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Kaspersky releases Security Cloud Free... and it's very basic

Microsoft appears keen to encourage people to use the latest Windows Defender and, frankly, it’s a more-than-adequate security tool. You’re missing some of the features you’ll find in a paid security suite, such as a VPN or 'safe money' but do you really need those features?

With the above in mind, security developers such as BitDefender and, more recently Kaspersky, are releasing free versions of their security suites, to encourage people to use, gain familiarity and then upgrade. Let’s face it, once you have a security suite on your computer and you receive a fantastic offer, you’re more likely to pay than remove.

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Taking a look back: Where do 2018 wireless predictions stand?

5G, carrier updates, mergers -- we rang in 2018 with a slew of big wireless predictions. But where do these predictions stand now at the year’s halfway point? Let's take a look, starting with a big one -- 5G is coming

Ah, 5G. We’ve read about it, researched it, and heard the predictions that it’ll be available by the end of 2018. But is it all true? Well, AT&T claims it plans to launch 5G in 12 cities -- including Atlanta and Dallas -- by year’s end. The carrier giant has already taken 5G for a test drive with an introduction to visitors of Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas. The trial area, which sees approximately 5,000 visitors each day, was a real-world experiment for AT&T’s new 5G capabilities allowing the company to evaluate performance and visitor response.

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Four ways to prevent an enterprise phishing attack

According to a new FBI report, businesses lost more than $676 million as a result of email fraud in 2017 -- up 88 percent from the year before. Clearly, businesses are losing the war against email scammers, as phishing attacks have become increasingly sophisticated and widespread.

Phishing is a method of social engineering (i.e. deception) used to gain access to a social media account, bank account or another protected resource. Hackers typically use an email or text message to trick the user into providing login information. Once the user reveals a username and password, the attacker will hijack the account. The outcome can be as devastating as a fully drained bank account. Frankly, all individuals and businesses should take phishing seriously.

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Latest version of Marvel Contest of Champions causing iPhones to overheat

If you updated your Marvel Contest of Champions (MCoC) app recently, you might have noticed something -- your phone heating up to the point of not being usable.

Although version 19.0 of the game was supposed to fix some bugs, in reality, it introduced a new problem. Players noticed shortly after downloading the update that their phones started severely overheating when they tried to play the game.

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Knowledge commerce: Building a solid brand with Kajabi

Photo: Petrenko Andriy/Shutterstock

"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." -- Benjamin Franklin

The same thought rings true in the online business sphere. Apart from assimilating the best strategies in your field, you also need to build and share your knowledge in order to win your audience’s vote of confidence. Remember, people flock to those who have proven their expertise in their respective niches. It isn’t rocket science: You can’t just expect your visitors to subscribe to your blog, subscribe to your services, or purchase your products if they don’t trust your brand. That’s why marketers invest in branding strategies that not only help them reach their target audience, but also earn their approval by providing valuable content.

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Quickly remove unwanted bundleware using the latest IObit Uninstaller 8

We handle support for people who purchase software and the number one issue we consistently experience is the inability to install updated versions of their favorite software.

There are very basic reasons, too. When you first install your software, you’re often asked to reboot. After this procedure, it’s in use. The application may start when you boot your PC, run in the background, checking your system and much more. When you decide to upgrade, people expect to simply install the latest version on top, forgetting the application is being used and that Windows cannot remove active files.

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LibreOffice 6.1 is here with new Windows icon theme

An office suite is regarded as an essential part of your daily work toolkit, whether you’re a big business or a retired individual wanting to keep on top of daily tasks. So you want to make the right choice, without spending a huge amount of money.

Although it’s too easy to subscribe to Office 365 and use the suite across devices, we sometimes wonder if we really need the functionality? Do you use your word processor for more than a few essential documents or your spreadsheet to manage basic finances? If not, you might as well take a second look at the free LibreOffice.

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Fear and loathing in threat intelligence -- Or 8 best-practice TI tips

We had two commercial APT subscriptions, 10 information exchanges, about a dozen free feeds and a big list of TOR exit nodes. We also used a couple of powerful reversers, master Powershell scripts, a Loki scanner and a paid VirusTotal subscription. Not that a security incident response center won’t work without all of these, but if you are up to catching complex attacks you have to go the whole hog.

What we were particularly concerned with was the potential automation of checking for indicators of compromise (IOCs). There’s nothing as immoral as artificial intelligence replacing a human in an activity that requires thinking. However, we realized that we would encounter that challenge sooner or later as the number of our customers was growing.

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The future role of AI in fact checking

As an analyst, I’d like to have a universal fact checker. Something like the carbon monoxide detectors on each level of my home. Something that would sound an alarm when there’s danger of intellectual asphyxiation from choking on the baloney put forward by certain sales people, news organizations, governments, and educators, for example.

For most of my life, we would simply have turned to academic literature for credible truth. There is now enough legitimate doubt to make us seek out a new model or at a minimum, augment that academic model.

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Edge Computing 101

Edge computing

Enterprises today have adopted a cloud-first mentality, and the numbers show it. According to a 2018 Gartner survey, investment is public cloud services will reach $186.4 billion this year, representing 21.4 percent growth from 2017. But there’s growth that is just as exciting and strategic taking place far from the cloud, down at the network edge in the world of end user devices, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and other network-connected systems.

Without strategic management of the network edge, investments in the cloud are going to run into trouble. To be a successful cloud-first enterprise, you need manage both the cloud and the edge equally well. Why is edge computing so important? Let’s take a look.

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GPUs have a new 'job' -- combating malware attacks

Intel executives have recently announced plans to redesign their processors at the silicon level in order to eliminate the notorious Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities.

However, the company’s current efforts to safeguard computer systems aren’t isolated to this initiative alone. The IT giant is also reportedly planning to implement technologies that will fight new malware threats at the hardware level. These include the Accelerated Memory Scanning and Advanced Platform Telemetry systems. Here’s a lowdown on these new promising technologies.

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Three simple steps to improving security patching

Patch download

The vulnerability scan results security departments issue to the operations teams typically contain hundreds of pages and thousands of vulnerabilities to address. It’s a massive list often containing some prioritization based on the criticality of the vulnerabilities observed; and for some more mature organizations, an assessment and opinion of the security team. Typically, operations teams care about security in the endpoints. But, their job is to guarantee uptime and user satisfaction, which often suffers when deploying patches requires reboots and application restarts. And then there’s the resource constraint issue, like the difficulty of prioritization in a world where everything seems to be urgent, the lack of visibility, questions around ownership and available time, and so on. It’s a tough ask to minimize the risk in the endpoints without a holistic, multi-departmental collaboration focused on specific risk policies and profiles.

Compliance pressure doesn’t help either, because frequently it ends up being just a check-box, and not a mechanism for improving security. Therefore, while the bare minimum is undertaken very reluctantly to satisfy the auditors, there’s still a significant amount of fire drill and distraction from the daily grind.

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New survey conveys the challenges of the Windows 10 migration

It has been heralded as the last version of Windows you will ever need. This is great news for internal IT. Rather than large abrupt OS version updates such as the cumbrous leap between Windows 7 and 8, the Windows-as-a-Service delivery of Windows 10 will allow for regular incremental improvements and updates. The expectation is to eliminate the arduous elongated process of OS migrations that require significant planning, training and working hours. For those who need any further incentive, there is also the impending end-of-life deadline in January 2020 for Windows 7. Of course, to get to Windows 10, you have to endure one final big upgrade.

Fortunately, Microsoft has taken great strides to simplify the Windows 10 migration process. New deployment methodologies that utilize images, task sequences and provisioning packages make the deployment process far more agile today. That does not mean there aren’t challenges in the process however. The hurdles instead lie in the standardization of the user workspace. It is the details of ensuring that all those configuration settings, applications, printers and security protectants are delivered to ensure a secure productive work environment.

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Traditional identity systems are the new battleship row

In 1941, the US Military was trying to save on security costs by mooring its battleships close together while they were in port. Aircraft were also parked neatly in rows. Many of the most valuable assets of the Pacific Fleet were all centralized in one convenient spot that was well organized, easy to find, and therefore easy to attack.

On 7 December 1941, a date that will live on in infamy, that is exactly what happened.

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This is how prioritization can save us from the shortage of cybersecurity professionals

It is no secret that the technology sector has a labor problem. As demand for new products and services continues to rise, we are simply not producing enough qualified developers to keep up. Just ask any company where their greatest pain point is and they will have hiring somewhere towards the top of that list.

This shortage is felt especially acutely when it comes to security professionals that understand both how code is written, and how to keep it secure. A 2018 report from the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) found that 51 percent of respondents reported shortages of cybersecurity skills as an area of concern. These concerns have been on the rise in recent years, spiking from a reported 23 percent in 2014 citing cybersecurity skills as a problem, up to the latest 51 percent statistic from this year.

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