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IBM disses Google's claims of 'quantum supremacy'

Earlier today, Google made a huge announcement, stating that it had achieved 'quantum supremacy', by building a quantum computer that "can perform a task no classical computer can".

Scientific journal Nature published the results of Google’s endeavors, in which the search giant explains that its Sycamore chip performed a computation in 200 seconds that would take the world’s fastest supercomputer 10,000 years, marking the start of a new computing era.

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If your password is 'superman' or 'blink182' you might want to change it

Hacker typing username and password

The UK's National Cyber Security Centre has released its annual review for 2019 which sets out cybersecurity trends and looks at how the agency has been protecting consumers and businesses.

One of the most interesting findings is the list of most hacked passwords. 'Superman', exposed 333,139 times, and 'blink182', exposed 285,706 times, top the lists for fictional characters and musicians respectively. If you are a soccer fan, 'liverpool', exposed 280,723 times, is not a good password choice. But it's old favorite '123456', exposed more than 23 million times, that's top overall.

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New ERP solution aims at smaller businesses


Enterprise resource planning software is something that's usually been the preserve of large organizations. But the benefits of efficiently managing company financials, inventory, sales, and customer relationships that it can offer apply to all businesses.

Priority Software has recognized this and is launching a starter ERP package aimed at small and medium organizations.

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Mozilla's new Lockwise app will free your passwords from your web browser

Like many users, we prefer to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox over either Edge or Safari. Problem is, if you use a third-party browser to store your logins and passwords, move to your iOS device and they aren’t stored in your keychain.

Recent iOS changes have enabled third-party password managers to be granted access to any login on your device, so for this reason Mozilla has launched Lockwise which will separate your stored Firefox passwords from your browser.

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Revolut is expanding its extraordinary multi-currency banking services to the US in partnership with Mastercard

Revolut card

Revolut is coming to the US. The innovative fintech firm has teamed up with Mastercard, and plans to bring its extraordinarily useful multi-currency card to America.

The digital banking service has already enjoyed huge success in Europe through its existing partnerships with Mastercard and Visa. Revolut's particular strength lies in the ease with which money can be converted between currencies with not only no or very low fees but also at incredible exchange rates -- all accessible through a mobile app.

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Microsoft releases Windows 10 20H1 Build 19008

Microsoft is currently expected to begin rolling out the Windows 10 19H2 release -- the November 2019 Update -- on November 12.

In the meantime however, it’s busy working on the follow up, due out next May. The latest flight from the 20H1 branch doesn’t have any new features, but Build 19008 does include a number of useful fixes and improvements. These are:

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MX Linux 19 'Patito Feo' is here!

In the classic story The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen, a bird is bullied and tormented by a bunch of mean ducks -- simply because his appearance is different, and he is perceived as ugly. Spoiler alert: he grows up to be a beautiful swan and has the last laugh. Take that, mean ducks! In many ways, Linux users have been like that bullied bird -- made fun of for being different, but as time marches on, it is clear that they are the true swans of the computing world.

And so, how appropriate that MX Linux 19, which is released today, is code-named "Patito Feo," which is Spanish for ugly duckling. Yes, following some beta releases, the increasingly popular Debian 10 Buster-based distribution is finally here. The operating system features kernel 4.19 and uses the lightweight Xfce 4.14 desktop environment. It even features a patched sudo, so you don't need to concerned about that nasty security vulnerability that had some folks worried. Of course, there is a bunch of great software installed, such as Firefox 69, Thunderbird 60.9, LibreOffice 6.1.5, VLC 3.0.8, GIMP 2.10.12, and more!

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Logitech unveils Pebble M350 wireless mouse

A week ago, Logitech launched some new products -- the K580 wireless keyboard and M355 mouse for Chrome OS. While it made sense that the K580 with its specialized Chrome OS keys was designed for Chromebooks and other Chrome devices, many were quick to wonder how a basic mouse could be designed for Google's desktop operating system. It turns out, that was only marketing -- obvious to most seasoned computer users.

To highlight this, today, Logitech announces the exact same mouse in three additional colors -- blue-grey, rose, and off-white. The trio of mice, called "Pebble M350," will work with pretty much any operating system -- including Chrome OS. Just like the M355 (which is a graphite-colored M350, really), these mice offer both Bluetooth and USB dongle wireless connectivity.

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The challenges of data analytics in healthcare

Healthcare data

The healthcare industry had long embraced traditional data collection methods such as public medical records, inpatient monitoring, or administrative filing systems as the only mechanism for advancing patient-care. But an overpowering trend of collecting data from seemingly disparate and unconnected sources has been recently on the rise. Whether we approve or not, the smartwatches we wear, social media platforms we use, smartphones we carry, and genetic data we bear are slowly but surely painting the future of the healthcare we receive.

But how successful is this trend in delivering on its hopeful promises? And what obstacles are encumbering its progress?

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Bugcrowd launches crowd-driven approach to understanding the attack surface

web threats

According to a recent Gartner report a third of successful attacks on enterprises will come via shadow It by 2020.

It's therefore more important than ever for organizations to understand the risks and properly assess the attack surface they present. Bugcrowd is launching a new Attack Surface Management (ASM) tool to allow them to do this.

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Organizations build 'security debt' by focusing on new flaws

security flaw

A focus on fixing new issues while neglecting ageing flaws leads to increasing security debt according to a new report.

The study -- the 10th such report from security testing specialist Veracode -- analyzed more than 85,000 applications across more than 2,300 companies worldwide and finds that fixing vulnerabilities has become just as much a part of the development process as improving functionality.

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Nok Nok Labs brings FIDO-based authentication to smartwatches


As smartwatches take on more and more functions they are more likely to access business and personal data, so focus turns to their security.

Consumer authentication specialist Nok Nok Labs is launching the industry's first FIDO-based authentication solution for smartwatches in the form of its Nok Nok App SDK for Smart Watch.

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IT teams are keen to automate identity management

identity verification

Managing user accounts involves a range of tasks from access approvals to user credentials, compliance reviews and the perennially popular password reset.

Identity management company SailPoint is releasing results of its annual Market Pulse survey which finds many IT teams don't have enough time to get everything done and are looking to automate identity tasks.

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81 percent of consumers would stop engaging with a brand after a data breach


With growing consumer awareness of data breaches and the potential for businesses to misuse data, a new survey looks at how this is affecting behavior.

The study from Ping Identity surveyed over 4,000 people around the world and finds 49 percent of respondents are more concerned about protecting their personal information than they were a year ago.

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Microsoft buys cloud migration tool Mover to simplify switching to OneDrive

Mover and Microsoft

With a seemingly endless array of cloud storage services to choose from, you may well find that you want to switch allegiances at some point. Jumping from one service to another can be a pain, but with its purchase of Mover, Microsoft has just made it much easier to make the move to OneDrive.

Details of the deal have not been revealed, but Microsoft is keen for people to use the service to migrate from one several supported cloud providers to either OneDrive or SharePoint.

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