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Is reinforcement (machine) learning overhyped?

machine learning AI

Imagine you are about to sit down to play a game with a friend. But this isn’t just any friend -- it’s a computer program that doesn’t know the rules of the game. It does, however, understand that it has a goal, and that goal is to win.

Because this friend doesn’t know the rules, it starts by making random moves. Some of them make absolutely no sense, and winning for you is easy. But let’s just say you enjoy playing with this friend so much that you decide to devote the rest of your life (and future lives if you believe in that idea) to exclusively playing this game.

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Diving into the essence of deception technology

You have probably heard about honeypots -- bait targets used to attract and detect hackers. In recent years, this technology has been upgraded and is now collectively called Deception.

Today, deception technology is represented by quite a few vendors. The most famous are Illusive Networks, TrapX, Fidelity Security Deception, and Cymmetria. In this article, I plan to talk about deception technology from the developer's point of view and tell you what makes it interesting. But first, let us talk about the forerunner of this technology -- honeypots.

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Microsoft Windows 11 setup race: 21H2 vs 22H2 -- which operating system installs fastest?

Microsoft has just started to roll out the Windows 11 2022 Update, which fixes a number of annoyances and adds some welcome new features to the fledgling operating system.

The update itself doesn’t take that long to install, but what about if you were installing Windows 11 entirely from scratch? Which version would be faster -- 21H2 or 22H2 (the development name for the 2022 Update)? There can only be one winner…

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PayPal faces UK backlash over account closures

As we reported last week, PayPal has cancelled the accounts of a number of campaigning organizations in the UK, citing its Acceptable Use Policy but without providing a specific reason.

On Friday The Times reported that the fintech giant was poised to back down in the case of parents' group UsForThem, which campaigned for schools to be kept open during the pandemic.

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Why enterprises need to treat data as a first class citizen [Q&A]

Data has become increasingly important for modern businesses and they increasingly expect it to help them improve their delivery to customers and ultimately their bottom line.

We spoke to Dom Couldwell, head of field engineering, EMEA at DataStax to discuss how companies can use data and how they need to adapt their approach to do so effectively.

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NVDIA releases fix for poor gaming performance in Windows 11 2022 Update

Nvidia headquarters

There have not been too many reports of issues following the release of Windows 11 2022 Update, but this does not mean that Microsoft's first major update to Windows 11 is free from problems. Gamers, for instance, have reported poor game performance with NVIDIA GPUs after installing the update.

NVIDIA was quick to start investigating the problems, and has already come up with a solution. The fix involves the installation of a beta app.

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The UK government has tightened its cybersecurity rules, your business should too

secure payments lock

In late August, the UK government introduced new cybersecurity rules aimed at protecting telecommunication networks against cyber attacks. The rules, which allow the government to boost the security standards of the UK’s mobile and broadband networks, come at a time when attacks on critical infrastructure are becoming more frequent and more dangerous.

Earlier this year, for example, Costa Rica was thrown into crisis after a ransomware attack affected 30 government institutions, including critical ministries and its social security fund. The group behind the attack, known as Conti, threatened to overthrow the government unless the US$10 million ransom was paid. With the help of international partners -- including the United States, Israel, Spain, and Microsoft -- it was able to get all its systems back online, but it took weeks. Montenegro, meanwhile, also saw critical digital infrastructure crippled following a cyber attack blamed on state-sponsored actors. The attack effectively sent some government departments back to the analogue era and was still being wrestled with more than three weeks after it was first detected.    

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Collaboration technologies are essential to optimizing offices and remote employees for hybrid work

The methods and tools used to conduct office work are rapidly expanding to accommodate a wider range of worker situations and needs, including hybrid schedules and fully remote employees that each require different support structures to optimize workflows and communications. While the tasks and responsibilities of most workers haven’t changed, many people are adjusting to different physical spaces and expectations in terms of attending virtual meetings or collaborating with colleagues who traditionally shared a common workplace.

In order to help companies ensure consistent productivity regardless of worker location or situation, there are a number of new collaboration solutions that can help suit any budget, space or need.

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Whoopsie daisy! Microsoft accidentally released the Windows 11 KB5017383 update to WSUS

Microsoft building logo

When we write about updates for Windows, it tends to be for one of two reasons -- sharing news that a new update is available, or giving details of problems that have been found with the latest release. Now we have something a little different.

Microsoft has admitted that it made a mistake with the KB5017383 update for Windows 11, windows 10 and Windows Server a few days ago. It is, however, not necessary something that everyone would notice.

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2022's most pressing cloud challenges

Despite the disruption and changes the pandemic unleashed on our world, technology continues to iterate through inevitable cycles of adaptation, innovation, and change. The worldwide shift to remote work, for example, placed a huge burden on IT infrastructure, ultimately quickening the pace of digital transformation. With this comes several challenges that IT leaders must navigate and balance.

According to the Foundry’s (formerly IDG Communications) 2022 Cloud Computing Survey, controlling cloud costs, data privacy and security, and securing expertise across in-house and supplier teams, are the three core challenges that will determine the success of cloud investments in the months and years to come. 

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Understanding how all businesses can benefit from voice analytics

voice recognition

Voice and speech analytics refers to the process of analyzing recorded conversations such as phone calls to gain insights into customer behavior and call quality, often utilizing AI by employing a Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine that uses context and emotional clues to determine more accurately what is being said.

In utilizing voice analytics solutions, businesses are now able to spot keywords and phrases, as well as detect sentiment and emotional context using pitch, pacing, and language clues to observe whether a conversation is going in the right direction or if it’s going downhill. By evaluating the tone of a customer’s voice, businesses can assess whether their customers are satisfied, annoyed, or upset. 82 percent of customers now consider no longer engaging with a business if they feel they have had a poor customer experience, so understanding potential issues before they arise may be the single most valuable thing a business can do to retain customers.

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How AI enables organizations to move from network monitoring to proactive observability

In today’s world, the volume of data and network bandwidth requirements are growing relentlessly. So much is happening in real-time as businesses adapt and advance to become more digital, which means the state of the network is constantly evolving. Meanwhile, users have high expectations around applications -- quick loading times, look and feel visually advanced, with feature-rich content, video streaming, and multimedia capabilities -- all of these devour network bandwidth.

With millions of users accessing applications and mobile apps from multiple devices, most companies today generate seemingly unmanageable volumes of data and traffic on their networks. 

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Legacy technology undermines ransomware response


Almost half of respondents to a new survey say their company depends on outdated, legacy backup and recovery infrastructure to manage and protect their data. 46 percent are relying on primary backup and recovery infrastructure that was designed in, or before, 2010.

The study commissioned by Cohesity from Censuswide also finds 62 percent expressed some level of concern over whether their IT and security teams would be able to mobilize efficiently to respond to an attack.

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10 best practices for file management and archiving

File transfers

File management is crucial for businesses and organizations to minimize confusion and maintain document control. It’s important to have a system with a strategy in place that allows you to archive and store your files.

File archiving helps you monitor and manage your documentation. It acts as a collection of data that gives you access to multiple computer files and their data, making it easier to manage your records. To store and retrieve your documents, you want to develop practices that ensure operational excellence, syncing your data and simplifying the way it is archived.

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Best Windows apps this week

Five-hundred-and-nine in a series. Welcome to this week's overview of the best apps, games and extensions released for Windows 10 and 11 on the Microsoft Store and elsewhere in the past seven days.

Microsoft released the first feature update for Windows 11 this week. The new version improves the usability of existing features, such as Snap Layouts or the Start Menu, and adds a number of new features to the system next to that.

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