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Apple refreshes iMac range with a performance boost from up-to 8-core Intel 9th-generation processors

iMac 2019

Just a day after launching new iPad Air and iPad mini models, Apple has announced the latest updates to its iMac range. The update has been a long time coming; it is well over a year since there were any changes made to the iMac line.

But good things come to those who wait. Apple's updates bring the humble iMac closer to the iMac Pro thanks to the addition of 9th-generation Intel processors and Radeon Pro Vega graphics -- which Apple says doubles performance. Despite the boost, Apple has made the pleasing decision of keeping pricing the same as before.

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Apple launches surprise all-new iPad Air and iPad mini

Apple’s online store partially closed down earlier today, suggesting new products were about to be released, even though no one was really expecting anything, given there’s a big Apple event happening next week.

It turns out that Apple does indeed have new hardware to share -- refreshed versions of both its 10.5-inch iPad Air and the 7.9-inch iPad mini.

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Spotify lashes out at 'monopolist' Apple in escalating war of words

Spotify logo on a smartphone

The battle between Apple and Spotify continues, with the streaming music company labelling the iPhone-maker a "monopolist".

The spat started when Spotify filed a complaint against Apple, saying that the company is stifling competition and limiting user choice with rules it puts in place. Apple responded, poo-pooing the claims, and now Spotify has responded in turn not only accusing Apple of having a monopoly, but also saying that the company's response to the complaint was "entirely in line" with what it expected.

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Apple bites back at Spotify's damning claims against it

A couple of days ago, Spotify filed a complaint against Apple with the European Commission (EC), the regulatory body responsible for keeping competition fair and nondiscriminatory. It claimed the tech giant has, over the past few years, "introduced rules to the App Store that purposely limit choice and stifle innovation at the expense of the user experience -- essentially acting as both a player and referee to deliberately disadvantage other app developers".

Understandably, Apple is none too happy with Spotify’s claims, and today hits back, addressing the music streaming service's key grievances.

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Leaked internal documents show Apple will repair iPhones with third-party batteries

iPhone battery

If you opted to replace your iPhone battery on the cheap -- avoiding Apple and opting for a third-party instead -- on a subsequent trip to your nearest Genius Bar you will have found that you were ineligible for repairs.

It did not matter if your problem was in no way related to the battery, Apple took a hard line: if you had replaced the battery yourself, you were getting no further help. But leaked internal documents show that the company is softening. Genius Bar and Apple Authorized Service Provider technicians are now permitted to carry out work on phones with non-Apple batteries.

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Google Project Zero reveals 'high severity' macOS vulnerability that Apple has failed to patch

Black and white Apple store logo

Google's Project Zero has gone public about a "high severity" flaw in the macOS kernel after Apple failed to patch it 90 days after being told about the problem.

A security researcher discovered a problem in XNU that means it is possible to perform malicious activities. The security bug related to copy-on-write (COW) behavior, enabling an attacker to manipulate filesystem images without the operating system being notified. Apple was informed of the vulnerability back in November, but has failed to release a patch.

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Want to hack an iPhone? Cellebrite hacking tools are available on eBay

Lego man hacking iPhone

iPhones are renown for their security -- to the point that even law enforcement agencies have trouble accessing their contents. An Israeli firm, Cellebrite, became well-known when it transpired that hacking tools it made were used by the US government to crack locked iPhones… and now its hacking tools are available to buy on eBay.

For as little as $100-$1000, you can get your hands on a second-hand piece of Cellebrite equipment (a fraction of its usual selling price). For just a few Benjamins, you could get a Cellebrite UFED (Universal Forensic Extraction Device) and use it for whatever you might fancy.

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2019 prediction #1 -- Apple under Tim Cook emulates GE under Jack Welch

People -- well, investors and financial analysts -- seem to worry a lot about Apple. They tend to see Apple as either wonderful or terrible, bound for further greatness or doomed. What Apple actually is is huge -- a super tanker of a company. And, like a super tanker, it’s hard to quickly change Apple’s direction or to make it go appreciably faster or slower. Those who see Apple as doomed, especially, should remember they are worrying about the most profitable enterprise in the modern history of business. Those who see Apple as immortal should remember that’s impossible.

The worry about Apple in 2019 seems to be that the smart phone market may have peaked, or maybe that Apple has made the mistake of building its products so well that they last too long. Then there’s the concern that Steve Jobs is gone and why isn’t Apple reinventing itself and the world yet again through another new product category?

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Give your Apple iPhone a Windows 95 makeover with iOS95

Nostalgia is a powerful thing. The 1990s are popular at the moment -- as the new 90s-set Captain Marvel movie shows -- and Windows 95 is suddenly making a comeback of sorts, partially fueled by people's interest in that decade.

If you’ve ever wondered what a modern version of the OS would look like, you can find out here, and you can now run an app version of the original Windows 95 on Windows 10, macOS and Linux. Own an iPhone? You can replace iOS 12 with iOS95 -- here's how.

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Google Maps for Apple iPhone and iPad now lets you follow your favorite places

While Apple reigns supreme on mobile from both a hardware and operating system perspective (iPhone and iOS are best in class), Google is still king of apps and services. Things like Google Maps, Chrome, and Gmail are used by many iPhone and iPad users. Why do Apple fans opt for these Google solutions? They simply work well and are extremely dependable. Apple Maps, for instance, is good, but Google Maps is great. The search giant provides reliable tools that people enjoy using.

Today, Google announces that its Maps app for iOS is getting even better. You see, users can now "follow" their favorite locations, such as theaters, restaurants, and museums to name a few. As a result of following these places, you will be provided with interesting information about them, such as discounts, holiday hours, or dinner specials, for example.

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Eve Flare is an Apple HomeKit-enabled color-changing portable LED orb lamp

Having a "smart home" is all the rage these days, with people installing Wi-Fi cameras, locks, and security systems. Not to mention, voice assistant hardware from companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple allow you to interact with those aforementioned smart devices. Understandably, however, some people are wary of installing such things due to privacy concerns and hacking. These folks shouldn't feel bad about being cautious -- there is absolutely nothing wrong with being hesitant to allow major corporations into your home.

With all of that said, even if you don't trust having cameras or microphones in your home, smart lighting is a less risky option that you should still consider. It is very convenient to turn on a lamp, for instance, using your smartphone. Today, a company called Eve Systems launches a really cool such lamp. Called "Eve Flare," it is compatible with Apple HomeKit and features the ability to change the lighting color using your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. You can even charge the lamp wirelessly.

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Urban Armor Gear (UAG) launches 'Plyo Series' case for 9.7-inch Apple iPad

Apple's iPad remains the best tablet on the market. Many companies have tried to compete, but all have largely failed. Sure, there are some decent Android models on the market -- from a hardware perspective -- but the underlying operating system cannot compare to the excellent iOS. There are countless Android tablets that get abandoned by manufacturers, getting stuck on outdated OS versions chock full of exploits -- which means they simply aren't safe.

If you buy an iPad, you can be confident that Apple will support it for many years, making it a very wise investment. Regardless of which model iPad you choose, it is smart to protect it with a case. If you opted for one of the non-pro 9.7-inch iPad tablets (2017 or 2018), for instance, Urban Armor Gear has a new case that will safeguard the device with military grade protection while also being fashionable. Since the rear is translucent, you can still see Apple's design -- an important thing to some consumers. It even has a loop holder for an Apple Pencil or other stylus.

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New concept video of iOS 13 is packed with exciting features

iOS 13

We won’t get a proper look at iOS 13 until Apple reveals it later in the year, but that isn’t going to stop people from coming up with some ideas of how the mobile operating system should look.

Just a couple of weeks ago we saw one iOS 13 concept video, and now another has surfaced. A collaboration between AppleiDesigner and Skyline News, this latest concept is packed with ideas to get excited about for iPhone and iPad users alike -- a redesigned status bar, system-wide dark mode, some great-looking wallpapers, and customizable lock screen elements.

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Apple iPhone will improve medical care for USA veterans

United States veterans often don't get the respect they deserve. Once they rejoin civilian life, it isn't uncommon to hear horror stories about how they are treated in regards to medical care. Veterans Health Administration facilities can sometimes have long waits, poor service, and terrible hygiene conditions. Don't get me wrong, not all of the VA hospitals are bad, but some are. And these brave people should never have deficient care.

Today, Apple announces that it is aiming to improve the medical care for these heroes with its "Health Records on iPhone" feature. This will allow veterans to safely and securely access medical records with an iPhone. This should be both a tremendous benefit and convenience for these heroic men and women, ultimately leading to an improved medical care experience.

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KeySteal: huge macOS vulnerability can be exploited to reveal keychain passwords


A disgruntled security researcher has revealed a one-click exploit that takes advantage of a macOS vulnerability to reveal all of the passwords stored in a Mac's keychain.

Linus Henze developed an exploit tool called KeySteal that uses a 0-day bug to extract keychain passwords on macOS Mojave and older. He stresses that neither root access nor administrator privileges are required, and no password prompts are generated by the tool. Henze is not going to help Apple to fix the problem because the company does not offer a bug bounty program for macOS.

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