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Until Apple patches this security flaw your VPN traffic might not be secure

Rainbow Apple logo

The recently open sourced ProtonVPN has issued a warning about a bug in iOS that leaves some VPN traffic unencrypted.

Apple is yet to release a fix for the VPN bypass vulnerability which affects iOS 13.3.1 and later. The flaw means that some connections may exist outside of the secure VPN tunnel for several hours, leaving traffic open to interception and potentially exposing users' real IP addresses.

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Microsoft will release off-schedule patch for VPN connectivity problems caused by buggy update

Microsoft is racing to prepare an out-of-band patch that will hopefully fix VNP problems introduced by February's KB4535996 update. This update was released to address search and print problems in Windows 10, but users complained of slowed performance, issues with sleep.

On top of this, Microsoft also acknowledged that the update could cause connectivity problems for VPN users, as well as for various applications. With so many people currently remote working, there is pressure to get these issues addressed, hence the rush job on an out-of-band fix.

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Zoom apologizes for Facebook privacy fiasco and updates app to stop data sharing

Zoom on iPhone

After an investigation by Motherboard's Vice, video-conferencing app Zoom was found to be sharing user data with Facebook. Data was being sent from iPhones to Facebook, regardless of whether users had Facebook accounts or not, and the fact that data was being shared was not made apparent in privacy policies.

Zoom's popularity has skyrocketed recently, with more and more people looking for remote working solutions during coronavirus lockdowns. Now the company has apologized for the secretive data sharing, saying that it takes privacy extremely seriously. There's also a new version of the app available that doesn't use the Facebook SDK.

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Apple helps screen for Coronavirus (COVID-19) with iPhone app and website

Are you sick of hearing about the Coronavirus (COVID-19)? Yeah, me too. Fatigue is definitely setting in. Quite frankly, I'd be happy to no longer cover anything related to it on BetaNews. And yet, we must, as it is important that we are all educated on the subject. Many people are getting sick, and even worse, some are actually dying.

Unfortunately, here in the USA, testing for the disease has been woefully deficient. We are behind many other countries, such a China and South Korea, in this regard. Many people don't know how to get tested, where to get tested, or even if they should get tested. Making matters worse, you could be infected yet asymptomatic and contagious. Today, Apple announces it is trying to help regarding this, as the company launches a special app and website for COVID-19 screening. Even the much-maligned Siri voice assistant is getting in on the action. And yes, it is all based on official CDC guidance.

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KINGMAX unveils insanely fast PX4480 M.2 2280 NVMe PCIe Gen4x4 SSD

All solid state drives are fast -- when compared to a mechanical hard drive, at least. With that said, not all SSDs are created equally. SATA based SSDs are the slowest of the bunch, with PCIe-based drives being the fastest. Of course, there are different generations of PCIe that have gotten continually faster. Currently, consumers have access to some computers and motherboards with PCIe Gen 4.0.

If you have a newer computer with PCIe Gen 4.0, congratulations -- you have a nice rig. If your SSD isn't PCIe Gen 4.0, however, you might be missing out on some potential speed. There aren't many of those drives on the market, but today, one more is unveiled. Called "PX4480," this new SSD from KINGMAX is insanely fast, making SATA SSDs look like straight trash!

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Operation Poisoned News used local news links to hit iPhone users with spyware

iPhone spyware

Research published by security firms Trend Micro and Kaspersky reveals details of a watering-hole campaign targeting iPhone users.

Dubbed Operation Poisoned News, the campaign used malicious links on local news websites to install the LightSpy malware. Hackers have been exploiting vulnerabilities in iOS to install the spyware which can gather huge amounts of information and can also be used to take remote control of a device.

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Microsoft asks Xbox developers to limit games updates to reduce strain on the internet

Blue Xbox controller

The internet is currently straining under the pressure of millions of people around the world working from home or self-isolating because of the coronavirus pandemic. There is additional strain because of people using homeworking as a reason to using streaming video services and online gaming more.

Many tech companies have had to take steps to meet increased demand, with the likes of Netflix reducing video quality to cut back on bandwidth. Now Microsoft is asking that developers limit the updates released for Xbox games.

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Best Windows 10 apps this week

Three-hundred-and-seventy-nine in a series. Welcome to this week's overview of the best apps, games and extensions released for Windows 10 on the Microsoft Store in the past seven days.

Microsoft announced this week that it is pausing non-security updates for Windows starting in May 2020. Security updates released on Patch Tuesday will still be produced on schedule.

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Why is Zoom secretly sharing data with Facebook?

Zoom icon

With so many people now working from home, video conferencing service Zoom has become a household name virtually overnight. But while millions of users appreciate the ability to connect with the office, colleagues, friends and family for free, a worrying privacy issue has been found.

The Zoom iOS app has been spotted sharing data with Facebook... even for users that don't have a Facebook account. So what's going on?

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Get AOMEI Backupper Professional free for a year

Backup key

Next Tuesday is World Backup Day and to mark the event AOMEI is offering a 12 month free subscription to its Backupper Professional product. The offer is available from now until April 2nd.

With more people working at home on their own machines due to the Coronavirus, security and protection of data is more important than ever.

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Google Podcasts comes to iOS, and it’s really good

Podcasts are wildly popular these days, and it is not hard to see why. If you can think of a topic, there is probably a podcast about it! For instance, the coronavirus is the hot subject of the moment, and there are countless shows dedicated to that pandemic. If you want a distraction from the virus, however, you can listen to podcasts that cover sports, news, cooking, and more.

Just as there are many podcasts, there are also many podcast apps too. If you are an iPhone user, for instance, you can use Apple’s stock podcast app or head to the App Store to download a third-party option. Now, iPhone users are getting yet another option. You see, Google has long had a podcast app for Android, and the company recently redesigned it. Now, the search-giant is bringing the newly refreshed app to iOS.

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Suffering from slower internet? IObit makes Internet Booster PRO free

Last week, software publisher IObit launched a giveaway site, making 50,000 licenses of its paid PRO products -- including Advanced SystemCare Ultimate and Malware Fighter -- available for free.

It did this in response to the coronavirus pandemic and to improve people's PC experience. Today it takes another step in helping those suffering from slower internet as a result of ever greater numbers working from home, by making Internet Booster PRO free for a limited time.

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Google resumes Chrome and Chrome OS releases with an updated schedule

Cartoon Chrome logo

Google announced the pausing of upcoming Chrome and Chrome OS releases earlier this month and revealed that it would focus development on security updates for the time being.

Today, the company released an update in which it confirmed that it has resumed releases with an adjusted schedule.

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MX Player launches free movie and TV streaming service in US, UK and more

MX Player

MX Player is not only a nifty media player, for some time it has also offered free streaming services in India. Now this is expanding into seven new markets including the US, the UK and Australia.

While not linked to the coronavirus pandemic, the offer of free entertainment will please many people who find themselves stuck at home. MX Player is home to both licensed and original content, which is currently enjoyed by 175 million monthly users.

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Gift card scam sends out malicious USB drives

Giftwrapped USB

Malware attacks using USB flash drives dropped in offices or public locations like car parks are not uncommon. But researchers at Trustwave Spiderlabs have been investigating a new attack disguised as a gift card.

The attack came in the form of a letter that appears to be from retail chain Best Buy offering a $50 gift to loyal customers. With the letter comes a USB drive supposedly containing a list of items to spend the money on.

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