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Google launches new .dev TLD

Google .dev TLD

Seeking to give a home to those who have helped to build the web, Google has launched a new top-level domain.

The new .dev TLD comes after the company launched .app and .page, all are protected by HTTPS. Google has already used the TLD for a few of its own projects, such as and, but now it is being opened up to a wider audience.

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YouTube updates its strike system to make it 'clear and consistent'

YouTube and popcorn

Following criticism of how its strike system was implemented, YouTube has announced an update to its Community Guidelines that helps to make things clearer.

In the past it was often the case that strikes were handed inconsistently, and it was not always clear what misdemeanour had occurred. The updated system comes into force in the next few days, and it is slightly more lenient on first-time offenders.

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Branded calling solution seeks to rebuild trust in mobile calls

app frustration

A few months ago we reported on a study that found half of calls to mobiles would soon be scams without more effective protection measures being introduced.

First Orion the company behind that survey is addressing the problem with the launch of a new platform that gives consumers confidence in answering calls, but also helps businesses get their legitimate communications through.

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New solution protects converged IT and OT environments

Industrial IoT

The line between information technology and operational technology is an increasingly blurred one. As companies drive towards digital transformation so OT environments increasingly interconnect with IT, resulting in a complex, sensitive and vastly expanded attack surface.

This means OT security responsibility is often moving to to the CISO. Yet traditional IT security solutions lack the ability to continuously discover and assess sensitive OT assets.

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Logitech G refreshes its iconic MX518 gaming mouse

Nostalgia is a tricky thing. Often, it is a means for people to relive their childhood or remember what they think were better days. Our minds have a way of sometimes making us remember something as being better than it actually was. For instance, you may recall a film from your childhood as being hilarious, but when watching it again in the present day, it simply doesn't measure up to your memory.

When it comes to computer hardware, however, sometimes your memory of something being fantastic is quite accurate. Over the years, the keyboards and mice provided by PC manufacturers, for instance, have gotten much worse -- often being trash. Gamers in particular will want to replace these input devices. One such mouse that many gamers were apparently gaga over was the Logitech G MX518. After it was discontinued, Logitech was bombarded with calls to bring it back to market. Well, for those people, their wish is coming true. Not only is the company re-releasing the MX518, but it is making the device's internals better too.

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New access suite delivers a software defined perimeter for hybrid environments

Business security

The move to accessing applications from the cloud and provisioning resources dynamically has led to organizations moving to a zero trust strategy to guard against attacks and data leaks. However, this can be hard to achieve with hybrid environments.

Secure access specialist Pulse Secure is adding Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) architecture to its platform to extends its foundation of Zero Trust access for hybrid IT.

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From July, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 users will need SHA-2 support to get updates

Windows 7 close up

Microsoft has announced that from the middle of July, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 users who want to continue to receive updates will need SHA-2 code signing support.

The change is being introduced because "the security of the SHA-1 hash algorithm has become less secure over time due to weaknesses found in the algorithm, increased processor performance, and the advent of cloud computing".

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Microsoft brings Windows Timeline support to Chrome with Web Activities extension

Web Activities in Google Chrome

The Timeline feature of Windows 10 makes it easier to work on multiple computers by synchronizing activity so you can move between machines and pick up from where you left off -- although it can also prove useful on a single computer. Having made this available in its Edge browser, Microsoft has now released an extension that brings it to Google Chrome.

This move is understandable as Chrome has a much larger userbase than Edge, and Microsoft admits that it is a much-requested feature.

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Huawei: 'There's no way the US can crush us'

Huawei logo

The founder of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei, has hit back against Trump's ban on the use of his company's hardware because of concerns about Chinese espionage, saying "there's no way the US can crush us". The US has been trying to encourage other countries to follow its lead in shunning Huawei, but the UK has said it will not stop the company -- which is due to launch its P30 range of smartphones next month -- from getting involved in the rollout of 5G networks.

Ren also lashed out at the US, saying that the arrest of his daughter and Huawei CFO, Meng Wanzhou, was politically motivated.

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Australian political parties hit by hack orchestrated by 'sophisticated state actor'

Australian flag

Australia's three main political parties -- Liberals, Labor and Nationals -- as well as the country's parliament have all been hit by a security breach which Prime Minister Scott Morrison says was carried out by a "sophisticated state actor".

Although the country is due to hold elections in the coming months, Morrison says there is "no evidence of any electoral interference". While it is not currently known who is responsible for the attack, various potential culprits have been suggested, including China, the US, Israel and Russia.

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The speed and cost of internet around the world

Internet Worldwide Globe Connections

Within any given country, while you might have a choice of different internet providers, the speeds they offer and the prices they charge tend to be broadly similar.

UK-based comparison site Compare the Market has done some interesting research looking at the costs and speeds of broadband around the world. So prepare to be made jealous, or smug, depending on where you live.

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Urban Armor Gear (UAG) launches 'Plyo Series' case for 9.7-inch Apple iPad

Apple's iPad remains the best tablet on the market. Many companies have tried to compete, but all have largely failed. Sure, there are some decent Android models on the market -- from a hardware perspective -- but the underlying operating system cannot compare to the excellent iOS. There are countless Android tablets that get abandoned by manufacturers, getting stuck on outdated OS versions chock full of exploits -- which means they simply aren't safe.

If you buy an iPad, you can be confident that Apple will support it for many years, making it a very wise investment. Regardless of which model iPad you choose, it is smart to protect it with a case. If you opted for one of the non-pro 9.7-inch iPad tablets (2017 or 2018), for instance, Urban Armor Gear has a new case that will safeguard the device with military grade protection while also being fashionable. Since the rear is translucent, you can still see Apple's design -- an important thing to some consumers. It even has a loop holder for an Apple Pencil or other stylus.

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Facebook says it is 'open to meaningful regulation' following damning report of the 'digital gangster' that considers itself 'ahead of and beyond the law'

Facebook magnifying glass

A detailed report about fake news by a parliamentary committee in the UK has accused Facebook of being a "digital gangster" that has deliberately broken privacy and competition laws. The report by the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport select committee calls for the social network to be subject to statutory regulation.

The report comes after an 18-month investigation, and it is damning of Facebook and its executives in general, and Mark Zuckerberg in particular. Criticism is levelled at the lack of action taken against fake news and misinformation on the social network, and there is concern that current election laws were not enough to prevent sites such as Facebook being used by hostile foreign agents to interfere with the democratic process.

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YouTube is to blame for the increase in Flat Earthers

Flat Earth

In recent years it seems that there has been an astonishing increase in the number of Flat Earthers -- people who believe that the Earth is flat, and anything that suggests otherwise is a conspiracy. The thinking is that, for some reason, NASA, international government, scientists and so on are all desperate to convince people that the Earth is round when it is in fact flat.

While Flat Earther numbers are still relatively small, the increasing membership of this school of thought in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary is both confusing and worrying. So just what is going on? The rise in internet usage has been blamed for the spread of fake news, conspiracy theories and all manner of bizarre ideas, and a new study has concluded that one particular site is responsible for the increasing support for the Flat Earth theory. That site is YouTube.

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How enterprises can cut the risk of cloud vendor lock in [Q&A]

cloud lock

While most CIOs have now identified the benefits cloud can have for their business, concerns over becoming locked in with a single vendor can still be a major barrier to rolling out projects.

We spoke to Richard Best, general manager at COMPAREX UK, to find out why this is the case and what companies can do to avoid vendor lock in.

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