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Malware levels drop as attacks become more targeted

Malware magnifier

Overall malware levels have shown a 39 percent decline over the last quarter as attackers have switched to a more targeted approach.

The third quarter threat intelligence report from SonicWall Capture Labs records a 40 percent surge in global ransomware, a 19 percent increase in intrusion attempts and a 30 percent rise in IoT malware.

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COVID-19's impact on enterprise security teams

Virus face mask

A new survey of 600 enterprise IT security professionals from seven countries and 19 industries looks to generate an understanding on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the industry.

The study from CyberEdge reveals some surprising -- and less surprising -- insights into the changes that have taken place and the challenges they've presented.

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Claroty offers remote incident management as part of its operational security platform

Industrial computer system

Digital transformation initiatives have meant IT and operational technology (OT) networks becoming more interconnected and the switch to remote working has only accelerated this.

In response to this trend, OT security specialist Claroty has updated its platform to offer remote incident management as a fully integrated capability that spans the entire incident lifecycle.

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One in three Brits uses someone else's streaming login

According to a new study from F-Secure, 36 percent of Brits are willing to use someone else’s details to access streaming services if given the chance.

Also 42 percent of Brits share their login details to their favourite streaming services with between one and three other people and 70 percent feel no guilt when using someone else’s login for Netflix or Amazon.

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The challenge of effectively securing collaboration tools [Q&A]

remote work

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many more organizations to adopt remote working. This in turn has led to a boom in the use of tools like Teams and Zoom to help employees communicate.

Securing those tools though presents some serious challenges ensuring that, for example, they aren't used, inadvertently or on purpose, to leak sensitive information.

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IT security pros still struggle with remote work basics

Working late at home

While a vast majority of organizations have transitioned to remote work during the COVID-19 outbreak, only a third of IT security professionals described that transition as 'smooth' in a new survey.

The study from OneIdentity shows 62 percent of respondents say that cloud infrastructure is more important now than 12 months ago and 31 percent attribute this shift directly to COVID-19.

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Declining emphasis on security training puts businesses at risk

training key

While companies are getting better at protecting their customers’ personal and sensitive information, their focus on security training has declined in the last year according to a new report.

The study from information security service Shred-it shows that 83 percent of consumers say they prefer to do business with companies who prioritize protecting their physical and digital data, so the decline in training risks losing custom as well as security breaches.

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What do Trump, Biden, COVID and your dog have in common?

Dog laptop password

They're all likely to be part of your password according to a new survey from which asked 750 Americans to share their password strategies and security habits.

It reveals some worrying trends, 45 percent of Americans are using passwords that are eight characters or less, with only 15 percent using strong password generators.

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Researchers uncover botnet targeting decade-old CMS vulnerability

Botnet concept

The results of a six-month investigation into a botnet that targets a vulnerability in content management systems have been released today by Imperva Research Labs.

The botnet known as 'KashmirBlack' first appeared around November 2019 and is still active. It's managed by a single command and control server and uses more than 60 servers -- mostly innocent surrogates -- as part of its infrastructure.

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ESET launches updated consumer security range for Windows

ESET logo

Cybersecurity company ESET is launching new versions of its Windows consumer security products offering improved levels of protection.

ESET Internet Security, ESET NOD32 Antivirus and ESET Smart Security Premium get a wide range of security improvements covering malware detection, online banking, password security and smart home support.

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Machine identity attacks grow more than 400 percent

Attack button

The number of reported machine identity-related cyberattacks grew by 433 percent between 2018 and 2019, according to a new report from Venafi.

Between 2015 and 2019, the number of reported cyberattacks that used machine identities grew by more than 700 percent. Over the same period the number of vulnerabilities involving machine identities grew by 260 percent, increasing by 125 percent between 2018 and 2019.

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Remote working hits productivity and revenue

Lazy home worker

The switch to remote working has left many organizations lagging in productivity and revenue due to the deficiency of their remote access solutions.

A new report from Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) provider Perimeter 81 reveals that 19 percent of IT leaders surveyed say they often or always experience network performance and latency issues when using legacy remote access solutions while an additional 43 percent say they sometimes do.

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Privacy and security concerns increase with remote work

Data privacy

Two new global studies from network specialist Cisco reveal an increase in consumer concern about data sharing during the pandemic and the security challenges organizations face supporting employees and customers in our remote-first world.

The reports also highlight the opportunities presented by the accelerated transition to a cloud-first, remote world that demands us to be secure, connected and productive from anywhere.

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Cybercriminals target loyalty programs in search of easily traded data

Consumer loyalty programs in the retail, hospitality and travel industries rely on gathering information about their users. For criminals this can offer everything they need to get started in a number of crime-related ventures, from account takeovers, to straight-up identity theft.

A new report from Akamai reveals more than 63 billion credential stuffing attacks on the commerce category -- comprising the retail, travel, and hospitality industries -- over the last two years, 90 percent of them against retailers.

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Why the concept of 'single pane of glass' in cybersecurity is a myth

endpoint protection

As we approach 2021, there’s a new technology revolution underway. Yes, software is king -- but our data is siloed in applications. In order to achieve the next rung of technology innovation, we must take a Data-Centric and API-first approach to software development to allow for better connections between your ecosystems of tools.

The breed of software solutions that emerge in this coming decade will disabuse themselves of the dreaded, empty promise of the 'single pane of glass'. They will prioritize development for the API and reduce the reliance on UI for data management.

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