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Productivity trumps security

sales business analytics

An overwhelming majority of workers are putting the security of their entire business at risk by preferring productivity over safety, new research has claimed.

A survey by security firm Bromium found that most security professionals are often asked to make exceptions to their work that would put companies at risk.

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Flash is finally bowing out to HTML5 as Adobe aims to stop updates in 2020


The death of Flash has been long, slow and protracted. The writing has been on the wall for some time now, but it seems that Adobe is finally ready to kiss its (adopted) baby goodbye. The company is bringing Flash to end-of-life and will stop updating and distributing Flash Player in 2020.

Anyone who is still using Flash is being encouraged to embrace open standards such as HTML5, WebGL and WebAssembly as replacements. Adobe says that it will continue to work with key tech companies to maintain security and stability beyond 2020, but don’t expect any more than that. Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla have all issued their own statements about the death of Flash.

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How tech companies stack up for pay and corporate culture

Employee cash

Technology companies are some of the biggest players in the business world, yet many still like to see themselves as being 'cool' places to work.

A new study from compensation data specialist PayScale looks at a number of factors across 52 of the world's largest technology companies, comparing compensation, tenure, job satisfaction, and intent to leave, with some surprising results.

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Veritaseum cryptocurrency loses $8.4 million in ICO hack

cyber criminal

The cryptocurrency market is a very attractive target for hackers. This month alone, we have seen successful attacks carried out against popular wallets and an ICO (Initial Coin Offerings), during which hackers stole tens of millions of dollars. And the siege is not over yet.

Veritaseum, which is one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies, also had its ICO hacked, with the attacker (or attackers) managing to steal $8.4 million in tokens. This time around, it was more sophisticated than the CoinDash ICO hack which happened just a week before.

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Prepare to get pissed at Google as autoplaying videos arrive in search results


When Twitter and Facebook introduced autoplaying videos, many users were annoyed by their intrusive nature. Subsequent tweaks and the introduction of autoplay settings calmed the mood a little, but now Google has decided to stir things up a bit.

Perform a Google search and you might well find that the results include an autoplaying video -- even for searches that would not necessarily mean you want to see a video. Given the reception autoplaying videos have received elsewhere, this is not likely to go down well with Google users.

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New enterprise file platform helps overcome storage limitations

cloud storage

With the rise of public and private clouds, enterprise file storage has become much more complex in recent years.

Aimed at simplifying storage and removing capacity limitations, the latest Enterprise File Services Platform from CTERA Networks allows users to securely access, share and protect an unlimited number of files in the cloud as if they were stored locally on their desktop or on shared network drives.

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AI-based platform improves security teams' response

AI security

With risks showing no signs of declining, and security skills in short supply, companies are increasingly looking at machine-driven solutions to protect their networks.

AI security company JASK is launching a new platform called JASK Trident which uses AI to facilitate machine driven alert triage, malicious behavior detection, and investigations into those behaviors.

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Most businesses use Windows 10


A high number of organizations around the world have still not upgraded to Windows 10, despite the software being available for several years, new figures have said.

In a study marking two years since the release of Windows 10, networking firm Spiceworks found that only 60 percent of global organizations have upgraded to the newest platform in this time.

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New analytics platform unlocks mobile data for marketing

Mobile analytics

Businesses are increasingly offering mobile apps to their customers and these have the potential to deliver a great deal of valuable information. Turning that data into something useful though can be a challenge.

Mobile marketing specialist Swrve is launching a Premium Analytics add-on to its existing Swrve Mobile Engagement Platform, aimed at giving improved insights, reporting and analytics capabilities.

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Google launches SOS Alerts in Search and Maps to help out in a crisis


Google is rolling out new features to its Search and Maps products to help get information out to people in the event of a crisis. SOS Alerts provides access to information and stories about incidents and locations where there has been some form of disaster.

Just what is displayed to you depends on how close you are to the incident. Google will show those in the area information such as emergency numbers and directions to help, while those elsewhere will see news about what is going on, and links to donate money or help.

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New intelligence service allows companies to protect their digital identity

Business Computing

Hackers often seek to imitate well-known companies in order to cash in on events as we saw in the wake of the recent WannaCry attacks.

It’s therefore important for companies to be aware of their digital presence and know if they are being impersonated online. Threat management company RiskIQ is launching a Digital Footprint Snapshot to provide an on-demand intelligence report of a firm's internet-facing digital assets.

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Google releases Android O Developer Preview 4, the last beta before the official launch


Android fans with a Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel C, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P or Nexus Player (or if you're happy using the Android Emulator) can now try out Android O Developer Preview 4. Google has released the final beta version of its mobile operating system as we draw ever-closer to the official launch of Android O -- or Android 8.0, if you prefer.

At this stage we don’t know what the O stands for. There's an octopus-related Easter egg in Developer Preview 4, but that's not in keeping with the dessert theme naming convention. The biggest news in this release is the inclusion of the stable version of Android 26.0.0 Support Library, but the main focus is on small updates and stability improvements.

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Firefox 8.0 for iOS adds Night Mode, QR Code Reader and improved user experience


These days, it’s Google and Chrome that dominates the web browser market, with even Microsoft slipping behind and everyone else playing the role of also-rans. Mozilla has suffered more than most -- since dipping below Chrome into third place in 2011, it’s never looked like recovering that market share, but the non-profit is attempting to find itself a niche by playing the outsider card.

If there’s one platform where Mozilla has particularly struggled to gain a foothold, it’s iOS. Can the latest release -- Firefox for iOS 8.0.1 -- change that?

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Zoho launches one-stop cloud business suite for SMBs

Zoho One

Productivity software company Zoho has long offered packages for CRM, business email and more.

It's now going after the SMB market with the launch of Zoho One, an all-in-one cloud business suite offering straightforward pricing and centralized control.

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Europe says Facebook, Twitter and Google need to improve user terms or face fines


Facebook, Twitter and Google have failed to impress EU authorities with their proposed revisions to user terms. The three companies have been under pressure to amend their terms to bring them in line with European law.

The European Commission and consumer protection authorities wrote to the tech giants last month, giving them until July 20th to submit proposals about their respective social networks. The companies have until September to implement changes that satisfy Europe, or fines could be handed out.

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