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If Facebook had been GDPR compliant would things have been different?

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For almost a decade, most of us using Facebook have trusted it with our personal data. We shared pictures, locations of fun places we visited, friends --old and new -- with whom we connected, 'liked' activities, and much more.

And we did this not knowing our personal information was being used in ways beyond anyone's comprehension. As we watch the Facebook story unfold, we may wonder whether this crisis could have been avoided had personal data privacy and governance been better handled. Such initiatives could be complex and expensive for any company, but is it fair to say there are no shortcuts to this approach? How prepared is any company that relies on personal data?

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May 25th and GDPR goes live... What happens next?

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Here’s my predictions for what will happen in a world where GDPR is 'live' -- out in the wild so to speak. The EU’s mythical caged dragon of GDPR is set loose to wreak havoc upon mere mortal humans and their humble businesses. Can you see what I’m doing here? A movie magnate was once purported to have said  "I want a movie that starts with an earthquake and the builds up to a climax." I’m doing that sort of thing.

So, what will happen on May 25th? The honest answer I suspect, is not much. A damp squib, by all accounts. Darn. Not much excitement after the earthquake after all. A bit like when no one was affected at all when the clocks tipped over midnight and the world braced itself for the Y2K global disaster. That was very different though, and once it was over, it was over. Not so with GDPR, it will rumble-on for many years. So what can we expect to see?

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3 ways to move up the analytics maturity curve

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It’s past time for companies to begin their digital transformation efforts in earnest. Those companies who have taken advantage of advancements in cloud computing via Artificial Intelligence technology have been able to enhance their customers’ experience, improve decision making and impact the bottom line. We can’t underestimate the impact customer experience  will have on revenue. For example, Forrester suggesting that 30 percent of companies will see declines in customer experience performance in 2018, which will translate into a net loss of a point of growth.

Yet some companies still do not understand the urgency and potential benefits of digital transformation. Approximately one-fourth of CEOs will fail to implement timely digital transformation efforts in 2018, and they find themselves growing exponentially further behind their competitors when it comes to overall efficiency and effectiveness -- a difference that will also be apparent to customers. Additionally, 59 percent of companies remain at a "digital impasse," or an early stage of digital transformation maturity, where they have seen little benefit from their efforts. Before moving away from static dashboards to providing actionable insights can begin, building a solid data foundation -- including data quality and timeliness, harmonized data, and increased privacy and security -- is an essential first step to ensuring the success of any analytics or BI platform integration. Implementing actionable analytics in particular requires the correct groundwork for users to efficiently sift through data and utilize insights.

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Mac users, you can now add Windows Defender Browser Protection to Google Chrome

People are becoming rather wary of the security they trust, particularly after the recent bad press. With this in mind, we’ve noted that a few people are deciding to stick with Windows Defender, which is built into Windows 10.

Sadly for Mac users, if you want anti-malware software, you need to rely on a third party and one of the many brands. Or you could just download from the official Apple App Store where you know each application has been vetted before inclusion.

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Live migration and why it's important for VMware cloud partners

Data migration

When moving VMware virtual machines to the cloud, the sure-fire way to migrate the VMs and their data completely is to simply stop the VMs, copy their components (OVF files) and assemble them into an Open Virtual Appliance (OVA). You transport the OVA package over the network or via a physical device to the cloud destination, unpack the files and restart the VMs. If you’ve done things right, the VMs pick up right where they left off.

Of course, it's not quite that easy. The physical resources and configurations in the cloud data center should be comparable to what you were running on in your on-premises data center. Network addresses and access permissions have to be properly set up in the cloud environment as well. Fortunately, VMware provides useful tools like vRealize to address that part of the cloud migration challenge.

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Net neutrality repeal -- how will IT networks be impacted?


With Net neutrality in the midst of upheaval, there are significant changes afoot for both businesses and consumers in terms of internet access and control. New rules are expected to create differing service categories, allowing ISPs to prioritize access and bandwidth for certain customers. This will undoubtedly create confusion in the market leaving IT executives to make adjustments based on any new restrictions. To be ready, IT leaders would be well-served to keep the following in mind:

Threat factor #1: Internet fast lanes with potentially higher prices

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This Easter get Driver Booster 5 PRO, worth $22.95, FREE at Downloadcrew Giveaway!

Are your PC’s drivers up-to-date? It’s not always easy to find out, but worth checking – there could be a pile of performance enhancements and bug fixes just waiting to be installed.

IObit Driver Booster 5 PRO takes away all your driver management hassles by checking for new releases, downloading and installing driver updates, all with a single click.

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What's the probability of a data breach happening to you? Or is that the wrong question?

Correctly calculating the probability of risk is becoming critical to organizations. And it’s not just because it is essential and fundamental to good Risk Management practice, but also because new laws such as GDPR are mandating it. Security measures must be appropriate to the risk, and the risk is suffering a data breach. So, calculating the probability of a data breach happening, regardless of scope, is vital to determining appropriate security measures.

ISACA, previously known as the Information Systems Audit and Control Association but now known solely by its acronym, talks about the probability of risk as:

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Best practices for effective Privileged Access Management

It feels like almost every week, we hear of a new breach, and each week, we’re thankful it wasn’t our company. But how long can we dodge the breach bullet? No one wants to be the next headline, but what can we do to ensure that we aren’t?

The common denominator in virtually every breach is that somehow, someone who shouldn’t have access to your company’s system and data sources has found a way in. The bad guys are smart, creative and motivated, and can use even the smallest opening.

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10 efficient tools every marketing team needs in 2018

If you work in marketing, you'll no doubt know that there are a dozen tools for every task you might conceivably want to undertake.

However, this article contains the most essential, efficient, and useful tools that are going to help you with all your marketing activities. If you’re looking to start up and get it right, these tools will be of help in developing a successful marketing strategy.

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Take a personal trainer on the road using Freeletics

Everyone has a favorite go-to workout routine to keep fit. Do you prefer to spin, participate in CrossFit, head to the gym and figure your own routine or, perhaps, an all-body circuit class? There is no shortage of options, but sometimes too many options can get confusing and it’s good to get some guidance based on your goals.

One solution is your own personal trainer, in the form of your smartphone. Luckily you can take your smartphone anywhere (often including the gym), meaning there’s no reason why you can’t have a program downloaded to an app.

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Blockchain isn't just a ledger, it will help businesses boost revenue

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology, and it has the world’s business leaders talking. The distributed ledger system will change the way companies handle online payments, contracts and logistics.

But so far, there has been little conversation about how blockchain will help businesses increase their revenue. This is another benefit the technology will bring, as soon as businesses realize they can use it to buy and sell enterprise data without an intermediary like Amazon or Facebook.

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Mobile World Congress 2018: Much more than a Samsung Galaxy S9 reveal

This year’s Mobile World Congress was one of the best I’ve attended. While there was a lot of hype around the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S9 , which looks pretty great, overall there was less of a focus on specific models and operating systems and more attention being paid to the new technologies that are solving customers’ problems, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). There was also a lot of discussion about how we secure, manage and control these technologies and how to comply with new and upcoming regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Here are my main takeaways from this year’s show:

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Think twice before you connect to the free hotel wireless network

After a long flight, the first thing we do, as soon as we hit the runway, is switch our phone out of airplane mode and check our messages, emails and make sure we can connect to the local mobile network.

The problem is, this is expensive and most users mobile contract does not offer them free roaming, especially at long-haul destinations. You want to be connected to Wi-Fi as soon as possible.

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Scrambling for cyber talent? Try bolstering from within

Data breaches dominated headlines in 2017, with more than 1200 breaches affecting up to half of the US population. Almost every week brings a new unsettling headline.

The current threat environment accelerates pressure on already overworked and understaffed security teams to shore up their organization’s defenses. There simply aren’t enough well-trained workers to cover the need. The Center for Cyber Safety and Education’s 2017 Global Information Workforce Study forecasted a 1.8 million cyber worker shortage by 2022. Solving it is one of the most important challenges our economy will face over the next 20 years.

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