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Samsung Galaxy batteries discovered to be counterfeit -- recalled due to fire hazard

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910 Black

Last year, Samsung had quite the disaster with the Galaxy Note7 smartphone. Some of the devices were deemed to be fire hazards, due to overheating and exploding batteries. While the company did ultimately recall all of the devices, the process was poorly handled which lead to even more negative experiences. Things got so bad that those particular Samsung phones were banned from airplanes.

The Note7 fire issue is far behind the company at this point, and the brand is as strong as ever. In fact, the Galaxy Note8 is expected to be unveiled next week in NYC. Unfortunately, there is a new battery controversy surrounding the Galaxy Note line. You see, batteries in one of the older models are now being recalled for being counterfeit. Even worse, they can potentially cause a fire. Yikes!

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Malware attacks rising thanks to leaked exploits


Malware threats have reached dangerously high levels, according to a new report that highlights the sheer scale of threats facing businesses today.

The latest Kaspersky Lab Malware report, covering the three months of Q2 2017, claims that Kaspersky Lab's products blocked more than five million attacks involving exploits in this time period.

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Rackspace introduces data privacy and protection service for GDPR compliance

data protection

Businesses struggling to get their operations in order before the GDPR kicks in in May 2018 have been given a welcome helping hand from Rackspace.

The company has revealed the launch of a new Privacy and Data Protection (PDP) offering which will help companies ensure they are up to speed with the latest data protection legislation.

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Roku cracking down on channels offering pirated content


Kodi is under the spotlight for third-party add-ons that allow pirated content, but it’s far from being the only way for users to view illegal TV shows and movies.

Roku has a feature called 'private channels' (also referred to as 'hidden channels') that is designed to allow developers to test their creations ahead of making them available through Roku’s own store. Perhaps inevitably though, some of these channels are being used to stream pirated (or adult) content, and Roku isn’t happy.

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Nokia 8 is a premium Android flagship smartphone you might actually want


Nokia doesn't make smartphones anymore, but the company will sell its name to the highest bidder. Case in point, the current Android devices carrying the "Nokia" branding are actually made by a company called HMD Global. In other words, you are buying an HMD smartphone with the Nokia name slapped on it. This keeps the Nokia brand in consumers' minds, while HMD gets to sell its phones under a name people actually recognize. It's win-win for the two companies.

Today, HMD unveils its newest such device -- the Nokia 8. What does the "8" signify? seemingly nothing. It is not an 8th generation device, nor does it have an 8-inch screen. It is just sort of random -- much like Microsoft and "Windows 10" (whatever happened to Windows 9?). The Nokia 8 looks rather impressive, however, with excellent specs and a gorgeous design. Branding aside, this could be an intriguing smartphone for fans of Google's mobile operating system.

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AWS Macie is a security service based on machine learning

Amazon AWS

Amazon Web Services has launched a new machine learning service aimed at helping organizations protect their sensitive data in the cloud.

Macie's general premise is quite simple: it analyzes data on the S3 storage service, and is capable of identifying names, addresses, credit card numbers, driver licenses or social security numbers, stuff like that.

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ViewSonic VP2785-4K 27-inch UHD display has 99 percent Adobe RGB, HDR10, USB-C


There is no shortage of ultra high definition (UHD) monitors nowadays. Prices for 4K displays have dropped dramatically over the last few years, making them affordable for many home consumers. Heck, there are even some monitors with even higher resolutions now.

While many manufacturers are producing lower-priced 4K displays, ViewSonic is apparently going in the opposite direction. Today, the company introduces a beautiful new 27-inch 4K display with professional features, such as 99 percent Adobe RGB and HDR10. It even has USB-C video connectivity, which is perfect for Apple's MacBook Pro. Unfortunately, the price is sky-high, putting it out of reach for most.

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The Arctic will house the world's biggest data center

Warehouse huge room server

The world's largest data center is set to be built in the Arctic Circle.

Kolos, the firm behind the project, has chosen the site, in the Norwegian town of Ballangen, due to the abundance of local hydropower and the chilled air which will help naturally keep the data center's temperatures low.

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Facebook announces new birthday features -- fundraisers and celebratory videos


Facebook has been busy rolling out a batch of new features and even a new look in the last few days. Today the social network is taking the wraps off two more new features, both with a birthday theme.

The one that's likely to be used the most is are new personalized videos which are essentially the photo-slideshows-as-a-video we have become used to from Facebook. The second new feature is the option to "donate" one's birthday, raising money for a particular cause by calling on friends for donations.

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Host a virtual meeting or webinar using CyberLink U


With an ever-rising number employees wanting to work from home or going freelance, how do you bring these team members together? There are plenty of messenger tools aimed at business owners, including those from heavyweights such as Facebook and Microsoft.

Problem is, adopt one of these tools and you might find that they change direction and are aimed towards flirting teenagers rather than business users.

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On-premises workloads have more security incidents than those in the public cloud

Cloud data security

According to a new survey, workloads run on in-house systems suffer 51 percent more security incidents than those on public cloud services.

The study from cloud security and compliance company Alert Logic analyzed more 2 million security incidents captured by its intrusion detection systems over 18 months.

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Enterprises still struggle with password policies

Password key image

Passwords and their effectiveness is a subject that continues to come under the spotlight, particularly with the publication of a recent United States National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) document recommending a move to passphrases.

Security awareness training specialist KnowBe4 has carried out a survey of 2,600 IT professionals to look at how organizations are managing passwords and determine how the proposed passphrase concept stacks up against methods currently in use.

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Google adds pollen forecasts to searches


A lot of people like to know what the weather is going to be like, but if you suffer from hay fever it can be all the more important to know what to expect. To make life a little easier for people struck by "seasonal allergies," Google is rolling out pollen forecasting.

The new feature is integrated into Google search, and it comes as the search giant teams up with The Weather Channel to help give accurate allergy information.

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HBO leaks Game of Thrones S07E06


Season seven of Game of Thrones has been an absolute disaster for HBO. We have seen leaks and spoilers from both hackers and HBO's distributors, but now episode six of the season has leaked and HBO has no one to blame but itself.

HBO Spain accidentally made the episode available to subscribers for a full hour before pulling it. Of course, this hour gave people plenty of time to capture the show, and spoilers are now being shared online. On Reddit, talk of download links has been pushed to PMs as moderators are only too aware that HBO will be monitoring what's going on in light of the inadvertent leak.

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Donald Trump loses legal battle over iTrump app


President Trump has lost a six-year legal battle against the creator of an iOS app.

Tom Scharfeld is the man behind iTrump -- an app designed to teach people how to play the trumpet. He successfully represented himself in court, and prevailed over the US president, earning the right to retain the iTrump trademark.

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