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Google Chrome bests Microsoft Edge in new battery life tests

Runners two race runner up

Ask Microsoft which browser offers the best battery life on Windows 10 and it will not hesitate to tell you that Microsoft Edge is the best. And it has the test results to prove it: on a Surface Book, for instance, Microsoft Edge lasts a couple of hours longer than Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, which is remarkable.

But, and there is a but, an independent test disputes Microsoft's claim. YouTuber Linus Tech Tips has pitted Microsoft Edge against Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera and discovered that it does not deliver as strong a performance as Microsoft claims.

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Deep-clean your hard drive with atomiccleaner3


Atomiccleaner3 is a powerful and comprehensive tool for cleaning junk files, browser histories and assorted other leftovers from your hard drive.

Reviewing this kind of app is usually very easy. Check to see if it gets even close to CCleaner’s abilities, realize that it doesn’t, throw it away. But atomiccleaner is a little different.

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New platform aims to speed up digital transformation

Digital transformation

Companies are increasingly competing to transform their IT infrastructure to take advantage of the cloud, containers and other technologies that offer greater agility.

California-based appOrbit is launching a new application platform that will allow customers to automate the modeling, delivery, and management of enterprise software onto any modern infrastructure.

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UK parliament cyber attack highlights the shortcomings of passwords

enterprise security login authentication verification user password

As we reported over the weekend the UK parliament's email system was subject to a brute force attack using passwords stolen in the 2012 LinkedIn breach.

Security experts have been quick to point out the inherent weakness in large organizations and government departments relying on passwords to protect highly sensitive data.

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OnePlus 5 gets OxygenOS 4.5.2 and root

oneplus 5

OnePlus is among the few vendors that provide frequent updates for their smartphones. And it continues this tradition with its latest flagship killer, the OnePlus 5, which just received a software update over the air before its highly anticipated open release on June 27.

OxygenOS 4.5.2, which is also the update for the OnePlus 5, fixes a couple of bugs and adds a number of optimizations for the stock apps and built-in functionality. But that is not all that is new in OnePlus 5 land right now, as the flagship killer has also been rooted.

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Tumblr apologizes for blocking innocuous LGBTQ+ content with Safe Mode


Google recently caused controversy and upset by censoring LGBTQ videos from appearing in Restricted Mode on YouTube. The company later apologized, fixed the problem, and then updated its policies. Now Tumblr has found itself caught up in a similar hullabaloo.

Complaints were raised after -- just like YouTube's Restricted Mode -- Tumblr's Safe Mode was found to be filtering out LGBTQ+ content. The site has now apologized, updated its algorithms, and explained why the problem came about in the first place.

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Find and control Windows 10 privacy settings with WPD


WPD is a freeware tool for exploring, understanding and tweaking Windows 10 privacy settings. We’ve seen many of these -- we’ll bet you have, too -- but the program does have some unusual extras which help it stand out from the crowd.

The interface is up-to-date, for instance. The developer hasn’t got it right in every area, but the program does look like it was written for Windows 10.

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Facebook and Twitter have secret Harry Potter Easter eggs to celebrate 20 years of the Sorcerer's Stone


Today is the twentieth anniversary of the publication of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (or Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone depending on where you are in the world). To celebrate, Facebook has hidden a Potter-related Easter egg on the site, and Twitter is getting in on the action as well.

As Harry Potter is all about magic, it should come as little surprise that in order to unlock the Easter egg, you need to use the right magic words. Here's what you need to do...

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SUSE Linux distributions now available for Windows 10 in the Store, but only for Insiders


During Build 2017, Microsoft delighted open source enthusiasts with a surprise announcement -- Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, and SUSE) was coming to the Windows Store. If you were running Windows 10 (not including the crippled "S" version) you would soon be able to install a Linux distribution directly from the official software store. Exactly when these distros would become available was unknown, sadly.

Ubuntu and Fedora are still not yet in the Windows Store, but starting today, both SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 and openSUSE Leap 42 are -- sort of. You see, while they are technically in the store, you must be a Windows Insider running Windows 10 build 16190.0 or higher to install. If you are like me and you aren't running an Insider build because you prefer a stable experience, you are out of luck for now. Sigh.

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GDAX exchange reimburses customers affected by Ethereum price crash


A large sale order on the GDAX exchange earlier this week caused the price of Ethereum to crash massively for a brief period of time. The second most-valuable cryptocurrency dropped to as low as $0.10 in trading before bouncing back to over $300, after the sale triggered a domino effect which saw around 800 advanced orders being filled.

The customers who placed those orders -- stop loss and margin call -- have lost big as a result. However, even though it has found that "all trades this week were executed properly," GDAX says that it will reimburse the affected accounts, in what I believe is a brilliant move on its behalf.

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Securely encrypt single files with AES Protect


AES Protect is a portable tool for encrypting single files using a passphrase and AES. The program is written in x86 assembly language, which means there are no annoying dependencies, and the download is tiny: it’s a 32KB ZIP, but still manages to squeeze in three programs.

AES Protect is the general purpose tool, an easy way to encrypt single files using AS.

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Microsoft confirms that Windows 10 source code has leaked online


Microsoft has confirmed reports that some Windows 10 source code has leaked. The Register claims that 32TB of internal builds as well as large sections of source code were uploaded to While the scale of the leak is not yet known, Microsoft says that the files in question are "a portion of the source code [...] used by OEMs and partners."

The files leaked on Beta Archive are part of Microsoft's Shared Source Kit, and it's not clear that the leak is quite as big a deal as first thought -- or as some reports are making out. Nevertheless, any form of leak is bad news for Microsoft.

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Thanks to Word macros, Windows 10 S isn't as secure as Microsoft would have you believe


With Windows 10 S Microsoft has made the bold claim that this locked down version of its operating system is immune to all known ransomware. This may well be true, but that's certainly not to say that Windows 10 S is completely secure. Lock up your Surface Laptop!

An investigation carried out by ZDNet found that Windows 10 S -- despite only supporting the installation of apps from the Windows Store -- is vulnerable to that old security nightmare: Word macros. The problem comes about because the macros have full access to the Windows API, opening up a potential attack vector.

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What entrepreneurs need to know about robotization, IoT, AR, VR and blockchain


To be successful as an entrepreneur requires a keen eye for an opportunity, good spatial and market awareness, experience, and a significant degree of good luck. Nonetheless, along the way things don’t always go to plan. Even the most effective entrepreneurs don’t have a 100 percent success record.

Of course, all business owners and managers strive for it, but there simply aren’t enough hours in a day to achieve perfection. Serving customers, finding new ones, managing staff, establishing processes, admin, expanding your market and world view, all this cuts into your time and potential effectiveness as an entrepreneur.

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Microsoft will pay you $5 to buy an e-book -- even if your selection costs less than that


As the owner of a Kindle, I normally get all my e-books from Amazon. It is a great experience, as not only can I read the book on my e-reader, but thanks to the Kindle app, my smartphone and tablet too. Quite frankly, I never considered getting an electronic book anywhere else.

If you are a Windows 10 user, you can buy books from the official Store -- just like an app, song, game, or movie. If you have never bought an e-book from Microsoft before, now may be the time. The Windows-maker will give you a $5 Windows Store credit for buying a book from its store. Believe it or not, it even applies to books that cost less than $5, meaning you can sort of make a profit off the deal.

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