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AMD's plans to take on Intel in the server market


When it comes to the high-powered computing market and data center sectors, Intel has had a firm lead over the competition for some time.

However this may all be about to change, after AMD revealed its plans to fight back with its new EPYC 7000 series of data center processors.

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AMD reveals new GPU line for servers

Warehouse huge room server

AMD has revealed three new GPU server accelerators, promising a "dramatic increase" in performance, efficiency, and ease of implementation for deep learning and HPC solutions.

The new line of GPU server accelerators comprises of Radeon Instinct MI25, Radeon Instinct MI8, and Radeon Instinct MI6 and will be paired with AMD’s open ROCm 1.6 software platform.

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Extract icons and create image thumbnails with Thumbico


Thumbico is a combination of an icon extraction and viewing tool, with a thumbnail viewer and creator. The program is tiny, a 28KB download, and unsurprisingly there’s no installation required -- just unzip and run Thumbico.exe.

On launch the program displays a small window. Drag and drop any executable and Thumbico extracts and displays its icon.

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Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Build 16226 causing major problems for some Insiders

PC problem

If you’re a Windows Insider, you know that the test versions of Windows 10 that Microsoft rolls out to you on a regular basis aren’t going to be entirely stable and problem free. Especially if you’re on the Fast ring.

But the latest release, Build 16226, which Microsoft pushed out yesterday, seems buggier than most (albeit not as problematic as Build 16212 which got released by accident three weeks ago).

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AI + AI does not augmented intelligence make

robot ai artificial intelligence human touch hands

IBM and Salesforce made an interesting announcement recently that they’re combining the robust Artificial Intelligence technologies of IBM Watson and Salesforce Einstein into a powerhouse solution for customers. They’re calling it IBM Bluewolf’s "augmented intelligence" solution for telecommunications.

The announcement showcases the power of putting multiple artificial intelligence solutions together for new, more robust, connected capabilities delivered to customers more quickly. While we’re well on our way to augmenting intelligence, we have a long ways to go before claiming we’ve augmented intelligence.

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Free Dictate add-on allows you to, well, dictate to Microsoft Office


Microsoft Garage -- the Redmond behemoth’s R&D arm -- has released Dictate 5.0, a free add-on for those running Microsoft Office 2013, 2016 or 365 on Windows 8.1 or later. Also available for 64-bit versions of Office, Dictate brings dictation capabilities to Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

The app uses the same speech recognition engine found in Cortana to convert user speech into editable text using whatever microphone has been configured as the user’s default.

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NETGEAR unveils Nighthawk X6S AC4000 Tri-Band Gigabit MU-MIMO WiFi Router (R8000P)


I can't say this enough -- never go cheap on a wireless router. Whether for your home or business, a flaky connection can be absolutely maddening. Not to mention, if you opt for a model from a lesser-known company, you could get left with poor update support. In other words, there could be unpatched vulnerabilities. What you want to do is target a reputable brand that has historically offered plenty of updates. Then, select a model that meets your needs.

Despite some fairly overblown concerns about data collection, one such reputable company is NETGEAR. The company not only offers routers with great features and reliability, but excellent support too. Today, the company refreshes its aging Nighthawk X6 (R8000). The new "S" model -- which replaces its predecessor -- is called "X6S (R8000P)." This new router still has six antennas, but moves from AC3200 to AC4000 (750+1625+1625 Mbps). The new model gets multi-user MIMO and has a better processor, going from a dual-core 1GHz to a dual-core 64-bit 1.8GHz CPU. Like the prior model, the X6S also has Amazon Alexa support.

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eBay will now price match a number of online retailers


Part of the joy of shopping online is being able to easily compare prices at a number of retailers so you get the best price. If you prefer to get all of your goods from the same place, eBay has a new deal that you'll love -- price matching.

The offer covers items in the eBay Deals section, and price matching is carried out against,,,,,, and But if you want to take advantage of the offer, you'll have to take careful note of the terms and conditions.

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Microsoft Edge bug bounty program now permanent

Computer bug

Microsoft introduced a bug bounty program for Edge last August. Originally intended as a temporary thing, it will now live on as the software giant reports that it has lead to major improvements in its browser's security.

As is the case with bug bounty programs, part of the appeal for security researchers is the financial side. In this case, Microsoft says that it has paid over $200,000 in bounties in since it kicked off.

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Camera trickery: the OnePlus 5 does NOT offer lossless 2x optical zoom


Just one day after the launch of the long-awaited OnePlus 5, accusations of cheating in benchmarks started to creep out -- just as they did with the OnePlus 3T. Now another minor controversy has hit the brand new handset: it turns out that while it is strongly suggested that the OnePlus 5 has lossless 2x optical zoom, that is not actually the case.

OnePlus' marketing certainly pitched the dual camera as offering instant 2x zoom, and many people assumed that the arrangement was the same as with the dual camera iPhone 7 Plus which does offer 2x optical zoom. But the focal length of the OnePlus' two cameras is such that it needs a little digital help to boost the zoom to 2x -- and that raises the question of whether it is actually lossless.

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Logitech Circle 2 gets Amazon Echo Show compatibility


Logitech recently unveiled the versatile Circle 2 -- its second-generation home surveillance camera. Unlike the first version of the cam, the newer variant can be used both indoors and outside. Plus, thanks to the many mounting options, you can position it in many different ways. It looks like a great product.

Today, the Circle 2 gets even more attractive thanks to an upcoming new feature. You see, the internet-connected camera is getting integration with the upcoming Echo Show -- Amazon's assistant device that features a display. This actually makes a lot of sense, as it transforms Amazon's screen-having device into a voice-controlled surveillance monitor.

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The value of information on the dark web

dark web

We're all familiar with the concept of the dark web where information gained from hacks and data breaches is traded amongst cyber criminals. But just how much are your identity and account credentials worth?

Password manager and digital vault app Keeper Security has produced an infographic looking at how much various pieces of information trade for.

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Imagination Technologies is up for sale after being ditched by Apple


Back in April, Imagination Technologies revealed that it had been dropped by Apple and would therefore no longer be supplying GPU chips for use in iPhones, iPads and other products. Now, having lost 70 percent of its value, the UK company is putting itself up for sale.

Shares in Imagination fell dramatically after Apple ditched it, but news of the sale led to a jump of 21 percent. The company is valued at around £425 million ($538 million) and the announcement comes after several parties expressed interest in an acquisition of Imagination Technologies Group plc in its entirety.

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Facebook uses India as a testing ground for profile picture protection features


It's a common belief that anything that appears online is fair game for downloading and sharing, and this idea extends to Facebook profile pictures. Facebook has found that in India in particular there is great concern from users -- particularly woman -- about uploading a profile picture in case it is download and shared elsewhere.

Responding to this, the social network is trialling features that will grant users more control over their profile pictures. Facebook is not only introducing a new profile picture guard, but also encouraging people to add a design layer to their images to discourage misuse by others. If the trial proves successful, the feature will enjoy a wider rollout.

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Facts you didn't know about email marketing

infographic header

Despite newer developments like social media and mobile, email remains a powerful and effective marketing tool.

Website tool comparison site WebsiteBuilder has put together an infographic looking at why email marketing works, the techniques used, and more.

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