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Iran may have hacked the UK Parliament

It seems to be Iran, and not Russia, who is behind last summer's cyber attack against the UK Parliament. At least that’s what The Times is reporting, and it’s backing its claims with "secret intelligence assessment."

If that truly is the case, this would be Iran’s first foray into cyber-warfare. When it comes to possible motives behind the attack, it’s all still in domain of speculation. From looking into UK’s interests to try it to make any concessions, to scouting for advantages in trade, to changing the direction of the nuclear deal.

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Why orchestration and threat intelligence are a perfect match


Today’s adversaries are moving faster than ever before, and for organizations trying to protect themselves against advanced and evolving threats, speed is essential. But the reality is that security teams don’t necessarily have the time to manage and evaluate every single alert they receive while also completing their everyday tasks -- and even the most skilled teams are struggling to keep up.

Certain aspects of cybersecurity are just inherently slow, like copying and pasting information from one tool to another. And if security teams are focused on getting through these simple, repetitive, time consuming tasks, it’s no wonder they struggle to achieve the speed needed to outpace hackers. And, at worst, it can mean a threat falls through the cracks.

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Qualcomm wants to ban iPhone sales in China

In an effort to continue to charge Apple for the use of its patents in mainland China, Qualcomm has filed lawsuits against the company with the end goal of stopping the production and sale of iPhones in China.

The suits were filed by the mobile chip manufacturer in an intellectual property court in Beijing. Qualcomm claims that Apple has violated its patents and the company is seeking injunctive relief over the misuse of its IP.

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O&O ShutUp10 1.6 adds Fall Creators Update support, UI improvements

The average Windows 10 user will never be aware of the privacy issues associated with the operating system and with every major update, these privacy rights are amended by Microsoft.

With the release of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, your privacy is actually improving as apps will now require you to opt-in rather than opt-out of storing your location and other information. The downside is that these new privacy rights apply to apps from the Windows Store, so third-party tools will still abide by their own rules, privacy settings and EULA.

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HP announces 3D metal printing plaform

HP has looked to breathe new life into the 3D printing industry with the announcement of a new metal printing platform.

Announcing the news, HP's president of 3DP business, Stephen Nigro, called the launch a "major step for HP 3D printing aspiration."

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Automation will not kill the IT engineer

IT departments need to act to fix a "world of complexity" that is causing difficulties for professionals the world over, a leading expert has warned.

Speaking at the recent IP Expo event in London, Gordon Thomson, ‎Cisco Systems managing director of enterprise networks, warned that as companies grow, so does their IT infrastructure, meaning that many IT departments are facing new challenges that they may never have even considered before.

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AWS and Microsoft announce deep learning library Gluon

Microsoft and Amazon Web Services have joined forces to make machine learning accessible to a greater number of developers.

With that in mind, the duo has launched an open-source deep learning library called Gluon. The library will work as an interface where developers will be able to create prototypes, build, train and deploy ML models for either cloud or mobile apps.

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Google and IBM launch open-source security tool for containers

secure payments lock

Google and IBM, together with a few other partners, released an open-source project that gathers metadata that developers can use to secure their software.

According to an IBM blog post, the goal of the project is to help developers keep security standards, while microservices and containers cut the software supply chain.

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How Apple put an end to iOS jailbreaking

"iPhone jailbreaking is dead" reads the headline. Four words signaling the end of a 10-year long battle between Apple and those who wanted open control of their iOS devices. Here is an admission in black and white that prominent members of the jailbreaking community are giving up on attacking iOS devices. Apple created a system where their engineers, like soldiers in a castle under siege, were able to outlast the besieging army; throwing back assault after assault, until the attackers, deciding the siege was no longer worthwhile, packed up and headed home.

Ten years ago, finding a jailbreak was fairly doable, though it required skill. As iOS jailbreaks became harder to find, however, they became more valuable. Zerodium publicly announced it would pay $1 million, now increased to $1.5 million, for a remote jailbreak flaw (e.g. remote code execution) on iOS. This effectively priced the jailbreak community out of the market for iOS vulnerabilities. Markets only assign commodities such value when they are rare and difficult to obtain. If somehow you remain unconvinced, consider that the last publicly available untethered (e.g. persistent across reboots) jailbreak was discovered over a year ago, and was part of the government-quality attack tool Pegasus. The current generation of jailbreaks require the user to run a jailbreak app every time they reboot.

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Fear of cyber attacks holding Office 365 adoption back

Businesses in the EMEA region re increasingly using Microsoft’s Office 365 solutions, but they’re doing it with a dose of fear from cyber-attacks and similar malicious actions. This was concluded in the new Barracuda Networks report, entitled Office 365 Adoption: Drivers, Risks and Opportunities.

Based on a poll of more than 1,100 organizations in EMEA, the report says almost two thirds (62 percent) are now using Office 365. This is a jump from last year’s 50 percent. Of those that still don’t use the service, almost half (40 percent) said they’re planning to do so in the future (49 percent in the US).

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Microsoft releases Windows 10 Fall Creators Update SDK

Microsoft took the Windows Developer Day as an opportunity to release a couple of new features and announce some fairly big changes to some of its best-known platforms

Among the biggest things announced are the launch of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update SDK. With the new SDK, which was in preview until now, developers will be able to submit everything they do, including apps, games and updates, to the Microsoft Store.

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How secure is today's encryption against quantum computers?

Encryption is an excellent way of protecting sensitive data from compromise. It is commonly accepted that once information is securely encrypted, it is safe from prying eyes and sabotage both now and in the foreseeable future.

However, the long-term security offered by many encryption systems (also known as cryptosystems) is under severe threat. A new type of computer -- the quantum computer -- has been theoretically proven to break most of today’s commonly used cryptosystems, and such a computer is predicted to be available within 15 years.

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Nvidia: Internet of Things adoption will drive GPU investments

With the world around us becoming smarter and generating more data each day, there is an increasing need for greater computational power in terms of both CPU and GPU capabilities.

At the company’s GTC Europe event in Munich this week, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang hailed the effect that advances in GPU computing are having not just across the technology industry, but the world as a whole.

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Dell will invest $1bn in Internet of Things research and development

Dell Technologies has unveiled plans of a major new IoT push, including a new division specifically targeting new connected technologies.

At an event in New York, the company revealed that it is set to invest over $1 billion in research and development of Internet of Things technology over the next three years.

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Wait a minute, when has there ever been a currency bubble?

If you've scanned the crypto news in recent weeks, you will have noticed a smattering of stories suggesting that the whole cryptocurrency market, is a bubble. Such news is not exactly new. Since the spring, the crypto market has multiplied in value by a factor of six and the word "bubble" has thus inveigled its way into commentators conversations.

A few days ago, the Wolf of Wall St, Jordan Belfort, joined JP Morgan CEO, Jamie Dimon in declaring Bitcoin to be both a fraud and a bubble. Jordan can, at least, legitimately claim expertise in fraud having pleaded guilty to that very crime and served 22 months in prison for it. However, he’s wrong on both points.

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