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Twitter has killed Movetodon, the service that simplified moving from Twitter to Mastodon

Mastodon and Twitter icons

The exodus from Twitter to Mastodon shows little signs of slowing down, and numerous websites and services have popped up to make it easier to jump to the decentralized social network. One such tool is Movetodon, designed to help anyone moving to Mastodon to find the people they were previously following on Twitter.

Movetodon has proved incredibly popular, but it has just been killed off by Twitter. The Elon Musk-owned site announced this week that it is ending free access to its API on February 9, but ahead of this, Twitter has blocked Movetodon's access to the API rendering the service non-functionable, alleging violation of unspecified rules and policies.

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tiny11 massively shrinks Windows 11, slashes system requirements and eliminates the need for TPM


One of various things that puts people off upgrading to Windows 11 is that the operating system has very particular system requirements. For someone looking to upgrade from Windows 7, for instance, it is likely that their hardware will not make the grade. There is an answer, however, in the form of tiny11.

Coming from the same team that was behind tiny10 -- NTDEV -- tiny11 is a majorly stripped-back, bare-bones version of Windows 11 Pro that dramatically lowers the system requirements. The operating system needs just 8GB of disk space and 2GB of RAM, and it does not require TPM (Trusted Platform Module) support. This sounds great, but there are a few caveats to keep in mind.

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Best Windows apps this week

Five-hundred-and-twenty-eight in a series. Welcome to this week's overview of the best apps, games and extensions released for Windows 10 and 11 on the Microsoft Store and elsewhere in the past seven days.

Microsoft stopped sales of Windows 10 on its own stores this week. The only client-based Windows operating system that is still available directly from Microsoft is Windows 11. Third-parties continue to sell Windows 10 licenses though.

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How much is your streaming account worth on the Dark Web?

Netflix recently announced a crackdown on the sharing of account details and has introduced a paid sharing option to allow multiple users. It isn't surprising then that there's a thriving Dark Web market for streaming account details.

Research from AtlasVPN shows that account logins for popular streaming services are being sold for an average of $11.

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Full-screen Microsoft 365 trial offer is blocking access to the Windows 10 desktop

Microsoft 365 nag screen in Windows 10

Apparently not content with irritating Windows 10 users with a rather deceptive invitation to upgrade to Windows 11, Microsoft is also causing annoyance by displaying an unskippable full-screen ad that essentially forces users to install Microsoft 365 Family.

Affected users report that the nag screen is blocking access to the desktop until they agree to start a free trial of Microsoft 365 Family (which most people are still referring to as Office 365). As part of agreeing to the trial, users are asked to provide payment details, and although no charges are made until the end of the trial period, the danger is that some people will forget to cancel and will end up paying.

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IT and security pros spend over 4,000 hours a year on compliance

IT and security professionals spend an average of 4,300 hours annually achieving or maintaining compliance, according to a new study.

The survey, from automation platform Drata of 300 IT and security professionals in fast-growing organizations across the US, finds 87 percent of respondents have faced consequences as a result of not having continuous compliance, these include slowed sales cycles, security breaches, business interruption, loss of a business relationship, a damaged reputation, or fines.

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Continuous Threat Exposure Management and what it means for enterprise security [Q&A]

This summer, Gartner introduced Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM). This is a set of processes and capabilities that allow organizations to create a system for review of exposures that is faster than the periodic project-based approach.

With endless threats and vulnerabilities hammering today's organizations, exposure management that evaluates the accessibility, exposure and exploitability of all digital and physical assets is necessary to govern and prioritize risk reduction for enterprises.

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Microsoft insists that the Office-checking KB5021751 update does not infringe on privacy

Microsoft mirror building logo

In the middle of last month, Microsoft released the KB5021751 update to help the company "identify the number of users running out-of-support (or soon to be out-of-support) versions of Office".

Privacy advocates voiced concern about the update, which Microsoft said "will run one time silently without installing anything on the user's device" because of worries about exactly what the slightly secretive check was doing. Now the company has updated support documentation for the KB5021751 update, insisting that there is nothing nefarious about it.

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Microsoft is pestering Windows 10 users with an incredibly deceptive Windows 11 upgrade nag screen

Windows 11 upgrade nag screen

Microsoft is, it seems, at it again. No stranger to irritating ads and nags, the company has been spotted pestering Windows 10 users with a full-screen prompt to upgrade to Windows 11 for free.

If the appearance of an unwanted nag screen was not enough, the upgrade prompt is also rather deceptive, appearing to give users just two choices -- install Windows 11 now, or schedule the installation. It is actually possible to back out of the upgrade, but Microsoft has made it less than obvious.

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LibreOffice 7.5 unveils new icons, plus improved PDF export and Bookmarks in Writer

On schedule, The Document Foundation’s open-source, cross-platform office suite gains its first major point release of the year with LibreOffice 7.5. Version 7.5 unveils various design tweaks -- including a new application -- along with another long list of new and improved features right across the suite.

LibreOffice 7.5 opens with some design tweaks -- including "major improvements" to its dark mode support, which basically consist of over 40 bug fixes. There’s also new application and MIME-type icons, described as "more colorful and vibrant".

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Organizations need a holistic approach to cyber threats


A new survey of 300 organizations across the US and Europe looks at the key challenges concerning the ability to effectively prioritize and contextualize the large amounts of data organizations get from several cyber security alert systems, as well as identifying the actions needed to meet them.

The survey, conducted for Darktrace by IDC, finds evolving attack vectors make it difficult to prepare proactively, with only 31 percent of respondents highly confident that their tools can continuously adjust to new configurations.

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London: The world's leader in AI

Scene on London Bridge

It’s not an uncommon view that Silicon Valley is the be-all and end-all of the tech industry. Companies like Facebook and Google give the valley a status in the tech industry that few share.

However, while Silicon Valley still rightly retains its reputation as a center for invention and innovation, London has quietly but confidently become something of a hub for research in AI. This is no accident -- supported by The City’s banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) industry and the nation's technological heritage, London has become a global hub for AI innovation. It has the right knowledge base and conditions for this to continue long into the future.

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Lazarus Group targets medical research and energy

North Korea keyboard

Researchers at WithSecure have uncovered a cyberattack campaign linked back to North Korea's notorious Lazarus Group.

It is extremely rare to be able to link a campaign so strongly to a perpetrator as WithSecure has been able to do here. The Hackers have been targeting medical research and energy organizations with the intent to commit espionage.

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Twitter is ending free API access next week, killing off swathes of apps in the process

Twitter logo next to dollars and smartphone

Having already banned all third-party clients, Twitter has now announced that it is completely dropping free access to its APIs. In an announcement made via the Twitter Dev account, the company says: "Starting February 9, we will no longer support free access to the Twitter API, both v2 and v1.1. A paid basic tier will be available instead".

The move will effectively kill off unknown -- but large -- numbers of apps and tools that depend on the Twitter API. While getting rid of free API access is unlikely to impact larger apps such as Hootsuite, those produced by smaller, independent developers are unlikely to be able to shoulder the costs.

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Get 'Full Stack Development with Spring Boot and React -- Third Edition' (worth $37.99) FREE for a limited time

This updated edition of the Full Stack Development with Spring Boot 2 and React book will take you from novice to proficient in this expansive domain.

Taking a practical approach, this book will first walk you through the latest Spring Boot features for creating a robust backend, covering everything from setting up the environment and dependency injection to security and testing.

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