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UK businesses lack necessary security skills and awareness

Cyber attack

British firms are putting themselves at risk of being hit by major cyber-attacks such as the WannaCry ransomware due to a lack of proper security skills and awareness, a new government report has warned.

Over two thirds (68 percent) of board members at FTSE 350 businesses have not been trained to deal with major cyber security attacks, according to the latest government cyber health check report, revealed today.

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New solution aims to cut mobile app fraud

smartphone mobile apps

One of the ways developers can boost the popularity of their mobile apps is via pay-per-click advertising. But this leaves them open to fraud where bots can be used to generate large numbers of hits.

Mobile advertising technology firm AppLift is launching a new Fraud Buster tool, which combats app install fraud in real time to ensure users are genuine and deliver increased return on advertising spending.

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Slate Gray OnePlus 5 now available in top configuration


When OnePlus introduced its latest flagship killer, the OnePlus 5, it only made the top configuration available on the Midnight Black version. Similarly, the Slate Gray color option was paired exclusively with the base specifications.

That was a rather strange choice, as it forced buyers to accept a specific color in order to get either configuration. However, at least for the Slate Gray model, things have just changed.

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IBM launches blockchain collaboration to improve food safety


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in ten people in the US falls ill each year from contaminated food. The source of such problems can be hard to identify due to a lack of traceability.

Blockchain is an ideal technology to help address these challenges because it establishes a trusted environment for all transactions and IBM is launching a collaboration with major industry players to strengthen consumer confidence in the global food system.

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HP welcomes overclockers with first OMEN X gaming laptop

HP OMEN X Laptop 1

HP today unveils the first laptop in the OMEN X gaming series. The new device, which joins the OMEN X Desktop in the range, is designed with professional gamers in mind, featuring official support for overclocking and hardware upgrades.

The OMEN X Laptop, as it is officially called, comes with thermals optimized for CPU and RAM overclocking, and can be paired with GPUs overclocked from the factory.

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Get 'Jump Start Adobe XD' ($14 value) FREE for a limited time

Adobe XD

Jump Start Adobe XD provides everything a designer needs, right out of the box.

Adobe’s new app, Experience Design CC (better known as XD) is the only design tool on the market today that allows you to design user interfaces, prototype interactions, and then export assets for development right out of the box. Jump Start Adobe XD will get you up and running with Adobe XD in no time.

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Verizon boosts software defined networking with Cloud IP Platform

meeting virtual social network

Businesses are moving more of their systems to the cloud and that includes infrastructure projects like networking and provision for branch offices.

Telecoms provider Verizon is updating its software defined networking (SDN) platform with a new Software Defined Secure Branch (SD-Branch) managed service powered by Versa Networks' Cloud IP platform.

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Bitcoin Cash breaks $1,000


The new offshoot of Bitcoin has dropped in value after reaching a record high which saw the cryptocurrency peak at over $1,000.

Last month, a group of Bitcoin miners implemented a hard fork of the blockchain and as a result Bitcoin Cash was created. On Friday of last week, the offshoot was able to surge by 40 percent in a single day and it reached $600.

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Here's what's new in Android 8.0 Oreo


Yesterday Google finally revealed Android 8.0, also known as Oreo. Aside from the name, release date and the question of whether individual handsets will be treated to an upgrade, the query on most Android users' lips is "what's new?".

Google says that one of the primary aims with Oreo was to create "fluid experiences," as well as improving speed and efficiency. The company says that it is "smarter, faster, more powerful and sweeter than ever" -- but what does this actually mean in terms of new features?

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Facebook introduces a dedicated button to make it easier to access Safety Check


Facebook's Safety Check feature has been around for some time now, giving people the chance to use the social network to let friends and family know they're OK in the event of a natural disaster or other catastrophe.

It is Facebook that decides which events warrant activation of Safety Check, and until now it has also been down to the site to advertise the feature to users so they can either mark themselves safe, or check up on others -- but this is about to change.

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Linksys begins selling the WRT32X AC3200 MU-MIMO open source gaming router


Routers are getting more powerful and elaborate nowadays. What was once a device that a person would set up and then never pay any mind (except when he/she needed to reboot it), has become much more. Ostentatious designs with multiple external antennas are not just for performance, but they can also make wireless routers focal points of a room. For some consumers, these routers can even be seen as works of art. While appearance is obviously good for sales and marketing purposes, it can actually benefit some users too. After all, if a wireless router is put in, say, a living room, it is important that it looks attractive too. It really does matter.

Today, Linksys finally begins taking pre-orders for a wireless router that we covered at the beginning of the year, called WRT32X. This router is quite intriguing for many reasons. For one, it is being listed as a "gaming" device, and thanks to the use of Killer Networking KPE technology, that could be more than just marketing. Another interesting aspect is the beautiful design -- it looks both angry and intimidating, and yes, that is a good thing. If this was put next to an Xbox or gaming PC, it would totally fit in. Most intriguing, however, is that theWRT32X is open source-friendly so you can flash alternative firmware, such as OpenWrt.

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Cyber-security is an investment, not a burden

Boardroom security

CEOs across the UK are increasingly seeing cyber-security not as a burden, but rather an investment opportunity, a new study has claimed.

The KPMG CEO Outlook 2017 report, based on a poll of 150 CEOs in the UK, found that 70 percent considered investing in cyber-security an opportunity to find new streams of revenue.

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Black Lab Enterprise Linux 11.0.3 Ubuntu-based operating system now available


The perfect Linux distribution doesn't exist. Take it from someone that does a lot of distro-hopping -- you will find yourself searching forever. Instead, it is wise to find a Linux-based operating system that meets your needs and try to stick with it. After all, constantly fiddling with various distributions will just drain your energy and steal your time.

With that said, Black Lab Enterprise Linux 11.0.3 is now available. Should you download it? Well, if you are not satisfied with your current Linux-based operating system, then maybe. I've got to tell you, this Ubuntu-based distro looks like a winner. It features modern versions of both Google Chrome and the Linux kernel, plus it offers support for many file systems. Despite being designed for organizations, it should serve as a great desktop OS for home users too.

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Android 8.0 Oreo is here, and as usual, your device will probably never get it -- hooray!


Look, we all knew Android 8.0 would probably be called "Oreo," and we now have confirmation. Today, Google releases 8.0 of its Android operating system and officially names it "Oreo" after the sandwich cookie. This is the search-giant's second time partnering with a brand for a dessert name, with the other time being "Kit Kat". Strangely, Google even used the solar eclipse to promote the Oreo name.

Truth be told, it does feel kind of cheap and commercialized to have a corporate product tie-in. After all, if Windows 10 was named "Slim Jim," for example, and Microsoft urged you to snap into its operating system, consumers would be up in arms. When Google does, it, however, people celebrate.

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Hackers can disable your car's safety systems

Hacking Inner Car Systems

Hackers could disable a modern car's airbags and other safety systems, putting the driver and the passengers at grave risk, according to a new warning.

Researchers from security firm Trend Micro have revealed a flaw that could allow the controlling network of a connected car to be overloaded, allowing possible hackers to compromise key systems in the vehicle, including safety aspects.

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