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CRM is no longer enough say leading software companies

CRM jigsaw

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are no longer enough for the digital era, according to more than 200 software companies.

In a declaration published as an open letter in yesterday's Wall Street Journal, the Platform of Independents set out its belief that companies should never be locked into CRM suites, and that building better products, respecting customer privacy, and making smarter business decisions requires more than a one-size-fits-all approach to their technology stacks.

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The top creative trends for 2020 revealed

Individuals, brands, marketers and creatives looking to make a splash this year need to make sure their content -- be it images or videos -- is fresh and relevant.

Shutterstock has analyzed data gathered over a 12-month period from billions of customer searches for photos, illustrations, footage, and music, and produced a report predicting the styles that are set to dominate this year.

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Best Windows 10 apps this week

Three-hundred-and-sixty-nine in a series. Welcome to this week's overview of the best apps, games and extensions released for Windows 10 on the Microsoft Store in the past seven days.

Microsoft launched a new tool this week to help customers find the perfect Windows 10 computer.

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Microsoft releases Windows 10 Build 19546 with new Graphing Mode in Windows Calculator

It’s been a big week for Microsoft this week. Windows 7 reached its end of life, and the NSA discovered a major flaw in Windows 10, which thankfully has been fixed as part of the software giant’s Patch Tuesday.

Not as exciting, but always interesting, Microsoft has also now released a new Windows 10 build for Insiders on the Fast ring.

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Golden Globe winner '1917' leaks onto the internet

Every year around this time, a number of high profile movies -- Oscar contenders in particular -- leak onto the internet in the form of DVD screeners.

Some years only a small amount of these pirate screeners appear, but this year is proving to be a bumper one, with lots of major movies leaking, such as Frozen 2, Knives Out, Little Women and JoJo Rabbit, all of which are still in cinemas. Today, Golden Globe winner 1917 joins the list.

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Microsoft giving three months of 'Xbox Game Pass for PC' for just one dollar!

You can't get much for a dollar these days. Sure, you can score a fast food item off of a bargain menu or a pregnancy test from Dollar Tree (yes, really), but nothing of real value. Or can you?

Actually, Microsoft is offering a really good deal on Xbox Game Pass for PC. In a blog post about three new games coming to the service, the company drops the bombshell that for just one friggin' dollar, you can get three months of access to the service. Yes, for a quarter of a year, you can play more than 100 legit PC games. Seriously. One dollar. Of course, there is a small catch -- it is only for brand new subscribers.

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Phishing dominates the UK threat landscape


Using analysis of the last three year's worth of data breach information from the UK's Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), cyber security awareness platform CybSafe has revealed that phishing breaches have jumped significantly.

In 2019, UK organizations reported more cyber security breaches to the ICO than ever before. A total of 2,376 reports were sent to the public body last year, up from 540 in 2017, and 1,854 reports in 2018.

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Will Brexit cause UK tech ambitions to decline?

Brexit flags

Throughout the 2010s, the UK has faced a thick fog of uncertainty. The decade has seen four general elections take place, as well as the momentous 2016 EU Referendum; such events have caused even the most experienced business leaders to feel less than confident.

However, the results of the December 2019 general election suggest that stability could be on the horizon. Regardless of one’s political leanings, many will view the Conservative Party’s overwhelming majority as a welcome break in Westminster’s political deadlock. Indeed, we are already seeing breaks in the deadlock, with the Brexit Bill finally being passed through the House of Commons on 9th January 2020. Whilst we now wait for the bill to be passed by the House of Lords, the fact it swiftly made its way through the Commons has already increased the likelihood of the UK leaving the EU by January 31st 2020. Such activities have enabled businesses to plan future activities with greater confidence. However, despite greater certainty, one industry in particular remains concerned about the impact of Brexit on its future growth; the tech industry. So, it is vital that we  get to the bottom of its concerns.

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Fake 'compensation' scheme exploits fears of data leaks

cash trap

A new online fraud scheme is designed to trick people into thinking they are owed compensation for data leaks only to scam them out of cash.

Researchers at Kaspersky uncovered the scam which tries to get users to purchase 'temporary US social security numbers' at a cost of around $9 each. Victims have been found in Russia, Algeria, Egypt and the UAE, as well as other countries.

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Should professionals fear the rise of AI?

Artificial intelligence

We’ve all heard the scare stories -- it’s only a matter of time before artificial intelligence will destroy millions of professionals’ livelihoods. Given the media frenzy accompanying the rapid advancements of artificial intelligence (AI), it’s not surprising that many people hold such a view. And while there is some truth to these dystopian predictions, they’re not as apocalyptic as they’re often made out to be.

Let’s start with some concrete research to shed a light on what professionals can expect in the coming months and years. In 2018, the World Economic Forum released a report suggesting that 75 million jobs may be displaced globally by a shift in the division of labor between humans and machines in the next five years. It goes on to say that, at the same time, 133 million new roles may emerge that are more adapted to this division. This insinuates that we could see the creation of 58 million new jobs in just half a decade. What it also suggests is that, perhaps we’re asking the wrong questions. Instead of worrying about robots taking over our jobs, we should instead be considering how AI might reshape the workforce -- and how we can adapt. 

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Why consumers must adopt a 'zero trust' approach to security [Q&A]

Trust card

A lot has been written about the consumerization of IT, but when it comes to personal security Josh Wyatt, VP of global services engagement at Optiv Security, believes consumers would be well served to take a page from the corporate cybersecurity playbook and adopt a 'zero trust' security strategy.

We recently spoke with Josh to find out how zero trust security can help consumers defend against cyberattacks, what types of threats we need to be aware of, and how this all relates to the business world.

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Google announces end of support dates for Chrome Apps on Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS

Chrome logo on black

The end of support for Chrome apps has been a long time coming -- Google announced more than two years ago that it was going to start winding things down.

The Chrome Web Store has already been stripped of the App section on Windows, macOS and Linux, and now Google has announced that it is to be pulled from Chrome OS too. The company has also revealed the dates on which support will be dropped completely for all platforms.

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2019: The year in cyber attacks

Cyber attack

Check Point Research has released its 2020 Cyber Security Report, looking at the key malware and cyber-attack trends during 2019.

Even though cryptomining declined during 2019, linked to cryptocurrencies' fall in value and the closure of the Coinhive operation in March, 38 percent of companies globally were impacted by crypto-miners in 2019, up from 37 percent the previous year. Crypto-miners remain a low-risk, high-reward activity for criminals.

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I'm Ronnie Kray -- which notorious mobster are you?

Las Vegas’ National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement (aka The Mob Museum) has launched a new smartphone app (a mob-ile app, if you will).

The app aims to provide the ultimate guide to the museum, delivering information on the history of the Mob and law enforcement. The main point of interest for users though will no doubt be its Doppelgangster feature, which lets you find out who from the mob world you most look like.

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Microsoft sends mixed messages by releasing Chromium-based Edge browser for unsupported Windows 7

Windows 7 is officially dead now. Believe it or not, Microsoft has actually done a great job of alerting users of the now-unsupported operating system that it is time to upgrade. Whether or not users take the advice and move to Windows 10 is another story. The company is even displaying full-screen warnings that Windows 7 is unsupported -- a move I applaud. Is it annoying? Yes, but necessary. Staying on Windows 7 is foolish.

But now, Microsoft has effectively destroyed all of the positive work it had done with communicating the death of Windows 7. You see, today, the company releases the all-new Chromium-based Edge. This browser is available for Windows 10 and macOS as you'd expect, but shockingly, it is available for yet another operating system -- Windows 7. Wait, what?!

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