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Citrix Workspace arrives on Google Cloud Platform


Citrix cloud users will now be able to manage secure digital workplaces on the Google Cloud Platform.

The partnership was announced by Citrix late last week as the latest extension of the long-term relationship between the two companies. The new offering brings cloud delivery of apps and desktops to enterprise customers.

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Microsoft Q4 FY2017 by the numbers: $24.7 billion revenue, $7 billion profit


Microsoft has beaten analyst expectations once again with better than expected quarterly earnings.

The Redmond, Wash.-based giant has released its latest quarterly earnings, for Q4 FY2017, showing a non-GAAP revenue of $24.7 billion and GAAP earnings of $0.83 per share. Non-GAAP operating income sat at $7 billion.

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Google rolls out Play Protect security tool


Google is looking to take the fight against Android malware and harmful apps with the roll-out of its latest mobile security platform.

Google Play Protect automatically scans Android devices to ensure no malicious software is installed anywhere on your device, and provide a comprehensive overview of your device's security status.

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Bank of England supports FinTech startups


The Bank of England has allowed access to settlement accounts in the real-time gross settlement system (RTGS), the media reported this week.

Apparently, this move should blow some wind into the sails of innovative fintech companies, boosting competition.

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London Stock Exchange trials blockchain for shares in Italy


London's Stock Exchange is set to start using blockchain to improve transparency for shareholding information among unlisted businesses.

According to a news report by CityAM, the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) will use Hyperledger Fabric, one of the open source blockchain frameworks hosted by The Linux Foundation to make info on private SMEs digital. The end goal is to draw more mature investors.

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One in 10 UK businesses moved to the cloud


A tenth of all UK businesses have moved entirely to the cloud, according to a new Breaking Barriers 2020 report from Fuze.

The report is based on a poll of more than 900 CIOs, and claims that the UK keeps lagging behind North America and the rest of Europe in terms of adopting cloud services. The report compares the UK with American firms, 45 percent of which have fully made the migration to cloud.

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GLAS is Microsoft's gorgeous Cortana-powered smart thermostat

glas microsoft smart thermostat

Microsoft has announced its entry into the smart office market with the launch of a new thermostat.

GLAS, which was revealed in a YouTube video this week, targets businesses and stores looking to establish a smarter, more connected workplace.

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The biggest challenge to adopting IoT? Identifying ROI

Money devices Internet connected IoT

The biggest challenges companies have with implementing IoT technologies is not security but rather identifying ROI.

This is according to a new report by Canonical, entitled Defining IoT Business Models, which polled 360 IoT professionals, including devs, vendors and enterprise users, more than half (53 percent) say "quantifying ROI and providing a clear use case" is currently their biggest challenge.

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AWS adds intellectual property protection to customer contracts

Amazon AWS

In an effort to appear more user friendly, Amazon has removed a controversial clause from its AWS customer agreement that may lead to more businesses signing up for its cloud computing services.

For quite a few years now, potential customers have been wary of a clause in the company's customer agreement that prohibited customers from suing it over patent infringement. Businesses chose other cloud providers instead as they were concerned over whether or not they could trust Amazon with the intellectual property of their companies.

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IBM announces new data centers in Australia, California and England as cloud revenue goes up


IBM has announced today that it will be launching four new data centers in England, Australia and California that will allow its customers to take advantage of its blockchain, big data and IoT offerings as well as have low-latency access to its cognitive services.

The firm reported its quarterly earnings this week and despite the rest of its business performing below expectations, its cloud division saw revenue increase by 15 percent year-over-year and accounted for $3.9 billion of its total revenue.

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Goldeneye attack is not ransomware

Security attack keyboard

On June 27, reports of a rapidly spreading ransomware attack started to emerge from Ukraine. The speed at which critical infrastructure networks were shutting down pointed to a ransomware application with a wormable component, whose virality called to mind the WannaCry ransomware. In less than three hours, the infection crippled banks, ATMs, public transport and an airport, as well as utilities provider Kyivenergo. Then it spread outside the Ukraine.

As multiple critical infrastructure networks reported major blackouts, Bitdefender started an internal investigation over isolated malware samples to trace the attack’s origin and better understand what it targeted, and how.

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Dow Jones server leaks personal info of 2.2 million customers

personal data

Private information of more than two million customers of the Dow Jones publishing agency have been exposed online.

According to the IB Times, a configuration error on the Dow Jones & Co. cloud storage server led to sensitive information including names, addresses, account information, emails and the last four digits of credit cards for almost 2.2 million people becoming available to anyone with an Amazon Web Services Account.

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Qualcomm CEO: Apple dispute will be settled out of court


Apple and Qualcomm might be fighting hard in the courtroom, but that's not where the battle is going to end.

That's according to the latter company's CEO, who believes the issue will most likely be settled out of the court.

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Panic releases Transmit 5 for the Mac


Mention 'ftp' and most people think back to a term you’d hear in the late 90s, not realizing the technology is still used behind the scenes to upload/download files to any remote server. Need to update files on your website? This will be handled by the file transfer protocol.

Transmit has been one of first choice applications for our Macs, and Panic has just released a major new upgrade, v5, which is built from the ground up to be faster and more efficient.

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What you need to know about Industry 4.0

Industry industrie 4.0

Technology has played a major role in advancing most areas of our everyday lives -- but it can also have a significant effect in the world of industry.

Originally proposed by the German government back in 2013, Industry 4.0 is the label given to the gradual combination of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices with the increasingly technological world around us.

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