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It's your last chance to get a OnePlus 3T

OnePlus 3T back Graphite

There is no denying that the OnePlus 3T is still a very good high-end smartphone. But, since it will soon be replaced by the OnePlus 5, which rocks some amazing hardware and, hopefully, just as an attractive price tag as before, the current flagship killer will not be available for much longer.

In fact, OnePlus has announced that there is limited stock left, so, if you are considering buying a OnePlus 3T, now is your last chance to get one.

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Dynamically generated whitelists help stop hackers

endpoint protection

Whitelists have traditionally been used as a way of limiting what users can do, but they're time consuming to maintain and keep up to date.

Florida-based Terra Privacy is addressing this with a system where destinations are continually inserted and removed from the whitelist in real-time, in concert with the user's activities.

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Best Windows 10 apps this week


Two-hundred-and-thirty-two in a series. Welcome to this week's overview of the best apps, games and extensions released for Windows 10 on the Windows Store in the past seven days.

The roll out of the Windows 10 Creators Update is still ongoing. Wayne notes that it is at 15.2 percent of users in the US right now, which means that it will take a while longer before the new version is on the majority of Windows 10 PCs out there.

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NTFS bug allows any website to crash Windows 7, 8.1


Users of older versions of Windows aren’t having the best time of it lately. Last week it was discovered that over 98 percent of those affected by the WannaCry ransomware were running Windows 7, and a now a new bug has been found which can slow down and crash systems running that OS and Windows 8.1.

The new bug is trivially easy to exploit, making just browsing the web potentially hazardous, and there’s currently no fix available.

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Raspberry Pi to merge with CoderDojo

New idea

The Raspberry Pi was designed to provide an ultra-cheap way to encourage schoolchildren to learn to code just as they had back in the 1980s and 90s. Although the uncased credit card sized computer has since found a highly appreciative audience outside of education, kids -- the computer scientists of the future -- remain a priority.

CoderDojo is a global network of coding clubs for children aged from seven to 17 with the aim being to provide a safe and social place for kids to learn to program. It’s clear the two foundations have similar aims, which is why it’s no surprise that they are set to join forces.

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Facebook Fundraisers expand so you have more reasons to ask your friends for money


It's not all that long since Facebook introduced a fundraiser feature, making it possible for users to ask others on the social network for money for a particular cause. Now the company has expanded the personal fundraiser feature so that it can be used for more things.

Specifically, Facebook now permits people to raise money in two additional categories: sports and community. With the community category covering "neighborhood services, community improvements or environmental improvements," fundraisers have now become much wider-ranging

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Google launches Data Gif Maker so you can create animated GIFs to illustrate data


As names go, it's clear that little thought went into Google's new Data Gif Maker. It's a simple tool that lets you create animated GIFs to compare statistic about two different topics. Google says the free tool is aimed at journalists, but anyone with a website is able to use it however they want.

The idea is simple. Rather than just saying Android is more popular than iPhone, you can let a graphic do the work for you. Data Gif Maker produces bar charts that we have all become familiar with during elections, giving an easily-interpreted visual representation of basic stats -- but these are animated to make them more eye-catching.

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Belkin Wemo smart home devices will soon be compatible with Apple HomeKit and Siri


Belkin's Wemo smart home devices are absolutely brilliant. Not only does the company offer power outlet and light switch adapters, but it recently introduced a dimmer switch too. The Wemo products are also compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Home, making them easy to control by voice.

Unfortunately, Wemo devices are not compatible with Apple HomeKit or Siri. There is good news, however -- Belkin is adding support. Starting this fall, consumers can buy a new product called "Wemo Bridge," which will enable HomeKit support for existing Wemo devices. It simply plugs into an Ethernet port on your router, thereby enabling support for Apple's smart home platform.

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UK businesses less prepared for GDPR than European counterparts

Data protection

The new GDPR legislation is now just a year away from coming in to force, but new research claims that British businesses are not nearly as prepared as expected.

A study by Blancco Technology Group reveals that the UK is significantly less prepared than its European counterparts, with companies lagging behind the rest of the continent.

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XData ransomware starts wreaking havoc


The dust hasn’t even settled around WannaCry, another ransomware appears. This one was detected by ESET and identified as Win32/Filecoder.AESNI.C.

Security researchers dubbed it XData ransomware. It appears mostly in Ukraine (96 percent of cases). The outbreak seems to have started on May 17, reaching its peak on May 19.

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Most UK businesses feel vulnerable to cyber threats, despite increased security spending

Hidden threat

According to Thales' new report almost two thirds (63 percent) of businesses in the UK increased their cyber security spending this year, which is a jump from last year's 54 percent.

However, despite this, 43 percent were breached last year (Thales fails to mention the percentage difference compared to a year earlier, though). More than four fifths (84 percent) still feel vulnerable to threats, with 20 percent feeling "very" or "extremely" vulnerable.

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Amazon's physical retail presence grows in Seattle, New York

Amazon fresh

As Amazon runs out of ways to expand its mountain-sized market share in the online retail space, its attempts to grow its presence in the real world are continuing to materialize, with new plans being firmed up on both coasts of the United States.

Today, it officially launched AmazonFresh Pickup, a physical location where customers can pick up groceries ordered online, in its corporate home town of Seattle. It also cut the ribbon on its new retail book store in New York City.

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IoT data threats and other issues global companies face as GDPR nears

Internet of things

While the E.U.’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) won’t take full effect until May 25 2018, multi-national companies do need to take thoughtful action now to be certain their E.U.-based operations will be fully compliant when the time comes.

With WannaCry, the world’s largest ransomware attack fresh in their minds, most global businesses are hyper-focused on data security in formulating responses to GDPR. However, many are less well organized in their approach to the data privacy issues related to the new regulation. The lack of a well-formulated approach should give global companies pause though, particularly because the definition of data privacy under GDPR is especially broad, and because harnessing IoT data can be very challenging.

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T-Mobile disrupts the mobile space again with 'Digits' service


Continuing its brand-defining efforts to push boundaries, T-Mobile today announced that its "Digits" service, which lets customers use their mobile number to send and receive calls and texts from virtually any device, will officially launch to its entire subscriber base on May 31.

The third-place U.S. carrier emphasizes that this move is more than just being able to manage your texts wherever you are, or making a call in a pinch when your phone dies. It is instead a brand new method of how T-Mobile views the implementation of phone numbers forever moving forward.

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Detect, block and even undo ransomware damage with AppCheck


AppCheck Anti-Ransomware is a free-for-personal-use Windows application which aims to detect ransomware-type behavior and blocks any threat it finds.

The program includes an unusual file protection component which automatically backs up at-risk files before they can be encrypted, enabling AppCheck to undo most damage. These backups are held in a special driver-protected "RansomShelter", ensuring they can’t be encrypted as well.

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