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Microsoft launches new Surface Pro and accessories for India

Surface Pro on a table

Microsoft has announced the availability of a new Surface Pro in India. Starting at Rs 64,999 ($1,000), the range starts with a Core m3 model, and goes up to a Core i7 machine for Rs 182,999 ($2,800).

The new models will be available directly from Microsoft, through Amazon, as well as through a range of authorized retailers. The company highlights the quiet, fanless design of some models, as well as the lightness and thinness of others. Battery life and performance is key to these latest additions to the Surface range, and there are models to suit differing budgets.

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Android Oreo update for Samsung Galaxy S8 is back on track

Android 8.1 Oreo

Samsung kicked off the Android Oreo roll-out for the Galaxy S8 early this month, making the much-awaited update available to folks who've been part of the beta program first, with a wider rollout expected to take place shortly after.

However, due to a problem that caused unexpected reboots, Samsung pulled it a week ago. The good news is that the roll-out is back on track, with a new version now set to reach Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ users.

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The first PCs with Intel's new 5G modem will arrive in 2019

There is a lot of talk surrounding the potential of 5G networks. The big players in the industry have already announced their plans to support the new technology, and some have also revealed their first products to support it.

Intel is part of that crowd, announcing today that its XMM 8060 modem will enable 5G connectivity in a slew of PCs from the likes of Dell, HP, Lenovo and Microsoft. It does not take long to realize that, among other devices, the Surface line will offer 5G support. When?

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Hackers hide malware with code signing and SSL certificates

Magnified certificare

2017 saw a sudden increase in code signing certificates being used as a layered obfuscation technique to deliver malicious payloads.

Recorded Future's Insikt Group has been investigating the criminal underground and has identified a number of vendors currently offering both code signing certificates and domain name registration with accompanying SSL certificates.

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US government agencies see 20 percent rise in data breaches

US capitol building

US Federal agencies reported more breaches last year (57 percent) than any other industry sector by a wide margin, well ahead of the global average of 36 percent according to a new report.

Yet the findings from Thales eSecurity show that only 42 percent of government respondents claim to be 'very' or 'extremely' vulnerable, compared to 68 percent of US respondents across the board.

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Ericsson launches marketplace to unlock the cellular IoT ecosystem

IoT links

The IoT marketplace has grown, and is continuing to grow, at a rapid rate and this means developers and service providers have often struggled when it comes to collaboration with other networks and devices.

Communication services company Ericsson is using MWC 2018 to launch a new IoT Accelerator Marketplace aimed at making it easier for service providers to find IoT apps from the global ecosystem.

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Kodi addons site TVAddons loses appeal as judge draws comparisons with fully-loaded Kodi boxes

Kodi and TVAddons logos

TVAddons has been very much in the news over the past year or so, with the controversial site constantly fighting to prove it is doing nothing illegal, and did not exist with the aim of providing access to copyrighted content. In the latest stage of its on-going battle with copyright holders, the site has lost an appeal hearing in Canada after a judge overturned a ruling from June last year.

It had previously been ruled that a search warrant (an Anton Piller order) against Adam Lackman had not been correctly executed, thereby negating any evidence it resulted in. Bell, Videotron, Rogers and TVA appealed against this ruling, and a judge has now overturned the original verdict, throwing further confusion onto an already confused situation, and bringing into question the interpretation of evidence put forward in the case. The judge also ruled that TVAddons was "clearly designed" to be used by "those who want to circumvent the legal means of watching television programs and the related costs."

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HR and marketing lead the way in cloud service adoption

cloud button

Marketing and HR have the highest number of cloud services per organization, at 121 and 139 respectively.

This is among the findings of the latest Netskope Cloud Report which also highlights that because many of these apps are user-led they are flying below the radar of the IT department and could be in breach of policies and controls.

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BLU VIVO X Android smartphone costs $299, so why does iPhone X cost $999?

The best smartphone experience that one can have is the iPhone. Not only are Apple's devices well made, but iOS is a spectacular operating system that gets consistent updates. The top model is the iPhone X, and its starting price is a sky-high $999. If you can afford spending that much, more power to you. Let's be honest though -- despite being a great product, a thousand dollars for a phone is just insane.

How crazy is the iPhone X price? Well, for comparison, today, BLU announces a flagship Android flagship called "VIVO X" that costs just $299.99 (currently $249 at Amazon). Yes, you can pretty much buy four of these devices for the same price as the base model iPhone X. Blu's phone is no slouch either -- it has a 6-inch display, an Octa-Core processor, and 4GB of RAM. Unlike the iPhone X, it has a fingerprint reader. Photographers will appreciate that it has a total of four cameras -- two on the rear, and two in the front for selfies. Even the battery is impressive -- a monstrous 4,010mAh with fast-charging technology!

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Intel has a new Spectre firmware patch for you to try out

Intel logo on a building

The Spectre/Meltdown debacle continues to rumble on, and now the chip manufacturer has announced the availability of a new "microcode solution" to the Spectre vulnerability. The updated firmware applies to 6th, 7th and 8th Generation Intel Core devices, and the release sees the company crossing its fingers and hoping that everything works out this time.

This is Intel's second attempt at patching the Spectre vulnerability, and this time around both the company and its customers will be praying that the fix for Skylake, Kaby Lake and Coffee Lake chips actually does the job.

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Wireless routers seen as essential as smart devices take off

The back of a Wi-Fi router with antenna mounted

The wireless router is the number one technology US consumers can’t live without for more than day, according to managed services provider iQor.

A working router is necessary for consumers to enjoy smart devices and the connected lifestyle, including smart TVs and streaming devices, multiplayer gaming, tablets, voice controlled virtual assistants and smart speakers, IoT-enabled security systems, and more. According to the survey 64 percent of US adults say they couldn’t be without Wi-Fi for a day.

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Scientists discover a new way to use DNA as a storage device

DNA strand

The future of technology is about more than just increasing raw processing power and embracing the likes of quantum computing -- storage is also a serious concern. We already generate huge amounts of data, and the amount we need to store is only going to increase.

Just as processors have developed in new and exciting ways over the years, so there have been great strides made in the field of storage. But variants on the current methods of storage are simply not going to cut it for much longer. Thankfully, scientists in Ireland may have come up with a solution -- storing data in DNA.

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The $600 billion cost of global cyber crime

Cybercrime cash

We all know cyber crime is a major problem, but just how big is its worldwide impact? A new report from McAfee and the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) reckons it costs businesses almost $600 billion a year or 0.8 percent of global GDP.

Global losses in 2014 were estimated at $445 billion and the report puts the increase down to criminals quickly adopting new technologies, the ease of engaging in cyber crime -- including an expanding number of cyber crime centers -- and the growing financial sophistication of top-tier criminals.

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Technology and compliance teams work together to minimize the risk of data breaches

team collaboration

Organizations are facing an unprecedented variety of cyber risks that have the potential for devastating consequences, but a new study reveals that IT, security and compliance teams individually lack the resources to deal with them.

The study for communications compliance specialist Actiance and conducted by IDG Research finds enterprises moving towards a collaborative risk management model with increasing overlap between the different teams.

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FireAlpaca 2.0 improves layer support, adds 64-bit Windows build

Japanese developer PGN Inc has released FireAlpaca 2.0, a major new release of its free paint app for Windows and Mac users. The app is aimed at wannabe painters with a variety of drawing tools coupled with advanced features such as layer support.

Version 2.0’s headline new feature is the addition of a separate 64-bit build for Windows PCs, but it also improves its layer support along with some minor tweaks and adjustments.

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