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Bitdefender reveals first public beta of Bitdefender Total Security 2018


Bitdefender has announced the availability of Bitdefender Total Security 2018, the first public beta of its next generation security suite.

New features include a Webcam Protection module which notifies you when apps try to access your webcam, and blocks unauthorized usage.

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Microsoft working on DNA-based data storage


Quantum computing is not the only large leap in computing the human race is currently working on, there's also the crazy and amazing research in storing data in DNA.

According to media reports, Microsoft is now planning on building, "an operational storage system based on DNA working inside a data center," by the next decade.

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Iowa to have mobile driver's licenses in 2018

Iowa driving

Ever since the first US smartphone to contain a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip for contactless mobile payments was released more than seven years ago, there has been no shortage of hype, commentary, news stories, and hopeful discourse about the concept of ditching the physical wallet for good.

Of course, such high-concept rhetoric always reliably meandered down the path of exceptions and caveats, making it nothing more than futuristic hyperbole. One of the biggest exceptions has always been needing to carry around a form of photo ID, like a driver's license, especially in places like Iowa where getting behind the wheel from point A to point B is a necessary part of everyday life.

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[Giveaway] Chuwi LapBook 15.6 Windows 10 laptop

Chuwi LapBook 15.6

Chuwi makes some interesting Windows devices that do not break the bank. The LapBook 15.6, the bigger brother to the lovely LapBook 14.1 that I tested earlier this year, is the perfect example: it's got a large, high-resolution screen, sleek design, competitive hardware, and an attractive price point.

It can be had for just under $200 for a limited time, but we have now teamed up with Chuwi to offer one for free to a lucky BetaNews reader. Here is what you need to know.

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Emails beat social media in the battle for consumer engagement

marketing compass

It's easy to believe that marketing to younger generations would be best conducted via social media, but a new survey shows that email is still a more effective tool.

The study from email marketing brand Campaigner looks at the preferences of online shoppers and revealed insights into how to most effectively market to different consumer generations.

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Facebook on moderation and community standards: 'we take our role extremely seriously'


Recently leaked documents gave a unique insight into just what can be posted on Facebook, and what moderators are expected to censor. In response to this, the company's head of global policy management, Monika Bickert, has written a lengthy statement in which she tries to explain how Facebook choose what to censor.

While some of Facebook's policies are well known, this is not true of all of them, and this is not without reason. Bickert explains: "We don't always share the details of our policies, because we don’t want to encourage people to find workaround." She says that Facebook faces a difficult task in determining whether a post that is reported should be removed or not.

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New open source database designed for enterprise users

Business database server

Businesses are looking for database technology that increases their agility, scalability, security, and supports a range of different use cases, at the same time keeping down costs.

On the other hand developers want a database that is open and extensible, and lets them easily develop many different types of application.

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Find out who shut down your PC and when, with Shutdown Logger


Security developer NoVirusThanks has released Shutdown Logger, a free Windows service-based application which records details about every shutdown event.

The package logs the time and date of each shutdown, the system uptime to that point, and the names of any logged-in user accounts.

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Windows 10 China Government Edition allows China to control encryption and telemetry


Microsoft's event in Shanghai today may have been mainly about the Surface Pro, but there was also news of a new version of Windows 10. The new version -- which we reported about a couple of months ago -- is called Windows 10 China Government Edition and it makes a number of concessions to keep Chinese officials happy.

It’s a release that raises a lot of questions. The Windows 10 China Government Edition allows the country to not only use its own encryption, but also to control updates, remove unwanted apps, and manage telemetry. Users around the world will almost certainly be asking why control over telemetry is not an option for them, and what the implications of making changes for the Chinese government could be.

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Microsoft announces the thinner, faster new Surface Pro

Surface Pro (3)

At today’s launch event in Shanghai, Microsoft officially took the wraps of its new Surface Pro tablet. There was no official live stream, and the software giant’s live blog was hit by technical difficulties which meant it wasn’t updated as intended, but we finally have the information on the new device, which Microsoft describes as "the most versatile laptop."

Called simply Surface Pro, the tablet is a beautifully crafted device that’s the thinnest and fastest produced so far. It’s powered by the Core i7 7th Gen Kaby Lake processor, and promises 13.5 hours of battery life -- that's a big 50 percent improvement over the Surface Pro 4.

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Huawei unveils MateBook X, MateBook E, and MateBook D Windows 10 devices


Last year, Huawei released its first-ever Windows 10 device -- the MateBook. The tablet/laptop hybrid was a bit underpowered, but had incredible build quality and a gorgeous screen. It also had solid speakers and a fast fingerprint reader. Overall, I picked it as my favorite Windows 10 device of 2016. Today, Huawei unveils its successor -- the MateBook E. It isn't a radical redesign, which is a good thing.

The company is not stopping there, however, as it also announces two new MateBook computers which are traditional laptops -- the "X" and "D". The former is a very svelte and elegant 13-inch Ultrabook, while the latter is a larger 15.6-inch laptop.

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Symantec pins WannaCry on North Korean Lazarus group

Symantec logo sign

There have already been suggestions that the now infamous WannaCry ransomware was the work of the North Korean hacking group Lazarus. Security firm Symantec now says it is "highly likely" that Lazarus is to blame, having unearthed further evidence of the re-use of code from other attacks by the group.

But while the links to Lazarus are strong, North Korea denies that it was involved in any sort of state-sponsored attack, dismissing such claims as "a dirty and despicable smear campaign." It is thought that the group -- also responsible for attacking Sony Pictures and stealing $81 million from the Bangladesh Central Bank -- operated independently for personal gain.

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New software adds secure authentication to any enterprise application

enterprise security login authentication verification user password

Increased numbers of phishing and other cyber attacks are putting companies under greater pressure to secure their applications.

Conventionally this requires re-coding or other work to achieve, but new software from behavioral firewall specialist Preempt lets organizations add secure authentication to any enterprise application.

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Phishers cash in on WannaCry attack


The UK's ActionFraud cyber crime reporting center is warning customers of BT’s internet services of a phishing scam claiming to protect against WannaCry-style attacks.

The emails claim that BT has launched preventative measures to protect data on an international scale and try to get recipients to click on a link to a 'security upgrade'.

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Apple and Nokia end all litigation as they sign patent license and business cooperation agreement


Apple is dropping its lawsuit against Nokia. The iPhone manufacturer and the Finnish company reached an agreement to not only bring the intellectual property dispute to an end, but also to start a multi-year patent license.

Described as a "meaningful agreement", details of the new arrangement are confidential, at least for the time being, but Apple does shed a little light on what's going to be happening moving forward. Apple will receive network infrastructure product and services from Nokia, and the company will also resume carrying the Withings health products Nokia bought.

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