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The KB4515384 update for Windows 10 1903 is causing sound problems in games

Broken headphones

Microsoft recently released the KB4515384 update for Windows 10 version 1903, and this was supposed -- among other things -- address the high CPU usage problem caused by the earlier KB4512941 update. Unfortunately, this cumulative update was found to cause issues with the Start menu and searching for some users, and Microsoft is currently looking into addressing these problems.

But these are not the only issues with KB4515384. Complaints are also mounting about problems with audio in games after installing this particular update.

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Best Windows 10 apps this week

Three-hundred-and-fifty-two in a series. Welcome to this week's overview of the best apps, games and extensions released for Windows 10 on the Microsoft Store in the past seven days.

Microsoft fixed the high CPU usage caused by the search process in the September cumulative update for Windows 10 version 1903; it turns out that this particular version introduced new search and Start menu issues that the company acknowledged yesterday.

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Microsoft acknowledges that KB4515384 update breaks the Start menu and Search in Windows 10

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Updates for Windows 10 have proved to be more problematic than usual recently. The KB4512941 update was found to cause high CPU usage, and then some users started to experience weird orange screenshots.

Now the KB4515384​​​​​ cumulative update that was supposed to address the high CPU usage issue is breaking the SearchUI.exe associated with Windows Desktop Search. On top of this, some users are complaining about problems with the Start menu.

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Microsoft addresses orange screenshot bug in Windows 10... kinda


Windows 10 users are accustomed to putting up with the occasional bug here and there, and people who installed the KB4512941 update found they were plagued with an issue that gave screenshots an orange hue.

Now Microsoft says that the issue has been addressed. Well... sort of. In fact, the company has shifted the blame to Lenovo, saying that the Eye Care mode feature of Lenovo Vantage is to blame. Here's what you need to know.

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There's a new Pandora desktop app for Windows 10 in the Microsoft Store

Pandora is a popular music streaming service that aims to function as sort of a personalized radio station for the listener. There are different tiers of service, including a free option -- a big reason for its popularity. There are also paid tiers, starting at just $4.99.

Today, Pandora releases a new desktop app for Windows 10. This follows the release of the app for Apple macOS, which has been available since May of 2019. This new app for Windows is being offered exclusively from the Microsoft Store, so Windows 7 users, for example, cannot experience it fully. Pandora specifically says it is a Windows 10-only affair. Of course, all platforms can access Pandora thanks to the web player -- something Apple Music is currently beta testing.

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Windows 10 20H1 will be called Windows 10 May 2020 Update

Windows 10 boxes

Eager Windows 10 users involved in the Insider program have been able to play with Windows 10 20H1 for a little while now. This has given people a chance to try out new features, but two things we haven't known are what this update will be called, and when it will be released.

Now, thanks to an eagle-eyed user, we know both. Unless, of course, Microsoft chooses to change its mind...

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Microsoft releases Windows 10 20H1 Build 18980 with more Cortana and Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) improvements

Recent Windows 10 Insider builds from the 20H1 branch (set for release next spring) have introduced quite a few welcome new features, and today’s new flight, Build 18980, is no different.

The previous release, Build 18975, came with Cortana and Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) improvements, and so does this one.

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Orange screenshot bug blights Windows 10 KB4512941 update

Windows 10 boxes

The KB4512941 update for Windows 10 has already proved itself to be problematic, causing issues with high CPU usage. Now another bug has emerged in the update, with users complaining of corrupted screenshots.

The strange problem rears it head no matter how a screenshot is taken, with the resulting images exhibiting an orange tint. Other users complain that their screens are turning red.

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Microsoft releases Windows 10 20H1 Build 18975 with Cortana and Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) improvements

Work continues apace on the next major Windows 10 update due out next spring. Recent preview releases have all introduced big improvements, and today's new flight, Build 18975, is no different.

This release for Fast ring Insiders introduces the ability to move the Cortana window to anywhere on screen, and also makes improvements to Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

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Best Windows 10 apps this week

Three-hundred-and-fifty-one in a series. Welcome to this week's overview of the best apps, games and extensions released for Windows 10 on the Microsoft Store in the past seven days.

If you installed KB4512941 for Windows 10 version 1903 and noticed Cortana CPU usage going through the roof, you are not alone. Microsoft acknowledged the issue and plans to ship a patch later this month.

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Microsoft is working to address high CPU usage and search problems with KB4512941 update

Windows 10 boxes

A week after its release, Microsoft says it is working to fix a problem with the KB4512941 update for Windows 10. Users have complained of a spike in CPU usage by SearchUI.exe and said that search results are blank.

The company had been slow to recognize that there was a problem, but it did eventually acknowledge the issue on Twitter. Now Microsoft has provided more details about its work on a fix which is due for release later this month.

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Microsoft releases the first PowerToys utilities for Windows 10 -- FancyZones and Shortcut Guide

PowerToys reboot

It has been a little while since news broke that Microsoft was bringing back PowerToys for Windows 10 but four months down the line the company has kept its word.

Microsoft has just released the first preview of PowerToys, and you can download two new utilities right now. Kicking things off are FancyZones, a window manager which greatly enhances window snapping for improved productivity, and Shortcut Guide, which uses a screen overlay to reveal the keyboard shortcuts you can use at any given time. Sadly, however, there is no TweakUI for Windows 10.

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Windows 10 KB4512941 causes high CPU usage by Cortana [UPDATED: Microsoft is working on it]

Windows 10 boxes

Following the release of KB4512941 for Windows 10 version 1903, users have noticed a huge leap in CPU usage by Cortana.

After installing the cumulative update, the Cortana process SearchUI.exe is making much higher use of the CPU for many people. The problem can arise on systems where Bing Search has been disabled, and a series of workarounds have been suggested while Microsoft works on addressing the problem.

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Ubuntu-based Linux Lite 4.6 now available

Happy Labor Day Weekend, dear BetaNews readers! Tomorrow, many of us "working stiffs" will get the opportunity to do nothing. We can sit around, watch TV, barbecue some meat -- hell, for one day, we can pretty much do whatever we'd like. Personally, I picked up some steaks from Costco, which are marinating now in anticipation. Sadly, not everyone will be off from work tomorrow, so if you will be at your job on Labor Day, please accept both my sympathies and respect.

If you want something fun to do tomorrow while relaxing at home, why not install Linux? Seriously, folks, what better time than Labor Day to look into replacing Windows 7 or Windows 10 on your PC with something better and faster? If your PC has been sluggish, or if you are wary of all the telemetry (spying) built into Windows 10, a distribution such as Linux Lite can breathe new life into your computer. Today, following a short beta period, Linux Lite 4.6 "Final" becomes available for download.

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New version of Windows 95 gains a snazzy user interface on Windows 10, macOS and Linux

Windows 95

Windows 95 has been enjoying a nostalgia-fueled revival in recent years. There have been concepts made for modern versions of the ancient OS on desktop and mobile and it’s even now possible to give an Apple iPhone a Windows 95 makeover.

Last year, developer Felix Rieseberg released Windows 95 as an Electron app and a few months later updated it to run gaming classics like Doom. Three months ago he gave the OS a welcome performance boost, and now it gets a smart new user interface and upgraded components.

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