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Sony officially marks the end of the PS3

PS3 thumb

After nearly 11 years of continuous production, Sony has taken the final step in curtailing the number of PlayStation 3 consoles in the market; manufacturing of all iterations of the system has ended, and as of today, its final shipment has been funneled through its distribution network in Japan.

Production of all PS3 units has already halted in other countries, making this the official sign that Sony no longer has an active hand in PS3 console inventory.

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Samsung SoundAssistant gives you more audio controls for your Galaxy device

Samsung SoundAssistant

Samsung has released a new app which is designed to give users more control over the audio on their Galaxy devices. It's called SoundAssistant and it is compatible with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S7 lines as well as other handsets running the latest version of Android.

There are three main features in SoundAssistant that are worth your attention. First is the option to change the behavior of the volume keys which, by default, will raise or decrease the volume for the ringtone.

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Win: How to get your hands on a OnePlus 5 early


We still don't even know when the OnePlus 5 will be released, but the company is already in full-on marketing mode for the next version of its flagship killer. We've only just seen a sample photo from the OnePlus 5, and now keen photographers are being offered the opportunity to get their hands on the smartphone early.

This is not an early buying option for snap-happy Android fans, but a competition which will ultimately see ten people getting their hands on a OnePlus 5 for free.

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It's about 'time': Parking meters are becoming smarter

Smart meter

Bluetooth Low Energy. The Internet of Things. Third-party cloud service integrations. Parking. Which one of these things doesn't belong? If you actually chose one of those four things, you're mistaken, as smart parking is increasingly becoming one of the hotbeds of mobile technology.

"Smart parking meters" is not a foreign term. There have been enhancements in this space for quite some time, but it is finally reaching a fever pitch, as competition to become the new standard in pay-for-parking is maturing in a big way.

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Draw, paint and optimize your pictures with NPS Image Editor


NPS Image Editor is an unusual freeware tool which aims to provide the simplicity of Microsoft Paint with far more functionality, including custom brushes, filters and transparency control.

The program looks much like a stripped-back version of Paint.NET, no surprise as it was also a Paint-inspired project: tiny drawing toolbar on the left, palette on the right, menu bar at the top, details of the current image on the status bar.

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OnePlus 5 photography sample sparks a mixed reaction


OnePlus continues to drip-feed us snippets of information about its upcoming OnePlus 5. We've already learned that the company has teamed up with DxO to improve the photography side of things, and now we have been treated to the first official sample photo shot on a OnePlus 5.

On both Facebook and Twitter, OnePlus shared a split-screen photograph, one side taken on an unknown camera, the other on the OnePlus 5. The company asked, "Can you tell which photo was taken with the OnePlus 5?" -- and the reaction was rather mixed.

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Cisco and Microsoft team up on Internet of Things solutions


Cisco has made a couple of interesting announcements in its IoT space, including a new hardware platform and a collaboration with Microsoft on hybrid IoT solutions.

There are three new components to the Cisco IoT Operations Platform: Connection Management at Scale, Fog Computing and Data Delivery.

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Security providers should consider offering DDoS protection as a service


Need a new business idea? How about you start offering DDoS protection as a service? What, you think it wouldn't work? Think again. A new report by Corero Network Security says it could work out nicely.

Out of its respondents, 82 percent see a "clear business opportunity" in providing DDoS protection as a service to its customers. Also, 93 percent see providing DDoS mitigation in relation to other types of security services as "high priority." This is up 10 percent compared to last year.

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How to migrate your passwords from LastPass to 1Password


EasyBCD developer NeoSmart Technologies has released LastPass to 1Password, a simple automated tool for converting exported LastPass CSV files to the 1PIF format used by 1Password.

If you’re wondering why, check out the official method for transferring data from LastPass: export from Firefox (other browser export options don’t work properly), install Strawberry Perl, run custom Perl commands to export individual data types, manually import each exported file later...

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Google celebrates the Muslim holy month of Ramadan رمضان مبارك


We are currently in the the Muslim holy month of Ramadan (May 26 - June 24). This is an important time for Muslims all over the world. They will be fasting during daylight -- a very arduous task indeed. In fact, not only do Muslims abstain from food during these hours, but beverages too -- including water! To our Muslim readers, we say Ramadan Mubarak and Ramadan Kareem!

To mark this wonderful time in the Islamic community, Google is offering some special websites and notifications in its services. This includes Maps, YouTube, Google Play, and more.

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HyperX Predator DDR4 Memory kits available with up to 128GB capacity and 4GHz speed


Buying RAM for a desktop PC build should be an easy affair, but sadly, it is sometimes a bit confusing. Not only do you have to pick a brand and the correct type (DDR3 or DDR4), but compatibility with your motherboard can vary. Yeah, you can stick to the RAM tested as compatible by your board's manufacturer (your safest bet), but that could omit working RAM that the company did not get to test.

Today, HyperX (a sub-brand of Kingston) announces that its famed Predator DDR4 Memory kits now come in up to 128GB capacity and 4GHz (4,000MHz) speed -- holy moly! These sticks are designed to work with overclocking on both AMD and Intel platforms, but compatibility can still vary from board to board.

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Split and join MP4 videos with MP4Tools


MP4Tools is a cross-platform collection of tools for the lossless splitting and joining of MP4 files. The package is the project of Alex Thuering, the developer behind DVD authoring application DVDStyler.

Installing MP4Tools gets you two applications, MP4Splitter and MP4Joiner. Despite the single "MP4Tools" brand, they’re separate programs with no integration.

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mStream Express is a music server you can set up in seconds


MStream Express is an open-source Chrome-based music server. The program is built for simplicity and can be set up in seconds, without having to install anything.

Basic configuration is as easy as selecting your music folder, and entering a user name and password. Click "Boot Server" and you’re done. To test the program locally, type localhost:3000 in a browser and enter the credentials you’ve just created. MStream Express displays your files and folders and you’re able to select and play whatever you like.

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ASUS Blue Cave doesn't look like your typical AC2600 Wi-Fi router

ASUS Blue Cave

I like routers that look the part, but not everyone is fond of the traditional design. A plastic box that lights up and has a bunch of cables and antennas sticking out is not exactly what you might call pretty. However, there are some attractive options out there. ASUS's new Blue Cave, which was just announced today at Computex 2017, is one of them.

Actually, save for the bottom part of the rear panel which houses the ports, I believe that the Blue Cave does not look like a router at all. Yes, it is a big plastic box too, but it has a big hole in the middle and no visible antennas. Looking at it, you might be inclined to believe that it is something else entirely. But, a sleek design is not all that it has, as its specs are pretty attractive as well.

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Startech USB-C to HDMI and VGA presentation adapters [Review]


USB Type-C dongles are a dime a dozen nowadays. Thanks to Apple MacBook laptops that only leverage USB-C, many manufacturers quickly jumped on the bandwagon, producing many adapters, dongles, and other accessories.

As the owner of a 2016 MacBook Pro, I am very familiar with dongles -- I own several. While you might think they are all the same, you'd be mistaken. Not only are they of varying quality, but the features are not the same either. Case in point, the Startech USB-C to HDMI and VGA presentation adapters. They may look like your typical HDMI and VGA dongles, but they have a special feature.

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