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Babbel free six months ends soon


Been looking to learn a foreign language? Depending on your skills for such things it can be easy or difficult – we're all different. Some people seem to pick them up like a magnet and others struggle. But these days it's easier to at least try. No more classes or books, you can do it right online.

Babbel is one of many online services willing to help you and it has a number of languages available to choose from so you can learn to be bi-lingual.

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People are watching one billion combined hours of YouTube videos every single day


When I was a kid, I watched a lot of television. As soon as I got home from school, I parked my butt on the couch and enjoyed my favorite cartoons and other such programs. Truth be told, I often kept watching until I went to bed. Yeah, I arguably wasted a lot of hours of my life this way.

If you think television watching is wasteful, wait until you get a load of this -- people are watching a combined 1 billion hours of YouTube videos every day. Yes, that is every single day. Sure, some of those videos are educational, but a lot of it is millennials watching people like PewDiePie play video games.

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Zorin OS 12.1 Ubuntu-based Linux distro is here for Microsoft Windows 10 switchers


While Windows 10 is a great operating system, it isn't perfect for everyone. In fact, Microsoft's offering is viewed by some to be bloated and complicated. Depending on your needs, yeah, I suppose I understand that. After all, if you live in the web browser, and don't need Windows programs, a Linux-based desktop OS could be a better choice, as it might perform better on lesser hardware. Not to mention, there are far fewer malware threats on Linux than on Windows.

If you have been thinking of switching to Linux, there are a lot of choices nowadays, but there is one such operating system designed for that purpose. Zorin OS aims to be familiar to Windows users, while its Ubuntu base makes it easy to manage and install packages. Today, Zorin OS reaches version 12.1. While it is not a massive update by any means, existing users should definitely upgrade. If you have never tried Zorin OS before, now is as good a time as any.

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Cyber attacks cost the UK economy £1.9 billion

cyber attack

Eighteen percent of UK businesses have been the target of a cyber-attack in the last 12 months, according to a new report by Altodigital. These attacks cost the economy £1.9 billion.

Back in 2013 33 percent of companies were hacked, so Altodigital sees the current figure of 18 percent as a "welcome improvement." Each individual attack cost more than £2,000 last year.

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Genymotion On Demand is a cloud-based virtualized Android emulator for the enterprise


Genymobile, the company behind the Android emulator Genymotion, has announced a new cloud-based virtualization platform aimed at Android developers. Running on Amazon Web Services, Genymotion On Demand offers access to the full Android operating environment online.

Billed by the hour, Genymotion On Demand gives enterprise devs the opportunity to try out apps in the cloud and extend existing services into the cloud. With no contract, the service offers an affordable entry point into virtual Android devices.

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What can enterprise mobility experts learn from BI market?

Business man tablet desk office blueprints

I recently had the opportunity to meet with about 40 executives from a large international construction company. They operate in many different countries and you won’t be surprised to hear that they have a complex application environment. I’d ask someone a question like "How do you keep track of tools and supply inventories at various sites?" and invariably, the answer was a question: "In which country?", "For commercial or residential?" or "For corporate to track it or the site managers?"

They made it clear that while they had a myriad of needs for mobility, there were process differences, regulations, and legacy investments across their operations that made it hard to roll out a single technology solution to any particular business problem.

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MWC 2017: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is the best smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Samsung's Galaxy S7 edge is the best smartphone; at least that’s the view of judges announced at Mobile World Congress 2017. Samsung has already unveiled a couple of tablets to bolster its Galaxy range as well as teased the Galaxy S8 at MWC 2017, but with the stink of the Note7 fiasco still hanging heavy in the air, the company is clearly keen to shout positive news from the rooftops.

The Best Smartphone label was slapped on the Galaxy S7 edge by GSMA, the trade body that represents mobile operators around the world. This might be the view of the industry, but do customers agree?

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Add 256GB of iPhone storage with SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive or Connect Wireless Stick


In 2017, if you aren't leveraging cloud storage for your iPhone or iPad, you are doing something wrong. By uploading photos and other files to iCloud or Dropbox, for example, and then deleting them locally, you can increase the amount of available local storage. With that said, sometimes you do not want to use the cloud exclusively.

If you need to expand the available local storage on your iPhone or iPad, there are many flash drives that connect either wirelessly or using a lightning connector. SanDisk has two such popular offerings -- the iXpand Flash Drive (which connects using lightning) and the Connect Wireless Stick. The problem, you see, is that both were limited to a maximum of 128GB, while newer iOS devices came with up to 256GB internally. Today, SanDisk announces that both drives are being upped to 256GB to match the current max found on Apple's mobile devices.

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Training speech recognition to understand dialects

speech recognition phone woman

Dialects are an intrinsic part of who we are, and can represent home to many of us in a world becoming more global in nature. Many wonder though: how do we train speech recognition devices to understand such unique regional languages?

So what is a dialect? It’s a tricky question to answer that can get you into all sorts of political trouble in some areas of the world! In the past, central authorities were often skeptical of communities that claimed to have their own (regional) language, preferring rather to speak of a mere "dialect." In the reverse, smaller countries with a big neighbor often insisted they spoke its own language, not just a dialect of the neighbor's language. Luckily, linguistic variation today is often seen as a precious treasure of cultural heritage, but in many places linguist Max Weinreich’s summary that "a language is a dialect with an army and navy," is still valid. Avoiding those issues, I will use "dialect" in a pragmatic way, to encompass regional languages and accents.

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SniffPass captures email and FTP passwords from network traffic


Saving email passwords in the client is quick, easy and convenient -- unless you need to recreate the account somewhere else and can’t remember the details.

Most clients have specialist password recovery tools which can help. Mail PassView, for example, accesses a local Outlook installation to display its stored account details.

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Samsung's teaser video reveals little about the Galaxy S8


Not content with showering us with tablets in the form of the Galaxy Book and the Galaxy Tab S3, Samsung also used yesterday's announcements at MWC 2017 to tease us about the keenly awaited Galaxy S8 smartphone.

At the event in Barcelona we were treated to teaser video which questions whether we know what a smartphone looks like. While we don’t get to see the Galaxy S8 (or, indeed, the Galaxy S8+) in the video, we do learn that the phone will be unveiled on 29 March, and the stark graphics hint at elements of the design -- which we largely know about from leaks already.

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Batch rename a folder of images with PhotoRenamer


PhotoRenamer is a free Windows tool which can rename photos from the usual DCS014752.jpg-type garbage to something more consistent and meaningful.

The program opens with an Explorer-like tree view. Browse to the folder containing your images and thumbnails are displayed, eventually (it seems much slower than Explorer).

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is the first interesting Android tablet in ages


At MWC 2017 we were treated to the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Book, but this was not the only announcement from the company still waiting to launch the Galaxy S8. Continuing to add to its Galaxy range, Samsung also officially unveiled the Galaxy Tab S3 -- and it looks pretty special.

As the 9.7-inch tablet comes equipped with an S Pen, it is somewhat reminiscent of a large Galaxy Note. The high-quality glass and metal build puts the tablet on a par with Apple's iPad, and audiophiles will be pleased to see the inclusion of quad-stereo speakers from AKG. But this Android 7 tablet has a lot more to offer.

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Telco data is an untapped source of customer information

Data analytics people

Brands often turn to sources like Google and Facebook to find information about consumers, but a new report suggests that telecom carriers could be a valuable source of customer data.

The study of over 300 brands in the US, UK and France by Ovum for mobile technology company Synchronoss Technologies finds that 67 percent of brands consider telecoms operators to be a better original source of data insights than Google, Apple and Samsung.

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Xperia XZ Premium is Sony's new flagship Android smartphone

Xperia XZ Premium front

Sony today unveiled a new flagship Android smartphone that might just put the company back on consumers' radar. It's called the Xperia XZ Premium and it has all the right features that we expect high-end Android devices to offer in this first part of the year in terms of hardware and software.

Sony has put some effort into making the Xperia XZ Premium stand out in today's high-end smartphone market. So it has a 4K display, the latest processor from Qualcomm, a camera that's ideal for slow-motion video, a premium water-resistant build, USB Type-C, lots of storage space, and a large battery.

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