Secure cloud

Nearly a third of enterprises plan to increase their public cloud usage in the next 12 to 18 months, but the majority harbor significant concerns about cyber attacks and breaches in their hybrid environments.

An international survey of 450 senior security and network professionals by security vendor AlgoSec reveals the greatest concerns about applications in the cloud are cyber attacks (cited by 58 percent) and unauthorized access (53 percent), followed by application outages and mis-configured cloud security controls.

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We've reached the cloud computing tipping point

Between technology waves there is always a tipping point. It’s not that moment when the new tech becomes dominant but the moment when that dominance becomes clearly inevitable. For cloud computing I think the tipping point arrived a month ago. That future is now.

This is a big deal. My count of technical waves in computing may not agree with yours but I see (1) batch computing giving way to (2) timesharing which gave way to (3) personal computers which gained (4) graphical user interfaces, then became (5) networked Internet computers and (6) mobile computers embodied in smartphones and tablets, and now we have (7) the cloud. This seventh generation of computing will, within 3-5 years, absorb the vast majority of the approximately $1 trillion we spend in the USA each year on IT.

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Nvidia releases GPU Cloud container registry

Nvidia headquarters

Nvidia has marked a new step forward in AI development with the release of its Nvidia GPU Cloud container (NGC).

The NGC helps developers make their first steps into developing deep learning by allowing free access to a "comprehensive, easy-to-use, fully optimized deep learning software stack."

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GDPR makes businesses concerned about cloud storage

More than nine in ten (93 percent) of companies worry about storing their data in the cloud, once GDPR kicks in, new research has claimed.

A report from cloud solutions provider Calligo polling 500 IT decision-makers in companies with more than 100 employees, found than 91 percent of respondents worry how the new rules will affect cloud services.

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One in three businesses can't keep up with cloud security

Maintaining security in the cloud and container environments is an increasing problem according to a new survey.

The study by intrusion detection platform Threat Stack finds that 31 percent of those interviewed say they are unable to maintain security as their cloud and container environments grow. As a result, 62 percent say that they’re seeking greater visibility into their public cloud workloads.

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AWS and Nokia team up to make cloud migration easier

AWS and Nokia are joining forces on a new partnership deal aiming to make cloud migration easier, and SD-WAN services for enterprises better overall.

On top of that, the two technology giants will also work together on developing 5G and IoT use cases, combining their expertise to push forward future development.

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