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Power in people: How human capital will determine tech success

Artificial intelligence

According to the Economist, one of the most significant outcomes of the pandemic will be "the infusion of data-enabled services into ever more aspects of life." We were already expecting a transition to digital transformation thanks to technological advancement, dubbed the "fourth industrial revolution".

However, following on from the pandemic which forced countless businesses to switch to remote working virtually overnight, we expect digital transformation to continue to be adopted on a larger and more rapid scale -- becoming an even more prominent objective for organizations in the future.

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Implementing Zero Trust? Prioritize people as much as tech

The trust model of cybersecurity is broken. Since the shift to cloud and the move away from siloed on premise infrastructure, IT environments have grown ever more complex, expanding in both size and variety of components.

Trust is permissible when a small team of engineers is accessing on premise infrastructure. However, in the modern hybrid systems employed by many businesses, trusting the multitude of end points and variables to manually adhere to all authentication measures and preventative procedures is risky. We all know that just one phishing email is enough to potentially lead to a critical data breach. Such incidents can be incredibly damaging for a business: IBM estimated that this year data breaches cost businesses an average of $4.24 million -- a 17 year high.

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Microsoft re-releases KB5009624, KB5009557 and KB5009555 updates

Microsoft building logo

The first Patch Tuesday of 2022 ended up being rather more dramatic that many would have expected -- and not for the right reasons. The company released the KB5009566 update which, along with another update, was later found to cause problems with VPN connections. But it was issue with Window Server updates that concerns system administrators.

No fewer than three updates were found to be problematic for different versions of Windows Server, ultimately leading to Microsoft halting the rollout of KB5009624, KB5009557 and KB5009555. And while the Hyper-V issues introduced by the patches are still to be fixed, Microsoft has nonetheless recommenced the rollout of the update, saying that it is investigating the problems.

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Best Windows apps this week

Four-hundred-seventy-three in a series. Welcome to this week's overview of the best apps, games and extensions released for Windows 10 and 11 on the Microsoft Store and elsewhere in the past seven days.

Microsoft released a new Windows 11 build this week. It includes a redesigned flyout and other improvements.

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How AI can offer businesses greater control over their payments [Q&A]

We none of us particularly like handing over money, and that applies equally to businesses and individuals.

Payments are essential to the commercial world, up to now though they've always been a quite labor intensive to process. But what if it could be automated? Would you feel comfortable handing over control of payments to AI?

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Microsoft pulls problematic Windows updates that break Hyper-V and more

Microsoft headquarters

Problems with updates are hardly a new phenomenon for Microsoft, but 2022 has not got off to a good start. Not only were the KB5009543 and KB5009566 updates found to break VPN connections, another trio of updates has now been pulled because it contains critical bugs.

The KB5009624, KB5009557 and KB5009555 updates have been withdrawn because they are causing Hyper-V to stop working. The problematic updates have also be found to cause domain controller reboots and to render ReFS volume systems inaccessible.

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How to transform the role of a CISO for the digital-first economy

With any business venture, all organizations aim to minimize downside risks and maximize upside opportunities at some basic level. With the rapid transition to digital-first technologies, organizations are offering new products to improve customer experiences by delivering the value proposition of any time, any place. But with convenience often comes risk.

For instance, restaurants and retailers are enabling GPS data using third-party applications through API integrations to power location-based services. These applications elevate the user experience and maximize business profits through customized sales offers and personalized customer service experiences. But at what cost?

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Attackers use Adobe Cloud to host phishing documents

Adobe Creative Cloud hosts popular apps including Photoshop and Acrobat, it also aids collaboration by allowing users to share documents.

Cybersecurity researchers at Avanan have discovered that hackers are now exploiting these file-sharing services as a phishing attack vector by sending legitimate emails through a trusted sender, bypassing ATP protection via Adobe’s SaaS offering.

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iStorage diskAshur M2: An ultra-secure hardware encrypted portable SSD [Review]

Storing files in the cloud has a lot of benefits, not least making them easily accessible from anywhere. It isn’t necessarily the most secure option, however.

If you have private data that you can’t afford to fall into the wrong hands, you should definitely consider a PIN authenticated hardware encrypted portable USB SSD like iStorage’s excellent diskAshur M2.

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Cybersecurity and the generation gap

As baby boomers reach retirement age, younger people are taking their place in the workforce. But does this lead to a loss of skills that aren't being replaced?

A new study commissioned by Appgate looks at how generational differences impact cybersecurity teams and the benefits to be gained from having an inter-generational mix of staff.

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Get 'Machine Learning For Dummies, 2nd Edition' ($18 value) FREE for a limited time

While machine learning expertise doesn’t quite mean you can create your own Turing Test-proof android -- as in the movie Ex Machina -- it is a form of artificial intelligence and one of the most exciting technological means of identifying opportunities and solving problems fast and on a large scale.

Anyone who masters the principles of machine learning is mastering a big part of our tech future and opening up incredible new directions in careers that include fraud detection, optimizing search results, serving real-time ads, credit-scoring, building accurate and sophisticated pricing models -- and way, way more.

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The big three threat actors behind financial services attacks

Cybercriminal with cash

The financial services industry is a prime target for cybercriminals due to the vast sums of money managed but also the quantity and quality of sensitive information that is collected by these institutions.

A new industry report by Blueliv uses threat intelligence gathered by the company’s Threat Compass to assess the evolving threat landscape surrounding the financial services sector.

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KB5009543 and KB5009566 updates are breaking VPN connections in Windows

Angled Microsoft logo

Updates for Windows are supposed to fix problems, boost security and add new features, but all too often they cause problems of their own. This month's Patch Tuesday updates for Windows 10 and Windows 11 are no different in this regard.

Earlier this week, Microsoft released KB5009543 for Windows 10 and KB5009566 for Windows 11. Users who have installed either of these updates are reporting issues with L2TP VPN connections.

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Microsoft releases important PowerToys update to fix stability issues

Microsoft PowerToys

Just days after the release of PowerToys v0.53.1 which included the new Always On Top utility, Microsoft has unleashed an update it describes as "important".

With PowerToys v0.53.3, Microsoft addresses three problems reported by users. The trio of troubles concerns PowerToys Run, so anyone using this particular utility should grab the update as soon as possible.

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Monster Blaster 3.0 Bluetooth boombox would make Radio Raheem proud

Back in the 1980s and 1990s, when you wanted to play your music publicly, you had to lug around a huge boombox powered by C or D batteries. It was a costly and tiring ordeal, but it was well worth the effort; it allowed friends to simultaneously enjoy music on the street, at the beach, or in the park. The boombox became a big part of Hip-Hop culture too and was immortalized by fictional character Radio Raheem in the classic Spike Lee film Do the Right Thing.

These days though, kids don't really need a big boombox anymore. Smartphone speakers can get pretty loud, and if you need some extra volume, a small Bluetooth speaker can often get the job done. But what if you really want to blast your music? Like, maybe you want to play some Hip-Hop music at a basketball court or crank some rock and roll loudly at a party. Well, the all-new "Blaster 3.0" Bluetooth boombox from Monster should hit the mark.

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