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AIOps models deliver limited value say tech leaders

A new study reveals that 97 percent of technology leaders find traditional AIOps models deliver limited value, leaving teams unable to tackle data overload.

The global survey of 1,300 CIOs and technology leaders in large organizations, carried out for Dynatrace, also finds that 88 percent of organizations say the complexity of their technology stack has increased in the past 12 months, and 51 percent say it will continue to increase.

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Microsoft is giving click-free access to Copilot in Windows 11


It is no secret that Microsoft has jumped wholeheartedly onto the AI bandwagon, and its Copilot assistant is an important part of this.

Copilot is still in preview, but it has already undergone major work since it first appeared, and now Microsoft is trying to encourage people to use it by making it even easier to access. If clicking a mouse button has been standing between you and a fix of AI-powered assistance, you'll be pleased to hear that click-free access is rolling out to Windows 11 users.

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AI integration is among top developer challenges

The biggest software development challenge in 2024 will be incorporating AI into the development process, according to a new report.

The Reveal survey of 585 software developers and IT professionals from Infragistics shows 40.7 percent name this as the top challenge followed by high workload (29.6 percent) and increased customer demands (29.2 percent).

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Microsoft makes Copilot in Windows 11 more useful with new capabilities and plugins


Continuing to go all-in on artificial intelligence, Microsoft has announced a series of new features for its Windows 11 AI assistant. The company has announced the capabilities for Copilot as well as introducing new plugins for even more options.

The arrival of new plugins from the like of OpenTable, Shopify and Kayak helps to transform Copilot into something even more useful than it has been so far. It means that the assistant can be used to book restaurant tables as well as suggesting menus for home dining. On top of these plugin-driven additions, Copilot is also gaining new features so it can display system information on demand, and be used to control accessibility features.

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Enterprises face problems integrating AI

New research from shows that over 90 percent of enterprises are currently experiencing limitations integrating AI into their tech stack.

Almost three-quarters of companies (73 percent) report that more than half of the apps in their tech stack have AI capabilities or AI-augmented features, and 96 say they percent plan to use these features to improve process efficiency and employee productivity, increase customer satisfaction rates and reduce costs.

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Google can now train AI with Reddit posts thanks to new Data API access deal

Google and Reddit

Google and Reddit have "expanded and deepened" their existing partnership in a deal that will give the search giant near-unfettered access to content posted on the site. As well as helping users to find Reddit content via the search engine, the move also means that Redditor's posts will be used to train Google's AI models.

Reddit says that in giving Google access to it Data API, it will be "easier to discover and access the communities and conversations people are looking for". It is being pushed by both companies as a way of promoting the "open internet", but it is something that is proving conversial.

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The impact of AI on cybersecurity

AI security

The market for AI in cybersecurity is expected to reach more than $133 billion by 2030 according to a new report from Techopedia.

There's both a positive and negative impact from AI use. Hackers using AI has fueled a huge rise in cybercrime, expected to reach a massive $9.22 trillion cost to internet users in 2024, with the vast majority (85 percent) of cybersecurity professionals blaming AI. This rise is for these key reasons: AI increases the speed and volume of attacks, it adapts to specific defenses, and it creates more sophisticated, personalized attacks.

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Cybersecurity professionals believe AI will significantly affect their jobs

With responses from more than 1,100 cybersecurity professionals, a new survey reveals that 88 percent of respondents believe that AI will significantly impact their jobs, now or in the near future.

The study from ISC2 shows 35 percent have already witnessed its effects. However, views on exactly what the implications of AI might be are mixed.

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Microsoft Build 2024 confirmed for May, with 'AI, Copilots, and more' for developers

Microsoft Build 2024

Microsoft has confirmed the dates and location of this year's Build conference for developers. The event will be held from May 21 to 23 in the Seattle Convention Center's Summit building, and it may be a chance for everyone to learn more about not only the future of Windows 11, but also the upcoming Windows 12.

Like last year, Microsoft Build 2024 is an in-person event, although online attendance is also possible. So far, Microsoft is promising "AI, Copilots, and more for Developers" and while there are no firm details of precisely what to expect, it is possible to sign up to be notified when registration opens.

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Get 'Enterprise AI in the Cloud: A Practical Guide to Deploying End-to-End Machine Learning and ChatGPT Solutions' (worth $48.99) for FREE

Enterprise AI in the Cloud is an indispensable resource for professionals and companies who want to bring new AI technologies like generative AI, ChatGPT, and machine learning (ML) into their suite of cloud-based solutions.

If you want to set up AI platforms in the cloud quickly and confidently and drive your business forward with the power of AI, this book is the ultimate go-to guide.

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Microsoft releases KB5034765 update for Windows 11, moving the Copilot button and fixing the Start menu


If you've been irritated by the positioning of the Copilot button in Windows 11, the newly released KB5034765 update is for you.

This month’s patch for Windows 11 not only boosts security and fixes numerous bugs, it also sees the button for accessing Microsoft's AI-powered assistant moving. It effectively replaces the "show desktop" button in the taskbar.

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What's the best option for businesses -- open-source or commercial AI services?

In the past year, Generative AI (GenAI) availability for businesses has swept the market, offering significant boosts in productivity. To successfully seize this opportunity, however, businesses will need to ensure they invest in the right solutions.

Faced with options like commercial AI services and customizable open-source Large Language Models (LLMs), business leaders must navigate a complex landscape of risks and benefits. This choice, influenced by factors like speed to market and data security, is crucial for companies looking to strategically invest in GenAI.

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AI's challenge to internet freedom

Artificial-intelligence, AI

In October 2020, observing International Internet Day, I spoke about the threats to Internet freedom. A lot has happened in less than four years, and a lot has changed. But the threats did not go away. On the contrary, Internet users and their freedoms are in more danger now than ever.

In February 2024, as we observe Safer Internet Day, it is necessary to reiterate that there is no safety without freedom, online or offline. Especially as the enemies of both are now equipped with the most powerful tool for cyber oppression yet -- Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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Microsoft is improving the look of gaming with AI Super Resolution in Windows 11 24H2

Super resolution

The latest use Microsoft has found for artificial intelligence is to boost graphics and performance in games in Windows 11. As can be seen in the latest preview builds of the operating system, the company is preparing to unleash an AI-powered feature called “super resolution”.

Also known as AI SR and Auto SR, super resolution can be applied on an app-by-app basis. In order to take advantage of the feature, users will have to have a PC with an AI NPU -- a requirement that is likely to become increasingly common.

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Windows 11: Even Notepad gets AI support

If you thought that Microsoft was done adding AI to its products then you are mistaken. It appears that the company is just getting started. The latest program to get AI support is the plain text editor Notepad.

Microsoft has improved Notepad significantly since the release of Windows 11. Recent updates introduced automatic saving of text, word counts, and tabs to the plain text editor. All of these features were welcome by Notepad users, as they improved the text editor.

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