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Das Keyboard 6 Professional is here

Everyone's tastes are different, so when it comes to keyboards, it is impossible to call any of them the "best." With that said, today, the Das Keyboard 6 Professional gets officially released, and for some consumers, it could prove to be the best keyboard... for them.

What makes the Das Keyboard 6 Professional so appealing? Well, besides the company's legendary quality, this mechanical keyboard seems to check so many important boxes. Not only does it connect to your PC via USB-C, but it has a 2-port USB-C hub on the rear. It features beautiful white backlighting for the keys, and you can choose between Cherry MX blue and brown switches. It even has a huge volume knob and convenient media keys. Plus, if you like number pads, it has that too.

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5 alarming trends making cybersecurity threats riskier and more expensive

security alert

Imagine a future in which every person, object, and service is connected to the internet. Your car knows your destination before you do, your fridge restocks itself, and your doctor can remotely monitor your health. Now imagine that one day, all of those interconnected devices get hacked at once. Your car suddenly careens off the road, your fridge emits a deafening alarm, and your doctor’s office is flooded with false patient data.

This nightmare scenario is becoming increasingly likely, as the world becomes ever more connected and reliant on technology. And it’s not just consumers who are at risk -- businesses are, too. A single cyberattack can cost a company millions of dollars, and the price is only going up as hackers become more sophisticated.

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46 percent of ransomware attacks happen in the US but who are the targets?

US companies are the most affected by ransomware, with 46 percent of all ransomware attacks happening there, according to new research by cybersecurity company NordLocker.

But just who is being targeted? The research finds that out of 18 industries identified, construction accounts for 12 percent of all attacks. Next most likely to be hit are manufacturing (9.6 percent), transportation (8.2 percent), healthcare (7.8 percent), and tech/IT (7.6 percent).

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Microsoft is blocking Windows 11 2022 Update because of blue screen issues

Windows 11 2022 Update

Since the release of Windows 11 2022 Update last week, there have been various issues cropping up, including serious gaming problems for people with NVIDIA GPUs. This particular problem has now been fixed, but Microsoft has discovered a more serious issue with the first major update for Windows 11, meaning that the rollout of Windows 11 22H2 has been hit with a compatibility hold.

A compatibility issue affecting some Intel systems has forced Microsoft to block the rollout of the Windows 11 2022 Update to some people. It is a problem with echoes of a previous block on the rollout of Windows 11 21H2.

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IObit Driver Booster 10 expands driver database, promises faster scans and updates

IObit has released major new version of its Windows driver and game component updater tool. IObit Driver Booster 10 simplifies the task of finding and updating drivers across Windows PCs, and comes in both ad-supported free and paid-for versions.

Version 10 sees the tool expand its driver database to now include more than 8.5 million device drivers and game components.

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Cybercriminals get better at bypassing defenses

Cybercriminals have become more adept at bypassing defenses with new DDoS attack vectors and successful methodologies, according to the latest DDoS Threat Intelligence Report from NETSCOUT.

The report is based on intelligence on attacks occurring in over 190 countries, 550 industries, and 50,000 autonomous system numbers (ASNs). It finds there were over six million DDoS attacks in first half of 2022, with TCP-based flood attacks (SYN, ACK, RST) still the most used attack vector, accounting for around 46 percent.

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Businesses facing a data protection emergency as backup strategies fail to keep up

Nearly eight out of ten (79 percent) of UK and Irish IT decision makers and professionals say there are gaps between their data dependency, backup frequency, SLAs and ability to get back to productive business.

The results of the Data protection Trends Report from Veeam Software also show that 76 percent of respondents admit falling prey to at least one ransomware attack in the past year, with 65 percent now using cloud services as part of their data protection strategy to increase resiliency.

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Audacity 3.2 is a major update to the free audio tool that adds realtime effects for non-destructive editing and more


Audio editing tools -- much like photo editors -- can be both incredibly expensive, and tremendously complex. Audacity has long served as an alternative to such apps, and with the release of Audacity 3.2 it just became even more powerful.

The developers are not hiding their light under a bushel, describing this update as a "gigantic release". This latest build sees the addition of support for realtime effects that allow for non-destructive editing of audio files. But there is more, including improved VST3 support and the option to upload and share content to

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Microsoft gives Windows 11 a new security feature to prevent you storing your passwords insecurely

Password keyhole

While software-based password managers are incredibly popular these days, it is still terrifyingly common to find that people store passwords on sticky notes attached to their monitor. A slightly more up to date means of recording passwords is to type them into a text document, and this is something Microsoft is seeking to discourage with the latest update to Windows 11.

With Window 11 2022 Update, the company added a new enhanced phishing protection feature of Microsoft Defender Smartscreen. This security feature can, among other things, issue a warning if it detects that you are entering one of your passwords into a document or, for that matter, a potentially insecure website. The feature is not enabled by default, so here's how to bolster your security.

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Is reinforcement (machine) learning overhyped?

machine learning AI

Imagine you are about to sit down to play a game with a friend. But this isn’t just any friend -- it’s a computer program that doesn’t know the rules of the game. It does, however, understand that it has a goal, and that goal is to win.

Because this friend doesn’t know the rules, it starts by making random moves. Some of them make absolutely no sense, and winning for you is easy. But let’s just say you enjoy playing with this friend so much that you decide to devote the rest of your life (and future lives if you believe in that idea) to exclusively playing this game.

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Diving into the essence of deception technology

You have probably heard about honeypots -- bait targets used to attract and detect hackers. In recent years, this technology has been upgraded and is now collectively called Deception.

Today, deception technology is represented by quite a few vendors. The most famous are Illusive Networks, TrapX, Fidelity Security Deception, and Cymmetria. In this article, I plan to talk about deception technology from the developer's point of view and tell you what makes it interesting. But first, let us talk about the forerunner of this technology -- honeypots.

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Microsoft Windows 11 setup race: 21H2 vs 22H2 -- which operating system installs fastest?

Microsoft has just started to roll out the Windows 11 2022 Update, which fixes a number of annoyances and adds some welcome new features to the fledgling operating system.

The update itself doesn’t take that long to install, but what about if you were installing Windows 11 entirely from scratch? Which version would be faster -- 21H2 or 22H2 (the development name for the 2022 Update)? There can only be one winner…

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PayPal faces UK backlash over account closures

As we reported last week, PayPal has cancelled the accounts of a number of campaigning organizations in the UK, citing its Acceptable Use Policy but without providing a specific reason.

On Friday The Times reported that the fintech giant was poised to back down in the case of parents' group UsForThem, which campaigned for schools to be kept open during the pandemic.

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Why enterprises need to treat data as a first class citizen [Q&A]

Data has become increasingly important for modern businesses and they increasingly expect it to help them improve their delivery to customers and ultimately their bottom line.

We spoke to Dom Couldwell, head of field engineering, EMEA at DataStax to discuss how companies can use data and how they need to adapt their approach to do so effectively.

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NVDIA releases fix for poor gaming performance in Windows 11 2022 Update

Nvidia headquarters

There have not been too many reports of issues following the release of Windows 11 2022 Update, but this does not mean that Microsoft's first major update to Windows 11 is free from problems. Gamers, for instance, have reported poor game performance with NVIDIA GPUs after installing the update.

NVIDIA was quick to start investigating the problems, and has already come up with a solution. The fix involves the installation of a beta app.

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