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Satechi launches USB-C Multiport Pro Adapter as an Apple exclusive

Satechi makes great products -- in-the-know consumers are aware of this. The company's docks, dongles, and other accessories are both elegantly designed and affordable. While most of its USB-C products will absolutely work with Windows, the designs are clearly inspired by Apple.

Today, Satechi launches a new portable dock called "USB-C Multiport Pro Adapter," and it is being sold exclusively at and brick-and-mortar Apple Stores. The dongle is only being offered in space gray color at this time.

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F-Secure's Data Discovery Portal reveals what the big tech companies know about you

F-Secure Data Discovery Portal

In an age where people want -- even expect -- everything for free, particularly online, the price we pay for using various services is our privacy. Social networks are obvious collectors of personal data, but it doesn't end there... and who really knows what information has been collected about them over the years?

This is what F-Secure hopes to cast a light on with its new Data Discovery Portal which aims to "expose the true cost of using some of the web's most popular free services". It covers Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Snapchat and Twitter.

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Apple pushes out another emergency security update to fix videoconferencing vulnerabilities

Angled Apple logo

Having released a silent update last week to protect Zoom users from webcam hijacking, Apple has now pushed out a second security patch that is silently installed in the background.

This second patch addresses issues with the RingCentral and Zhumu videoconferencing tools. These apps suffered from a very similar vulnerability, putting users at risk, so Apple has stepped in once again to neutralize the problem.

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More than 50 new emojis coming to Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Emojis have proven to be one of the greatest additions to the written language. Regardless of which language in which you read/write, your communications can be greatly enhanced and improved with the use of these wonderful emojis. You see, since the written word lacks body language and general sense of emotion, it is easy for there to be a miscommunication. For instance, emails and text messages can be misinterpreted by the recipient, as they may incorrectly assume the emotion by the sender is negative. The addition of a smiling face emoji, for example, can make all the difference. Hopefully even proper books will incorporate emojis in the future.

Today, Apple announces 59 new emojis are coming to the upcoming iOS 13, iPadOS 13, watchOS 6, and macOS 10.15! There are many fun new additions, such as a flamingo, yo-yo, and waffle to new a few. Since Apple is such a progressive company, it is also using emojis as a platform to further its message of equality. Emojis showing people holding hands can now be customized with various genders and skin tones. Equally important from a social perspective is the focus on differently-abled people -- there is a guide dog and robotic/prosthetic arm too.

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Apple's 2019 MacBook Air is significantly slower than last year's model

13-inch MacBook Pro

When Apple announced the 2019 refresh of its MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, attention was focused on the reduction in price and a boost to hardware.

But while much was made of the addition of True Tone to the Retina Display and the lower starting figure, it seems that the price cut comes at the price of performance. Tests show that the 2019 MacBook Air's SSD is actually slower, significantly slower, than last year's model.

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Apple Watch eavesdropping vulnerability forces Apple to disable Walkie-Talkie app

Apple Watch with rainbow strap

Apple has disabled the Walkie-Talkie app for Apple Watch after a vulnerability that potentially allows for eavesdropping on iPhone conversations emerged.

The company says that it is not aware of any incidents of the vulnerability being exploited, and it has not shared any details of the security issue. Apple's short-term solution is to simply disable the app while it works on a fix.

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Apple and Zoom push out updates to remove potentially privacy-invading web server

Apple logo in squares

A few days ago, a security issue with the Zoom chat tool came to light -- a flaw that made it possible for Mac webcams to be switched on without permission. Despite seemingly suggesting that the flaw was in fact not a flaw, Zoom issued an update that grants users more control over the software.

Apple has also produced an update of its own which nukes the security hole. The silent update has been pushed out to users and is installed without the need for confirmation or user interaction.

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Apple updates MacBook Pro and MacBook Air -- hardware bumped, prices dropped

13-inch MacBook Pro

Timed to coincide with the back to school season, Apple has announced the latest updates to its MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. There's a special promotion which includes a free pair of Beats Studio 3 Wireless headphones with a qualifying purchase too.

A price drop for the MacBook Air means that students can pick one up for as little as $999 ($1,099 for everyone else) and benefit from the addition of True Tone to the Retina Display. The entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro now features an 8th-generation quad-core processor which Apple says makes it twice as powerful as it used to be.

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Apple ditching the wonderful MacBook butterfly keyboard is a huge mistake

Apple has been making a lot of money despite making many mistakes in the design department. Thankfully, the once brilliant Jony Ive -- now seemingly washed up -- has left the company; we should hopefully see some fresh ideas that focus on substance rather than flash.

One of the most polarizing Apple design choices in recent years is the controversial MacBook butterfly keyboard. The scissor keys have very little movement, are fairly loud, and worst of all, are prone to breakage by something as simple as a piece of dust. And yet, I love that damn keyboard.

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Apple and Jony Ive are consciously uncoupling

Apple has essentially kicked Jony Ive out of the company. Well, that's what my gut tells me anyway. Officially, the Chief Design Officer has left voluntarily to form a design company called "LoveFrom." This has sent shock waves throughout the technology community, as it was not at all expected.

Apparently, Apple will be LoveFrom's first client, which is just odd. It means Ive would work with Apple rather than for it -- a freelancer, if you will. This seems like malarkey to me -- the arrangement might just be a cover for all parties involved. Apple can protect its image by not sullying Ive's name through a proper firing, while Ive can continue to be a pompous bloke and retain his dignity. After all, neither party wants bad blood -- it can harm the reputation of both sides.

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Recall alert: Your Apple MacBook Pro could be a fire hazard

If you own a MacBook Pro, you are very lucky -- they are great laptops. Unfortunately, even top computer makers, such as Apple, can experience hardware issues leading to safety concerns, and sometimes, a recall.

Today, Apple announces a voluntary recall for some MacBook Pro laptops. It is quite a scary issue too -- the batteries can overheat and cause a fire. In other words, it can potentially damage property, cause injuries, and worst of all, lead to death.

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Apple teams up with Best Buy to expand repair services to hundreds of stores

Best Buy

The next time you have a problem with your Apple product -- be it an iMac, MacBook, iPhone or iPad -- you could take it to Best Buy for repair rather than an Apple store.

The new repair options are thanks to Apple's expansion of its authorized service network. There are almost 1,000 Best Buy stores with over 7,600 newly Apple-certified Geek Squad technicians ready to help you out.

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Satechi launches Dual Smart Outlet with Apple HomeKit support

While smart home devices are very popular these days, Apple's HomeKit sadly isn't. This is a shame, as I rather like the company's centralized approach to controlling the home. If all of your devices are HomeKit compatible, you can expect an elegant experience where you don't have to jump from app to app. Unfortunately, there are many popular smart home device manufacturers that don't put resources into supporting Apple's solution.

Today, Satechi announces a new smart outlet adapter that thankfully is compatible with Apple HomeKit. Called "Dual Smart Outlet," it can control power to two devices -- not just one like many other models. Don't want to use HomeKit and Siri? You don't have to -- you can use Satechi's app instead.

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Feast your eyes on how Apple's iPhone 11 should look

We’ve still got a few months to wait before Apple unveils the follow-up to the iPhone XS, although there have already been a number of leaks and a lot of speculation regarding the next iteration of the iPhone.

It’s believed that Apple will add under-display cameras, allowing for notch-less full screen, introduce reverse-wireless charging -- so users can charge AirPods directly from the handset -- and swap the Lightning connector for USB-C.

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The Twitter app is returning to macOS

Twitter macOS

For more than a year, macOS users have been without an official desktop Twitter client -- more on that shortly. But now, thanks to Project Catalyst for macOS 10.15 Catalina, a Twitter app is making its way back to Mac.

Twitter says that Apple's Project Catalyst means that it has been easy to use the code from the iOS version of the client to create a native macOS app. The company has also revealed just why it was the Mac Twitter client disappeared in the first place.

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