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Olympics face serious risk of malicious cyber activity

The Olympic Games begin next week in Paris and cybersecurity company WithSecure is warning that they face a greater risk of cyberattack than ever due to the current state of geopolitical uncertainty.

As the world's biggest sporting event, the Olympics draws potential attacks from both criminal and nation-state threat actors, with various objectives and capabilities.

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Why mobile connectivity is essential for the enterprise [Q&A]

While enterprise computing was once tied to the desktop, theses days mobile connectivity is essential to the smooth running of any business.

This is partly as a result of changed working patterns -- accelerated by the COVID pandemic -- and partly down to rapidly evolving technology. We spoke to Allwyn Sequeira, CEO of mobile cloud service Highway 9 Networks, to learn more about the enterprise mobile space.

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A technical overview of Cisco IoT part 3: Security essentials & industrial applications

Following the second installment of this Cisco IoT series regarding IoT networking and security supported by Cisco's innovative hardware offerings, this next discussion explores related key topics that are essential for understanding and implementing IoT solutions effectively.

This comprehensive overview will cover critical aspects such as IoT security, operational technology visibility, and industry-specific use cases. By examining these elements, readers will gain a clearer picture of how Cisco's advanced IoT solutions can enhance security, improve operational efficiency, and drive business innovation across various sectors.

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The top challenge when implementing AI for business: Lack of high-quality data

AI growth and adoption in the UK are surging, with the market valued at more than £16.8 billion and expected to reach £801.6 billion in the next decade. Approximately 15 percent of UK businesses are already using AI technologies such as data management and analysis, natural language processing, machine learning, and computer vision. And across the pond in the US, AI is expected to contribute a significant 21 percent net increase to US GDP by 2030, showcasing its substantial impact on the economy.

Growth in any new technology is never without its challenges. For AI, these include ensuring data privacy, addressing ethical concerns, and navigating the complexity of integrating with existing IT infrastructure. Data quality is central to resolving these challenges. To be useful, the data used for AI must be high-quality, well-structured, and from trusted sources. These properties are the foundation for all AI models and determine their effectiveness and reliability.

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WhatsApp is gaining a handy transcription option for voice messages

WhatsApp voice message transcription

How many times have you received a voice message on WhatsApp that you have not been in a position to listen to? Maybe you're in a quiet location where listening to a message would be inappropriate or, conversely, in a loud place that makes it impossible to heart a message. Thanks to a new feature that is rolling out, this will no longer be an issue.

Beta testers for the Android version of WhatsApp are beginning to see a new voice message transcription option. The feature works with both incoming and outgoing messages, and it serves several functions. As well as making it possible to learn the contents of a message you are not able to listen to immediately, it is also extremely useful from an accessibility point of view.

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Google makes Linux more secure

Google has taken a proactive step to bolster Linux security with the introduction of the counted_by attribute for flexible array members. This enhancement addresses a critical vulnerability in C programming related to buffer overflows, particularly those involving flexible array members whose sizes are determined at runtime.

Buffer overflows have long been a notorious source of security issues in software development. While sanitizers have mitigated some of these vulnerabilities by automatically inserting bounds checking, flexible array members have remained a challenging exception. The size of these arrays is typically opaque to the compiler, making it difficult to perform bounds checking outside the allocation function.

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GNOME 47 Linux desktop environment achieves Alpha status

Great news, fellow Linux fans -- version 47 Alpha of GNOME (the desktop environment) is released today. The DE introduces a host of updates and new features across various modules. It's essential to remember that this is an alpha release, meaning it's still in the early stages of development and not yet ready for production use. However, the enhancements are worth exploring for those eager to stay ahead of the curve.

One of the most notable additions in this release is the introduction of two new modules: localsearch and tinysparql. Localsearch aims to enhance local search capabilities within the GNOME environment, while tinysparql provides streamlined SPARQL query functionalities, focusing on efficiency and speed.

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The role of migration tools in IT integration

In the fast-paced world of corporate mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and divestitures, integrating tech infrastructures offers significant challenges and opportunities for growth. As companies seek to unify, separate, and streamline their operations, the role of reliable migration tools becomes crucial in ensuring seamless transitions and maintaining data integrity.

According to Deal Barometer, M&A activity is expected to rise by 20 percent this year, emphasizing the need for effective IT strategies during these transformations. Given the complexities of migrating data during a merger, acquisition, or divestiture, IT leaders should seek solutions to ensure a smooth, secure transition.

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Source code: The source of truth for securing the API attack surface 

Most organizations find themselves in the midst of their API security journey, racing to keep pace with expanding API ecosystems in a colossal threat landscape. As a core enabler of modern applications, facilitating seamless connectivity and powering mobile and web applications, APIs are everywhere. The DevOps revolution has completely transformed the pace at which developers can design and build APIs faster than a security team can match. 

Large enterprises are operating with tens of thousands of APIs, and even small organizations have a surprising number, both internal and external. With applications and API portfolios becoming increasingly complex, maintaining a comprehensive understanding of all existing APIs has emerged as a significant hurdle. As APIs can quickly become obscured or forgotten, many organizations lack accurate context into the sheer scale and volume of APIs that persist across their infrastructure -- subsequently resulting in the absence of a full picture of their attack surface. As one cannot secure what they cannot see, the absence of discovery mechanisms opens organizations to a host of security risks.  That is why API discovery is now a crucial process for security teams, designed to identify, catalog, and assess APIs. 

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Kodi 22 gets a surprising (but fitting) name -- development for first alpha release well underway

It’s been three months since the Kodi Foundation released Kodi 21 ‘Omega’, the long-awaited latest version of its hugely popular home theater software.

As you would expect, the team took a well-deserved break following the program's release, but work is once more underway on the next incarnation, Kodi 22. Each version of the software has traditionally been given an alphabetical codename with a sci-fi theme -- "Leia," "Matrix," "Nexus," and "Omega." While Kodi 22’s name will begin with P, it breaks from tradition, but for a beautiful reason.

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Ampace Andes 1500 redefines portable power with ultra-fast charging

Ampace has officially launched the Andes 1500, a portable power station that offers extraordinary charging capabilities and longevity. The Andes 1500, powered by Ampace's exclusive A-Boost technology, can fully charge in just 55 minutes, significantly reducing downtime and enhancing user convenience.

The Andes 1500 introduces a new era of fast charging, boasting an 1800W AC input that enables a full charge from zero in under an hour. It also supports solar and car socket inputs, making it ideal for on-the-go charging needs. The unit offers an insane 1462Wh capacity and features 13 different ports, ensuring that users can charge multiple devices simultaneously.

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Leadership changes at GNOME Foundation: Should DEI influence the selection of a new director?

The GNOME Foundation has announced Holly Million is stepping down as Executive Director, with Richard Littauer stepping in as Interim Executive Director. This transition should hopefully prompt a broader discussion within the open source community about the role of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the selection of new leadership. Shouldn’t we all want to see diversity and equality considered for the hire?

Million's contributions included the development of strategic plans and securing important fiscal sponsorships, setting a solid foundation for her successor. As the search for a new Executive Director begins, there is an opportunity to consider how DEI could influence the leadership direction at the Foundation. This includes evaluating the potential impact of diverse leadership styles and the benefits of varied perspectives in guiding the Foundation's future.

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Cloud security vendors with cloud cultures: Operating in sync with customers  

Cloud security

Cloud-native security companies understand that while digital transformation is the future for most, if not all, organizations across industries, it’s also introducing a host of new cybersecurity challenges that customers need support navigating. For example, as hybrid work and distributed workforces become more normalized, there’s a growing need for solutions and processes to ensure this anytime, anywhere collaboration happens securely. Moreover, as the number of cloud services in use across organizations increases, more sensitive data is being stored in the cloud, and companies continue to lack visibility and/or control over their cloud activities, cloud security is only becoming more critical with time.

However, to build security solutions that solve for these challenges and others, cloud-native security vendors need to first understand the exact nature of the issues their customers are facing. One way they typically approach this is by being deeply integrated into the market and relying on customer feedback to shape their product offerings. But there’s another, often-overlooked way for these companies to stay close to customers’ changing needs: fostering an internal cloud-centric culture themselves. By practicing what they preach, cloud vendors can best support customers and optimize their solutions.

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TUXEDO launches InfinityBook Pro 14 Gen9 Linux laptop

TUXEDO Computers has launched the 9th generation of its InfinityBook Pro 14, which is notable for having an all-aluminum chassis. This latest model features a slim 17mm profile and weighs just 1.47kg. The redesigned chassis also accommodates a variety of keyboard layouts and offers a display that can tilt up to 180 degrees.

The InfinityBook Pro 14 Gen9 comes with two processor options: the AMD Ryzen 7 8845HS, which includes an 8-core setup capable of handling 16 threads, and the Intel Core Ultra 7 155H, which uses a combination of performance-optimized and efficiency cores to manage up to 22 threads. Both options are engineered to balance power efficiency with high performance, making the notebook suitable for a range of demanding applications.

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Proton Pass launches secure password sharing feature

Sharing of passwords is a problem. It's reckoned that 43 percent of US internet users share their passwords with others, probably using insecure methods such as messaging, writing them down, or shared documents.

The issue is even worse for businesses, with approximately 69 percent of employees admitting to sharing passwords with colleagues. Good news then is that open-source password manager Proton Pass is launching Secure Links, a new feature enabling users to share items easily and securely with anyone, including non-Proton Pass users.

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