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IOGEAR unveils Portable USB-C Dual DisplayPort Monitor Dock


Ever since I bought my MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, I have been obsessed with USB-C. Since it is the only connection type Apple's laptop offers, its kind of hard not to be. Still, I find it absolutely amazing that a single connection type can be so versatile. I can use it to charge the computer, output video, connect storage, and more.

There are no shortages of USB-C dongles and accessories on the market, and today, IOGEAR adds another. The accessory-maker announces the Portable USB-C Dual DisplayPort Monitor Dock, and it is rather clever. It features dual DisplayPort connections, plus a USB Type-A port for legacy devices. It is even designed in such a way as to hold the cable when not in use.

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Why tech companies of all sizes are embracing business-led solutions to IP protection


The tech industry has long been a favorite target for patent trolls. While tech companies strive to innovate, patent trolls see opportunities to monetize the patents they’ve acquired by suing operating tech companies.

Today, patent trolls are responsible for over 84 percent of patent litigation in the U.S. A study published by the Boston University School of Law showed that over six times as many patent lawsuits are filed in recent years  than in 1980. More than 10,000 companies have been sued at least once by a troll and the rates of these suits are growing by double-digits every year. Patent trolls drain over $80 billion in wealth a year, siphoning valuable resources away from initiatives like R&D and product improvement.

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Get 'Cloud Management and Security' ebook ($109 value) FREE for a limited time

cloud management

If you're looking for a way to get started in Cloud computing, or to get more out of an existing setup, Cloud Management and Security from Wiley is an essential read.

Written by an expert with over 15 years’ experience in the field, the book usually retails for $109, but for a limited time you can download the full ebook version for free.

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5 things mobile developers need to consider in 2017

iPhone hand

Android or iOS? Or both? It’s a question anyone who’s been involved in building a mobile app will have asked. Android is still the major player in the development world, due to the simple fact of the size of the market, but it’s foolish to write anything that’s grown from Apple off.

As with just about every trend in technology, it appears that flexibility and fluidity is the choice route. Here are five things developers will need to consider to stay relevant in 2017 and beyond.

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Scan running processes for malware with CrowdInspect


CrowdStrike has updated its Windows malware hunter CrowdInspect to version 1.5. The new version now scans all running processes for malware, not just those communicating over the network, quickly displaying a detailed report.

The most immediately useful feature is a column representing the VirusTotal score for each file. It’s color-coded to quickly highlight likely threats, and a right-click option provides a link to the full web report.

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European enterprises engage with startups to innovate

Startup people talking

European businesses are among the world's most active when it comes to finding innovation through start-ups. This is according to Samsung's new report, The Open Economy. According to it, businesses are changing the way they’re innovating, and are focusing on bringing in and collaborating with young and inspiring start-ups.

Out of the five countries with the highest number of large companies engaged with start-ups, four are in Europe, the report states. Almost all European corporations surveyed (97 percent) have carefully analyzed the need for open innovation. Not all have acted on their findings just yet.

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Twitter lets customer support operatives use custom profiles with their direct messages


Having become the medium through which upset customers often turn to in order to complain to companies or ask questions, Twitter is fully embracing its role as a customer service platform. But while Twitter is a neat and quick way to get in touch with a company, it tends to have something of an impersonal feel.

This is about to change as Twitter is rolling out a new feature that lets customer service representatives personalize direct messages with their own name and image rather than that of the company they work for. Will this splash of personality help customers feel valued in a marketplace awash with bots?

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Apple opens spaceship campus in April


While construction of Apple's immense spaceship campus, officially known as Apple Park, will continue well into 2017, the iPhone maker today announces that the first employees will move in in just a couple of months.

In April, Apple will start moving over 12,000 people to its new 175-acre campus. The iPhone maker says that it will need more than half a year to finish this process.

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Watch out, Intel! AMD Ryzen 7 desktop processors are almost here


Whenever I build a computer, I often look to AMD processors first. It is partly from tradition -- I have long preferred the company's processors, but that is hardly a reason to buy something. Actually, I turn to AMD because its chips are both powerful and affordable. For gaming in particular, there is a lot of value to be had from the company's CPUs.

For a while now, Intel has been selling better-performing chips than AMD's, albeit often more expensive. Many AMD fans, such as myself, have long been waiting for more competitive offerings. Well, folks, the time has finally come. Today, AMD announces the release date and pricing for the Ryzen 7 desktop processors. Intel should look out, as these chips, in some situations, can outperform its Core i7 processors! More importantly, AMD can do it at a more competitive price.

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Kaspersky launches 'secure operating system' -- with no trace of Linux in it


Every once in a while a major software company takes us by surprise by releasing an operating system of its own. Kaspersky has done just that with its new KasperskyOS, which is designed for control systems, Internet of Things devices, and network devices. The most intriguing thing about the 14-year project? It has no Linux underpinnings.

If you want to create your own operating system, basing it on Linux is an obvious choice. The open-source kernel is tried and true, after all, and best of all it's free, so if you want a solid foundation it is a great option. But, "for different applications and purposes," Kaspersky went a different route.

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Instantly block internet access with NetDisabler


Freeware developer Sordum has unveiled NetDisabler, a freeware Windows application which can disable and restore internet access on demand.

The program stands out immediately for its use of three web-blocking techniques: disabling the network adapter, blocking via DNS or using the Windows Firewall.

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To celebrate the Oscars, YouTube ranks 'Best Picture' nominated movie trailers by views


The Oscars are this Sunday, and I have seen a grand total of zero of the films nominated for Best Picture. Isn't that a shame? This is because of a few factors -- the theater is too expensive nowadays, and I simply haven't had the time. Not to mention, none of this year's nominated films particularly interest me. Oh well.

To celebrate the much-anticipated award show, the folks over at Google have created a leaderboard for the nine Oscar "Best Picture" nominated movie trailers. The search giant explains that the rankings are comprised of views "including both studio channels and popular aggregators." The ranking is not at all surprising, with the overall most-watched film trailer getting a lot of hype lately.

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Americans at risk of identity theft as they file their tax returns

identity theft

As we move into the tax return season a new study reveals that attitudes to identity theft and a pattern of poor practices are leaving much of the public vulnerable.

Data security and ID theft protection company CyberScout has carried out its second annual Tax Season Risk Report and finds 58 percent of Americans are not worried about tax fraud in spite of federal reports of 787,000 confirmed identity theft returns in 2016, totaling more than $4 billion in potential fraud.

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CloudBees platform helps enterprises speed up software deployment

Software development

In order to address businesses' continuing dependence on software, development teams are turning to continuous delivery and automated software pipelines to speed up deployment.

To address these needs CloudBees is launching Jenkins Enterprise to help companies accelerate their software delivery and meet the rapidly growing volume of software development.

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Changing business models will create 'ultra freelancers'

laptop woman

With the significant and imminent changes in the way we do business a new type of freelancers will emerge, according to Samsung. Called "ultra-freelancers", this type of workers will "connect deeply within multiple organizations simultaneously, working with multiple corporate data sets but fiercely protective of the privacy of their own data."

These ultra-freelancers will be mostly Millennials, a cohort that is taking full advantage of the new technologies and the open economy.

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