Opera 12 beta RC supports Retina Display

Retina Display support continues to be added to more and more applications as they are updated, and the latest update is for Opera 12.10 beta. This is one of the headline features of the latest build, but there are also a range of bug fixes as well as an update core – although it should be noted that this is a beta release.

The addition of Retina Display support helps to improve the appearance of web pages, particularly for text. Graphics, on the other hand, will appear slightly blurry unless the page administrator has taken the step of using double resolution images. The interface of the browser has also be updated with a new skin which includes new higher resolution icons.

Updates to the libvpx library help to improve the performance of WebM videos but the majority of other changes are minor bug fixes. There is a somewhat strange change to version numbering which means that Opera has moved from ’12.50 internal’ to ’12.10 beta RC’ – this has the knock-on effect of meaning that automatic updating from Opera Next to 12.10 is not possible, but a manual install over the top is not a problem.

You can find out more and download and free copy of the program by paying a visit to the Opera 12.10 review page. There’s also a separate dedicated 64-bit build.

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