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Cyber extortion dominates the threat landscape

Cyber extortion is impacting businesses of all sizes across the world, and 82 percent of observed are small businesses, an increase from 78 percent last year.

The latest Security Navigator report from Orange Cyberdefense shows a marked slow-down in cybercrime at the onset of the Ukraine war, but intensity soon increasing again.

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Dropbox is bringing end-to-end encryption to business users thanks to Boxcryptor acquisition

Dropbox Boxcryptor

Dropbox has announced plans to acquire "key assets" from Boxcryptor in a move that will boost security for business users.

The acquisition will bring zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption to users signed up for business account. It is something that Dropbox undoubtedly hopes will help increase confidence in its cloud storage service.

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Microsoft releases KB5020044 update for Windows 11 -- before revealing that it breaks Task Manager

Windows 11 2022 Update

It is the time of the month when Microsoft release preview versions of Windows updates. True to form, the company has released the KB5020044 update for Windows 11 22H2.

As well as fixing various issues, this update also brings new features such as combining Windows Spotlight with Themes on the Personalization page, and helpful information for OneDrive users. It also fixes game performance issues which caused Microsoft to block upgrades to Windows 11 2022 Update for some users. And true to form, the update also breaks some things as well as fixing others; in this case, Task Manager.

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Tweetbot developer Tapbots working on Mastodon app 'Ivory' for Apple devices

As more and more people flee Twitter due to Elon Musk's questionable behavior, many of them are turning to Mastodon as an alternative. By the way, you can find BetaNews on Mastodon here (we aren't too active yet).

Unfortunately, the official Mastodon mobile app is very much lacking. Don't get me wrong, Mastodon on the web is great; it is just the official mobile app that is deficient.

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Forget the moral panic, gaming and impact games can stimulate mental wellbeing

happy laptop user

No matter how much you enjoy gaming, chances are you’ve felt a nagging sense of guilt about playing at one point or another. Maybe it’s the result of having your parents tell you to get outside and play when you were growing up. Or maybe it’s just a societally-induced sense that spending a couple of hours immersed in a virtual world every day might not be the best thing for your mental health.

While there are always risks involved in allowing any hobby to become an obsession, we now know that much of the moral panic around gaming has been overwrought. In fact, a growing body of research shows that gaming can actually be very positive for mental health. It’s also becoming increasingly clear that those effects can also be magnified through the potential of impact games.

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Get 'Mastering Cyber Intelligence' ($19.99 value) FREE for a limited time

Cyber Threat Intelligence converts threat information into evidence-based intelligence that uncovers adversaries' intents, motives, and capabilities for effective defense against all kinds of threats.

Mastering Cyber Intelligence thoroughly covers the concepts and practices required to develop and drive threat intelligence programs, detailing the tasks involved in each step of the CTI lifecycle. You'll be able to plan a threat intelligence program by understanding and collecting the requirements, setting up the team, and exploring the intelligence frameworks.

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Three out of four organizations are still vulnerable to Log4Shell

Security breach lock

The Log4j or Log4Shell vulnerability first hit the news in December 2021 sending ripples through the cybersecurity world. So you might be forgiven for thinking that it's safe to assume it's no longer a threat. However, one year on it seems that this is a vulnerability that keeps on being, well… vulnerable.

New research from Tenable, based on data collected from over 500 million tests, shows that 72 percent of organizations remain vulnerable to Log4Shell as of October this year.

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Cybersecurity budgets are up but aren't being well spent

New research from cloud platform Fastly shows that while enterprises are increasing their cybersecurity spending they're not making the most of their investments.

While 73 percent of organizations worldwide are increasing their cybersecurity spending to protect themselves against future risks, IT leaders are investing poorly with only 61 percent of their cybersecurity tools fully active or deployed.

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Ensuring compliance through network automation [Q&A]

Compliance gauge

Cyber threats are on the rise across every industry and business size, highlighting the importance of maintaining network compliance for organizations and especially for IT and security teams.

But that's easier said than done, with many industry-specific compliance regulations like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) or the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) each with their own set of standards and processes.

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Detection and protection from crypto romance scams

Crypto Bitcoin Hearts

You likely know what risks you face if you invest in cryptocurrency. The crypto market is highly volatile, and its decentralized status means no central authority backs the value of digital currencies. Another threat to investors is crypto romance scams.

Anyone who owns any form of cryptocurrency is a potential target for crypto romance scams. Here’s how to detect them and strategies to protect your finances from malicious cybercriminals.

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CISOs look to balance transformation and cybersecurity


A new survey reveals that while CISOs are still experiencing challenges around visibility, intelligence and control, nearly half (47 percent) are proactively focused on digital transformation and cloud migration.

The study of 600 UK CISOs from BlueFort Security finds most have moved beyond the challenges of a widespread shift to remote working and are now focused on digital transformation and migration to the cloud, despite an uncertain world picture and bleak economic environment.

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Kensington releases SlimBlade Pro Trackball

There are typically two types of people in this world -- those that like mice, and those that prefer trackpads. There is a third group of computer user, however, that is quite small comparatively, but very passionate -- trackball lovers. While trackballs have largely fallen out of favor with most consumers, there are still some folks that swear by them.

Today, Kensington releases a new trackball that is sure to make fans of the product type very excited. Called "SlimBlade Pro," the beautiful trackball can connect to a computer wirelessly or wired (via USB). The product features a large 55mm trackball, Optical Tracking Technology, and 128-bit AES Encryption.

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A Chromebook is a laptop running Google's Linux-based ChromeOS operating system. However, when you connect such a notebook to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, it becomes a makeshift desktop computer.

The most elegant way to transform a laptop into a desktop is with a USB-C docking station. But how can you be sure your Chromebook is compatible? Well, if the dock is officially certified as "Works With Chromebook," then you can be assured that it will work flawlessly.

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Microsoft releases Windows 11 Build 25252 and highlights new known issues

Windows 11 laptop

Thanksgiving is done and dusted for another year, but Microsoft has something for Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel to be thankful for -- a new Windows 11 Build!

Build 25252 comes with a handful of improvements and fixes, but also highlights some new known issues.

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Pressure on developers puts digital transformation efforts at risk

One of the side effects of the pandemic has been a boost to digital transformation efforts. But in the rush to innovate businesses are struggling to find developer talent.

New research shows 72 percent of tech teams have a skills shortage with two million vacancies for tech jobs advertised between May 2021 and 2022 in the UK alone, and tech salaries almost 80 percent higher than those for non-IT roles.

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