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You can finally buy the System76 Lemur Pro -- and if you love Linux you totally should!

Last month, we told you that System76 was bringing back the iconic Lemur Pro laptop. The company's Lemur laptops are legendary for being sensible, durable, and well balanced. In other words, the computer is a consistent workhorse that is ideal for everyday use and beyond. You can have either Ubuntu or System76's own Ubuntu-based Pop!_OS pre-installed. Best of all, it is reasonably priced too, allowing anyone to own one of the company's computers. Look, If you love Linux, it makes sense to support the community by purchasing a System76 machine.

Sadly, System76 only told us that the Lemur Pro laptop would be available in April. We had no idea of a specific date, leaving many would-be buyers chomping at the bit for more concrete availability information. I am happy to say, we now know exactly when you can but it -- today, as in right now! Yes, you may immediately trade your money for the System76 Lemur Pro.

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ADATA IM2S3314 is an industrial-grade M.2 2242 SATA SSD

Solid state drives are great for home consumers and PC enthusiasts, but that is not the extent of their usefulness. Actually, the improved performance of SSDs over mechanical hard disk drives is beneficial for business use too. In particular, industrial applications can benefit from the fact that SSDs have no moving parts, making them less likely to fail from hardcore vibration or excessive jostling.

Today, ADATA launches an all-new industrial-grade SSD. Called "IM2S3314," it uses the diminutive M.2 2242 form factor and the SATA 3 interface. The drive can be had in several capacities ranging from 16GB to 256GB, with two memory types -- MLC (multi-level cell) and A+ SLC (single-level cell). But wait, what is this "A+" variant of SLC? ADATA explains that its proprietary A+ SLC technology, "utilizes custom NAND Flash firmware with an A+ sorting algorithm to emulate SLC performance." And now you know!

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The evolution of data storage

Storage evolution

We're generating more data than ever before, but of course that means we need to have somewhere to store all of it.

Backup specialist Acronis has produced an infographic looking at how storage and backup has evolved.

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Microsoft reportedly delays Surface Neo and dual-screen Windows 10X devices until 2021

Gold Microsoft sign

If you were hoping to get your hands on a Surface Neo or try out Windows 10X this year on a dual-screen device, you will be disappointed to hear that Microsoft has apparently delayed things until 2021.

While Microsoft has not made an official announcement to this effect, insiders say that not only will Microsoft not be releasing the highly anticipated Surface Neo before the end of 2020, the company will also not allow any other dual-screen devices running Windows 10X to ship.

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Fewer than half of companies operate securely in the cloud

Cloud data security

A new survey finds that 85 percent of companies believe embracing the public cloud is critical to fuel innovation. But of those who have already adopted public cloud, only 40 percent have in place an approach to managing cloud and container security.

The study by DivvyCloud finds only 58 percent say their organization has clear guidelines and policies in place for developers building applications and operating in the public cloud. Of those, 25 percent say these policies are not enforced, while 17 percent confirm their organization lacks clear guidelines entirely.

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How is the internet handling increased traffic during the COVID-19 crisis?

Internet Worldwide Globe Connections

With the current COVID-19 pandemic leading to increased demand for online services there have been concerns about the web's ability to cope.

New analysis by Fastly of traffic patterns between January and March looks at regional trends for key US states and countries around the globe that are some of the most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Twitter will now share more user information with advertisers

Twitter logo and envelopes

Twitter has announced that it is now going to share more information about its users with business partners. In an update to its privacy policy, the company says that it is removing the ability for users to block the sharing of non-public information with advertisers.

While for many people this represents something of a compromise in privacy, the change does not apply to users in the EU, an EFTA state or the UK; users in these locations will have to opt into data sharing.

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Google bans Zoom and the US senate warns against its use

Angled Zoom logo

Once a specialist tool, then the darling of the video conferencing world, Zoom's fall from grace has been fairly spectacular. A series of privacy and security issues have put off numerous users, and led to some institutions instigating a ban on the software.

Google has now followed the lead of schools across the US, banning employees from using Zoom because of concerns about security. Senators in the US have also been warned against using the service.

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Make your WFH experience more enjoyable with the portable coffeemaker BEANQUE


When you're at work, you may well rely on a caffeine fix to get you through the day, but now you may be working from home. Home working is a unique experience for many people, and it requires discipline -- and you need to take whatever steps you can to make it more bearable. If you've become used to picking up a coffee on the way to the office, or you're reliant on a state-of-the-art coffee machine, your meagre offerings at home may come as a disappointment.

But before you rush out and spend a fortune on an expensive espresso machine, we've found a solution that you can use right at your desk. BEANQUE is an on-the-go coffeemaker, offering a bean-to-cup experience in a portable, rechargeable unit.

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Philips ST702BK ActionFit Wireless Sports Earbuds come with UV cleaning case to fight Coronavirus

Bluetooth headphones and earbuds, such as Apple Airpods, are all the rage these days. It's not hard to see why this is -- many smartphone-makers have removed the 3.5mm port from their devices. Of course, the missing headphone jack is not the only reason -- Bluetooth models can also be better for those that exercise, as there aren't any wires to get tangled during activity.

Of course, with the Covid 19 Coronavirus on everyone's minds these days, I can understand why some wouldn't want to stick any earbuds -- wired or wireless -- into their ears. If a virus or bacteria is on an earbud, and you insert it into your ear, you could be unintentionally introducing disease into your body. Thankfully, Philips has new wireless earbuds that may solve this dilemma. Called "T702BK ActionFit Wireless Sports Earbuds," they come with a charging case that features ultraviolet (UV) cleaning. In other words, while you are charging them, and before you put them into your ears, they are being disinfected by UV light. Even AirPods can't do that!

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Microsoft releases Windows 10 Build 19603, integrates Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) with File Explorer

It’s been two weeks since Microsoft last rolled out a new Windows 10 Insider build to users on the Fast ring.

Today that drought ends though as Built 19603 arrives, bringing with it some new features, including a welcome addition for Linux lovers, and storage management improvements.

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Give your dated Windows 10 mouse cursors a modern makeover

The Windows mouse pointer hasn’t really changed since the days of Windows NT. That’s understandable really -- it works fine, and we’re used to how it looks and behaves. But that doesn’t mean you should stick with what you’ve been given.

Stardock today releases CursorFX 4, a rewrite of its classic cursor changing app. As well as a choice of cursor themes, effects, trails and sounds, it offers support for high DPI screens, multiple-DPI multi-monitors, and high refresh rates.

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Facebook releases a messaging app that's for couples only

Facebook Tuned

With no fanfare whatsoever, Facebook has launched a new messaging app -- one with a difference. Coming from its New Product Experimentation team, Tuned is an iPhone-only messaging app designed with couples in mind.

Tuned finds itself vying for attention in an already-saturated messaging market, so just what's the point? Is there any reason for anyone to consider using Tuned?

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Zoom teams up with security experts, including Facebook's former Chief Security Officer, to address privacy and safety

Zoom logo on a building

The privacy and security scandals that have blighted Zoom have already caused some users to look for alternatives, but the company seems serious about trying to address the issues that have sparked concern.

Having already issued an apology to users, Zoom CEO Eric S Yuan has now revealed that his company is collaborating with numerous big-name CISOs (chief information security officers) to ensure the implementation of security and privacy best practices. He also says that Facebook's former Chief Security Officer, Alex Stamos, is joining the company as a security advisor.

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How is forced remote working affecting our productivity?

Get to work!

The current coronavirus lockdown has brought about a massive shift in working patterns. In fact we're living through a large scale future-of-work experiment, but what effect is this having on productivity?

Digital experience specialist Aternity has released a new set of data to help answer that question.

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