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Apple Pay now supports purchases over £30 in UK

Apple Pay UK

The latest move from Apple may soon lead to consumers leaving their wallets at home, now that a majority of cash registers in the UK will be able to accept Apple Pay mobile payments over £30.

According to the vice president of Internet Services at Apple Pay, Jennifer Bailey, more than half of the contactless payment terminals in the UK are now able to accept Apple Pay payments of any value. Previously they had been limited to £30, which is the limit for card readers when dealing with contactless card payments.

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CISO salaries topping €1 million in Europe

Money devices Internet connected IoT

Now might be a good time to consider that job as a chief information security officer you always wanted, because salaries are skyrocketing.

Thanks to an ever-increasing number in breaches, and the damage these breaches are causing, businesses in Europe have begun offering much better salaries to their CISOs.

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Businesses worry about long-term data storage

Storage Server Hot Swap Racks

Businesses fear that, with the speed at which technology changes, they won't be able to read their corporate data in the near future. And that seems to be a big issue, as many businesses want to be able to read its archived data for at least 50 years in the past.

This is according to a new report released recently by Crown Records Management.

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Many businesses don't know who has access to their critical data


According to a survey conducted by Lepide, a leading security auditing solutions provider, 60 percent of companies are still not able to determine who has access to their critical data. The survey was conducted during a variety of trade shows including Infosec Europe, RSA Singapore, and DataConnectors Pittsburgh, and involved 250 face-face interviews.

A common misconception amongst organizations is that all cyber threats originate from outside their organization, yet according to a report published by, 43 percent of data breaches were the result of malicious or incompetent insiders. This problem is emphasized by the continuous surge in healthcare related breaches. For example, according to a report published by Protenus, of the 31 health data breaches disclosed in January 2016 "59.2 percent of breached patient records were the result of insiders."

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Most Internet of Things initiatives fail to gain traction

Failure Fail Grade F

Despite the rising momentum surrounding the Internet of Things and its practical applications, a new survey from Cisco reveals that 60 percent of IoT initiatives are failing to take off.

While many projects fail to move past this initial stage, only 26 percent of companies have had an IoT initiative which they have labelled a complete success. A third of all completed projects in this space were not considered successful by the companies behind them.

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Microsoft working on DNA-based data storage


Quantum computing is not the only large leap in computing the human race is currently working on, there's also the crazy and amazing research in storing data in DNA.

According to media reports, Microsoft is now planning on building, "an operational storage system based on DNA working inside a data center," by the next decade.

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Google Cloud IoT Core helps businesses manage data and devices

google iot core

Google has announced the launch of a new service to help businesses handle large volumes of data created by their IoT devices.

IoT Core will look to take on the likes of AWS and Microsoft, although a company's spokesperson says that Google is not playing catch up.

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Customers prefer bots over humans for support

support key

People are now more receptive of bots in customer support services, a new report by LivePerson has concluded. Consumers would rather talk to a bot than to a human, and usually rate the interaction with the digital helpers as a great one.

Even though the general opinion of bots was that they were implemented by companies to cut costs, it is now being realized that it was also (or even more) about the speed of service.

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What TechOps needs to better support the business

group young business it network server room solving help support

The arrival of the digital age is changing the way organizations work and how they interact with the outside world. Highly competitive and disruption-prone markets demand businesses to think fast and act fast -- and IT capabilities are widely recognized as the key to success. Yet, the role of Enterprise IT is often associated with cost and frustration, rather than that of enabler, or perhaps even driver of innovation. Can this image be repaired?

When people talk about Enterprise IT what they often refer to is the Operations side of the IT world. And, to be even more specific it is the Technical Operations (TechOps, sometimes also referred to as Operations Engineering) part of the team that is under significant pressure to meet the ever-increasing demands of their business while being itself disrupted by the advances of technology. Service Operations, the other part of the corporate IT team -- usually associated with the Service Desk, but at least in theory covering a lot more -- is battling its own maturity challenges in the service economy.

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Tech-savvy workers increasingly common in non-IT roles

Millennials young work laptop

IT professionals are becoming an increasingly common presence outside of the traditional IT departments, new research has found.

According to CompTIA, it seems executives are calling for specialized skills, faster reflexes and more teamwork in their workers.

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More businesses are becoming familiar with GDPR, but fines are still likely


Even though the GDPR is just a year from coming into force, the majority of businesses are still unprepared. This is according to new research from Compuware, which says businesses are risking huge non-compliance fines.

Some businesses, truth be told, have made progress since last year.

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APT3 hacking collective has ties to Chinese government

Hacker malicious

Cybersecurity experts from Recorded Future think the cybercrime group we know as APT3 is on the Chinese Ministry of State Security’s payroll.

It bases its conclusions on the work of "intrusiontruth," a group claiming to have investigated some of the most important APT actors. Analyzing APT3’s C&C infrastructure, it came across two names, Wu Yingzhuo and Dong Hao, who allegedly registered many of the domains that the threat actors had used.

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Why IBM has it wrong about Anywhere Work


When IBM announced recently it was summoning workers back to central offices after decades of pioneering a remote work model -- it was a seminal moment for the legacy tech company and a head-scratching moment for future-forward companies everywhere. IBM’s desire to reignite innovation and collaboration and all the other long-touted benefits of manufacturing physical proximity among employees is understandable after 20 straight quarters of declining revenue. But it also feels really counter-culture: not in a cool, old-is-new again kind of way, but in a doesn’t-IBM-know-this-is-a-bad-idea kind of way?

The move will have long-term effects on IBM’s ability to hire the next generation of talent, which in study after study has voiced support for workplace flexibility and work-life balance over all else.

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Demand for microservices skills is growing


Job positions that require skills in so-called "microservices" have seen a huge boost to increase by 133 percent in the last year.

According to a new report by Rackspace, this has made such positions among the most popular IT jobs on the market today.

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Adylkuzz malware mines Monero to generate revenue

Hacker money laptop

A new form of malware is targeting innocent victims in order to mine cryptocurrency for its creators.

Adylkuzz, which targets the Monero cryptocurrency, stays hidden within an infected machine, and does not give visual warnings or interfere with users’ files.

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