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Plugable launches new premium cables

Plugable has just launched four new cables that promise to solve the universal problem of incompatible and unreliable charging cords. These products, distinguishable by their signature Plugable green band and a clearly listed set of capabilities, are designed to reliably perform everything from charging gadgets to connecting hardware.

The lineup includes the USB-C 20Gbps 240W EPR cable, the Thunderbolt 4 40Gbps 240W EPR Cable with a right-angle connector, a 3.3ft (1m) USB-C to USB-A 10Gbps Cable, and a 6ft (2m) USB-C to USB-A 5Gbps Cable. Each of these is backed by Plugable’s compatibility guarantee, ensuring that they meet the high expectations of today’s tech users.

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Election year gives rise to global supply chain cyberthreats

This year sees elections around the world, affecting around half the global population, with voters in the US, Mexico, India, Taiwan, Indonesia, the UK and other places all heading to the polls.

A new report from Everstream Analytics looks at how these elections will create new supply chain risks associated with global trade, commodity supplies and cyberattacks.

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Surfshark finally launches VPN app for Apple TV

Following many requests from users, Surfshark has finally launched a VPN app specifically for Apple TV! This new app enhances user privacy by encrypting internet traffic and masking IP addresses, thereby shielding users from invasive online tracking and targeted advertising.

Surfshark’s new offering for Apple TV joins an extensive lineup of available VPN applications across various platforms, including Chrome, Firefox, iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, Linux, FireTV, and Edge. Notably, the Apple TV VPN app is accessible to all existing Surfshark users without any additional fees.

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Over half of CISOs expect frozen or lower budgets in 2024

A new State of Pentesting report from Pentera shows that 53 percent of organizations surveyed have decreasing or stagnating cybersecurity budgets, requiring CISOs to do more with less.

This compares to last year when 92 percent of organizations surveyed expected to raise their IT security budgets. Only five percent of CISOs this year are projecting their IT security budgets will grow by more than 10 percent compared to 36 percent in 2023.

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KLEVV unveils CRAS C925 Gen4 M.2 SSD for PC and PlayStation 5

KLEVV has announced its latest product, the CRAS C925 Gen4 M.2 solid state drive. This SSD is engineered with the PCI Express Gen4 x4 interface and NVMe 1.4 protocol, ensuring peak performance with sequential read speeds reaching up to 7400 MB/s. This level of speed significantly reduces load times, enhancing productivity and gaming experiences alike. The SSD also achieves up to 700K IOPS for 4K random read and 1000K IOPS for write.

To maintain optimal performance, KLEVV includes an optional aluminum heatsink with the CRAS C925, which can reduce temperatures by up to 12 percent. Its single-sided NAND IC design makes it compatible with a variety of compact devices such as laptops, mini-PCs, and gaming consoles like the PS5, ensuring users do not have to compromise on performance or space.

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Zoom rebrands as Zoom Workspace 6.0, an AI-powered update packed with new features

Zoom Video Communications has rolled out a major update and rebrand of its video-conferencing tool for Windows and Mac with the release of Zoom Workspace 6.0. The new name reflects the app’s new function -- as a single collaborative platform for all its AI-powered features, including the new Zoom AI companion.

The rebranded app is accompanied with a visual overhaul, but more notable are the sheer number of new and improved features on show.

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People prefer support from humans over AI when implementing CRM

A survey from CRM solution provider Workbooks finds participants voicing their strong preference for human support over AI-powered solutions.

This not entirely surprising result shows that while AI-powered support may offer efficiency and cost-effectiveness, it falls short of meeting the nuanced needs of businesses seeking personalized assistance.

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Enterprises not getting full value from their data

According to a new report, 73 percent of IT leaders are still struggling to transform data into delivering significant business value.

The survey of 150 UK IT leaders by cloud consultancy Appsbroker & CTS finds 91 percent have a specific mandate from their board or executive team to make their organization more data-driven and data-centric.

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New, higher pricing for Microsoft Dynamics 365 kicks in in October

Microsoft building logo

Users of Microsoft Dynamics 365 have larger bills on the horizon. Microsoft has just announced the first price increase in over half a decade, with leaps of between 10 and 16 percent.

As well as pointing to the period of time that has elapsed since the last increase, Microsoft justifies the upcoming hike by stressing how Dynamics 365 has transformed CRM and ERP . New pricing comes into effect in October.

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Bots account for half of all web traffic

A new report from Imperva finds that 49.6 percent of all internet traffic came from bots in 2023, a two percent increase over the previous year, and the highest level since the company began monitoring automated traffic in 2013.

The proportion of web traffic associated with bad bots grew to 32 percent in 2023, up from 30.2 percent in 2022, while traffic from human users decreased to 50.4 percent. Automated traffic is costing organizations billions of dollars annually due to attacks on websites, APIs, and applications.

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Google is making it harder to block ads on YouTube

YouTube logo on phone with money in the background

Anyone using a third-party app to block ads on YouTube is likely to find that their viewing is interrupted. Google has announced that it is further clamping down on ad-blocking tools which are seen by many people as a handy way to avoid paying for YouTube Premium.

The company says that by blocking ads with apps that violate its terms of service, users are starving creators of an income stream and, of course, failing to line Google's pockets.

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AlmaLinux 9.4 Beta 'Seafoam Ocelot' now available

The AlmaLinux OS Foundation has officially released the beta version of AlmaLinux 9.4, codenamed “Seafoam Ocelot,” available for various hardware architectures including Intel/AMD (x86_64), ARM64 (aarch64), IBM PowerPC (ppc64le), and IBM Z (s390x). Enthusiasts and developers can access the beta ISOs here.

As with any beta software, the Foundation advises against using this release in production environments. It is essential to follow this guidance, especially when considering upgrades from previous versions, as beta versions can lead to unexpected issues that could disrupt operational systems.

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Samsung launches DU9000 98-inch Crystal UHD TV

Samsung has introduced a new giant television to its lineup with the launch of the 98” Crystal 4K TV (DU9000), now available here for $3,999.99. This model joins Samsung’s existing range of 98-inch models, which includes the Neo QLED 8K, Neo QLED 4K, and QLED 4K options, catering to a growing consumer demand for larger screen sizes.

James Fishler, Senior Vice President of Home Entertainment at Samsung Electronics America, noted the shift in consumer preferences, stating, “Just a few years ago, 65” TVs were considered ‘big.’ Today, people want even bigger screens.” He revealed that sales of 98-inch TVs have surged nearly 15-fold over the past year, underscoring a significant trend toward super-sized home entertainment options.

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How AI is having an impact on software testing [Q&A]

Artificial intelligence is making its way into many areas of the tech industry, with the introduction of large language models making it much more accessible.

One of the areas where it's having a big impact is software testing, where it allows companies to provide better support to existing software teams and refocus their efforts on development.

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More people can now upgrade to Windows 11 after Microsoft lifts Intel Smart Sound Technology compatibility block

Hand holding a Windows 11 logo

After almost two-and-a-half years, an issue that prevented some people with Intel 11th Gen Core processors from upgrading to Windows 11 has finally been addressed.

Microsoft has quietly announced that compatibility issues with Intel Smart Sound Technology drivers and Windows 11 have been "resolved externally". Until now, there has been a compatibility hold in place for devices with both an Intel 11th Gen Core processor and certain versions of the Intel SST driver, but now this has been lifted, it is possible for owners of such systems to upgrade to Windows 11.

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