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Avast bundles buggy preview web browser with CCleaner, leading to predictable nightmarish results

Ever since Avast took over Piriform in 2017, fans of the popular system cleaning tool CCleaner have had to put up with problem after problem, beginning -- yes beginning! -- with malware, bundled software, and pop-up ads. As if that wasn’t bad enough, CCleaner began snooping on users and Avast, for good measure, also made it impossible to quit the software.

Things have quietened down recently, but with the latest version of CCleaner it seems as if Avast is up to its old tricks again, this time bundling an unwanted, buggy web browser and changing file extensions.

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Apple pushes out another emergency security update to fix videoconferencing vulnerabilities

Angled Apple logo

Having released a silent update last week to protect Zoom users from webcam hijacking, Apple has now pushed out a second security patch that is silently installed in the background.

This second patch addresses issues with the RingCentral and Zhumu videoconferencing tools. These apps suffered from a very similar vulnerability, putting users at risk, so Apple has stepped in once again to neutralize the problem.

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Enterprises struggle to support edge workloads

Edge computing

The use of edge computing is driving a need for more local computing power, but a new study reveals that enterprises are facing problems when it comes to supporting edge workloads.

The survey of more than 300 storage professionals from computational storage specialist NGD systems finds that while enterprises are rapidly deploying technologies for real-time analytics, machine learning and IoT, they are still using legacy storage solutions that are not designed for such data-intensive workloads.

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More than 50 new emojis coming to Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Emojis have proven to be one of the greatest additions to the written language. Regardless of which language in which you read/write, your communications can be greatly enhanced and improved with the use of these wonderful emojis. You see, since the written word lacks body language and general sense of emotion, it is easy for there to be a miscommunication. For instance, emails and text messages can be misinterpreted by the recipient, as they may incorrectly assume the emotion by the sender is negative. The addition of a smiling face emoji, for example, can make all the difference. Hopefully even proper books will incorporate emojis in the future.

Today, Apple announces 59 new emojis are coming to the upcoming iOS 13, iPadOS 13, watchOS 6, and macOS 10.15! There are many fun new additions, such as a flamingo, yo-yo, and waffle to new a few. Since Apple is such a progressive company, it is also using emojis as a platform to further its message of equality. Emojis showing people holding hands can now be customized with various genders and skin tones. Equally important from a social perspective is the focus on differently-abled people -- there is a guide dog and robotic/prosthetic arm too.

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This beautiful Android R design could make me switch from iOS

I’ve switched between owning an iPhone and various Android handsets over the years, but for me iOS remains easily the best mobile operating system (and iPhone XS the best smartphone). It would take something very special to tempt me back to Android.

Something like this stylish vision of Android 11.

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Google kills off its censored Chinese search engine, Project Dragonfly

Google logo on Chinese flag

Google has decided to close down its controversial Project Dragonfly which would have seen the company launching a censored version of its search engine in China.

The company's vice president of public policy, Karan Bhatia, made the revelation speaking at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing yesterday. She said simply: "We have terminated Project Dragonfly".

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New platform simplifies the creation of interactive online guides


As we carry out more of our day-to-day tasks online, there's increasing demand for guides and tutorials to help users get the best from services and products. But creating these guides can be time consuming and take developer time away from other tasks.

A new platform called Stonly seeks to let anyone create easy-to-follow guides called 'Stonlies' without any need to write code. Content including text, images and videos can be combined with interactive capabilities to ensure the viewer only gets relevant information.

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Russia's election meddling master plan -- REVEALED!

Greetings, Comrade!

I write to you to celebrate the coming glorious victory over imperialist America. Our efforts to undermine their so-called democratic institutions is nearly complete. What began as a seemingly disastrous failure on the part of our cyber and Internet propaganda forces has now morphed into a highly successful psy-ops campaign that threatens the black, decadent heart of the Western society!

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Ubuntu-based Linux Mint 19.2 'Tina' BETA is here with Cinnamon, MATE, and Xfce

Linux Mint is an operating system based on the wildly popular Ubuntu. It comes with some interesting tweaks that many users appreciate, making it a popular choice in the Linux community for both beginners and experts alike. It is stable, easy to use, and has a well-designed Update Manager that puts many other distros to shame.

Today, Linux Mint 19.2 BETA is finally released. Codenamed "Tina," it will be supported until 2023 -- long after Windows 7 support ends in January of 2020. In other words, when it achieves stable status, Linux Mint 19.2 should make a great replacement for Windows 7.

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IBM helps developers use open source and machine learning

IBM logo

As artificial intelligence and machine learning become more widespread, it's essential that developers have access to the latest models and data sets.

Today at the OSCON 2019 open source developer conference, IBM is announcing the launch of two new projects for developers.

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Symantec launches new zero trust cloud access security technology

Secure cloud

Increasing volumes of business network traffic are now directed at the cloud and companies need a cost effective way to secure them.

Symantec is announcing updates and innovations across its portfolio of products, giving enterprises the ability to enforce zero trust security policies across SaaS applications, corporate applications hosted in the cloud, email and the internet.

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Businesses gain better control of cloud and mobile devices


Enterprises around the world are gaining control of previously unmonitored and unsupported cloud applications and mobile devices in their IT environments according to a new report.

The 2019 Trusted Access report from Duo Security looks at more than a million corporate applications and resources that Duo protects. Among the findings are that cloud and mobile use has resulted in 45 percent of requests to access protected apps now coming from outside business walls.

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Apple's 2019 MacBook Air is significantly slower than last year's model

13-inch MacBook Pro

When Apple announced the 2019 refresh of its MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, attention was focused on the reduction in price and a boost to hardware.

But while much was made of the addition of True Tone to the Retina Display and the lower starting figure, it seems that the price cut comes at the price of performance. Tests show that the 2019 MacBook Air's SSD is actually slower, significantly slower, than last year's model.

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Don't you touch my Lappy! -- 'True' confessions of a PC anti-vaxxer

I have a confession to make: I’m a PC anti-vaxxer. I just don’t trust all those patches and security "fixes" software companies want to foist upon my innocent little laptop. I mean, how do I know one of those updates won’t harm it? Most software platforms are now so complex, it’s nearly impossible to tell the impact a new library or DLL might have.

What if a patch makes my PC slower? I’ve heard about at least one "fix" -- to some made-up sounding bugaboo called "Spectre" -- that caused PCs to lose compute cycles. My little laptop struggles to handle daily life as it is. The thought of further handicapping it by compromising its processing speed seems downright cruel.

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You need to update your Logitech wireless dongle to avoid falling victim to MouseJack hacking

Logitech Unifying Reciever

If the word MouseJack seems familiar, it's because it as been around for a while. It is a remote access hack that emerged a few years back that took advantage of a vulnerability in some Logitech wireless dongles, as well as hardware from other manufacturers.

Being at least three years old, you would expect that patches would have been addressed -- and they were. But a large number of devices are still at risk because Logitech failed to recall the affect units that were on sale so there's a chance that if you bought a Logitech wireless keyboard, mouse or standalone dongle in the last few years, you could be at risk.

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