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Shutterstock Adobe Creative Cloud plugin gets video support, comes to Premiere Pro, Illustrator, and InDesign


When you need to use an image or video for a website, advertising campaign, or other project, you can't simply grab something from the web and use it. Well, you can, but that isn't a smart idea. Why? Someone else could own the image or video and bring legal action against you. Instead, you should use a reputable service where you can obtain properly licensed media.

We here at BetaNews use a few such services, but Shutterstock is obviously one of our favorites -- we probably use it more than any other. The company even offers a cool plugin for Adobe Photoshop that can make things even easier. Today, Shutterstock enhances that plugin with video support, while also bringing it to other Adobe Creative Cloud programs -- Premiere Pro, Illustrator, and InDesign.

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Synology announces DS918+, DS718+, DS218+ and DS418 NAS devices

Synology DS918+

Synology has updated its range of NAS devices aimed at prosumers, announcing the four-bay DS918+ and DS418 and the two-bay DS718+ and DS218+. Synology also unveiled its first six-bay tower NAS, called DS3018xs, which is designed with businesses in mind.

The DS918+, DS718+ and DS218+ are part of Synology's plus range, which is optimized for bigger workloads. The DS418, meanwhile, is meant to appeal to price-conscious buyers that are looking to store a significant amount of data.

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Open source tool aims to deliver more efficient web development

Web Development

Websites are essential for businesses in the modern world, which puts web development teams under pressure to deliver results.

Open source tool specialist DRUD Tech is launching a new tool called ddev which is designed to do away with the complicated steps and disparate components of website development.

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Amazon announces faster Fire HD 10 tablet with improved battery, 1080p display and a lower price

Fire HD 10 Colours[4]

It has been a while since Amazon launched a new Fire tablet, but today the online retailer has unveiled the all-new Fire HD 10. The processors, battery and screen have all been upgraded, but the starting price has been slashed to just $149.99 (or £149.99).

The screen is a 10.1-inch 1080p affair offering 224 ppi, and the tablet's processor has been upgraded to a quad-core chip, boosting the speed by up to 30 percent. Amazon claims the battery will last for up to 10 hours, and the addition of stereo Dolby Atmos Audio speakers has the sound side of things covered. The company also claims that the Fire HD is "more durable than the latest iPad Pro 10.5” (and costs a lot less too)."

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'App mapping' gives enterprises improved visibility into systems

virus spreading network devices nodes connected Internet of Things malware hacked bot

The shift to containers and as-a-service delivery models introduces blind spots for many enterprises as they struggle to see the whole picture and can't determine the health of their apps and APIs.

Netsil, a new startup, is launching an innovative solution to this problem in the form of its Application Operations Center (AOC), a universal observation and monitoring platform for modern cloud applications.

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Microsoft adds Confidential Compute to Azure cloud platform

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has revealed a major new addition to its Azure cloud platform, aimed at keeping user data safe.

The feature, called Confidential Compute, will make sure the data is being encrypted even when it’s being computed on in-memory. So far, it’s been encrypted while stored or while in transit on a network.

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Facebook's new AI research lab opens in Montreal


Facebook is opening another AI research lab as it looks to expand its artificial intelligence capabilities.

The company's fourth dedicated AI lab is following the footsteps of Google and Microsoft by being located in Montreal, Canada.

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Avast opens up about CCleaner hack and outlines how it will protect users


When news broke yesterday that CCleaner had been hacked and a dangerously modified version had been available to download for a number of weeks, there were understandable concerns from the program's large userbase. And the concern is well-placed -- some 2.27 million machines are thought to have installed the infected software.

Avast now has something of a PR nightmare on its hands as it tries to rebuild the trust of its users. To this end, company CEO Vince Steckler and CTO Ondřej Vlček have written an article clarifying what happened with CCleaner, and give some details about how they plan to protect their customers -- as well as "correct[ing] some misleading information that is currently circulating."

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Get fit from anywhere using this free GFIB-7 app


People prefer to workout in different environments. There are those who prefer to push themselves in a competitive situation, with a group of individuals. With this in mind, attending a class or going to the gym with a workout partner will fulfill your goals.

On the flipside, there are plenty of individuals who would like to get fit but are put off by the thought of walking into the gym, feel too unfit to be competitive or do not feel the desire to get fit in front of other people. Either way, there are ways of improving your fitness, on your own, from just about any location, guided by professional trainers.

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Some of your favorite apps will stop working in iOS 11 -- here's how to find out which

Break iPhone

Today is a big day for iPhone and iPad users, as it’s when iOS 11 makes its official debut.

There’s a lot of cool new features in this OS update, including a design refresh, revamped Control Center, a Do Not Disturb driving mode, Siri improvements, and much more. However, iOS 11 is also when Apple stops supporting 32-bit apps. And that means some of your beloved apps and games may stop working once you perform the update.

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Gmail and Inbox now convert addresses, phone numbers and contacts into clickable links


The chances are that when you read that headline -- particularly if you're not a Gmail or Inbox user -- your reaction was something along the lines of "how is that not already a thing?"

The update is a simple one, but one that will be welcomed by users. Just as URLs are automatically converted into clickable links, so the same luxury is to be lavished on addresses, phone numbers and contacts. Welcome to 2017.

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Google Code-in 2017 lets students win prizes while learning about open source

open source laptop

Open source is changing the world, and it is important that children get educated on the subject as early as possible. It's a competitive workforce out there, and students need to be prepared. Of course, learning about open source doesn't have to be a chore -- gaining knowledge can sometimes be fun too.

Google does a lot for the open source community -- far more than just contributing code. Actually, the search giant hosts two very important education-focused open source events -- "Google Code-in" for younger teen students and "Google Summer of Code" for University-level learners. Today, the company announces the 8th annual edition of the former -- Google Code-in 2017. Not only can these teens gain experience by working on an open source project, but they can also win prizes!

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Microsoft confirms is down for some people

If you are having trouble accessing at the moment, you're not alone. Many people -- particularly in Europe -- are experiencing problems with Microsoft's email service.

Microsoft has confirmed that there is an issue with "load-balancing infrastructure," and investigations are underway to discover the source of the problem. Users affected by the problem say that the messages they try to send remain in the Draft folder rather than reaching the intended recipient.

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Linux Mint 18.3 Ubuntu-based operating system is named 'Sylvia'


Ubuntu 17.10 is almost here, and many Linux users are excited. Canonical's operating system is already excellent, but it will soon be even better thanks to a new default desktop environment -- GNOME. What this means for the Ubuntu-based Linux Mint's usage remains to be seen. You see, many people choose Mint because they do not like the Unity DE. Now that Ubuntu has ditched Unity, the reasons to opt for a distro based on Ubuntu rather than using "The Real McCoy" are dwindling.

But OK, if you are still a diehard Linux Mint user for some reason, I have some interesting news. Version 18.3 is coming soon, and we now know the official code name. As is typical with the Mint operating system, a woman's name is being used. This time, "Sylvia" has been selected. Besides the name, we know some other interesting tidbits -- the distro will be getting a secondary default backup tool (Timeshift), and Xreader is being significantly improved.

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Get WinX MediaTrans -- an iTunes alternative for Windows -- FREE for a limited time ($59.95 value)


WinX MediaTrans is a fast and easy to use iTunes alternative for Windows that lets you manage content on your iPhone/iPad/iPod. No iTunes or Apple ID needed, and no file erasing risk.

The software, from Digiarty WinXDVD, usually retails for $59.95, but BetaNews readers can get it entirely free for a limited time.

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