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Intel's investment into AI reaches $1bn

Intel logo building

The importance of artificial intelligence has been one of the biggest trends in the technology industry in recent years, with many large companies throwing their weight behind the system.

This includes Intel, which has today revealed it has invested more than $1 billion into AI startups to date through its Intel Capital center arm.

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Android One Moto X4 smartphone coming to Google's Project Fi cellular service


Google's Project Fi is a really neat way to get affordable cellular service for your smartphone. It offers exceptional coverage by intelligently switching among the networks of Sprint, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular. Unfortunately, the service is limited to very few Android smartphones -- if you have an iPhone, for instance, you are totally out of luck. To make matters worse, as of late, the only in-stock compatible phones are Google's own Pixel devices -- they are fairly expensive, starting at $649.

Today, the search-giant finally introduces a new affordable offering for Project Fi -- the Android One Moto X4 smartphone by Lenovo. It runs pure Android and should get timely OS upgrades. Best of all, it costs significantly less than the Pixel or Pixel XL.

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AOC launches affordable AGON AG322QCX curved QHD gaming display with AMD FreeSync


While the benefits of a curved television screen are negligible (if not totally non-existent), having a curve on a computer monitor is seriously amazing. Since you sit closer to it, it creates a more immersive experience -- especially when gaming. Unfortunately, such displays can be rather pricey, making them impossible to achieve for many.

Thankfully, prices for quality curved monitors are dropping, and today, budget-friendly manufacturer, AOC, launches a very affordable such model. The AG322QCX, as it is called, is part of the company's "AGON" line of gaming displays. This 32-inch monitor features a 2560x1440 QHD resolution. Gamers will appreciate the integrated headset holder. Despite its low price tag, it even supports AMD FreeSync technology.

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Has the pace of Windows 10 upgrades stalled completely? Clues from Microsoft suggest it has

flatline Windows

When Windows 10 was still (officially) free, and Microsoft was forcing it onto systems against user wishes, the operating system’s market share growth was impressive. In no time at all it shot past Windows XP and Windows 8.x.

But since then, the new OS has plateaued. NetMarketShare’s usage share figures show that Windows 10 grew by a mere 5 percent from July 2016 to July 2017, and in August it posted an increase of just 0.36 percentage points. Microsoft, for its part, claimed back in December that Windows 10 was more popular than Windows 7, but of course it isn’t. Not even close.

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How to make a chatbot

chat bot

In the modern day and age, customers expect nothing less than a light speed response to their queries. How is that possible, you might ask? One word: chatbots.

In B2C services the workforce needed to handle communications is hard to manage. Sometimes you need less, sometimes you need more, and sometimes you just get swarmed. For a startup, an issue like this is hard to micromanage. On the other hand, the price for failing to do so can be heavy. Luckily, B2C online conversations are similar enough, meaning that developers can pre-program a response for any type of conversation within their scope. This is the baseline that opens up great opportunities for automation via chatbots.

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The practical guide to fighting ransomware


Close your eyes for a second. Imagine you are in charge of an IT security team in an enterprise, where the headcount is measured in the thousands. Or, you’re the single security engineer in a startup that just hired its 100th employee.

Either way, you haven’t had it easy these last few months. WannaCry and Petya/NonPetya ransomware attacks caused you to spend hours on the phone and in meetings with your superiors, answering countless questions on the security of your infrastructure.

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Microsoft reduces the number of problems Windows 10 users have with the Creators Update… by not giving it to them

thumbs up and down

According to Microsoft, Windows 10 Creators Update is the best version of Windows 10 ever. But it should be, shouldn’t it? Windows 10 is evolving with each new feature update, so it makes sense that the latest update should also be the greatest. Microsoft isn’t reinventing the wheel with each new iteration, it’s simply polishing it.

In a new blog post, John Cable, Director of Program Management, Windows Servicing and Delivery, reveals the ways that the Creators Update improves fundamentals such as battery life, performance, reliability, and security. It’s a piece of positive spin, although the timing of its release is interesting, given that its successor, the Fall Creators Update, is only weeks away from being launched.

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GNOME partners with Purism on Librem 5 Linux-based privacy-focused smartphone


The Librem 5 smartphone by Purism has a long and difficult road ahead of it. Competing against the likes of Apple and Google on the mobile market has proven to be a death sentence for many platforms -- including Microsoft with its failed Windows 10 Mobile. With that said, I am rooting for Purism and its Pure OS, as the world would benefit from a device that uses Linux and focuses on both privacy and security. Such an alternative to iPhone and Android would be a breath of fresh air.

Luckily, Purism has found itself a new partner on this project -- one of the most important organizations in the Linux community -- The GNOME Foundation. Yes, the maker of the absolute best desktop environment is offering to assist with the Librem 5 -- if it is successfully crowdfunded, that is. To date, it is only about 33-percent funded, although there is still more than a month to go.

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Stack Overflow introduces salary calculator for developers

money signs

Stack Overflow has introduced a salary calculator to help developers get a better idea of how much money they should earn. The tool takes into account important information such as job location, years of experience and technologies used to reveal what it considers to be typical salaries.

Stack Overflow says that the results are based on the data collected in its yearly developer survey. The salary calculator currently supports five markets -- Canada, France, Germany, US and UK -- and seven major cities -- Toronto, Paris, Berlin, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and London.

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Theresa May wants tech firms to remove 'extremist content' faster… but it's not quite that simple


UK prime minister Theresa May has called on the likes of Microsoft, Google, Twitter and Facebook to act faster to remove terrorism-related and extremist content. At the moment, it takes an average of 36 hours to remove content shared by the likes of Isis, and May wants this slashed to just two hours.

But even this is not enough for the government. It wants technologies to be developed -- or refined -- that will identify this sort of content and prevent it from getting online in the first place. Facebook agrees -- its love of AI is well-known -- but the solution to online extremism is not as simple as saying "technology firms need to do more."

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New security platform uses live attacks to evaluate risk

Risk dial

One of the hardest things for security teams to do is accurately evaluate the level of risk that their organization is facing.

Cyber security firm Nehemiah Security is launching the latest version of its AtomicEye RQ (Risk Quantifier) platform that can calculate a system's exploitability and generate comprehensive risk reports.

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Apple Watch Series 3 is plagued by battery issues and LTE problems


When Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Series 3 just over a week ago, there was much excitement at the fact that the smartwatch now features LTE connectivity. It's finally possible to make a call from your Apple Watch without having your iPhone nearby -- although there's the slight dampener that the watch does not support roaming.

Now the first reviews of the Apple Watch Series 3 are starting to trickle in and, while they are generally positive, they highlight a couple of issues. Battery life seems to be rather less than was proclaimed at launch, and Apple has also identified LTE issues that prevent the watch from using cellular.

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New enterprise password management tool eases administrator workload


Effective password management is essential in helping to control data breaches, but employees often use the same passwords for both work and personal use, leaving corporate data potentially exposed.

Password management company Dashlane is launching its new Dashlane Business 2.0 enterprise password solution.

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AI will boost productivity and collaboration

AI Artificial Intelligence

Not everyone sees artificial intelligence as the destroyer of worlds or, in milder cases, destroyer of jobs. Many people, particularly Millennials, are confident AI will instead create new jobs in the future.

That's is according to a new report by analyst firm CCS Insight, which found that many workers believe AI will automate mundane work tasks and boost productivity and collaboration applications.

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Office workers fall victim to phishing attacks despite training

Phishing magnified

Despite training and other efforts to combat the problem, phishing is still proving a remarkably effective tactic for cyber criminals according to a new report.

The study by cloud business applications company Intermedia shows that while 70 percent of office workers say that their organization regularly communicates with employees about cyber threats as a means of prevention, there are significant gaps between confidence and effectiveness.

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