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What entrepreneurs need to know about robotization, IoT, AR, VR and blockchain


To be successful as an entrepreneur requires a keen eye for an opportunity, good spatial and market awareness, experience, and a significant degree of good luck. Nonetheless, along the way things don’t always go to plan. Even the most effective entrepreneurs don’t have a 100 percent success record.

Of course, all business owners and managers strive for it, but there simply aren’t enough hours in a day to achieve perfection. Serving customers, finding new ones, managing staff, establishing processes, admin, expanding your market and world view, all this cuts into your time and potential effectiveness as an entrepreneur.

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Businesses spend $2,300 to deal with a malware attack

Hackers laptops

To remedy a malware attack businesses need to shell out, on average, $2,300 per attack. This is according to a new report by Arbor Networks.

The report, produced in partnership with research organization 451 Research, says spear phishing attacks are still most successful of all the different methods of entry.

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Using technology to attract research and investment


It is widely recognized that supercomputers are now regarded as the 'third pillar' of modern research due to the important role they play in speeding up calculations and analysis, some of which would previously have taken many years to complete. Supercomputers are used alongside scientific theory and experimentation to complement the scientific research process.

The value and importance of High Performance Computing (HPC) at universities has grown massively over the past decade, and it’s no exception at the University of Bristol. We’ve invested more than £16 million in HPC and research data storage over the past 10 years.

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One in three UK businesses has a digital executive

executive lawyer boardroom

More than a third of the largest companies in the UK now have a digital executive whose sole task is to pull a competitive advantage from digital transformation efforts. With a 35 percent adoption rate, it is much higher than the global average of 19 percent. This is according to a new report by Strategy&, PwC’s strategy consulting business.

All around the world, however, businesses are realizing the potential of having a dedicated digital executive. Two years ago, only six percent of companies have had a digital leader hired.

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Cyber attacks and regulations don't change businesses' digital transformation plans

Digital transformation

Businesses looking to digitally transform won’t be intimidated by cyber-attacks or data protection regulations, according to a new report by Advanced.

Based on a poll of more than 500 senior executives in UK organizations, Advanced says organizations are concerned, but won’t give up.

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AMD's plans to take on Intel in the server market


When it comes to the high-powered computing market and data center sectors, Intel has had a firm lead over the competition for some time.

However this may all be about to change, after AMD revealed its plans to fight back with its new EPYC 7000 series of data center processors.

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AMD reveals new GPU line for servers

Warehouse huge room server

AMD has revealed three new GPU server accelerators, promising a "dramatic increase" in performance, efficiency, and ease of implementation for deep learning and HPC solutions.

The new line of GPU server accelerators comprises of Radeon Instinct MI25, Radeon Instinct MI8, and Radeon Instinct MI6 and will be paired with AMD’s open ROCm 1.6 software platform.

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AI + AI does not augmented intelligence make

robot ai artificial intelligence human touch hands

IBM and Salesforce made an interesting announcement recently that they’re combining the robust Artificial Intelligence technologies of IBM Watson and Salesforce Einstein into a powerhouse solution for customers. They’re calling it IBM Bluewolf’s "augmented intelligence" solution for telecommunications.

The announcement showcases the power of putting multiple artificial intelligence solutions together for new, more robust, connected capabilities delivered to customers more quickly. While we’re well on our way to augmenting intelligence, we have a long ways to go before claiming we’ve augmented intelligence.

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The journey from Microsoft Security Bulletin to Security Update Guides


For decades, the Microsoft Security Bulletins have provided IT administrators with a monthly list of vulnerabilities and accompanying patches. Much to the chagrin of the IT community, these Bulletins have been replaced by the Security Update Guides portal (SUG), which many administrators believe will be a lot more work for them, especially for patch management professionals who already have enough on their plate.

Moreover, the additional time to research and understand the security patches required for their unique environments will only lengthen the time to patch. While the portal is searchable by Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE), Knowledge Base (KB) article, product or release date, the change in process will impact the daily routines of IT administrators and security professionals around the world.

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Cisco's new network can learn, adapt and overcome security threats


Cisco has unveiled its network of the future designed with the ability to learn, adapt and evolve to combat security threats and manage the increased load put on networks by an ever-increasing number of devices.

The company created its new network with the intent of developing an intuitive system that can anticipate actions, stop security threats and continue to evolve and learn over time. Cisco's network of the future will allow businesses to solve the challenges they face in a time of increased connectivity and distributed technology.

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Retailers will lose $71bn due to payment fraud

Credit card hand

Retailers are facing losses of up to $71 billion globally as the number of fraudulent card-not-present (CNP) transactions rises hugely within the next five years.

A new report from Juniper Research has revealed that a number of different factors are driving the increase in fraud, including the US shifting towards EMV cards, delays in 3DS 2.0 and click-and collect fraud methods.

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Amazon and Microsoft lead IaaS market

IaaS Infrastructure as a Service

Market analyst Gartner has released a new magic quadrant that visualizes how cloud companies are currently sitting in the market. According to the report, Amazon and Microsoft are the sole leaders of the market, with the rest far, far behind.

Amazon Web Services is leading the charge. Microsoft is (sort of) trailing, but it is still considered a leader in the IaaS market.

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AMD reveals EPYC 7000 server processor series

AMD Epyc

AMD has revealed its re-entry into the server market with a new family of super-powered data centre processors.

The US chipmaker has taken the wraps off its highly-anticipated EPYC 7000 series of  products at an event in Austin, Texas today. Formerly known as Naples, the new EPYC chips will target the entire range of the server market as AMD takes aim at Intel’s current dominance.

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Connectivity issues hurt productivity the most

virus spreading network devices nodes connected Internet of Things malware hacked bot

More than two thirds (67 percent) of small and medium-sized business in the UK see internet problems as their biggest productivity roadblock, new research has found.

According to a new report by Storey that surveyed 500 SME decision-makers across the UK, more than three quarters (76 percent) of businesses see productivity as a top priority in their office, while 69 percent are certain that improving office layout and design can do wonders on their productivity.

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Do autonomous cars mean insurance is obsolete?

self driving automonous cars

According to Business Insider, fully autonomous vehicles -- those that can drive from point A to point B without driver interaction -- will debut as soon as 2019. And these autos will be only a fraction of the 10 million self-driving cars BI Intelligence estimates will hit the road by 2020.

According to Elon Musk, "in the distant future, people may outlaw driven cars because it’s too dangerous." This might sound outlandish, but it does line up with car safety statistics. With more than 90 percent of accidents caused by driver error, "there is every reason to believe that self-driving cars will reduce frequency and severity of accidents," says Professor Robert W. Peterson of Santa Clara University’s Center for Insurance Law and Regulation.

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