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Do you trust Microsoft enough to use Windows 11's new 'Fix problems using Windows Update' feature?

Laptop running Windows 11

Updates for Windows 11 have proved to be astonishingly problematic over the last year and a half. Just about every patch and update that has been released has ended up causing new issues that have had to be addressed with yet another update.

Considering the problems caused by Windows Update, it is interesting to see a new option Microsoft is working on at the moment. Hidden in the latest Insider builds of Windows 11 is a new addition to the Recovery tools in the System section of the Settings app: Fix problems using Windows Update.

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Microsoft releases KB5022360 update to fix numerous Windows 11 issues

Man using Windows 11 laptop

Ahead of a full, wider release next month, Microsoft has made available a preview version of the KB5022360 update for Windows 11.

This is a non-security update, but it does include -- in Microsoft's words -- "quality improvements". What this means in practice is that the update addresses a number of Windows 11 problems such as an issue with searchindexer.exe and another with firmware Trusted Platform Modules (TPM). It also introduces a change to the way .NET Framework update previews are installed.

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Microsoft has started forcibly upgrading Windows 11 21H2 users to Windows 11 22H2

Laptop with Windows 11 and Microsoft logos

More than nine months before the end of support for Windows 11 21H2, Microsoft has started to forcibly upgrade users to Windows 11 22H2 -- or the Windows 11 2022 Update as it is also known.

While the upgrades may be unwanted, Microsoft is not being quiet about what it is doing. The company is using a security angle to try to win over those who may be unhappy with what is happening.

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Microsoft releases Windows 11 Build 25284 with a new Messenger app widget

It's an exciting day for Windows 11 Insiders in the Dev Channel as Build 25284 arrives with a selection of handy fixes and a brand new widget for the Messenger app.

Unfortunately, this new build won’t be made available for Arm64 devices due to a known issue that results in devices getting stuck at the OS boot logo.

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Microsoft is planning a huge overhaul of File Explorer including a redesigned look and new features

File Explorer 2023

It is not all that long ago since Microsoft gave File Explorer something of a revamp with the addition of tabs. Now the company is planning something even bigger, with a dramatically restyled and updated version of the Windows 11 app due for release later this year.

While a precise release date has not yet been revealed, it is likely that the new version of File Explorer will ship as part of either the next Moment update for the operating system, or in Windows 11 23H2. So... what can you look forward to? Better cloud integration, a redesigned toolbar, a new Gallery pane, and a potentially controversial Recommended header.

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Microsoft is investigating a massive global outage affecting Teams, Skype, Outlook and OneDrive

Microsoft logo

Multiple Microsoft 365 services have been hit by an outage that is affecting users around the world. The problems have disrupted access to a large number of services including Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and Outlook.

Microsoft says that it may have found the source of the issues,  but they are yet to be resolved, and no specific details have been revealed. The company is also looking into Azure connectivity problems.

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Microsoft suggests workaround for Start menu and search problems in Windows 10 and Windows 11

Windows 11 2022 Update

Microsoft has confirmed an issue in Windows 10 and Windows 11 that can leave the Start menu unresponsive, as well as causing problems with Windows Search and the launching of UWP apps.

The company is continuing to investigate the matter and says that it will provide a fix in a future update. In the meantime, however, Microsoft has provided details of a workaround.

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Wine 8.0 lets you run Windows apps on Linux and Microsoft should be terrified

Back in the day, people often scoffed at the idea of switching to a Linux-based operating system due to a lack of software. While that is still true for some people -- especially business users -- it is less of a concern these days since so many things are done through the web browser. For many consumers, just having the Google Chrome browser on, say, Ubuntu, is more than enough to accomplish all of their wants and needs. Not to mention, there are many quality Linux apps like GIMP and DaVinci Resolve.

But OK, lets say you really want to use a Linux-based operating system, but there's some Windows-only software that you absolutely cannot live without. Thankfully, you may still be able to ditch Windows and upgrade to something like Freespire or MX Linux. How? Thanks to the excellent Wine! This compatibility layer can sometimes enable you to run certain Windows software on Linux. Today, version 8.0 is released, and Microsoft should be very worried.

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You have just one more week to buy the Windows 10 download from Microsoft

Windows 10 logo on a beach

The cut-off date for buying the download version of Windows 10 directly from Microsoft has been revealed. Even though the company will be offering support for Windows 10 until late 2025, you have just until the end of this month to purchase a downloadable license.

Microsoft is obviously keen for anyone still running Windows 7 or Windows 8 to make the move to Windows 11, and in cutting off one source of accessing Windows 10, the company is reducing options for users.

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Windows 11 development: Chaos is the name of the game

When Microsoft announced that it would release a single feature update per year for its new Windows 11 operating system, one could hear a sigh of relief from many system administrators and also Home users.

The previous strategy of releasing two feature updates per year backfired, as it put a lot of strain on Microsoft but also administrators and users. The gain was not worth talking about usually, as the first feature update of the year did not really include many new features or improvements.

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Microsoft Edge 111 adds new Sidebar options, advanced History controls, security features and more

Blurry Microsoft Edge logo with mobile in foreground

It does not seem all that long since browser version numbers were single digits, but Microsoft Edge has now reached the 111 milestone -- for Insiders on the Dev channel, at least.

Available for Windows, iOS, Android and Linux (with the macOS edition promised "at a later date"), Microsoft Edge 111.0.1619.2 includes a number of interesting new features and settings. Highlights include a new option to personalize top side in the Sidebar, the ability to hide duplicate entries from History, and new protections against unwanted Start page and search engine changes.

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How to activate Windows 11's new, hidden Volume Mixer

Windows 11 Volume Mixer

If you want to be among the first to try out the latest features and options of Window 11, being part of the Windows Insider program is the place to be. But even if you are signed up to the Dev Channel, there are hidden secrets to unearth, and this is true of the latest release.

For anyone who has Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25281 installed, there is a new Volume Mixer. While Microsoft has not made it easy to activate the feature, it is possible. Here's what you need to know.

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Get 'Windows 11 For Dummies' for FREE!

Windows 11 For Dummies

Windows 11 promises to be the fastest, most secure, and most flexible version of the Microsoft operating system yet. With a promise like that, of course you want to start using it, as quickly as possible!

Windows 11 For Dummies gives you that speed, security, and flexibility by getting you up to date with the latest in Windows. Windows expert and bestselling author Andy Rathbone gives you a helping hand by showing you how to get around the newly updated Windows 11 interface, how to use the new Windows tools like Teams and widgets, and how to use Android apps.

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Microsoft releases KB5019275 update to fix a load of Windows 10 bugs

Windows 10 laptop

Microsoft has released a Windows 10 update to address a series of bugs in the operating system. The preview version of the KB5019275 update is due for a wider release next month, but is available now for those who would like it sooner.

This is a non-security update but with it Microsoft has fixed a series of problems afflicting Windows 10, including issues with searchindexer.exe and conhost.exe, as well as adding support for longer URLs.

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Testers can now try out the new tabs feature in Notepad on Windows 11

A month ago we reported that Microsoft was experimenting with bringing tabs to Windows Notepad in Windows 11.

Today, the software giant takes a step forward by making the feature available for users to try for themselves. To make use of this opportunity, however, you will need to be a Windows Insider in the Dev Channel.

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