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Navigating cyber complexities: Top tips from an ethical hacker for Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Business security

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and this year’s overarching theme is "It’s Easy to Stay Safe Online."

While cybersecurity news often centers around massive data breaches and hacks, it can be overwhelming to citizens and consumers who feel powerless against such threats. However, this year’s theme serves as a reminder that we all have a part to play in making the online world a safer place, whether that be at work, home or school. 

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OpenSilver gains more features and improved performance

A year ago we reported on the demise of Microsoft Silverlight and how OpenSilver offered an alternative for those still wanting to run Silverlight apps.

The OpenSilver developers haven't been idle in the meantime and today sees the launch of version 1.1. This allows 99.99 percent reuse of the Silverlight codebase and also guarantees an almost pixel perfect migration.

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Online sellers remain optimistic despite looming recession


A new study shows that online sellers remain optimistic about the current eCommerce market despite consumers cost of living concerns and an impending recession.

The research, from eCommerce helpdesk specialist eDesk and based on a survey of over 200 online sellers in the US, shows that 53 percent of sellers expect to see an increase in online shopping over the next six months.

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Get 'Social Media Marketing For Dummies, 4th Edition' ($16 value) FREE for a limited time

Social media technology is restlessly inventive, providing thousands of awesome ways for you to market your business inexpensively and on a large scale -- often directly into the pockets of consumers. But in the proliferating, ever-changing world of tweets, influencers, handles, and alerts, it can be hard to know where to begin and then to evaluate what’s actually working for you.

In the new edition of Social Media Marketing for Dummies, leading SMM voices Shiv Singh and Stephanie Diamond clear away the confusion and show you the smartest, most effective ways to plan, launch, manage, and assess your campaigns -- and then iterate and optimize for increased success.

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The benefits of hybrid open-closed source software for smaller companies [Q&A]


Open source has gained enterprise popularity for its decentralized, collaborative approach to software development. By bringing large groups of developers together, it can boost efficiency, visibility and drive the adoption of new technologies.

However, taking a full open-source approach might not be the best fit for smaller enterprises. Dr. William Bain, founder and CEO of ScaleOut Software, cautions that the costs and legal risks associated with going full open source may be too great for smaller software companies. Instead, he recommends a hybrid open and closed-source model, we talked to him to learn more.

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Microsoft pushes new features to some Windows 11 2022 Update users, including Explorer tabs

Explorer tabs

When Microsoft started the rollout of Windows 11 2022 Update (Windows 11 22H2) recently, there was disappointment that some of the promised features -- such as tabs in Explorer -- were missing. Now the company is starting to push some additional features out to users who are running the Release Preview version of Windows 11.

So, what can you expect from this feature push? Tabs! File Explorer now has tabs, plus some other enhancements, and there's a new taskbar overflow menu. There's more too.

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Microsoft releases PowerToys v0.63 with loads of fixes and a significantly smaller installer


It is only a few days since we learned that Microsoft is working on a great new PowerToys utility called File LockSmith. This particular tool is not quite ready yet but in the meantime we have PowerToys v0.63 to enjoy.

For the v0.63 release cycle, the PowerToys development team says that it is "focused on stability and improvement". While this may not sound overly enticing, the release of PowerToys v0.63 is an important one. In addition to introducing a large number of fixes, this latest update not only makes steps towards eliminating the UAC prompt during installation, but also greatly reduces the size of the installer.

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Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard and Pebble M350 Wireless Mouse both available in three new colors

Jut yesterday, we told you the Logitech PRO X SUPERLIGHT wireless mouse is now available in a new red color. Adding new colors and patterns to existing products is something Logitech does often. Consumers seem to appreciate this, as it allows them to customize their desk space.

Today, Logitech takes the same approach with both the K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard and Pebble M350 Wireless Mouse. These are existing products from the company, but as of today, they are available in three new beautiful colors -- Blueberry, Lavender Lemonade, and Sand. All three are pretty, but I think Lavender Lemonade is my favorite of the bunch.

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Google launches Nest Wifi Pro with Wi-Fi 6E

If you consider yourself a technology enthusiast, then you absolutely must have the latest and greatest in wireless networking. In other words, anybody who is anybody has a Wi-Fi 6E router. After all, the 6GHz band it adds makes regular Wi-Fi 6 far inferior.

Fans of the Google Wifi mesh system have been clamoring for a Wi-Fi 6E upgrade, and today, it finally happens! The unimaginatively named Nest Wifi Pro is here to blanket your home with that glorious 6GHz band. And yes, smart home fans, the Tri-band router (2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz) also serves as a Thread border router -- it will eventually be a Matter hub too.

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A fundamental mechanism that secures the internet has been broken

Resource Public Key Infrastructure -- or RPKI -as it's better known -- is a security framework that is designed to prevent cybercriminals or rogue states from diverting internet traffic.

National research center for Cybersecurity ATHENE says it has found a way to easily bypass this security mechanism, and in a way that means affected network operators are unable to notice.

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New exposure management platform helps businesses manage cyber risks

Risk dial

The average enterprise uses more than 130 cybersecurity point solutions, creating siloed data that is hard for security teams to apply in meaningful ways.

To address this problem, Tenable is launching a new exposure management platform, aimed at giving customers a unified view into their organization's assets and vulnerabilities across the whole attack surface.

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DDoS attacks get smaller -- but there are more of them

DDoS attacks

The amount of DDoS attacks increased by 75.6 percent compared to the second half of 2021, but the average (0.59 Gbps) and maximum (232.0 Gbps) attack sizes each decreased by 56 percent and 66.8 percent, respectively.

New research from Nexusguard shows that single-vector attacks represented 85 percent of all attacks globally in the first half of this year. Of these User Datagram Protocol (UDP) attacks accounted for 39.6 percent, an increase of 77.5 percent from the first half of 2021, the remainder being HTTPS flood attacks.

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New tool helps enterprises measure the effectiveness of their security spending

Lock and money

Spending more money on cybersecurity tools doesn't necessarily mean you're less likely to suffer from a cyberattack. Until now though it's been hard to tell whether what you do spend is actually delivering a good return on investment.

Safe Security is today launching a new Return on Security Investment (ROSI) calculator that enables CISOs and CFOs to quantify the reduction in risk for each dollar invested in cybersecurity.

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Four Zero Trust hurdles that organizations are failing to clear

 More than a decade after the concept of Zero Trust was first introduced, it’s become one of the biggest buzzwords in the industry. According to Microsoft, 96 percent of security decision-makers believe Zero Trust is ‘critical’ to their organization’s success, with 76 percent in the process of implementation currently. 

Zero Trust is on the rise because traditional security models that assume everything inside an organization’s network can be trusted is no longer valid. As enterprises manage their data across multiple applications and environments, on-prem or hosted in the cloud, and as users have more access to data at more interfaces, a network’s perimeter becomes porous and less defined. This causes the threat surface to expand as the edge becomes indefensible. This change has seen many organizations embrace Zero Trust principles to improve their security posture.

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UK sees boost in AI adoption

Artificial intelligence

Use of AI technology in the UK has stepped up since 2016, with 41 percent of companies adopting AI, compared to just a fifth over six years ago.

A new study from Peak shows this puts the UK above the global average of 39 percent and represents an almost fourfold rise in the last ten years, compared to just 2.5 times in the US and three times in India.

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