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Cloud security vendors with cloud cultures: Operating in sync with customers  

Cloud security

Cloud-native security companies understand that while digital transformation is the future for most, if not all, organizations across industries, it’s also introducing a host of new cybersecurity challenges that customers need support navigating. For example, as hybrid work and distributed workforces become more normalized, there’s a growing need for solutions and processes to ensure this anytime, anywhere collaboration happens securely. Moreover, as the number of cloud services in use across organizations increases, more sensitive data is being stored in the cloud, and companies continue to lack visibility and/or control over their cloud activities, cloud security is only becoming more critical with time.

However, to build security solutions that solve for these challenges and others, cloud-native security vendors need to first understand the exact nature of the issues their customers are facing. One way they typically approach this is by being deeply integrated into the market and relying on customer feedback to shape their product offerings. But there’s another, often-overlooked way for these companies to stay close to customers’ changing needs: fostering an internal cloud-centric culture themselves. By practicing what they preach, cloud vendors can best support customers and optimize their solutions.

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Transferring photos and videos from Google Photos to Apple iCloud Photos is now a whole lot easier

Woman joyous at photo migration

Interoperability between rival platforms, including the ability to easily transfer data from one to another, is something that only really benefits users. There is little, if anything, positive to stem from one company making it easy to move to a competitor.

But when it comes to cloud storage for photos and videos, migrating from Google to Apple is being simplified. While transferring Google Photos to iCloud has been possible for a while, the process has been an uphill struggle. Now this is changing.

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Forensics or fauxrensics? What to look for in cloud forensics and incident response [Q&A]

The rapid deployment of cloud resources has led to misconfigurations and security risks, leaving security teams scrambling to adapt and secure their businesses following migrations away from traditional on-premises environments.

Despite successfully enhancing prevention and detection in the cloud, organizations now face a significant challenge in assessing the true scope and impact of issues that do arise.

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Get 'Cloud Identity Patterns and Strategies' (worth $28.99) for FREE

Identity is paramount for every architecture design, making it crucial for enterprise and solutions architects to understand the benefits and pitfalls of implementing identity patterns.

However, information on cloud identity patterns is generally scattered across different sources and rarely approached from an architect’s perspective, and this is what Cloud Identity Patterns and Strategies aims to solve, empowering solutions architects to take an active part in implementing identity solutions.

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Get 'Multi-Cloud Handbook for Developers' (worth $39.99) for FREE

Unleash the power of cloud computing with Multi-Cloud Handbook for Developers, your guide to mastering the nuances of cloud-native and multi-cloud, covering practical strategies for design, development, and management.

Explore the essential concepts, challenges, and methodologies critical for navigating the complex landscape of modern cloud computing. Using core architectural and design principles (such as microservices and 12-factor architecture) and advanced strategies (such as distributed application design patterns, domain-driven design (DDD), and API-first strategies), you’ll learn how to build portable and efficient apps across various cloud platforms.

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The latest cybersecurity trends and how to guard against them [Q&A]

The cybersecurity landscape is a constantly changing one, with new threats emerging and old ones evolving. This makes it difficult for organizations to ensure their defenses are up to the task of properly protecting them.

We spoke to Balazs Greksza, threat response lead at Ontinue which recently published its first threat intelligence report, to find out about the latest threats and how organizations can address them.

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Sysdig uses automation to cut cloud incident response times

Cloud security company Sysdig is launching a new, enhanced cloud-native investigation process designed to cut incident analysis time to just five minutes.

By visualizing a given incident in the Sysdig Cloud Attack Graph, security analysts can gain a dynamic view of the relationships between resources for a better understanding of the killchain and potential lateral movement across a cloud environment.

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Fears rising cloud costs could mean job losses

Cloud dollars

A new survey of 1,000 finance and engineering professionals in the US reveals that 58 percent of respondents say their cloud costs are too high.

The study from CloudZero also shows that 75 percent of employees say they fear losing their jobs if cloud costs abruptly surge by 50 percent or more. This unease is particularly heightened among employees at larger companies, with 100 percent of those at organizations with over 9,000 personnel believing their positions are vulnerable.

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70 percent of enterprises have dedicated SaaS security teams


Organizations have prioritized investment in SaaS security, with 70 percent establishing dedicated SaaS security teams, despite economic uncertainty and workforce reductions.

A new report from the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), commissioned by cloud security specialist Adaptive Shield, also finds 39 percent of organizations are increasing their SaaS cybersecurity budgets compared to last year.

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74 percent of companies struggle with cloud spending

cloud cost

New research from tech consultancy esynergy, which surveyed 700 business and tech leaders in the US and UK, finds 74 percent of organizations struggle to optimize cloud spend.

It also finds that 51 percent anticipate making a change to their cloud strategy in response to cost pressures. Increasingly they're looking at FinOps (financial operations) is to ensure that cloud resources are used efficiently.

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How cloud optimization can fight rising costs [Q&A]

Cloud costs have been rising of late, making it vital that enterprises get a grip on their cloud networks and ensure they’re optimizing them to get the best value.

We spoke to Atif Khan, CTO of infrastructure on demand company Alkira, to discuss how businesses can manage their cloud assets and keep spending under control.

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Get 'Cloud Computing Solutions' (worth $180) for FREE

The main purpose of Cloud Computing Solutions is to include all the cloud-related technologies in a single platform, so that researchers, academicians, postgraduate students, and those in the industry can easily understand the cloud-based ecosystems.

This book discusses the evolution of cloud computing through grid computing and cluster computing. It will help researchers and practitioners to understand grid and distributed computing cloud infrastructure, virtual machines, virtualization, live migration, scheduling techniques, auditing concept, security and privacy, business models, and case studies through the state-of-the-art cloud computing countermeasures.

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Balancing security and autonomy: Strategies for CISOs in the cloud era

Cloud data protection

Maintaining a secure cloud environment is one of the most important responsibilities of any CISO today, given that over 50 percent of all cyberattacks now originate in the cloud. However, this is a daunting task, as security must now be balanced against other priorities such as maintaining agile operations and the need to innovate.

Organizations today are racing to accelerate their cloud adoption due to the need for greater scalability and cost-efficiency. It has, therefore, become a critical business strategy to ensure efficiency, accessibility, and sustainability in operations. As a result, cloud investments are soaring across the board. Gartner predicts that end-user spending on public cloud services will reach $679 billion by the end of this year and exceed $1 trillion by 2027.

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Why cloud attacks no longer need malware [Q&A]

Cloud risk

As organizations have come to rely more on the cloud, it's become an increasingly attractive target for cybercriminals seeking to steal data or extract ransoms.

In the past this has involved the use of malware, but as attackers get more sophisticated there’s a move towards different types of attack. We spoke to Shai Morag, SVP and general manager cloud security at Tenable, to discover more about these threats and how to tackle them.

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Budget is the top barrier to cloud security objectives

Cloud dollars

A new survey shows that 59 percent of executives say budget/cost is the top roadblock to achieving their cloud security objectives, followed by complexity (47 percent) and lack of skilled resources (41 percent).

The study from Gatepoint Research for Orca Security of 200 senior decision makers also reveals that 57 percent of respondents identify misconfigurations as their top cloud security risk, followed by unauthorized access (50 percent), data breaches (35 percent), insecure APIs (31 percent), lack of visibility (29 percent), and malicious insiders (12 percent).

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