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Data Privacy Day aims to raise awareness of how we collect and use data

privacy key

Today is Data Privacy Day -- or Data Protection Day, depending on who you talk to -- a day dedicated to an international effort to raise awareness about how data is collected, used and stored.

So, what do the luminaries of the IT world have to say about the day and about data privacy/protection in general? We've rounded up some of their thoughts.

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Why developers are quitting over on-call contracts [Q&A]

Employee leaving

The US Labor Department recently reported that 4.5 million workers left their jobs in November 2021, the highest exodus on record. The Great Resignation has become a hot topic in the tech world as the pandemic, new virtual team dynamics and other factors have created new waves of attrition.

In the tech industry -- where developer talent is a make or break factor in a company's success -- HR departments, hiring managers and software team leads are scrambling to rethink the developer happiness factors they can control to stem the tide.

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TCL 30 V 5G costs $300 at Verizon

When TV-maker TCL broke into the smartphone market, many pundits and consumers were dubious that the company could be successful. Time has shown that TCL isn't just capable of making quality phones, but the company has been able to price them quite competitively too. Quite frankly, TCL phones and tablets are tremendous values.

TCL recently announced a Verizon-exclusive smartphone called "TCL 30 V 5G." As the name implies, it offers 5G connectivity. While many Android fans were excited about the phone, there was something missing in the initial announcement -- pricing. Well, folks, as of today, we now know how much the device will cost -- $300! Well, technically, it will cost a penny less than that at just $299.99...

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TEAMGROUP teases insanely fast T-FORCE CARDEA PCIe 5.0 NVMe 2.0 M.2 SSD

The vast majority of consumers don't own a computer with PCIe 4.0 support, so almost no one is currently reaping the benefits of a PCIe 4.0 solid state drive. Hell, most consumers don't really need anything more than a meager SATA SSD these days. Enthusiasts that desire the "latest and greatest" are the only ones truly clamoring for hardcore PCIe 4.0 SSD performance -- mostly just for bragging rights.

Of course, the computer industry will continue to push boundaries in an effort to avoid being stagnant. And so, PCIe 5.0 is on the horizon -- even though it is largely unnecessary. TEAMGROUP is happy to manufacture such an SSD, and today, it teases exactly that. Under the company's T-FORCE gaming brand, a PCIe 5.0 NVMe 2.0 SSD should hit stores later this year.

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Microsoft releases Windows 11 Build 22543 with some improved UI visuals

Windows 11 laptop

Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel usually get new builds on a Wednesday. This week they’ve had to wait an extra day, but it’s definitely worth it with this latest flight.

Build 22543 comes with quite a few improvements, including updated visuals for some UI areas.

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Get 'Python Ethical Hacking from Scratch' ($27.99 value) FREE for a limited time

Penetration testing enables you to evaluate the security or strength of a computer system, network, or web application that an attacker can exploit.

With Python Ethical Hacking from Scratch, you'll understand why Python is one of the fastest-growing programming languages for penetration testing. You'll find out how to harness the power of Python and pentesting to enhance your system security.

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How retailers can beat the top four online shopping security threats in 2022

There’s an inevitable spike in online security threats accompanying the surge in online shopping over the past couple of years, mainly driven by the recent pandemic. As more and more retailers embrace and adopt e-commerce sites to expand their customer base, increased cybersecurity levels are a must to ensure a safe and positive customer experience. 

As a business owner, the greatest threat that cyberattacks represent is loss of sales and unhappy customers, which can really make or break a business as a whole. Since many cyberattacks are executed in hidden and unsuspecting ways, identifying and battling them can become a challenge. Let’s take a look at the top four online shopping security threats and how to avoid them in 2022. 

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The top attack trends businesses need to address this year

Cyber attack

2021 saw supply chain and ransomware attacks dominate the security landscape. But will this pattern continue this year?

Managed detection and response provider Expel has launched a new report which provides insights on the biggest cybersecurity threats, practical recommendations on how to handle them, and predictions on what to expect in the year ahead.

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AI is key, metaverse is not important -- CIO's top priorities for 2022

New data from PwC in its latest Pulse Survey finds that 43 percent of CIOs cite refining their IT strategy and operating models to be more agile as being a top priority in 2022.

In order to achieve this about a third will prioritize leveraging infrastructure investments to move from traditional data centers to cloud-based, or leveraging enterprise-wide data and analytics to drive strategic decision-making

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Three in four mobile apps contain at least one vulnerability

app frustration

As the internet is increasingly accessed from mobile devices, mobile apps need to be considered as part of a company's security strategy.

A new report from BitSight finds that three out of four mobile applications evaluated contained at least one moderate vulnerability. It also finds material and severe vulnerabilities in some popular apps.

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Tech workers are more likely to fall for phishing emails


Personnel working in IT or DevOps are more likely to click on phishing emails than those in other areas of an organization.

A new study by F-Secure looks at how over 80,000 people from different organizations responded to emails that simulated one of four commonly used phishing tactics.

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Microsoft says the rollout of Windows 11 upgrades is way ahead of schedule

Windows 11 laptop

When Chief Product Officer of Windows and Devices at Microsoft, Panos Panay, wrote about "a new era of the PC", he revealed some of what we can expect from Windows 11 in the future. But his blog post also shed light on just how the operating system has been received by users.

Panay reveals the impressive statistic that Windows 11 upgrades have been taken up by users at twice the rate of Windows 10 upgrades. Satisfaction levels are said to be high, and as a result Microsoft is well ahead of its mid-2022 target for the rollout of Windows 11.

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Celebrate African-American history with Apple Watch Black Unity Braided Solo Loop

African-American history is American history. The USA would not exist as it is today without the contributions made by countless black people -- that is a fact. And so, every February, we all collectively celebrate Black History Month by recognizing many great Black Americans such as Harriet Tubman, George Washington Carver, and Barack Obama to name just a few.

Today, Apple announces a new product designed to let consumers show their love and respect for black people. You see, the Apple Watch Black Unity Braided Solo Loop is a beautiful new watch band that uses colors from the Pan-African flag and looks quite stylish.

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The apps section of the Microsoft Store is still a dumpster fire

In a new blog post in which he discussed a number of things, including the (near) future of Windows 11, Panos Panay, Chief Product Officer, Windows + Devices talked about how the new operating system is driving 3x more traffic to the newly redesigned Microsoft Store.

"We’re energized by the feedback from both our customers and partners about the new Microsoft Store" he said. But hmm... Perhaps he needs to step out from his bubble and see what Windows customers are really saying about it.

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Admins struggle to keep users safe in a post-COVID world

stressed worker

A new survey of 600 IT admins finds almost a third say that their biggest challenge is keeping users secure, while 67 percent say they are stuck in a daily grind of provisioning services and apps, managing user identities, dealing with employees who have ignored best IT practices, and helping onboard new staff.

The study from Remotely also finds 28 percent say ensuring the tools remote IT teams have access to are as good or better than the ones they have on site is the problem teams struggle with the most. Following closely are: remaining as productive as they were in the office, collaboration among the sysadmin / IT admin team, and tracking their own performance.

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