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Poor integration costs businesses $500,000 a year

Burning money

Businesses across all industries face B2B, application, and cloud integration challenges that jeopardize revenue opportunities and threaten growth, and more than half of organizations report that those challenges take a $500,000 toll on the business every year.

A study by cloud integration specialist Cleo reveals that of IT decision makers surveyed, 57 percent say poor integrations and lack of resources contribute to hundreds of lost orders each year, leading to annual revenue losses in the range of $250,000 to $500,000.

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Businesses can safely delay patching most vulnerabilities

Eggtimer delay

Patching vulnerabilities is often seen as a key element of keeping systems secure. But a new report suggests businesses could be 'smarter' in their patching regimes and prioritize the issues that present most risk.

The study from Kenna Security suggests companies are increasingly recognizing that the majority of vulnerabilities are never weaponized or exploited in a cyberattack.

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HyperX breaks DDR4 RAM overclocking world record with 5608MHz speed!

If you are a PC builder and/or gamer, you know this is a wonderful time to be alive. Hardware is faster than ever, while companies are increasingly catering to enthusiasts with components that look great too. And yeah, appearance matters -- assembling a PC is art to many people. It is truly remarkable to see the amazing desktops consumers are building these days. RGB lighting in particular has been a fun game-changer.

When selecting memory for a new build, there are a few brands of RAM that PC builders can always depend upon, such as G.SKILL, HyperX, and Corsair -- all three are excellent. HyperX in particular -- the gaming division of legendary memory-maker Kingston -- has amassed a cult following by consistently offering top hardware at reasonable pricing. HyperX has branched out from RAM, however, also offering storage, headsets, and keyboards to name few. With that said, memory is still its claim to fame, and today, HyperX announces it has reached a huge milestone -- it has shattered the DDR4 memory overclocking world record. Seriously, folks, you won't believe the speed achieved -- 5608MHz!

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Cryptominers dominate 2018's malware landscape


The four most prevalent malware types in 2018 were cryptominers and they impacted 37 percent of organizations globally.

The latest security report from Check Point shows that despite a fall in the value of all cryptocurrencies, 20 percent of companies continue to be hit by cryptomining attacks every week. At the same time ransomware attacks have fallen sharply, impacting just four percent of organizations globally.

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Torrent-Paradise launches a Pirate Bay alternative that takes decentralization to the next level


While the BitTorrent protocol is, by its very nature, decentralized, the same cannot be said of torrent search engines such as the Pirate Bay. Torrent-Paradise, however, is a little different.

A new version of the site uses the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) to provide decentralized torrent searching. The idea behind how the system works is very similar to the way BitTorrent makes it possible to download files without the need for a central host.

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Two-thirds of DDoS attacks target communications service providers

DDoS attack start

Communications service providers were targeted by 65.5 percent of DDoS attacks in the third quarter of 2018 according to a new report.

The Q3 2018 Threat Report from Nexusguard shows attackers contaminated a diverse pool of IP addresses across hundreds of IP prefixes by using very small-sized junk traffic.

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WhatsApp imposes five-recipient limit on forwarded messages to limit 'misinformation and rumors'

WhatsApp mobile icon

All social networks and messaging tools have been used as platforms to distribute fake news. Companies have taken various steps -- such as introducing fact-checking -- to help curb these problems, and now the Facebook-owned WhatsApp is introducing new measures that limit the number of people users can forward a message to.

The company has previously allowed messages to be forwarded to up to 20 people, but now -- in a bid to limit the spread of "misinformation and rumors" -- this has been reduced to just five.

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Apple selling iPhone SE again, and you should totally consider buying it

All supported iPhone smartphones are better than all Android devices. That's a bold statement, I know, but it's true. Don't misunderstand, there are some great Android devices with superior hardware and specs, but that is sort of irrelevant. If you want a safe and secure smartphone that will receive consistent operating system updates, iOS is the only true option. Sadly, the state of Android is still fragmentation and an app store full of knock-offs and malware. Despite a recent slowdown in sales, iPhone remains the king.

Unfortunately, Apple's iPhone smartphones are quite expensive. Many consumers that want an iPhone are simply priced out of the experience. And so, I can understand someone buying a $200 Android device -- there's nothing wrong with living within your means and staying on budget. If you want to join the iPhone family, however, I have some amazing news. Out of the blue, Apple has started selling the iPhone SE as a clearance item for an insanely low price.

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Court orders Apple to withdraw misleading statement about iPhone availability

Black and white Apple store logo

As part of its ongoing legal battles with Qualcomm, Apple was last month banned from selling the iPhone 7 and 8 in Germany. Despite this, the company issued a press release stating that the handsets would remain available through thousands of resellers.

Now a court has ordered Apple to stop making this claim, with the ruling describing this section of the press release as "misleading" and "potentially deceptive".

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Western Digital announces WD Black SN750 NVMe SSD with optional heatsink

NVMe solid state drives are quite incredible. They offer insane speeds that put SATA SSDs to shame. With that said, many -- if not most -- consumers do not really need such performance. In other words, if your PC already has a 2.5-inch SATA SSD, it probably isn't worth upgrading. Simply put, your real life performance gains will be negligible. With that said, if you need a new SSD, and your computer is compatible, it would be foolish not to go NVMe -- prices have gotten quite affordable.

Today, Western Digital unveils its latest NVMe drive, and it looks wonderful. The "WD Black SN750," as it is called, features several capacities and price points, making it achievable for most consumers -- even those on a budget. Best of all, you can opt for a variant with a heatsink, which will cool it down, and in theory, prevent throttled performance. Why wouldn't you want the heatsink? Depending on your computer -- laptops in particular, although some desktops too -- it may not physically fit.

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Purism 'PureOS Store' will be for both desktop and mobile apps, and that's a mistake

Purism is a company that focuses on privacy, security, and open source ideology. What's not to love? It already manufactures Linux-powered laptops with cool features like hardware kill switches for webcam and wireless radios. This way, you can be confident that your hardware is less likely be hacked and used to spy on you.

The company's core values are noble and respectable, but financially, this won't necessarily signal success. In fact, competing with the likes of Microsoft, Google, and Apple for desktop computing is a very hard task. Even harder? Breaking into the mobile business which is dominated by iOS and Android. And yet, Purism plans to launch the Librem 5 smartphone (running Linux-based PureOS) at some point in the future. Of course, such a device will need an app store, so PureOS has finally revealed the name of its upcoming offering -- the unimaginatively named PureOS Store. Sadly, this will be an attempt to merge mobile and desktop into a single store.

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How to export your saved passwords from Google Chrome

Password on a PostIt

From social media sites to online stores, from forum accounts to financial institutions -- there are now so many websites that require the use of a username and password, it's little wonder than so many of us turn to some form of password manager to save them.

If you use Google's Chrome browser, you have almost certainly saved numerous passwords so you don't have to manually enter them every time they are requested. You may have wondered how to export these passwords for the purposes of backing them up, or to import into another password manager. Here, we show you how.

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Best Windows 10 apps this week

Three-hundred-and-eighteen in a series. Welcome to this week's overview of the best apps, games and extensions released for Windows 10 on the Windows Store in the past seven days.

The October 2018 Update is finally being rolled out again; check out Wayne's blocking instructions if you don't want it installed on your devices right now.

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How to change the default Windows 10 font

It was very easy to change the system font in Windows 7 and Windows 8.x, but in Windows 10 you’re stuck with Segoe UI. It’s not a bad choice, but if you have a favorite font -- Comic Sans! -- then wouldn’t it be great if you could deploy that across the entire operating system?

Well, actually you can. You just need to do some registry tweaking.

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Microsoft concedes that Cortana can't -- and won't -- compete with Alexa and Google Assistant

Hi, I'm Cortana

Microsoft has seemingly admitted defeat in the digital assistant wars, with CEO Satya Nadella saying he does not want to compete with Amazon's Alexa or Google Assistant.

Rather than planning a Cortana-powered smart speaker or other device, Nadella has demoted Cortana, signaling that Microsoft wants to focus on bringing it to other platforms as a "skill". He believes users should be able to use Alexa or Google Assistant to call on the capabilities of Cortana through close integration.

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