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Elon Musk and other tech leaders form The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots

Skull of a human size robot

Business leaders and artificial intelligence experts have come together to sign an open letter to the governments of the world warning them of the potential risks of autonomous weapons.

The CEOs from 115 different technology companies, including SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk and DeepMind's Mustafa Suleyman, have joined forces to form The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots.

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HyperX unveils Cloud Alpha gaming headset with special dual chamber technology


HyperX makes excellent hardware. While the company's RAM (memory) is already legendary, it has also branched out to other gear like keyboards, mice, and headsets. So far, anything that carries the company's branding has proven to be of high quality. In other words, you really can't go wrong when buying a HyperX product.

Today, HyperX unveils a new gaming headset and it looks amazing. It is compatible with multiple platforms, such as Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, smartphones, tablets, and of course, PC. It features a removable microphone for when you just need to listen, which you can always reattach for speaking. For added durability, the hinges are made of aluminum. The most intriguing aspect, however, is what HyperX calls "dual chamber technology." Believe it or not, despite the solid specs and features, it is surprisingly affordable.

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Parallels Desktop 13 promises performance boost, extended Touch Bar support


Parallels IP Holdings GmbH has released Parallels Desktop 13, a major new release of its popular Mac virtualization tool.

Parallels Desktop, which allows macOS users to run virtual versions of Windows, macOS and Linux, is fully compatible with the forthcoming releases of Windows 10 Fall Update and macOS High Sierra (10.13). It also adds several new features and promises significant performance improvement in key areas.

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Microsoft releases Windows Server Insider Preview Build 16267, but forgets to add new features


The Windows Insiders program is both cool and annoying. It is cool because it lets enthusiast users experience new Windows features and contribute feedback to make the operating system better. It is a bit annoying, as these testers aren't paid for their volunteer efforts. Even worse, the Insider builds will seemingly never end, meaning some users will forever be using an unstable operating system. Yes, that is their choice, but sometimes people can't help themselves. Hell, it can be argued that their feedback is tainted, as they are maybe never really experiencing the stable releases.

Microsoft has chosen to expand the Insiders program to Windows Server too. Today, the company pushes out Server Preview Build 16267, but there is something weird -- the company forgot to include any new features! In fact, the announcement literally says "There are no new features in build 16267." OK, yes, I am being facetious (and a bit snarky) when I say Microsoft "forgot" to include features, as technically updates and fixes alone are worthy of a new build. Still, for all the effort put in by the testers, a feature or two would be appreciated -- throw em' a friggin' bone!

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Download major Kodi update now -- TV and movie addons like Exodus and Covenant should work


Kodi is such an amazing piece of software. The multimedia center gets a bad reputation due to some piracy "addons," but not everyone uses it for illegal purposes. Actually, it is a great way to consume legally sourced media content, including family photos and videos. While some addons like Exodus and Covenant may provide pirated content, there are useful legal addons too. In other words, just like with most things, the software is totally legit, but the users are responsible for any nefarious aspects -- not the Kodi team.

Today, Kodi 17.4 is finally here -- a major update. Since it is primarily bug fixes, all of your addons should work totally fine. This includes popular piracy streaming addons, but we do not endorse those at all. It is recommended to install this update due to the significant number of fixes.

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Acronis True Image 2018 includes anti-ransomware protection


Backing up your files is essential, especially with the rise of ransomware. No business user can afford to be without their important data, even if some are securely stored in the cloud. By backing up your files, if you suffer from any kind of attack or system error, you can simply use your backup tool to restore a previous state.

However, what happens if you use an external drive to backup your data and ransomware tools lock out your entire computer and connected devices? This is where the brand new True Image 2018 will help as it now includes anti-ransomware protection.

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Hackers can steal smartphone data using a replacement screen

Shattered screen replacement smartphone hack

Having your smartphone's screen repaired could leave your device open to attackers, enabling them to steal your data and even compromise your device, experts have warned.

new study from researchers at Israel's Ben-Gurion University of the Negev has revealed that a replacement screen could be easily altered by potential hackers to gain control of smartphones running Android or iOS.

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Google Chrome stable can now run side-by-side with Beta and Dev variants


When you install Google Chrome Beta or Dev versions on your Windows computer, it overwrites and replaces the stable version. This keeps things fairly simple and neat, as home users won't have multiple versions of Chrome on their PC. The problem with that, however, is the Beta and Dev versions really aren't intended for home users -- even though some still use them. Those unstable versions are intended for testing, meaning having them run side-by-side, like with the Canary builds, would actually be preferable.

Thankfully, Google has now decided to change the default behavior on Windows so that Google Chrome stable can run side-by-side with both the Beta and Dev variants. This means a web developer, for instance, can easily test their page with all three builds at the same time. When you include Canary, that means you could have, in theory, four variants of Chrome at different development stages running at once. Unfortunately, macOS users are excluded from this side-by-side fun -- for now at least.

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SaaS solution analyzes user credentials to help prevent data breaches

login password identity

Data breaches arising from misuse of credentials can often be made worse by users having excessive or inappropriate entitlements.

A new solution from One Identity allows companies to analyze and compare user entitlements, and pinpoint situations where they deviate from the norm and thus pose an elevated risk.

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Toshiba launches 8TB X300 internal desktop HDD for gamers and professionals


Mechanical hard drives may not be fashionable nowadays, but they absolutely still have their place. For many folks, leveraging the cloud or a small solid state drive is passable, but for others, not so much. For gamers and professionals in particular, there may be a need to store a lot of data locally, such as games, images, and video files. Luckily, manufacturers are still cranking out affordable large-capacity 3.5-inch drives for these needs.

Today, legendary company Toshiba introduces a new 8TB capacity to its existing "X300" internal desktop SATA HDD line. This series is designed for both gamers and professional users alike. Toshiba's 8TB mechanical drive spins at 7,200 rpm and features a 128MB cache. The company is including a two-year warranty for the product.

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Windows Server containers get native support on Red Hat OpenShift

Cloud server IT

Microsoft and Red Hat have a longstanding enterprise cloud partnership, and today the two tech giants reveal an expansion which sees Windows Server containers receiving native support on the OpenShift platform.

Support for Windows Server containers on OpenShift will first be available as a Technology Preview next spring, before reaching general availability later down the road.

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New platform speeds up enterprise digital transformations

Cloud developer tablet

While enterprises are keen to push forward with digital transformation projects, they're often held back by legacy applications and siloed data which are difficult to integrate.

Business consultancy Janeiro Digital is aiming to overcome these problems and boost digital transformation with the launch of its latest XFORM platform.

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UK businesses lack necessary security skills and awareness

Cyber attack

British firms are putting themselves at risk of being hit by major cyber-attacks such as the WannaCry ransomware due to a lack of proper security skills and awareness, a new government report has warned.

Over two thirds (68 percent) of board members at FTSE 350 businesses have not been trained to deal with major cyber security attacks, according to the latest government cyber health check report, revealed today.

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New solution aims to cut mobile app fraud

smartphone mobile apps

One of the ways developers can boost the popularity of their mobile apps is via pay-per-click advertising. But this leaves them open to fraud where bots can be used to generate large numbers of hits.

Mobile advertising technology firm AppLift is launching a new Fraud Buster tool, which combats app install fraud in real time to ensure users are genuine and deliver increased return on advertising spending.

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Slate Gray OnePlus 5 now available in top configuration


When OnePlus introduced its latest flagship killer, the OnePlus 5, it only made the top configuration available on the Midnight Black version. Similarly, the Slate Gray color option was paired exclusively with the base specifications.

That was a rather strange choice, as it forced buyers to accept a specific color in order to get either configuration. However, at least for the Slate Gray model, things have just changed.

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