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Should you buy or build your own software?

Software development

The build versus buy conundrum is without doubt a big decision for any company looking to adopt a new piece of software; each route has its own merits and both will be a costly exercise so it’s very important to make the right decision.

Although packaged software has now been used for decades there are still many systems developed in-house, perhaps increasingly so now that development skills are on the increase and coding is getting easier and even being taught to children in schools. In fact, IT analyst IDC recently predicted that most of 2017’s IT spending will go on "application development and deployment." However, by 2020 it expects software purchases to "edge out" app development costs as the largest spend. Clearly the balance is starting to shift with more skilled developers available to bolster in-house teams, but for the more complex applications such as the procurement arena, the jury is still out over the decision of whether to develop or buy.

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Acer shocks PC gaming world with incredibly thin and light Predator Triton 700 laptop

Predator_Triton_700_left facing

Earlier today, Acer unveiled its new line of Windows computers. While they all look great, there was one model that damn-near knocked me off my chair. The Predator Triton 700, as it is called, is yet another gaming laptop that a manufacturer is calling thin and light. Yeah, we have heard that before -- "thin" for a gaming notebook is often still rather chunky. There it was, though -- an honest to goodness svelte portable PC. It is a mere 18.9 mm thick and 5.7 pounds.

The thin aluminum body is just part of the story, however, as it also has very respectable specifications. "Powering the beast within is a standard-voltage 7th Generation Intel Core processor, latest high-performance NVIDIA GeForce 10-Series graphics, two NVMe PCIe SSDs in RAID 0 configuration and up to 32GB of DDR4 2400MHz memory," says Acer.

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Put the BI in Big Data by going data native

big data cube

Customer drop-off, supply chain problems, lack of competitor awareness -- there are a plethora of critical business problems out there, but the answer is a panacea -- actionable big data. For any company struggling to understand what direction to take its business decisions, there is often a disconnect between its business intelligence (BI) and its big data.

Companies are amassing more data than ever, with Gartner predicting it will continue to grow by 800 percent over the next five years -- yet 80 percent will be unstructured. Herein lies the breakdown -- companies need robust storage, processing, and analysis to get that unstructured data to be actionable and, therefore, capable of stopping critical business problems in their tracks. But many companies’ existing data architecture investments are holding them back. They are hamstrung by their legacy business intelligence and data visualization tools that aren’t geared toward solving complex big data problems.

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Get 'Computer Security Handbook (6th Edition)' ebook ($130 value) FREE for a limited time

computer security handbook 6

Computer security touches every part of our daily lives, from our computers and connected devices, to the wireless signals around us, and breaches often have real and immediate financial, privacy, and safety consequences.

Written for professionals and college students (but accessible to all), the Computer Security Handbook from Wiley provides comprehensive best guidance about how to minimize hacking, fraud, human error, the effects of natural disasters, and more. It usually retails for $130, but BetaNews readers can get it entirely for free.

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How to optimize your app for the App Store and Google Play

laptop developer code

The app-economy competition is fierce. Facebook owns four out of the five most downloaded apps worldwide, but startups are still leaping into the fight to claim new and old markets. For these startups, Facebook is often the least of their worries as, according to research from Gartner, we only actually use between six and ten apps on average and end up neglecting or deleting the rest. It’s tough for app developers to break through the noise, let alone get into that top ten.

So what does this mean for startups trying to break into the space? You have to put your best foot forward to make sure users will not only find your app, but keep it.

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New report shows the number of requests for user data Facebook receives from global governments


Today Facebook publishes its Global Government Requests Report, revealing just how many data requests the social network has received from governments around the world. This time around, the report covers the second half of 2016, and it shows a mixed-bag of figures.

While the number of items that had to be restricted due to contravention of local laws dropped, the number of government data requests increased by 9 percent compared to the previous six months. Facebook is well-aware that it faces scrutiny and criticism for its willingness to comply with data requests, and the company tries to allay fears by saying: "We do not provide governments with "back doors" or direct access to people's information."

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Razer unveils Lancehead gaming mice


PC gamers have many decisions to make when buying peripherals. Price and brands aside, there are various technologies and style choices. For instance, if you buy a mechanical keyboard, what types of switches should you get? The toughest decision is probably when selecting a mouse -- do you want wired or wireless? While a cordless variant may look nicer, a wired mouse doesn't need a battery and can have less lag.

Today, Razer announces a new product that might make choosing a mouse even tougher. The Lancehead wireless gaming mouse is chock full of cool features, including a super-high 16,000 DPI optical sensor. It charges using USB, and the cable can double as a receiver extender. If you are dead-set against a wireless mouse, do not worry -- the company is launching a wired "Tournament Edition" of the Lancehead with a laser sensor.

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WeWork launches store for services and software

wework services store

WeWork wants to make sure you never leave it, and it's trying to keep you as a customer by releasing its own tools store. Called Services Store, the new offering gives users simple access to a wide variety of tools and apps, and sometimes even exclusives.

Once logged in, users can search, purchase and download a wide variety of enterprise apps. They can also leave reviews for different products, to help others find the perfect app for their business.

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Thinkware X550 dash cam review

Thinkware X550 back display

It's always a good idea to use a dash cam when you get behind the wheel. In case you have a close call or get into an accident, you'll have a video that you can show to the authorities or your insurance company. But there's also an entertaining side to it as well, which is just as important to some folks, as you can also record a spirited drive on a fun road or some interesting things that you stumble upon on your daily commute.

Pretty much all dash cams let you do those things, but some do it better than others. Thinkware's X550 is among the best premium options on the market, featuring a solid camera with an effective "super night vision" mode, GPS info, driver assistance, speed and red light camera database, LCD display on the back, and dedicated software for PC and Mac as its standout features.

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34 percent of US government agencies have had data breaches in the last year

Federal government

According to a new report from systems security specialist Thales e-Security and 451 Research, US federal agencies are facing threats caused by legacy systems, spending and staffing issues.

65 percent have experienced a data breach at some stage in the past with 34 percent having one in the last year. Almost all agencies (96 percent) consider themselves 'vulnerable', with half (48 percent) stating they are 'very' or 'extremely' vulnerable. This number is higher than any other US sector polled for the 2017 Data Threat Report.

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New approach protects IoT devices via a secure network

virus spreading network devices nodes connected Internet of Things malware hacked bot

Up to now the security model for protecting IoT devices has been similar to that used for PCs, relying on patches which need to be installed by the user.

Now though internet security and performance company Cloudflare is launching a new service called Orbit which streamlines patching and adds an additional layer of security thanks to the use of a secure global network.

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Most businesses will migrate to Windows 10 by the end of 2017

Windows 10 finger

Businesses will move to Windows 10 faster than they have moved to previous operating systems, according to a new report by Gartner. Surveying businesses everywhere, Gartner believes 85 percent of businesses will have migrated to Windows 10 before the year ends.

First of all, Gartner’s research director Ranjit Atwal says the time to evaluate and deploy Windows 10 has come down, from 23 months to 21 months. Large businesses that are yet to start the migration, are delaying because of legacy applications.

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Chuwi LapBook 12.3 costs $349, launches in May

CHUWI Lapbook 12.3 7th

I walked away impressed after reviewing the Chuwi LapBook 14.1. There's something charming about a laptop that gets the basics right at an affordable price point. The new LapBook 12.3 is shaping up to be even more impressive, featuring more attractive hardware at a still-competitive price.

The LapBook 12.3 is designed for consumers in the market for a more portable laptop, featuring a 12.3-inch display with a 3:2 aspect ratio and a resolution of 2,736 by 1,824. That's pretty impressive for a budget offering, considering that there are premium laptops that ship with lesser screens.

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Logitech launches Universal Folio keyboard case for iPad, Android, and Windows 10 tablets


I recently bought the all-new iPad 2017 and love it very much. The problem? There aren't many cases for it. While some first-gen iPad Air cases may work with it, that is not a guarantee. Sure, there are some universal cases that leverage elastic straps to accommodate many models, but those are often a poor experience.

Today, Logitech announces an all-new universal keyboard case that actually looks good. Rather than use cheap elastic, the company has come up with some brilliant 4-point adjustable grips. This looks to be a very elegant product that solves a common problem. Of course, it will not work with all tablets, just some models that range from 8.9 to 10 inches. Best of all? The clever case is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows 10.

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Attackers shift away from file-based techniques

Cyber attack

Cyber attack methods are becoming more sophisticated in order to bypass traditional file-scanning protection systems according to a new study.

Endpoint protection specialist SentinelOne has used filtered data from more than one million SentinelOne Enterprise Platform agents deployed worldwide to carry out behavioral analysis of malware programs that bypassed firewalls and network controls to infect devices.

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