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Amazon Introduces a new companion DVR -- Fire TV Recast

Amazon’s surprise hardware event in Seattle today revealed a lot of new Alexa-powered devices, but it’s the Fire TV Recast that will be of most interest to a lot of users.

It’s a new companion DVR that lets you watch, record, and replay free over-the-air TV programming on the Fire TV, Echo Show, and on compatible Fire tablet, iOS, and Android devices.

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Amazon updates its Echo Dot, Echo Plus and Echo Show

At its surprise reveal today, Amazon took the wraps off an Alexa-powered microwave, a smart plug, and a whole host of other devices.

It also announced updates to its Echo Dot, Echo Plus and Echo Show products, with improved audio and the nicer, fabric look Amazon introduced to the Echo last year.

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Amazon Smart Plugs let you control home devices with Alexa -- but you’ll need an Echo device

At its surprise event today, Amazon revealed a new smart plug which lets you control home appliances with Alexa.

It doesn’t actually come with an Echo -- or microphones -- built in, but that’s to be expected given it will sell for just $25 (which is pretty much on par with other similar products).

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Amazon announces an Alexa-powered microwave with a built-in popcorn Dash button

Amazon hosted a surprise event today in Seattle where it took the wraps of a whole raft of Echo products.

One of the weirdest devices it revealed is an Alexa-powered microwave with a built-in Dash button that will allow you to order popcorn should you run out -- prefect for movie night!

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SteelSeries launches CS:GO Howl Edition Rival 310 gaming mouse and QcK+ mousepad

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive -- better known as CS:GO -- is one of the most popular multiplayer first-person shooters of all time. What makes the game so great is its meager system requirements -- it can run on many computers. In other words, it isn't very taxing, meaning you don't need super-expensive hardware to enjoy it. Are the graphics dated? Slightly, but lets be honest -- fun is the truly important thing.

Today, popular gaming accessory-maker SteelSeries launches a special CS:GO mouse and mousepad, both of which feature a design based on the M4A4 Howl gun skin. The "Howl Edition" Rival 310 gaming mouse and QcK+ mousepad are sure to be wildly popular with CS:GO gamers.

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Kaspersky launches updated small business security solution

Office protection

Small businesses are just as vulnerable to cyber threats as larger ones, but often they have few resources to devote it IT security.

With the launch of its next generation of Kaspersky Small Office Security, Kaspersky Lab aims to offer smaller businesses protection from cybercrime without the need for technical cybersecurity expertise or regular hands-on administration.

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Linksys launches enterprise grade Wi-Fi network management for SMBs

Linksys access point

Businesses of all sizes are dependent on wireless networks, but for smaller organizations the costs of deploying and managing a suitably fast and secure can be prohibitive.

Networking specialist Linksys is launching its new Cloud Manager, a cloud-hosted Wi-Fi management platform purpose-built for small business environments that reduces costs and increases operational efficiencies.

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Retail industry continues to struggle with cybersecurity

Shopping cart key

A new report from risk rating organization SecurityScorecard finds that the retail industry is the second lowest performer in terms of application security.

SecurityScorecard continually monitors more than 200,000 businesses across the world and the report compares the average grade of the retail industry to other vertical markets.

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5 ways to regain control of your privacy in Windows 10

Ever since Microsoft introduced Windows 10, which allowed users more insight and control over their privacy, the concern that Windows and other third-parties gather too much information has been growing.

Although Microsoft increased the transparency of privacy policies that doesn’t mean you should leave it at that, because there are some important settings to consider. In this article, I’ll show you 5 ways to regain control of your privacy in Windows 10.

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Thoughts on ideal privacy and anonymity

Let's say you would like to leave the most anonymous comment in the world on a social network. What do you need for this? VPN? Tor? SSH tunnel? No, it's enough to go to the Internet café, create a mail address, register on the site and write your message. You coped with the task.

But what if you need not just leave a one-time comment, not just hide your IP address from some site, what if you need to have such a level of anonymity that will be the most complex and practically will not provide anybody any opportunity for disclosure at any level, and also to provide secrecy and, to some extent, hide the very fact of using the means of anonymization. That's exactly what I want to talk about here.

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Staff feel pressure to over achieve when working from home

Home worker in pajamas

Working from home has long had a stereotype image of people sitting around in their pajamas drinking coffee while logged into the office computer but not doing very much actual work.

But new research from remote access tool LogMeIn, shows 46 percent of UK workers feel the need to show that they are actually being productive when working from home.

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Google brings Emergency Location Service to Android users across the US

Android emergency

Google has expanded Android's Emergency Location Service to more people in the US, making it easier for emergency services to locate people when responding to a 911 call out.

Emergency Location Service (ELS) has been around in Android for a couple of years now, and it uses a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi, mobile networks and sensors to provide responders with accurate location information about callers, no matter whether they are inside or outside.

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Hacked: Newegg suffers month-long card-skimming attack, exposing credit card details


Just 15 lines of code was all it took for hackers to hijack the checkout of online retailer Newegg. The month-long attack took the form of a huge card skimming operation and is believed to have been carried out by the same group that was responsible for hacking both British Airways and Ticketmaster recently -- Magecart.

The hackers inserted car-skimming code into Newegg's payment page, and this script remained in place between August 14 and September 18. It is not known how many people may have been affected by the incident, but with millions of visitors each month, the numbers are potentially huge.

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Canonical reveals Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS 'Trusty Tahr' Extended Security Maintenance (ESM) plans

Stacked Ubuntu logo

When it comes to upgrading an operating system, home users have plenty of flexibility. Whether running Windows, Mac, or a Linux-based OS, moving to the latest and greatest should be a fairly uneventful affair. For businesses, however, bleeding edge is hardly ideal. After all, companies use their computers to make money -- there is no room for downtime due to upgrade issues. In other words, if it isn't broken, don't fix it. This is why many in the corporate world still run Windows 7.

Of course, staying on an older operating system can be problematic as well. As long as the OS is supported, you are golden. To run an operating system that no longer gets security updates is pure madness, though. Luckily, if you need to run an unsupported operating system, some maintainers, such as Canonical and Microsoft, will still support you -- if you pay up. For example, next year, Ubuntu 14.04 will reach end of life, so today, Canonical announces its Extended Security Maintenance (ESM) plans.

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O&O Defrag 22 Professional will keep your SSD fully optimized

It wasn’t so long ago, you bought a brand new computer, installed your favorite applications, only to find a few months later it was clearly operating more sluggishly.

There were various reasons for this, but the primary reason was a defragmented hard drive. The more you write data to the drive, the more scattered the contents and the physical head spent far longer retrieving the data. We know people who would systematically simply wipe their drive and start again just to regain the speed of their original PC.

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