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Apple greenlights Dash cryptocurrency in the App Store

Dash iOS app 1

Apple has a selective approach towards cryptocurrency, which is why iOS users only have access to a handful of coins in the App Store. You can find players like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple, but most others are pushed aside.

There is no official position, but it is believed that Apple only accepts cryptocurrencies that are reputable. And Dash just rejoined that list. The sixth-largest cryptocurrency is back in the App Store, after being banned last year.

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Qualcomm CEO: Apple dispute will be settled out of court


Apple and Qualcomm might be fighting hard in the courtroom, but that's not where the battle is going to end.

That's according to the latter company's CEO, who believes the issue will most likely be settled out of the court.

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iOS and its effect on enterprise security

businessman thumbs down angry suit cell phone iPhone

Over the past decade, iOS devices have found their way into many businesses. According to a new report this has led to an increase in the number of attacks and incidences of malware on the platform.

Mobile threat defense company Skycure analyzed the security impact of iOS on the enterprise over the past ten years and found that the percentage of enterprise iOS devices that have malicious apps installed today has more than tripled since the third quarter of 2016. In comparison, the rate of Android malware infections has stayed relatively flat.

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Apple embraces breastfeeding and zombies!


Apple is using World Emoji Day to preview upcoming emoji that will feature in iOS, macOS and watchOS later in the year. The new emoji include breastfeeding, a zombie, a woman in a headscarf, and a bearded man.

The company says that "the new emoji make it easier for users to express themselves with greater diversity, additional animals and creatures, new smiley faces and more," but not everyone is going to take it quite that seriously. Still... zombies!

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Here's how to get Apple AirPods in black


If you’re in the market for some wireless headphones, and you own an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and/or Mac, then Apple’s AirPods are likely on your list of possible purchases. Once setup, they’re always on, always connected, and they can detect when they’re in your ears, so the music will pause the second you remove them.

The biggest downside, besides the $159 asking price, is they only come in one color -- white. That’s not great if you own a Jet Back iPhone, or you just don’t like white headphones. But it is possible to get them in black, and in choice of finishes.

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Back to School: Buy a Mac or iPad Pro and Apple will give you free Beats headphones


If you are a student or teacher, I hope you are having a fun and relaxing summer vacation. It can be very rewarding to just shut your brain off for a couple of months. Unfortunately, the new school year will be here before you know it. If you need new technology for the upcoming semester, such as a laptop or tablet, now is the time to start looking.

When shopping for technology items, it is always wise to look at Apple. The company's hardware is second to none, and both its iPad and MacBook products come with free iWork software for word processing, editing spreadsheets, and creating presentations. This software suite is brilliant for education. Best of all, for a limited time (until September 25), if you purchase a compatible tablet or computer from Apple, you can score some free Beats headphones!

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iPhone and iPad users can now add PayPal as a payment option

PayPal iPhone

Apple has offered PayPal as a payment option for quite some time now, but support and availability have been limited. That changes, starting today.

The big news comes for iPhone and iPad users, who will be able to add PayPal as a payment option directly from their device. That integration is rolling out now, with Canada and Mexico being the first markets to get it.

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Apple will build a second data center in Denmark


Apple has just announced that it will build its second data center in Denmark powered completely by renewable energy.

In total, the project will cost $921 million and the company expects that its new data center will begin operations during the second quarter of 2019. The data center will be located in Aabenraa in southern Denmark close to the German border and it will power all of Apple's online services across Europe, including Siri, Maps, iMessage, the iTunes Store and the App Store.

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Satechi unveils R1 Aluminum Foldable Stand for Switch, Surface, iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and more


In 2017, it is not uncommon for people to own many mobile devices. Using myself as an example, I regularly use an iPhone, iPad, and Nintendo Switch. Let's not forget my portable MacBook Pro too.

If you own a bunch of mobile devices like me, such as a smartphone, tablet, and slim laptop, Satechi has a really cool new product for you. Called "R1 Aluminum Foldable Stand," it aims to provide an optimal viewing experience for all of your devices -- including Nintendo's popular Switch gaming console. When you aren't using it, it can fold up to go into a drawer, laptop bag, or luggage.

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Qualcomm pursues iPhone ban in US


We've known for a few months that Qualcomm is interested in banning iPhone imports in US, and now the company is making its intention official by filing a patent infringement complaint with the International Trade Commission (ITC).

Qualcomm claims that Apple infringes at least one of six patents that it has on "key technologies that enable important features and functions in iPhones," which is why it has requested the ITC to investigate the matter and "ultimately [...] bar importation" of those devices.

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How the iPhone transformed visual communication


Last week we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone. Now, if Apple sticks to it usual schedule, we will all be anxiously awaiting the newest iPhone debut for the next 2 months.

It’s hard to imagine a world without iPhones. Today, most people wouldn’t even consider leaving home without it. Apple’s impact on the world we live in spans far beyond telecommunications. Over the past decade, the iPhone has grown to become Apple's biggest moneymaker and its influence on human behavior and interaction continues to inhabit our everyday life.

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Computer glitch disrupts technology stock prices


The stock prices for many major US technology companies nose-dived last night following a computer glitch. The problem also sent shares in Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft to the same price after the pre-Independence Day early closure of the stock market.

With all four companies seemingly having a stock price of $123.47, Microsoft's market value appeared to increase by nearly 80 percent, while that of Google and Amazon were both slashed by more the 85 percent. Nasdaq stresses that actual stock prices were not affected, and no trading completed with incorrect pricing.

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Apple releases first macOS High Sierra public beta

Apple MacBook Pro macOS High Sierra

Apple will not officially release macOS High Sierra until later this year, but, in the meantime, Mac users who want to check out the new features early can enroll in the public beta program to install preview builds of the new operating system.

The first public beta build lands today, coinciding with the release of a revised second beta for developers. Apple typically gives developers the option to sample a new Mac operating system early, so that casual testers can enjoy a more stable experience.

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The iPhone is 10 years old -- and so are my horrible predictions about it


On this day in history, all the way back in 2007, a device that not only revolutionized an industry but changed the way everyone thought about all industries, was unleashed on the world.

Okay, okay, before I go any further, I know what you're thinking. "Oh, great, another one of those flowery, rose-colored articles about the nostalgia of all things Apple and how the iPhone changed cell phones forever. Kill me now." No, that's not what this is. It's a much broader reflection of how the landscape has changed around media, consumer culture, and communications of all forms, and the fact that mobile technology has been there every step of the way.

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Luxury smartphones are a terrible idea and Vertu's problems confirm it

smartphone hand

When I dream of being rich, the one thing that I never imagine buying is a luxury smartphone. It just doesn't make sense to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a device that, realistically speaking, isn't better than an iPhone or Galaxy S flagship. I have not conducted a scientific study to back this up, but I suspect that people who are actually wealthy would agree.

A luxury item, at least from my perspective, has to stand the test of time. It has to be just as attractive today as it was yesterday. A Rolex Submariner from 10 years ago isn't looked down upon now or perceived as worse compared to the latest model. But a phone, that's different. It actually becomes less appealing as time goes by, because its core functionality becomes less and less attractive to the owner when new generations hit the market.

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