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Third-party marketplaces are driving hyperscale cloud adoption


Although many cloud providers offer a marketplace for additional products and services, it's the marketplaces of the big three 'hyperscale' clouds --Azure, AWS and Google Cloud -- that are by far the largest.

New research from enterprise search company Sinequa finds that these marketplaces are a big draw, with 93 percent of respondents reporting the marketplaces make the big three clouds more attractive as a platform.

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Surprise, surprise, consumers don't like passwords

Change password

There will doubtless be a lot of comment surrounding today's World Password Day (watch this space) but to kick off we'll start with a new survey which shows that people aren’t keen on passwords at all.

The study from identity verification and authentication company Onfido reveals a variety of unpleasant activities that people would rather engage in than create a unique password.

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This Cat6a Ethernet cable is antibacterial

COVID-19 has been a global tragedy, leading to many deaths and causing countless businesses to shutter. On a positive note, however, the virus has opened our eyes to many unsanitary behaviors. For instance, people are more cognizant of the importance of hand-washing.

The coronavirus has also lead to new health-conscious products on the market, and today, L-com releases something quite interesting. While not necessarily a way to fight the COVID-19 virus, the company's newest product can combat sickness overall. You see, it is a Cat6a Ethernet cable that has both antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

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Google Arts & Culture's open source Woolaroo app uses AI to help preserve endangered languages

There are thousands of different languages spoken around the planet, but a sizable number of these are at risk of disappearing.

In fact, of the over 7,000 native languages currently in use, some 3,000 are in danger, and on average, a language becomes extinct every fourteen days. Google Arts & Culture is taking action to help preserve these endangered languages.

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Star Labs StarBook Mk V laptop for sale with Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Manjaro, and more

Back in the day, getting a laptop with Linux pre-installed was almost unheard of. For the most part, you had to buy a computer with Windows and then install Linux yourself. This wasn't bad necessarily, but it did mean that the price of the computer usually included a Windows license you maybe didn't want. In other words, Microsoft was profiting off of Linux users -- just because the consumer bought a Windows PC.

In 2021, however, there are many computers to be had with Linux pre-installed -- thanks to pioneers like System76. Of course, nowadays, big companies like Dell and Lenovo are selling Linux machines too. Today, yet another such laptop hits the market -- the Star Labs StarBook Mk V. This 14-inch notebook can be had your choice of several quality Linux distributions pre-installed, such as Linux Mint, Ubuntu, and Manjaro to name a few. And yes, Windows 10 is an option too.

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Windows 10 handheld gaming PC now available for pre-order on Amazon

If you like the idea of the Nintendo Switch, but wish you could play PC games on it, then GDP WIN 3 could well be just what you’re looking for.

The handheld console runs Windows 10 Home and has Switch-like controllers on the left and right hand sides and a 1280 x 720 touchscreen that slides up to reveal to a keyboard underneath. It’s a nice piece of kit, but it comes with something that you might not be so happy about -- a high price tag.

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There's a Starlink waiting in the sky -- it may not blow your mind though

Elon Musk's Starlink is a project aimed at delivering fast broadband via satellite to rural areas left behind by fiber rollouts.

But research from Ookla, the company behind, suggests that its performance is somewhat variable, much faster than fixed broadband in some areas but a lot slower in others.

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New pack helps developers manage open source licenses and compliance

Although many organizations rely on the software, managing open source licenses and compliance can be a difficult and time-consuming task.

Supply chain management tools specialist Sonatype is launching an Advanced Legal Pack using machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate open source license compliance.

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Tiger King's Carole Baskin launches her own crypto 'purr-ency' -- $CAT

Tiger King was one of the Netflix’s biggest shows last year, arriving at around the same time as Covid-19 lockdowns, making it a must-see for millions of people suddenly trapped at home.

Joe Exotic’s arch-nemesis on the show, Carole Baskin, has been making the most of her sudden fame, and her latest venture is an alt-coin for supporters of her Big Cat Rescue. And that’s not all she’s up to -- fans will also be able to invest in NFTs in the coming weeks.

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Enterprises turn to Kubernetes to handle big data

Kubernetes is rapidly becoming the standard for cloud and on-premises data workloads according to a new study from big data performance management company Pepperadata.

The study of 800 participants shows the motivations for adopting the container platform include improving resource utilization for reduced cloud costs (30 percent). While 23 percent want to enable their migration to the cloud; 18 percent to shorten deployment cycles; 15 percent to make their platforms and applications cloud-agnostic; and 14 percent to containerize monolithic apps.

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Windows Defender bug creating thousands of files on Windows 10 systems

If you’ve found your system running unexpectedly short of storage space over the past couple of days, then Windows Defender could be to blame.

Some users report that the bug has led to hundreds of thousands and even millions of files being generated by the security software, taking up gigabytes of storage space.

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Poor collaboration between security and networking harms transformation projects

office argument

While 49 percent of security teams and 44 percent of networking teams report to the same boss, 37 percent of IT professionals state that these teams don't really work together much.

A new report from security cloud company Netskope shows that 50 percent of global CIOs -- and 51 percent of respondents generally -- say a lack of collaboration between specialist teams stops their organization from realizing the benefits of digital transformation.

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Dell issues critical security update to patch serious driver flaws on hundreds of millions of systems

Dell laptop

Dell has patched a recently discovered series of security flaws in a driver installed on hundreds of millions of computers. Tracked as CVE-2021-21551, no fewer than five high severity vulnerabilities were found to exist in Dell's dbutil_2_3.sys firmware update driver since 2009.

The flawed DBUtil driver is installed on consumer and enterprise desktops, laptops and tablets around the world. If exploited, the vulnerabilities could be used to "escalate privileges from a non-administrator user to kernel mode privileges". The problem only affected Windows systems, not those running Linux.

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Microsoft Edge Chromium-based web browser for Linux achieves Beta status

Microsoft Edge on laptop and smartphone

When Microsoft first announced it was bringing Edge to Linux, I was less than enthusiastic about it. In fact, I declared that I would never install the web browser on my own Linux computer. To this day, I have yet to install Edge for Linux, although my stance is softening a bit. Mozilla Firefox is feeling stagnant, while I am troubled by the FLoC situation with Google Chrome. Could Microsoft Edge for Linux be in my future?

Well, Microsoft's web browser just got one step closer to a stable release, so I might have to give it a try. You see, as of today, Edge has achieved Beta status! This means its development has progressed quite swimmingly, and the Chromium-based web browser should be totally fine to use daily. And yes, you can install Edge Beta for Linux right now.

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Google apparently can't help you if your Gmail account gets locked, but there is a workaround

Head in hands

If you’ve ever been locked out of your personal Gmail account then you will no doubt have discovered it can be a serious uphill battle to regain access. If you forget the password, then you can try the 'forgot password' option, but if you’ve been locked out for other reasons, then you’re in trouble.

As reported by PCMag, Game publisher Mike Rose was recently locked out of his account for 'suspicious activity', and when he contacted Google support he was told there was nothing they could do for him.

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