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New Windows 10 update addresses problems with SSDs

Windows 10 April 2018 Update

The rollout of Windows 10 April 2018 Update was recently blocked to some computers because of problems with certain SSDs. Now Microsoft has issued an update that addresses the issues.

Releasing the KB4100403 patch, Microsoft says that problems with Intel SSD 600p Series or Intel SSD Pro 6000p Series, and Toshiba XG4 Series, Toshiba XG5 Series, or Toshiba BG3 Series drives, are fixed. After installing it, users should be able to upgrade to Windows 10 April 2018 Update.

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Cryptocurrency not a major threat to enterprises say security professionals

Cryptocurrency coins

While 84 percent of security professionals believe cryptocurrencies are here to stay, most don't see them as a major threat to the enterprise, despite the rise in cryptomining attacks.

A study from network protection specialist Lastline shows 45.2 percent think cryptocurrency is a mainstream alternative to conventional currencies, while 38.9 percent think it's a fringe option. 14.5 percent say they would rather collect their salary in cryptocurrency than in a traditional currency.

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Facebook to ask all users to review privacy settings

Facebook icon on iPhone 8

With the recent scandals involving Facebook coupled with the impending arrival of GDPR in Europe, there has been a lot of talk about privacy recently. Now the social networking giant is to start asking all of its users to review information about privacy and "how to control their experience".

The company says that it introduced updated data policies and made privacy settings easier to find, as well as making other changes, in Europe, and now is rolling out the same things to the rest of the world.

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StumbleUpon is closing down -- users can migrate to


After 16 years, StumbleUpon is closing down. One of the first high-profile services that gave people a way to discover new websites and online content, it was enjoyed by over 40 million users.

The closure came out of the blue, and was announced by co-founder Garrett Camp in a blog post. He suggests that users might like to migrate to another one of his creations,, and says that switching to the newer service has been made "as smooth as possible".

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Microsoft temporarily disables the Windows 10 April 2018 Update on PCs running Avast antivirus

New Windows 10 feature updates get tested thoroughly both internally at Microsoft and by Windows Insiders. However, with so many PC variations and third-party programs, it's all but impossible to identify and eradicate every potential issue. That's why as soon as a new big Windows update gets released we suddenly hear of previously undetected problems arising.

In the case of the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, or Windows 10 1803 as it’s also known, we’ve seen users reporting issues with Intel and Toshiba SSDs, and some upgraders have experienced a black screen with no icons -- something I initially encountered after upgrading to the Fall Creators Update last year.

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WhatsApp bug means you could still receive messages from people you block

WhatsApp on smartphone

A bug has been discovered in popular chat tool WhatsApp that completely undermines the blocking feature.

The idea behind blocking people on WhatsApp -- just like any other app or service -- is to prevent them from contacting you, and to stop them from viewing your activity. But the bug means that blocked users are still able to send messages to people who have blocked them, as well as viewing statuses and profile details.

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MariaDB launches Oracle compatible enterprise open source database

Business database

Enterprise computing has often been reliant on proprietary database architecture, but this can be both complex and costly, putting up a barrier to innovation.

Now open source database specialist MariaDB is launching its latest enterprise offering with Oracle compatibility. This allows existing Oracle Database users to reuse existing code and established skill sets when migrating applications or deploying new ones.

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Judge: President Trump blocking people on Twitter is unconstitutional

Donald Trump, Twitter face and US flag

Donald Trump's use of Twitter has long been controversial, and he has developed something of a penchant for blocking people who dare to question or criticize him. Earlier this year a judge suggested that he should make use of the mute option instead of blocking Twitter users, and now another judge has ruled that blocking critics is unconstitutional.

Judge Naomi Buchwald said that Trump's use of the block feature is a violation of people's right to free speech under the First Amendment of the US Constitution. The Department of Justice has indicated that it disagrees and is considering what to do next.

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Logitech releases R500 Laser Presentation Remote and updated Spotlight software

If you are planning to do professional presentations, you must have a remote. I can't stress enough just how important it is to have the right tools for a job. The success of a PowerPoint, for instance, has less to do with the slides and more to do with the energy and personality of the presenter. If you sit in one place tapping on a mouse to move slides along, people are going to get bored. Instead, you should walk around the room while using a remote to change slides. You'll be amazed at how much more attentive your audience will be.

Logitech's Spotlight remote is the best such product I've ever used for presentations, and today, the company announces updated software to make it even better. In addition, Logitech is releasing a more affordable and basic device called R500 Laser Presentation Remote. This new device runs on a single AAA battery and is compatible with Windows, macOS, and even Linux!

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Contextual access management eliminates passwords

Login key

Enterprise identity provider Okta is launching a new set of contextual access management capabilities that will allow businesses to eliminate passwords.

New Adaptive Single Sign-On (SSO) and enhanced Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) products allow decisions based on signals such as device, IP and geolocation context for smarter, more secure identity and access management.

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Facebook asks British users to submit their nudes as protection against revenge porn

Facebook logo on iPhone

Following on from a trial in Australia, Facebook is rolling out anti-revenge porn measures to the UK. In order that it can protect British users from failing victim to revenge porn, the social network is asking them to send in naked photos of themselves.

The basic premise of the idea is: send us nudes, and we'll stop others from seeing them.

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Organizations struggle with cloud costs

cloud cost

While businesses often cite cost cutting as a motive for moving to the cloud, a new report reveals that 37 percent of organizations surveyed listed unpredictable costs as a top cloud pain point.

The study by cloud management company SoftwareONE also uncovers a lack of transparency into cloud resource usage -- something nearly one third of companies find to be a challenge.

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Download all the information Apple holds about you from its new Data and Privacy portal

Apple logo

If you've ever been curious about just what data Apple has gathered and stored about you over the years, now you can find out -- if you're in Europe, at least.

The iPhone-maker has just launched a new Data and Privacy portal in order to comply with GDPR which comes into force across the EU from Friday. The website lets you download pretty much every piece of data that Apple has collected about you.

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Enterprise data increasingly accessed from mobile devices

Business mobile devices

Enterprise users are increasingly authenticating into applications from non-office networks, with a 10 percent increase in the average number of unique networks according to the latest Trusted Access Report from Duo Security.

Duo also found that 43 percent of requests to access protected applications and data came from outside of the corporate office and network. People are logging into applications, networks and systems wherever, and whenever as work hours start to flex to fit different lifestyles, time zones and travel.

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HTC U12+ is a bland-tastic Android flagship smartphone

The smartphone market is very mature these days, making it damn near impossible for a device to stand out. Even Apple’s polarizing notch is being adopted by countless Android smartphone manufacturers, making that unique thing very common. Hell, we are approaching the point where not having a notch will be odd!

Today, HTC announces its newest smartphone, and believe it or not, it doesn’t have a notch. Called the "U12+," it has all the fantastic specs you'd expect from a flagship, but unfortunately, its overall design is a little bland. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't look bad, but it is just very uninspired. It does have the second generation of HTC's cool "touch sense" technology, however, which lets you squeeze the phone's edges to interact with the OS.

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