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Apple finally launches MagSafe Battery Pack for iPhone 12 line of smartphones

Apple's iPhone smartphones have historically offered very good battery life comparatively. In fact, in my experience, Apple's devices typically last a lot longer than many Android phones. This is despite Android phones often having larger batteries. Apple simply does a better job of optimizing its software. Not to mention, since the company designs its own hardware (including processors), Android-makers simply cant compete in this regard.

Even though Apple iPhone 12 battery life is reportedly great (except maybe for the mini model), the company has finally launched a MagSafe Battery Pack. This accessory is primarily designed for hardcore iPhone users that never put the device down. This battery attaches to the rear of the phone using magnets and extends its usage time. Just make sure to keep it away from your pacemaker!

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The classic Symbian OS reimagined as a rival to iOS and Android

Before Android and iOS took over the mobile market, there was Symbian. Originally developed for PDAs in the late 1990s, it was the most popular mobile OS in the world for a time, powering early smartphones from Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and Sony Ericsson.

As Google and Apple’s mobile operating systems took off, Symbian OS went into an inevitable decline, and it was discontinued in 2010. But perhaps now is the time for a modern re-invention of it.

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Satechi launches USB-C stand and hub for Apple Mac mini with integrated SSD enclosure

Apple Silicon -- better known as the company's own "M1" processor -- is a game-changer. The new Mac computers (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, and Mac mini) powered by this new ARM-based processor have been very well received by critics and consumers alike.

I was personally fascinated by this new CPU, so I purchased my own 2020 Mac mini. Guess what, folks? The hype is real. The performance is exceptional while the fan almost never kicks in. It is a silent and powerful computing experience. It is a highly recommended computer.

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These Apple devices can literally kill you

Apple devices can be literal life-savers. For instance, in an emergency, you can call 911 with an iPhone to summon help. Not to mention, there have been documented cases of Apple Watch detecting undiagnosed medical conditions. People ultimately go to the doctor to follow-up, and as a result, it ends up saving their lives.

As great as Apple devices are, they can also sometimes kill you. Like, seriously, some Apple products can possibly end your life -- if you have certain medical devices, that is, such as a pacemaker. And now, Apple is sharing a full list of its products that can interfere with medical devices and potentially lead to death. This expands upon its previously released list.

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Logitech Combo Touch keyboard case turns Apple iPad Air (4th gen) into a proper laptop

If you want the absolute best tablet computing experience, you have to get an iPad. Are there good Android tablets? Sure, but iPad is simply better than them all. There's a reason the Android tablet market has largely dried up -- consumers don't really care about them. Trust me, y'all; Apple created magic with the iPad.

While iPad can technically serve as someone's only computer without any added accessories, it does shine when you connect it to a keyboard case -- particularly one with a trackpad. With one of these cases, you essentially turn the iPad into a makeshift laptop. Like Microsoft's Surface Pro tablets, however, balancing the kickstand on your actual lap while typing on the keyboard might be a bit frustrating.

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iPhones have a weird Wi-Fi bug

iPhone Wi-Fi

A security researcher has discovered a strange iPhone bug that breaks wireless internet connectivity.

Self-proclaimed reverse engineer Carl Schou found that simply connecting to a network with an SSID containing particular characters "permanently disabled" his iPhone's Wi-Fi functionality. Although Apple is yet to acknowledge that there is a problem, it has been tested and confirmed by many users.

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Satechi releases Slim X2 Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard for Apple iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Last year, Apple released new Mac computers powered by the company's own M1 processors. Not only were there new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops, but a new Mac mini desktop as well. More recently, Apple released a new M1-powered iMac too. I was fascinated by the new Apple Silicon processors, so earlier this year, I bought my very own Mac mini. Guess what? It is a phenomenal computer that I love very much so far.

The problem with the Mac mini, however, is it doesn't come with a keyboard or mouse. This is by design, as Apple hopes Windows users will replace their current desktops with the little Mac -- simply reusing existing keyboards, mice, and monitors. Unfortunately, a Windows keyboard is not ideal for a Mac. Will it work? Yes, but it doesn't have the exact same keys, such as "COMMAND." And so, Mac mini buyers would be wise to buy a Mac keyboard.

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Apple launches Dr. Dre-inspired Beats Studio Buds with active noise cancellation

Beats by Dre headphones are revered around the world for their great looks and high sound quality. They are also very much respected by the Hip-Hop community as the "Dre" in the brand refers to Dr. Dre -- one of the greatest record producers of all time. Since Apple bought the brand, it dropped the "by Dre" making them simply "Beats." With that said, Dr. Dre's soul and inspiration will forever live on in the products.

Today, Apple launches the Dr. Dre-inspired "Beats Studio Buds." These are notable for offering active noise cancellation at a very affordable price. Despite being an Apple product, the company promises fast Bluetooth pairing with both iPhone and Google's Android! Beats Studio Buds offer a maximum of eight hours of listening time on their own, but the case will fully charge them twice, effectively increasing this to 24 hours. Nice.

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What's new in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 -- in 35 seconds

Apple’s WWDC started yesterday with a two-hour long keynote in which the company revealed what’s next for its various operating systems, including iOS and macOS.

There are a lot of new features coming, including plenty to do with privacy, as well as FaceTime enhancements and updates for Maps, Weather, and Wallet.

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FaceTime on Windows, FaceTime on Android: it's happening


At the WWDC 2021 keynote yesterday there was quite a lot to take in, with Apple revealing details of iOS 15 and macOS Monterey. But there were other big reveals too, including the news that using FaceTime will soon be possible on non-Apple platforms.

In what many will see as something of a surprise move, Apple announced that FaceTime is coming to web browsers. This means that it will be possible to FaceTime from Windows and FaceTime from Android. No specific mention was made of Linux, but with a browser-based version of FaceTime in the pipeline, there's no reason to think this won't be possible.

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Apple steals Microsoft's Windows 11 thunder with macOS Monterey unveil

Today at WWDC 2021, the folks at Apple talked. I mean, they talked a lot. Like, for nearly two hours, various Apple employees highlighted the company's plans for the future, including iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. While consumers are probably most excited about Apple's aforementioned mobile operating systems, other people (such as yours truly), are more intrigued by the newest version of the desktop OS. Called "Monterey," this once again looks to be the best macOS ever.

Despite Apple switching to its own ARM-based processors for the newest Mac computers, macOS Monterey will be compatible with Intel-based machines too. Notably, Shortcuts from iOS and iPadOS will be coming to Monterey. While Automator is still supported, it is unofficially on death-watch. Most interestingly, Apple is making it easier to work between iPhone, iPad, and Mac -- you can now do AirPlay to Mac and share your mouse and keyboard between devices with Universal Control.

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Apple iOS 15 promises loads of powerful new features

Apple’s WWDC started today and the tech giant had a lot of news covering iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS and more.

For many non-developers, the big news is going to be the changes coming to the iPhone’s mobile operating system, and iOS 15 doesn’t disappoint.

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Watch Apple's WWDC 2021 keynote live here today

Today is a big day for Apple as it will be opening its yearly developer conference with a virtual keynote. As always there will be a lot of software news.

The focus will no doubt be on the latest versions of iOS, iPadOS, macOS and watchOS, but it’s likely new hardware will also be unveiled.

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How to verify your Apple AirTag has the new anti-stalker firmware

Apple AirTag is a very cool, albeit expensive, product. If you aren't familiar, it is a little battery-powered disc that is designed to track belongings. You can buy an accessory to turn it into a keychain, for instance, and then track your keys. As another example, you can buy a luggage tag accessory so you can track your bags when traveling. It is the dependence on accessories that makes the AirTag so expensive.

The problem, you see, is that not only can it be used to track things, but people too. Yes, creepy stalkers can secretly hide one of these AirTags inside something that belongs to another person and then track them. If the person being tracked has an iPhone, however, it will detect such behavior and warn them if it notices an AirTag (that they don't own) moving around with them.

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Satechi Aluminum Stand and Hub transforms Apple iPad Pro into a desktop computer

When Apple launched its now-infamous What's a Computer? advertisement for the iPad Pro, it was pretty much universally panned for stupidity. In it, a woman refers to a girl's iPad Pro as a computer, and the girl replies with the classic "what's a computer?" line. As we know, an iPad is a computer, and it's absurd to think the youth of America are unfamiliar with the term "computer."

But what if an iPad Pro wasn't just a tablet computer, but a desktop computer too? Well, with the Satechi Aluminum Stand and Hub for iPad Pro, that can be a reality. You see, this elegant new product transforms the Apple iPad Pro into a makeshift iMac-like, desktop computer.

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