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Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio for iPad giveaway

Logitech's FabricSkin Keyboard Folio for iPad is a case and keyboard combination designed to protect Apple tablets from shocks, scratches and water spills, and also provide a comfortable typing experience. It shields both the touch screen and back panel, offers two viewing angles and is available in a choice of colors. We reviewed this Logitech iPad case a couple of days ago, and really liked it.

The iPad keyboard case retails for $149.99; Logitech has kindly given us one to give away to a lucky iPad-owning reader.

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Hands-on with the Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio iPad case

After using the new Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio iPad case for the past two weeks, the pros and cons have become pretty apparent. This extended use has been important, as my impressions have changed over time. Overall, it is an impressive package and definitely worth considering.

At first glance, the materials look good, if not "expensive", and the textures seem well suited to their tasks. The case did feel pretty heavy, especially compared to my usual lightweight leather (non-keyboard) cover. The iPad snaps in fairly easily, and is very securely held. The rubber-like material that holds the device has a slight outer rim, that gives you good grip, but should also bend and provide some shock absorption in a fall. The outer fabric feels a bit like the nylon of a thick gym bag -- fairly smooth, but it is very grippable. The inner lining and keyboard covering have a smooth suede finish that feels great.

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What are some of CES 2013's ShowStoppers?

Consumer Electronics Show is a big crazy event. There is a lot of new technology that might or might not see the light of day a couple of years down the road, and a whole lot more stuff that is rather hum-drum. Walking through millions of square feed of convention seeing thousands of cheap speakers and iPhone cases and over sized TVs can be a numbing waste of time.

That is why I like the side event, Showstoppers, which puts together a pretty good lineup of interesting tech products. While nothing jumped out as much this year as last, these are a few that piqued my interest as having some potential, or were simply interesting.

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Cocoon Grid-It review and giveaway

Cocoon has provided us with a set of Grid-It organizers to review, and giveaway to a couple of BetaNews readers. We’ve got a larger and smaller one than the one reviewed here to give away. You simply need to share this story on Facebook or Twitter (hashtag #betanews).

The Grid-It organizer product isn’t entirely new, but I first saw them in some pre-Consumer Electronics Show promotional materials. They certainly struck a chord as I was preparing to travel to Las Vegas at the time. After seeing Grid-It at the conference, the gear organizer certainly looked like it could live up to the expectations they had set.

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Attention SMB's! Dell can help! [Sponsored]

Are you a Small Business Owner? Are you looking to Improve Responsiveness while Reducing Costs? Dell can help!

By incorporating server management, disaster recovery and storage provisioning, Dell drives complexity out of virtualization with business-ready configurations with Intel Technology. Learn more here:

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BackupGoo: Affordable safety net protects your Gmail data

Few people give a second thought to files and data stored in the cloud, but just like local data, it is important to backup online information. The recent problems suffered by Google Gmail highlights the importance of ensuring that your online data is safeguarded, and BackupGoo provides a quick and easy way to back up your Google account in its entirety.

After providing your Google username and password, the application is able to access your account and can then be used to download your emails, documents, calendars, contacts and more. If you do not use all of Google's services -- not everyone has a need for Google Docs, for instance -- you can select precisely what you would like to backup and where the files should be stored on your hard drive.

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OLPC jumps ARM bandwagon with $165 laptop at CES

One Laptop Per Child, the outfit dedicated to bringing affordable computers to children in developing countries, became the latest name to jump on the ARM bandwagon as it demonstrated the latest version of its portable PC at the Consumer Electronics Show 2011 in Las Vegas.

The organisation's new XO-1.75 laptop uses an ARM-based 1GHz Armada 610 chip from Marvell Technology. It has an 8.9-inch touchscreen and uses just two watts of power - half the figure consumed by its x86-based predecessor, the XO.

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